I'm not really sure what it is but there is a noticeable change in his character

Hey Voltron Fandom, what the fuck?

I’m going to get straight to the point, you guys are self-destructive and are going to kill the fandom over your petty arguments and stupid self-entitlement. There hasn’t been a day since the beginning of the fandom that everything has just been peaceful for once (and I’ve been here since it’s birth) You all should be ashamed of yourselves, fighting online and hurting real people over fiction (this is not specifically towards ships btw) And I’m putting my foot down at all of this bullshit and trying to stop it

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Here’s the thing about the new canon.

Essentially they want us to watch the Original Trilogy, completely invested in the fact that our heroes will triumph, and then they want us to watch The Force Awakens and just be totally OK with the fact that everything we were just presented with over the course of three films is out the window.

They want Star Wars fans to spend several hours watching Han and Leia’s love story, watching them fight for each other, overcome personal obstacles to be together, make incredible sacrifices for each other–they want us to spend ESB and ROTJ rooting for them, want us to watch Han hold her close as they both smile at the end of the trilogy, want us to be happy and hopeful and thrilled that their true love has made it through–and then they want us to watch TFA and see that their marriage failed, and they want us to accept it.

They want us to get invested in our heroes–in Han and Luke and Leia–and desperately hope that they all make it through. They want us to be invested in their personal allegiances to one another to the point that we KNOW that Han will come back at the battle of Yavin for Luke and Leia, we KNOW that he’ll go out into freezing conditions to rescue Luke, we KNOW that he’ll run into Echo Base to rescue Leia on Hoth, we KNOW that Luke will ignore his Jedi Masters and abandon his training to go rescue Leia and Han on Bespin, we KNOW that Leia will risk her safety to go back for Luke at Cloud City, we KNOW that Luke and Leia will leave the rebellion and put themselves at risk to rescue Han, WE KNOW WE KNOW WE KNOW. The new canon wants us to sit there KNOWING ALL THESE THINGS, knowing that they are the most important damn things in the galaxy to one another, knowing that they’re family and that they love each other. They want us to know it and be invested in it and root for it–root for the strength of that bond and that loyalty and root for them all to make it through together–for all of them to triumph together. And they do!

And then TFA wants us to COMPLETELY CHANGE OUR MINDS and accept that all of that is destroyed. That bond is broken. Luke has abandoned his friends for some reason. Han has left Leia. Leia is all alone. And not only has that crucial bond just been cast aside, but their triumphs have all been undone. Empire defeated?? Welcome to Empire 2.0!!! Death Stars destroyed??? Welcome to Death Star 3.0!!!! Vader redeemed???? Welcome to Vader 2.0, and even worse, he’s your own damn son/nephew AND he kills Han!!!!!! It just takes their victory and deconstructs every single piece of it, and the only possible way that that maybe could have been tolerable would have been if AT LEAST they were still together, still true to the loyalty we knew, unstoppable and united no matter what new dangers they face, and they’re NOT. The Original Trio, the most beloved and iconic characters of all time, are just completely leveled to NOTHING. Fractured and broken up and reduced to these miserable un-versions of themselves. And the new canon wants you, as a Star Wars fan to accept this, because “Don’t worry!! We have these three shiny NEW heroes for you!!!! They’ll get a happy ending for sure!!!!” But??? What??? I don’t give a shit about their ending, what about the ending we were already supposed to have had???? The one you made me hope for for three damn movies??? The one I was lead to believe was true???? What about that ending??????

No, they decided that they were going to go back thirty years after the fact and change it.

But wait, you say, how did this happen??? How could these people at Lucasfilm who were claiming to “protect” Star Wars destroy Luke and Leia and Han like that?? How could they write a Han Solo who abandons Leia to do all the fighting all alone when there’s a fascist regime routinely trying to kill her and their son is a part of it and her brother has vanished without a trace??? How could they write a Luke who’s evidently turned his back on the galaxy–on the FAMILY–that needs him??? How could they have DESTROYED LEIA’S WHOLE LIFE????? ALL of their lives???? And for seemingly no reason!!!! They could have easily written a movie to introduce the new characters and create conflict without dismantling every single thing about our beloved trio and their dynamic. But they didn’t. They slaughtered them.

