I'm really excited


Update: These still need some work here & there but I’m gonna try to makes these into gifs!! I’m struggling with Shiro’s hand on his hip… >_>


I’ve been waiting to post this draft for a while hahah but I’ve been rebooting my Redbubble store for the past month and there’s new art stuff and I’m excited.

*But you know what I’ll miss? Reading a whole page with only Aelin’s names and titles.*
Chaol Westfall, Captain of Adarlan’s royal guard, Lord of Anielle, part of the rebellion and the king’s best friend and secret admirer, finally returned to the series.

Hey so I don’t know much about the stories beyond what is presented in Moana, but I’m pretty sure that at least the character of Maui as depicted in the movie is nonbinary!!??!?!?!!!

In his introduction he keeps interrupting Moana to add on to the list of descriptors she’s using for him. First “Hero of men” then “Hero of men and women.” Then he clarifies “I mean everyone. It’s not just a guys and girls thing. Hero of all.”

Then during his song he says “I’m just an ordinary demi-guy.”

He outright SAYS that. 


That is great.

Thoughts on the new trailer

I just wanted to get these feelings out of my chest because I’ve been thinking about it all day. I’m so hyped for this new season. I mean that’s exactly what Ivar’s Heathen Army has been waiting for : Ivar turning into a real beast and becoming King. And you all know what this does to me!

But I really don’t understand why the brothers turn against each other? Even Halfdan and Harald? It doesn’t make sense. Ubbe siding with Lagertha doesn’t make sense. If it was Hvitserk, I would have accepted it even if I would still hate it but to me it would make better sense because Ivar and Hvitserk didn’t seem very close like Ivar and Ubbe were. They better have a credible reason to do that. Sigurd’s death could be one, of course. We’ll have to wait to find out!

On the bright side I’m glad Hvitserk sides with Ivar.

Halfdan and Harald fighting on opposite side? That just makes even less sense. We have seen them super close and super loyal to each other. I can’t believe Halfdan would break his loyalty only to follow Bjorn and Lagertha.

I’ll say it again but I really hate when siblings fight against each other. I really hate the idea of the Ragnarssons willing to kill each other. I guess I’ll have to comfort myself with headcanons and fiction made by the amazing Heathen Army.

I’m team Ivar forever but it breaks my heart to see him against Ubbe. I hope it’s something like a trick or a plan to take down Lagertha… it doesn’t seem like it but I can hope right?

Sorry this is too long and it’s a mess!

OkAY so someone posted a pic of Nick Blood and Henry Simmons hugging and I’m kind of FReAkINg OuT here but





Okay I’m done screaming now I need to go study for exams (groans)

tbh, i always knew this would happen to me.
i love the sims and i love MY sims, especially the oakwoods. but writing a REAL story for them … well, i feel no joy playing my game anymore. i set up my scenes, take the screenshots, edit them, write the dialogue and post them.
i don’t play the game anymore, tbh, i think i NEVER actually played it.
but i want to. and i think … as much as i love Rowan & Makena, i played with them because my story needed them together. when Rosie aged up, i wanted her to be the heir, because she was just perfect. i had to fix Rowan so much, but Rosie … she was perfect. but i planned my story already and Rowan would be the heir. so i played with him. and in the beginning it was fun and i really liked it. my blog here got a little bit bigger and i felt good. but now i feel like shit.
i wanna write a story, but i also wanna enjoy my game.
so i decided to change my heir. the direction of my story. literally everything.
I have about 30 posts drafted, with Rowan & Makena. once they r all posted, i will give them a clean, happy ending.
and then … well, i’m going to continue with my oakwood legacy. but with Rosie as Heir.
and hopefully a little bit happier.
i hope u guys understand.❤️