I'm pretty happy with how this turned out

i love you more than myself;
i love you as the blood in my mouth.

i’m sorry for wearing your bones,
and cutting myself with the bottles
you had broken.
though stars have died for us and
i want to die for you,
your wounds should not become my wounds.

your history is a ghost in the attic of my head
and i keep begging for a bigger haunting:
you devour my thoughts but i crave more;
i want your voice to tell me i’m adored,
i want to wake up with bruises on my neck
instead of bruises on my heart.

i crave more:
our mouths on fire with ethanol,
the butterflies exploding in our lungs,
your body blazing with heat between me and the wall
as i explore your skin with tongue and teeth.
—  i crawled into you and made a home in your chest // l.h.

Tried some colored pencil stuff without inked lines, something I haven’t done in a while. This is an original character from a story or something that I may or may not write or draw someday. Her name is Chantrelle (yes, I know it’s also a mushroom) c:

I stole the dress from a picture of a dress I saw. It’s not really her normal sort of outfit. Can you tell I got super lazy with the shoes?