And then you listen to these people speak. And they start saying things like Leia clearly could never have been an attentive mother because she was too preoccupied with politics and her career. Han could never have been happy settling down and committing to something–not even his family–so OBVIOUSLY he left and he’s smuggling again. Han and Leia were too incompatible and could never have worked. Luke is off in EXILE because AREN’T ALL JEDI MASTERS SUPPOSED TO BE IN EXILE???????????

And you’re just. You’re floored. You’re blown away. It’s like those people didn’t even fucking WATCH Star Wars. Did they completely miss the fact that Leia’s character arc is about learning to care about things that aren’t the rebellion, and learning to rely on people–not just herself???? Did they not see how much she’s already lost–LITERALLY HER ENTIRE WORLD–and how much she had to suffer before she finally got something that was hers again? Did they not see the hell she had to go through to get it???? Did they really think she would throw that away after all that–did they think that LEIA of all people couldn’t have balanced a career and a family????


Did they not notice that Luke’s DEFINING characteristic throughout the original trilogy is his loyalty to his loved ones??? His utter refusal to let harm come to them–to give up on them?? His refusal to abandon them???? And then they want us to believe that he… abandoned them?????

So essentially the thing about the new canon is that people who don’t understand Star Wars are suddenly in charge of Star Wars, and they go back and ignore the characterization of three entire films and present us with material that is entirely contradictory of the original trilogy, and then they don’t understand why people have reacted negatively. 

And then of course you get fans screaming about how it’s REALISTIC this way.

When the fuck did you get the idea that Star Wars is supposed to be realistic??????? Star Wars is NOT about realism. It’s a Space Fairytale. An epic saga. It’s not supposed to be Game of Thrones grimdark jam in the tragedy. It was never like that for forty years. It was never presented that way. George Lucas was ADAMANT in making this point. And that’s why it resonated with so many people–that’s why it was such a success. Because it was uplifting. It was inspiring. It touched that part of our hearts where those fairytales live–where it’s possible for our heroes to go up against the forces of evil and WIN and have a happy ending. That’s why they gave Luke and Leia and Han the happy fucking ending!!!!

And the thing with the new canon is that they don’t care. They don’t care about “protecting Star Wars.” They don’t care about what Star Wars stands for. They don’t care about what George Lucas created. They care about money. They don’t want you to be invested in Han and Luke and Leia anymore. They want you to care about Finn and Rey and Poe, and apparently no one at Lucasfilm understood that they didn’t have to destroy the old characters to get people to like the new ones.

And for the record, just because the people delivering this truly appalling “new canon” horrorshow AU are Disney and Lucasfilm does NOT mean that I have to accept it all as true. They don’t understand Star Wars, they don’t care about it, they’re not its original creator, and I don’t have to accept a single thing they say.

That’s the thing about the new canon.

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Hi! So I'm writing a book and two of my protagonists are shapeshifters (one can turn into a tiger and the other a wolf). In the heat of battle, how can I (rather, how /should/ I) write the lines when they're changing so that it doesn't take up a whole lot of time and space on a page, but still seems graceful and fluid?

By remembering that your audience has a memory. Depending on your preferences, you probably want to focus on the transformation in detail, one to three times. After that, your audience is going to have a fairly solid grasp on how it works, and the only time you’d need to revisit the process is if something new was happening.

Revisiting it, with a full sequence, every single time is fetishistic. Now, if that is the point of your story, then, sure, go for it every time. However, as you’ve noticed, that will slow you down a lot. If your character’s transformed into a nine foot tall snarling deathbeast fifteen times, there’s really not much value to writing up the sixteenth, (or the fourth, for that matter).

