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I really think it says a lot to watch Josh interacting with the other members when they try to speak English to him like whenever Hosh goes “Yo Josh yo Josh” and he straight up goes “Heyyyy Hosh what’s up man” like asdfghjkl; it’s so cute because he doesn’t go “don’t speak English” or even usually corrects their words harshly he just is such a cutie and will speak English with them as much as they want 

Dirty Twelve Game

Round Four: Please take the following (perfectly innocent) scenario and, using the filthiest part of you brain, take it to new levels of sexy perfection.

The Doctor decides to have porridge for breakfast but can’t find his spoon…

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i realized as drawing these that i forgot to do my pharmacology homework

*stares at clock* *it still reads after midnight*


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Bering & Wells 13&16

K before I write this I’ve never written them before so I might get them completes OOC and I’ve only watched up to 2x10 so let’s see how this goes :’)

Bering & Wells + upside-down kiss

Myka lifted the grapple hook; making sure no one was around before she smiled to herself and aimed the hook to a near-by railing. How hard could it be? Myka thought to herself as she pressed her finger to the trigger.

Myka let out a yelp as she was yanked from her footing and propelled to the railing. The grapple had somehow gotten tangled and now Myka finds herself hanging upside-down from the railing she had previously aimed at.

“Perfect.” she said to herself as she looks around for a way to escape.

“Having fun with my hook?” Myka paused in her struggling to see two boot and jean clad legs, letting her eyes travel up the woman’s body before meeting Helena’s eyes.

“I just…you know..and you did give it me…and I was just-” Myka trailed off her ranting when she looked into Helena’s eyes. She caught the small smile before Helena leaned forward, her chin lightly bumping on Myka’s nose as she captured her lips between her own.

I’m kissing H.G. Wells. I’m kissing H.G. Wells while hanging upside down with one of H.G. Wells’ inventions.

Can’t seem to get anything from my muse for 13, hope this was ok, and I’m sorry it took so long!

Enough with KO because I’m irritating myself before sleep

I’m curious about Soundwave. It’d be cool if Shockwave and Starscream find a way to bring him back from the shadow realm/zone/whatever it’s called. Though that’s super very unlikely but it’d be a nice team-work for Shockwave and Starscream and Soundwave would be the one getting rescued for a change. And they can all weep for their fallen master then