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some people make me feel so worthless, it hurts sometimes, I just wish to sleep for over a week without dealing with anything.


there’s a lot of discourse in the voltron fandom rn but i think we can all agree that pidge is an actual blessing so

(also just a heads up pidge is referred to using they/them pronouns in this) 

Egotober, Day 08 - Bad news

Egotober list by @ego-surveillance-squad

Kind of just an excuse to draw the fandom’s newest baby…

Peter Capaldi has been playing his childhood hero for three and a half years, the man amassed more awards in his impressive career than he can fit on a shelf in his living room, and his work on Doctor Who is adored by millions. He go to meet companions, he got to fly the TARDIS, he got to go on an unprecedented international publicity tour and experience just how beloved the show is in so many countries around the world and how welcome he is in the role.

There is no universe I can feel sorry for him. He is not pitiful for maybe not being as exciting as Matt Smith for some 12-year-old girls (judging by the 12-year-old girl living in my house). He’s not pitiful for sharing his goodbye with the exhileration about a new Doctor - just like David Tennant and Matt Smith did. Peter Capaldi is a brilliant actor. He appreciates the team that worked with him and he as expressed nothing but support for Jodie Whittaker as his successor. He is warm and he is generous and come December, he’s even allowed to swear again.

Frankly, Peter Capaldi is one of the luckiest human beings on this planet and he probably knows it. So, you know… Remember the good times. Look forward to the good times still ahead. Send in a thank you video until July 28. We have every right to mourn the loss of the Twelfth Doctor. He was amazing. But there is nothing to be angry about here.

a messy HP cause i’ve been thinking about this lass constantly for the past week

DAY 9: Infiltration arc (my fav arc!) sorry this is so late lmao

I just needed an excuse to draw these babies_(:3 」∠)_ 

sroloc--elbisivni  asked:

I understand you must have many many things going on but you seem like the best person to ask: do you think the Justice League is registered as a company and as such do you think they pay taxes?

… there’s not really any reason for them to incorporate, as a non-profit or otherwise? they do not participate in business activities. they are an international/intergalactic vigilante organization operating outside the law, who do so basically freely because no one wants to deal with the logistics of stopping them from doing so (if 2017 has taught us anything it’s that you can apparently just kind of do Whatever if the people who are supposed to stop you from doing that decide they don’t care enough to bother). if you don’t profit from a nation’s citizens or use their infrastructure, you don’t pay taxes to that nation, and the justice league is not a profitable enterprise (that is probably a grimdark au somewhere tho). they also don’t need to worry about separating themselves as individuals from the justice league as an entity for liability reasons (another reason to incorporate) because everything they are doing is technically illegal anyway. otherwise they’re just cops, and that’s a totally different grimdark au.

while generally large-scale construction projects are undertaken by corporations, they don’t need to be, so regardless of what you think their headquarters looks like (personally i think that putting it in space is dumb because it creates way more logistical problems and failure points than necessary while also increasing the likelihood of pissing off nations who were already barely tolerating your extralegal organization, you’re way better off with a Sealand-like structure in international waters that’s Themyscira/Atlantis adjacent to utilize their existing defense infrastructures) it’s likely to have been built using the private resources of various members and informally gifted to the group as a whole. they don’t really have a staff, i think it’s usually implied that maintenance is performed by robots. possibly alien robots, or else built by a genius superhero whose whole deal is robots. or it’s just roombas. noisy-ass bulk warehouse roombas knocking over all the potted plants, dragging charging cables and their attached devices all over the fucking place.

so mostly the only legal issues are around ownership and i’m not convinced the watchtower, etc, are actually legally owned by anyone, being outside the united states and not governed by any country’s property laws. being built outside of any country’s jurisdiction means they didn’t have to purchase property which means it doesn’t need to belong to anyone. i mean the general purpose of property laws is the ensure that randos can’t just take your shit and say “this is mine now” and if someone is trying to steal justice league headquarters they were probably never going to try to settle that issue in court. i guess some enterprising member of the league could try to be clever and plant a flag but everyone would probably just ignore them and go about their business. or else it would become a game of capture the flag with no meaningful consequences. “someone broke the window again, barry fix ur building” “it stopped being my building yesterday, i think it’s hal’s” “hal why are you such a slumlord”

in summary:

  • if they’re headquartered inside of a country they’ll need to pay property taxes to that country, but why would they do that
  • if you’re going with a space station then you probably shouldn’t look too closely at the legal situation or other practical considerations anyway because it’s a goddamn mess
  • otherwise they are kind of just an informal club that hangs out in the weird clubhouse they all built

Be more chill but in the Friday the thirteenth game universe.

• oh god help him.
• No composure. None.
• He trips a lot.
• Jason finds him first.
• He forgets to secure the cabin because Michael’s begging him for help over the walkie and he’s freaking out.
• Michael just wanted gas for the car.
• Jer gets away because he has firecrackers and Michael turned the radio on in the lodge to distract Jason.
• Jeremy and Michael Fix the two seater and probably almost run someone over with it.