The basic theory, when I said one to three, is that the first time you’re telling the audience, “hey, this is happening, this is how it works.” The second and third time you’re reminding them, “hey, remember this thing that happens?” After that, it’s enough to say, “yeah, it happens,” and skip the irrelevant details. By the time you’re getting into this stuff happening in fight scenes, it’s something that you should be able to roll over in a sentence or two. Also, depending on your preferences, this can apply to any similar transformations. One protagonist transforming will (probably) count for the other. Though, you may want to make sure each character gets at least one detailed transformation before you completely gloss over what’s happening. It’s a new character, that is something new happening, after that, your audience should be able to keep up. “Ah, that one’s a werewalrus, got it.”

This can get significantly more complicated, if you have characters that can transform into multiple distinct forms. At that point, you’re probably going to be stuck writing it out, or at least spending more time explaining what’s going on, each time.

When you’re walking the audience through the process, the early transformations can chew up a lot of space. That’s okay. You’re laying out the ground rules for how your characters’ powers work. In this sense it’s a lot like establishing exposition. You’re explaining the world so that, later, the audience is up to speed when you need to stick these transformations in tense moments when the pacing doesn’t allow you to stop.

Once you’ve got the transformations nailed down, then you only really want to go into detail when accounting for something that hasn’t happened before. Dealing with wounds that carry over would be one example. Especially if the characters are usually fully healed by their transformation.

As to the graceful bit, that’s a lot more complicated. It ultimately comes down to how you define “graceful” for your own purposes. It’s something you’d bake into the transformations the first couple times you’re using it, or (if the story starts with their first), it might be something that manifests as they’re learning to control their powers. There isn’t a simple solution on that point. It might also be worth the time and introspection to decide exactly why you’re thinking you want the transformations to be graceful; that might help you find a way to better operationalize it.

Once you’re having your characters transform mid-combat, you want to be at a point where you can simply say your character wolfs out, and your audience is already knows what that means and is on board. As you’ve realized, if you have to detail the transformation in the heat of the moment, it will murder your pacing.


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Mind if I make a request for Prompto and his S/O playing video games headcanons? I'm in the mood for something silly and I think this is right up my alley!

A.N: Yay, a nice simple and cute headcanon request! <3 Thanks so much for sending this one in lovely! I hope I do it justice given that I am actually not too much of a gamer- I only play Final Fantasy titles LOL *runs away and hides from the real gamers of the fandom*

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Prompto x Reader Video Game Night SFW Headcanons:

