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Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Novel - Chapter 7

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This is actually the final chapter of the novel (the afterword just has some comments by the author etc). Hope you enjoyed - still can’t believe this translation actually happened!

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I’m frustrated by what seems to be a war between LGBTQUIA+ sexualities.

While we ask for equality and representation we trample other sexualities when they ARE represented.

This is exactly what the LGBTQ+ communities struggle with against ignorant heterosexuals.

The tendency of the straight communities seems to be that they do their best to erase our representation. All of us.

This is what we fight for.

And yet, I see our communities fighting against one another, erasing one another. Why?

One is not greater than the other. Why not support each other and equalize us all?

We’re mad at heterosexuals for telling us we can’t like our same sex.

And yet I hear all sides telling bisexuals they can’t like both? Or that pansexuals can’t like all? Or that asexuals can’t be real because sex is a natural instinct, they just haven’t had good enough sex, and/or something’s wrong with them? Because you could choose, right? We all chose this incredibly difficult lifestyle, right?

So many of us never cried ourselves to sleep at night wishing we were ‘normal,’ wishing this was easier, right?

Demanding an increase of representation for LGBTQ+ communities should NOT mean erasure of heterosexuality representation, either. Believe it or not there are heterosexual allies out there who support us as much as they can because they see what we go through. They empathize. They fight for us too.

Why erase them? Why hate them?

We would become the enemy we’re already fighting against. “They did it to us first,” is not a reason to commit the same wrong. It would be an endless circle.

Why attempt to triumph over the others, to be the lone victor? You know what it’s like to be the odd one out. Don’t become the enemy. Don’t pick up their traits. We can be better than that. We can be better than the hateful ignorance we receive. We don’t have to be ignorant.

Ignorance fights what it refuses to understand.

I mean really, Cullen says some really awful things in DA:O and DA2, but my god, these are so obviously the words of a traumatized person.

How Greagoir thought sending a person who is still struggling with what has happened to them in Kinloch Hold right into the middle of the simmering conflict in Kirkwall is honestly beyond me.

It’s half past six and I still haven’t slept, but I have done the dishes, washed laundry, reorganized the bathroom AND with the help of five different apps set up the week’s shipping where I should be saving ~$10.

Manic episodes, what are those?

I misread the beginning of someone’s OOC as “Vriska is in a modem” and now I want to write a prompt for a retro subversion of cyberpunk wherein everyone still uses dial-up and it’s all about hackers and where Vriska is a literal ghost in the machine, a consciousness transmitted over the telephone wires.


I am going to have two- that’s right- TWO follow forevers. So if you don’t catch yourself on this list but you KNOW FOR ABSOLUTE CERTAIN THAT WE ARE FRIENDS, don’t worry, you’re probably on the next one. This one is celebrating the beauty of my followers and the people I love to follow, and the other one is specifically for people whom I hold near and dear to my heart. Which isn’t to say the rest of you aren’t also near and dear, but I’m an ass and I pick favorites. Here we go, in not particular order… (also psssst if you’re bolded it means I probably haven’t talked to you/have talked to you very little but I like you a lot)

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social networks are always depressing at this hour. someone talking shit about someone else, someone recollecting their shitty day, someone being stupidly profound…

i feel like all of us are actually pretty collected at this hour, until someone’s negative energy rubs off on us causing us to be reminded about something negative that will cause us to post something negative (because we’re so damn wreckless when it comes to social network status update fuckery). and this idea of nighttime giving us the same shitty feeling everyday subconsciously cements this faux connotation in our heads to make us immune to ANYTHING positive during this hour.

i’ve had my share of emotional breakdowns on blogs to know how good it feels to connect with people reading my shit, but at the same time you have to realize the effect it has on others. 

like what i’m doing right now, taking my sweet ass time to hate on a silly idea when i could be resting happy. i’m also making you feel a bit shitty too. sorry.

believe me, it’s a better feeling to share your devils with somebody that actually cares

edit: 1:16 AM
not to use y'all as an example, but my point has been made. hahahahah…