• the “nerd”
• can fix shit like no ones business
• which is literally the most valuable skill
• can sneak the heck around,
• but his stamina is non existent
• if he fucks up he’s very dead
• you bet he knows all the lore
• refuses to leave Jeremy behind or alone
• probably dies sacrificing himself for Jeremy
• or he escapes with Jeremy
• there is no in between

• the edgelord councilor
• has great composure and strength
• but shitty luck and stealth.
• He can take seeing a body, but you ask him not to trip in the woods???
• No way.
• is the one guy who tries to 1v1 Jason with a bat
• it doesn’t go well
• he forgets that bats break
• jake has to save him with nothing but a wrench

• he just runs
• Forever.
• Strength speed and stamina are ideal
• but like his boyfriend he has the worst luck.
• He can be doing nothing and Jason will decide to drop by for a friendly visit
• tries to fix the boat
• he can’t fix things it’s tragic.

• she’s great with intelligence and stealth
• probably goes right for for mom’s sweater
• all of her rehearsing and hard work leads to this life or death situation
• she’s got the mom voice down already look at her go.
• definitely saves Jeremy with mom’s sweater
• because Jeremy is grabbed very often
• Christine is an angel Jason gives her a pity leave in the beginning because she offers to talk about his problems with him.

• stealth, composure, and intelligence
• hoards med spray
• calls Dustin Kropp who is Tommy Jarvis
• She goes right for the phone
• you cannot convince me otherwise.
• She will fix that thing even if it kills her.
• ((It might))

• hides in a wardrobe in a barricaded house the majority of the time
• because she has all stealth
• and could probably outrun Jason if she vaulted out the window.
• probably

• in the wardrobe across from Brooke
• has the shotgun ready to shoot any bitch coming for her gal
• she insults Jason as a diversion
• he grabs her
• she knifes him
• grabs her again
• jokes on him she has all the pocket knives
• She looted every house
• She is ready.

Look it’s 1:00am and I’m tired this probably makes no sense but… eh

So, I thought you guys should know, that a few of us from a Discord I’m a part of engaged in email correspondence with Jen Cohn, and through that correspondence, we found out that she ‘likes the idea’ of Pharmercy.

Add this in conjecture to the fact that Lucie Pohl has been giving us hints on the low (via her likes on Twitter) and has told Mike Foble that she’s ‘on-board’ for Pharmercy, and you have both VAs quite possibly being on-board for the ship.

(Not to mention the fact that Irene Koh is also open to the prospect of drawing them ‘officially’ for Blizzard as well, and has posted a lot of Pharmercy art to her Patreon.)

The point is, there’s a lot of support and momentum going for this ship, especially with the current resurgence of Pharmercy in the meta as well.

One wonders if Blizzard will ever build on the momentum of it. Because after all, any smart company would try to capitalize on something so popular, instead of blatantly just ignoring it in favor of something else.

Am I right?

Just a friendly reminder: Don’t allow people to tell you who you are because of the games you play

Just because you play otome games doesn’t mean you are missing something in your current relationship.

Just because you play otome games doesn’t mean you don’t want a real relationship.

Just because you play otome games doesn’t mean you prefer 2D men over real ones.

Just because you play otome games doesn’t mean you have given up on real dating.

Just because you play otome games doesn’t mean you are hideous and desperate.

Just because you play otome games doesn’t mean you don’t deserve real love.

The games you play don’t affect anyone else. Don’t allow other people to tell you that you should be ashamed to play these games. Don’t allow other people to embarrass you for playing these games. If your significant other breaks up with you because you play these games, maybe they weren’t worth your time in the first place.

Seriously. Don’t give these people a second thought. They aren’t worth your time.

You deserve to be happy.

You deserve to play the games you want to play and be happy.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

As someone who enjoys the TMI books, it can be quite upsetting when some people assume all book fans are horrible people. I know there are some fans of the book that can openly bash every small detail about the TV show but I also know some very nice people who love the books and have reasonable opinions of the TV show. Although I’m not a huge fan of the show, I can understand why people love it just as I can understand why people don’t love it. I can acknowledge that the books have some problematic elements and that CC has done some problematic things in the past, but I can still enjoy the books if I want to. I can acknowledge that the TV show also has problematic moments and that the creators of the show have been problematic in the past, but other people can acknowledge this and still enjoy the show. 

I have seen fans of the show be really horrible about fans of the books and I have seen fans of the books be really horrible about fans of the show. Sometimes I can understand why one might be irritated with the other because of how they express their opinions, but it doesn’t require hateful comments in return to the fans, the author or the show creators. We are all human and we are all entitled to our own opinions without being rude to each other. If someone has made problematic comments, we can politely educate them on why their comment may be seen as problematic without being rude in return. 

I’m sure everyone can see that the books and the show are separate things and they appeal to different audiences. The fans of the show aren’t better than the fans of the books. The fans of the books aren’t better than the fans of the show. I constantly see so much comparison and competition between the two and it’s really unnecessary, as it leads to even more hate. The fact that I enjoy the books more than the show doesn’t make me a horrible person that ‘supports incest’ and hates that ‘Alec’s eyes are not blue in the show’ because if you believe that then you really don’t know me at all. Don’t judge a whole group of people based on how a select few of people have behaved, especially if you don’t know the person you are judging. 

Everyone is entitled to a reasonable opinion about the books and the show. People can love the books and not like the show. People can love the show and not like the books. People can love both the books and the show. As long as their opinion is reasonable, you have no right to judge them.