  • It’s funny how Prompto’s eyes light up with adoration when you suggest a video game night with him.
  • He immediately begins to talk about all the games that he’s going to play with you. He’s all about Time Crisis and Overwatch- he loves first person shooters and multi-player video games!
  • Prompto also has an array of roleplaying games for you to play in case you end up being a story gamer- to be completely honest, Prompto doesn’t really have the patience to get through a whole RPG. Noctis, however… he does. And that is the only reason why Prompto has those games- because Noctis gifted them to him.
  • When you arrive at Prompto’s apartment, it’s a little cluttered- but in an organised manner? Like, his games are all over the floor, but they are in haphazard stacks on the floor, organised on the basis of genre.
  • His gaming console is ready and rearing to go, and it seems that he’s already started on the snacks. His blond hair is floppy, and pushed back with a hair band that he swears he nicked from Iris when she visited with Gladio back in the day.
  • Yeah… sure Prompto…
  • He’s in his pyjamas- a ratty chocobo tank top that shows off his amazingly tone arms, and some loose chequered blue sleeping pants. He’s wearing moogle print socks- he swears Aranea sent them to him as a gag present.
  • Sure Prompto… you cute bean- don’t deny your cuteness, embrace it!
  • Anyways, so seeing your boyfriend in his sleep wear, you immediately change into your own sleeping clothes in the bathroom and dump your bag into Prompto’s room- bringing out the container of brownies you made for the evening.
  • Prompto’s eyes lit up and you think he’s fallen in love with you again at the sight of your brownies.
  • In actual fact, he was more excited about the fact that you were wearing chocobo themed pyjamas too. Just regular, long-sleeved flannel pyjamas. But there were chibi chocobos all over them pink material and Prompto Argentum was absolutely enamoured.
  • Then, you pointed to the game console and the competitiveness started then. You are terrible at getting the controls right for all the games that you play in the first instance that you play it. But then as you continue on, Prompto begins to get a little frustrated at how fast you’re learning. Because he can get a little #petty about his gaming prowess.
  • “Wait! No, you’re cheating! Y/N!!!” he will constantly whine as you begin to win more than a few rounds in a row.
  • It ends up being Prompto who calls it quits and shoves a random RPG game into the console and sits back, pulling the second controller out of your hands and pulling you close to his side with a pout on his adorable pink lips.
  • You grin and just let Prompto play through the RPG- though he soon grows frustrated at how under-levelled all his characters are, and you end up having to farm experience points for Prompto while he back-seat games with you.
  • “No, you gotta use the ice magic on the lighting type because then the ice will shatter-!”
  • “Prom, that doesn’t make sense at all. I’m using fire…”
  • “It’s dead.”
  • “Oh! YAY!”
  • Honestly, playing games with Prompto is an out of body experience. He’s really cute whether he’s winning or losing. He’s cute when he doesn’t know what he’s doing- and that stupid little knowing smile on his face when he does know what he’s doing just makes you grin along with him because… he just looks so damn accomplished!
  • It’s almost two in the morning when you and Prompto call it a night. You’ve been farming experience points for the bulk of the night, and Prompto’s characters are now over-levelled for where he is up to in the game, but when you try to tell him he can play- you notice that his head his incredibly heavy on your shoulder, and his apple shampoo smells sweet, just like him, as he’s snoozing peacefully on your shoulder.
  • You unfortunately have to shake your bae awake- and he does rouse from his sleep quite easily. He blinks at you and laughs tiredly as he rubs his eyes.
  • “Did you have fun?” he asks you.
  • You end up making excuses to visit Prompto’s home so that you can play his RPG games because… the stories are actually pretty good!
  • Your gaming night with Prompto was a blast- and you enjoyed the night in.
  • You can’t wait to do it again! <3

I just watched the Molly Sherlock scenes in the empty hearse again…. I just…. omg! The flirting! The way he looks at her! Ahhhhhh!!!!

Okay, collecting my thoughts. I’m going to break it down as I see it. Note* this is just my opinion/interpretation of those scenes… I do not pretend to have any clue as to the motivations of the writers or actors during these scenes.

1. Sherlocks welcome back: Sherlock goes to Molly right after he sees John. Why is this significant? Well, Molly knows that he is alive, so she shouldn’t be a high priority on his back from the dead tour, but he goes to her straight after John. (I’m even toying with the idea that he sees her first… see bottom of post for more on this.) we have all seen the gif (I don’t know how to make it or find it or I would add it lol) when they first see each other at Barts in the locker room. The focus is on Molly but you can still see him smile in the reflection of the mirror.

2. When he is waiting for her to come over to ask her to go crime fighting: he is nervous. You can see him mouthing words to himself. (Figuring out how to ask her?) note* at this point I think he already knows about her engagement, I think he knew that from their first meeting.

3. That whole scene when he asks her: like omg! When have you ever seen him be so diplomatic? It reads so much like him attempting to ask her out I’m not surprised she thought he was. And when she finishes his sentence for him, the look he gives her! His eyes! (Okay at this point my nose was literally an inch away from the screen as I watched on slow motion) he looks at her like: well, yes. Obviously.

4. The cheating husband case: “Your not being John your being yourself.” ….. do I really need to say more here? Come on! Okay fine: she is sitting next to him! John always sits opposite him, and the clients sit on the desk chair and get judged. This time the client sits in John’s chair with her husband standing next to her. Sherlock is deliberately creating changes to his routine so not to make Molly feel like she is a substitute.

