I'm not really worried though

Life advice for myself:
Live your life the way you live online. Be spontaneous and loving and joke around in real life, the way you do online. Stop being so afraid of real people, and actually talk to them. If they think you’re weird, who actually cares? No one, unless they’re asshole. Stay away from those type of people. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.


When you cosplay as Sasha you just feel the inner goddess in you.

-or you try to become a Hange and fail real hard because you’re using glasses you don’t have to use anymore that aren’t protocol.-

Okay I feel a lot better. I got my hoodie dried out so I could wear it again and I drank some tea& had this I think strawberry muffin?? I liked it even if it was weird.

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did you get far enough ahead to update soon? It's great so far but I need more!

Hmm. I did get ahead quite a bit, but I’m going to be sticking to a weekly updating schedule to make sure it stays that way. I really don’t want to post too often and then fall behind and end up with a massive updating gap later!

This week is tricky because I posted the first chapter right before moving across the ocean o.o so things are a tiny bit hectic while I’m settling in and exploring. But I’m going to try my best to have an update ready for sometime tomorrow still ~ if not, I’ll have it up by the weekend for sure, and then I’ll resume a standard weekly updating schedule after that.

i think its hilarious and kind of sad that original ds handhelds are now cheaper than most 3ds games

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*sends you hugs and affection* here’s hoping you don’t have to worry about it much longer, dear

*grabby hands at the hugs and affection* it’s going in tomorrow at noon, so no matter what happens I only have 11 hours and 10 minutes left, but after worrying about it for more than two weeks now, i am getting dangerously close to not worrying at all anymore - which in itself is kind of scary i guess, but hey 

as of right now i’m getting p close to not having any fucks left to give - which is awesome for my stress levels, but horrible for the levels of sass in my paper.

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so the test i was meant to have tomorrow was rescheduled for monday bc the weather has closed the highways/public transport, which is rad bc i haven’t started studying, but i’m also not going to be in the country on monday… so…