I'm not very satisfied with this


Musical theatre songs appreciation:
Satisfied (Hamilton) performed by Renée Elise Goldsberry (video)

He will never be satisfied
I will never be satisfied



the signs as old ladies

aries: always carries butterscotch in her fanny pack, loves rollercoasters, hits rotten kids with cane, “hip” grandma
taurus: bakes cookies every other day and has grandchildren who she always wants to pamper/spoil and fatten up with sweets
gemini: has raised like 13 orphans/foster kids in her care and loves children but usually doesn’t have any of her own, super frugal and knows all the money-saving life hacks
cancer: loves her grandchildren more than her own children, her kids may resent her for trying to steal theirs, goes out of her way to make sure her family is supported and cared for, loves art museums and goes multiple times a week
leo: actually 86 but looks like she’s 46, wears coco chanel and carries coach handbags, probably modeled in her younger days
virgo: independent and self-sufficient small old lady, stays fit and goes on morning power-walks, all about happiness and always loves to see people around her happy/smiling
libra: knows all the grandmas in the neighborhood and loves to host “get-togethers”, lives in the suburbs, always very friendly and approachable and the kids on her block love her dearly
scorpio: hot grandma, dresses in high-end fashion no matter what financial standpoint, “hip” grandma with aries, grandchildren (if any) aspire to be her
sagittarius: grandma that goes out with friends all the times, takes road trips by herself, loves to take grandchildren on adventures and goes against their parents’ wishes often just for fun
capricorn: very close with family and likes to keep tabs on them, enjoys simple things like sitting in the park and feeding the birds, writes novels and short stories to read to grandchildren/community kids
aquarius: always has a new story to tell any time you see her, loves to see her loved ones smile, pretends to sleep on train/bus rides just to scare people into thinking she’s dead
pisces: tiny old woman you feel the urge to pick up and carry around, has the cutest and softest laugh, loves to cook and please her family and friends, very affectionate


the end result of seunggwan messing with coups during the game


—But you will definitely regret it later. Just remember… you know nothing about Joker’s past! That will cost you your life!


AU where Enjolras, Combeferre and Courfeyrac all hate each other when they first meet. Enjolras is a snooty rich white boy with a superiority complex, Combeferre is too serious about everything and spends all his time studying and doing extra-curriculars and worrying about school, and Courfeyrac is the loud, obnoxious class clown with way too much energy to handle.

But then some time in the midst of their teenage years they all get paired up for a group project in school and start to spend time with each other, and things slowly begin to change. 

First off, Enjolras gets taken down several pegs by both boys on multiple occasions and starts to see the world isn’t what his elitist republican parents make it out to be, and he isn’t better than anyone else, and he realises how sheltered and ignorant he’s been and strives to do better; he messes up a lot and his feminism needs a lot of work but he tries so hard and regrets who he used to be with all his heart. And the other two can see that, and maybe they don’t cut him too much slack, but they know he’s doing his best.

Combeferre realises that his stress levels regarding education and the negative impact school is having on his health isn’t what everyone else goes through, begins to get help for what he realises is an anxiety issue, and decides that a life spent forfeiting happiness for the sake of success isn’t the life he wants to live. He’s tentative at first, and it isn’t easy to let go, but he’s making the first steps and knows his life will be so much better for it down the line.

Courfeyrac’s  aspergers makes it so that he simply wasn’t sure how to make friends, and his lack of a filter didn’t help either. He was lonely as hell and thought the happier he acted the more people would like him, and only got knocked down and ended up hurt every time he tried to reach out to someone. He just wants to make people happy, and he’s so glad that people are finally giving him a chance. Combeferre and Enjolras are there to set the record straight when he’s uncertain or confused, and with them he’s able to channel his energy into productive activities and finds himself less stressed because of them.

They’re all introverted to an extent, so their preferred hangouts involve movies, short forays into the outside world’s events and parties and the like, and quiet nights at each others’ houses that occasionally derail into pure silliness and gentle hilarity. 

They have their differences sometimes, they fight, they fall out, sometimes they can’t stand to even be in the same room as each other. They call each other out for insensitivities, apologise and make up, smooth out each others’ rough edges, and round each other out as human beings, and they mould themselves into the greatest support group that any scared teenager could hope for; forming the core of les amis in doing so.

A three dimensional triumvirate complete with character progression, differences, imperfections, flaws, and acknowledgement and tackling of said flaws is something I would love to see more of. Not just the unrealistic inseparable trio of perfection they often get reduced to.

I remember reading something that Hynden Walch (Princess Bubblegum’s voice actress) wrote about the relationship between Marceline and Bubblegum, a while ago.

She said that Marceline had some sort of ‘Peter Pan syndrome’, in that she never wanted to grow up ,to mature. But Bubblegum, on the other hand, had to mature, so she could be a reliable ruler for her kingdom. And that’s what ultimately drove them apart.

Now, with recent episodes like ‘Varmints’, this became very clear. They used to be very close. It was a simpler time, back then; Bubblegum could just hang out with Marceline and enjoy herself. But as her kingdom grew, so did her responsibilities… so suddenly, hanging out with Marceline, Marceline and her eternal rebellious teenager act, became a waste of time. She had so many things, important things, to worry about, after all. Right?

But, as it turns out, she regrets it. She sacrificed so much of her personal life to her kingdom, and now, it’s not even hers, anymore, so what was all that for?

But Marceline, on the other hand, finally wants to mature, now. That’s why she wants to become a mortal. She’s tired of the Peter Pan act, tired of living the same way for centuries, and still feeling the same familiar emptiness, beneath all the fun and games.

Really, it doesn’t even matter if Marceline will remain as a mortal or not. What’s truly important is her mindset, and her mindset now is that she doesn’t want to keep living like a reckless teenager, anymore.

And that’s why now, more than ever, they need each other. They complete each other. They changed; both of them;

Bubblegum is learning to let herself go, Marceline is learning how to let herself grow. They are, after many centuries, on the same level again, the same page.

Only this time, I feel like they are more prepared to have a healthy relationship together, and I couldn’t be happier about this.

We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.