5. The catfish case. Again, Sherlock seats the clients in another part of the room….. look at his history people! Every case, he always sits them in the same spot. Except for when he is with molly… not only that but look at his face as he holds the client’s hand… also he holds the client’s mother flipping hand!!!! Could you get more out of character??? This case is a 2 at best, but he looks so much like he cares. Why would he do that? Why would he waste time talking to the client, she is obviously upset and irrational.. traits that Sherlock detests, and yet there he is. “And you really thought he was the one didn’t you…. the love of your life.” *looks straight over to molly* Even as he explains the truth to Molly he does it quietly, with caring in his voice. Rather then his usual MO of just blurting it out… (also notice that all these cases are around lovers, cheating or not being what they say they are…. like maybe he wants her to think about her relationship…) and then he serves up the clients dad. Which again is out of character, he wouldn’t care.

6. The case with lestrade: he is totally showing off for her! Okay head cannon, John talking to him? That’s his own self doubt sneaking in. Eg. M: “Your on to something aren’t you?” S: “maybe.” John’s voice: show off… he is actually showing off then lestrade asks him about Molly and he says he is giving it a go. He says that because it’s not his choice if this continues, it’s hers. When lestrade asked him about John he answers diplomatically and walks over to stand near Molly. *Note: the ongoing proximity thing he continues to stay by her side the whole day. So then she goes over to the body and he heads straight over next to her again, she notices he proximity and steps back apologising. He reassures her and John tells him he is jealous. Jealous of what I ask you? How does that work any other way? He is jealous because she steps away, because she is with someone else. That’s why he’s jealous. When he picks up the manifesto he blows the dust off away from Molly, just another little thing I noticed that shows he cares. He also shows it to her first before lestrade. When she tells him it’s impossible, he leans in and says “welcome to my world” the intensity in his eyes is just fantastic! Then John calls him a smart arse. This is because Sherlock is trying to get Molly excited by the work, like he did with John. Because having her around solving case with him is the closest thing he can get to being with her. Then John tells him he forgot to put his collar up, he forgot to look cool so she would want him…. when he accidentally calls her John, well he’s done that before. Plus he has John in his head at the time. (I don’t really have anything for this if anyone else wants to add in their own head cannon I would love to hear it)

7. The train case: so much flirting, I’m just going to repeat that SO MUCH WITH THE FLIRTING! He spends the whole time paying more attention to Molly than he does the case, eg. The girlfriend joke. Someone posted on here once that they were surprised that Sherlock didn’t pick up on the missing car straight away. This is because he’s not looking at the footage, he’s looking at her…… I watched like 6 times. (I know I’m totally obsessed!) but he really does, you can actually see him looking at her not the tape.

8. When he comes out of his mind palace: he talks about maps, but as he goes past Molly he changes the subject and asks her out…. yes he was asking her out, it’s Sherlock…. he is the master of subtly….. this is the moment where he sees if he has managed to sway her…… this whole day, the cases he chose, the showing off. All of it was to show her that he was better than the man who gave her that ring. So he makes his final play and asks her out…. but it doesn’t go well does it. She calls him out on the day. Molly Hooper is not an idiot. She knows what he is doing and she asks him point blank about it. He knows he lost the game so he does one more very unsherlock type thing…. he tells the truth. “The one person he thought didn’t matter at all to me, was the one person who mattered the most.” He never breaks eye contact here. And then, he lets her go….. his face when she starts to talk about Tom, that wistful smile! Be still my beating heart! He tells her he is happy for her, that he wants her to be happy. He didn’t even do that for John with Mary! But lets just take a look at that for a second shall we…… it’s established that Sherlock hates change. He has always found fault with every relationship around him, John’s girlfriends, Molly’s boyfriends. Even mrs Hudson’s relationships are not off limits. When he met Mary he deduced her and found her acceptable. But he has never met Tom. He would never let his friend date someone without judging them first. But he lets her, because he doesn’t think he deserves her. And then oh my goodness the kiss, right up until his lips hit her cheek you cannot be sure he isn’t going to kiss her properly. His face is completely open and without manipulation, he never breaks eye contact. How could anyone see that moment and not realise he loves her? How?

