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i was tagged in this lockscreen challenge by a few people… the only ones i remember are @mangosoldier and @sokovian haha, so thank you to you two for tagging me and yikes i’m sorry if i forgot you!!!!!! anyway, please excuse my face bc i’m not wearing any makeup and i haven’t slept in three days sigh!!!!!!!

i tag the following angels: @stteve, @deforrestkelley, @ajmeskirk, @matthewmurrdock, @victimsteve, @agentchloes, and whoever else wants to do this, to post their lockscreen, a selfie, and the last song they listened to!!!

mikeywayjpeg  asked:

rec me the Goode killjoys fics fam

I’m going to be real and say I actually… Don’t read that many Killjoy fics… I’m a sham tbh I just get annoyed because most of them are very Party/Ghoul-centric and I love Jet Star too much to put up with that but…. I can hook you up with a few, I’m starting to read more. 

Draculoids Will Never Hurt You- Sort of an origin story where Gerard meets Frank and is inspired to quit his job and lead this art revolution into the desert. It’s got a lot of other people from bandom in it and Show Pony is nonbinary so what’s not to like tbh 

James Cameron Got It Wrong- This one’s…. really weird honestly but I think everyone’s read it at some point… I won’t go into detail as to why it’s so strange, you’re free to ask me about it or just kinda… go read it yourself but I like the universe it’s in and all the side stories are pretty good, especially the Kobra/Jet one.

Keep The Car Running- I initially just read it because I’m pretty sure the title is just a really good Arcade Fire song but it turned out to be really good? It’s about Kobra Kid and Disaster Boy (Who’s Gabe Saporta) and they’re just out there, man. Surviving in the desert. I really like this universe as well. (Also I think Kobra’s trans I don’t remember too well) 

The Science of Sleep- Another one Everyone Has Read. It wasn’t my thing but other people might like it so… From what I gather, Frank is having weird dreams about being interrogated by Korse when he meets that weird artist guy at the Starbucks or something. Wild. 

sing it for the n00bs- Okay get this it’s… An au where Danger Days is a video game they’re all playing together and it just. Just that concept alone tickles me. Though it’s inaccurate on the online gaming front because everyone types with proper grammar but hey, nothing’s perfect.

Happy Nuclear Winter- Something that the people over at @eastcoastkilljoys came up with that’s like, a really fascinating concept and it’s just. Really excellent. It’s like nuclear winter instead of the desert. Also go follow them they’re cool.

These Three Fics- Some really short Show Pony content that I love. One’s about roller derby, I’m always a slut for roller derby.

Sorry that’s all I can think of off the top of my head…. I can update it if I find any others I like!