Okay back to my head cannon that he goes to Molly before John. First of all, his nose is fine, if he went straight after John it would have at least been red… but it wasn’t, and then there’s the cut on his lip, the obvious cut on his lip…. also missing.and then there’s the lighting. We know that it was late at night when he saw John but it was bright at the hospital. You can see the light coming in from the windows hitting the lockers. But when he goes to see lestrade it’s dark again. Therefore he goes to see Molly first.

Ok so that is my head cannon break down of Molly and Sherlock in TEH let me know what you think! Do you agree, disagree? Have anything to add? Did I get anything wrong?

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[1] I just got into your Villain!Izuku AU (It's a blessing) and I'm hung up on the gag about Izuku's quirk being genre savvyness and how that would work. The main question being, is Izuku aware his reality is a comedy or does he make his reality a comedy? Quasi-Omniscient perception of the rules of the universe, or very specific probability manipulation? Where the most humorous/impossible outcome becomes inevitable whenever Izuku's around...

[2] And then would that be a passive ability or is he picking the outcome? If it’s passive he’d basically be playing headgames with his own quirk, which would be hilarious, and if anyone decided to play on his level they’d have the same advantage (with the fun bonus that their ridiculous strategies come crashing down out of Izuku’s range. Active probability manipulation isn’t really genre savvyness, but could just as cool, especially if there were appropriately arbitrary limitations…

[3] Like his quirk can only make something more likely proportionate to how humorous it is. Or to how unlikely it was- he can’t do anything to 50/50 odds, can give a decent boost to a 10 or 25% chance, but something like a 0.000003%? You better believe it’s happening. (Kind of like that bit in some Pratchett books where a 1 in a million chance always works out, 1 in 999,999 or 1 in 1000001 you’re fucked, but if it’s 1 in a million? It’s happening)…

[4] There’s also the option that it’s just regular probability manipulation, and Izuku’s such a little shit he uses it exclusively to make ridiculous things work out. That’s not really so much genre savvyness anymore but it seemed in character to me. This is a lot of rambling over something inconsequential but thanks for your cool au I love it! I only actually have a general understanding of probability bye.

i honestly don’t know how a genre-savviness quirk would work, but all of these sound plausible and hilarious. i love the idea of izuku’s quirk being a passive ability, wherein his mere presence is enough to change the story from a shounen action manga into a comedy. he’s not even trying to cause it, this just naturally happens around him, and he’s simply taken full advantage of the chaos he causes. ideal 

active probability manipulation is even funnier because this suggests that izuku could potentially do anything, be a great hero, establish himself in any number of personas, and he uses it to make sure that his glitter bomb traps will work. and i think that’s incredible 

Anonymous said: if villain izuku’s quirk is being genre savy, I imagine him in a glaringly obvious disguise but no one notices 

this is one of my favorite things that anyone has ever suggested to me about villain!izuku. yes

it also made me consider something else for izuku’s quirk though. what if instead of being genre savvy, izuku’s quirk is more like… saiki’s brainwashing power… he can change your perception of things and events, so you think of crazy events as not a big deal. he uses his quirk to make people overlook the fact that he’s setting up a prank – they walk right by like it’s the most normal thing in the world – and then izuku drops the effects of his quirk. chaos. everyone is in disbelief that they didn’t notice 

also some gems from a conversation with @salvainterra

the sheer disaster of such a quirk in villain izuku’s hands? terrifying, and absolutely incredible. we can only dream

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I love how (at least with the later seasons of the show) there's this trend of shipping Sam with a minor character that would love and support him. Sammax, Saileen, I'm sure there's others I'm forgetting.

Okay so I’ve noticed this too, and I love this trend, but I have a hypothesis.

(Quick note:  This is not a meta. I don’t write meta. This is just an idea.)

So I’ve been in this fandom long enough to have witnessed a bit of its history. Not so long ago (soon enough that I still see remnants of it), there was this #givesamaboyfriend trend. It’s still a thing that people want Sam to have a bf, but this was like. A movement. The idea being that 1. Sam has been Claimed By The Queers, and 2. Sam needs someone to love and care for him, because lord knows the showrunners keep putting him through the wringer with little to no acknowledgement afterwards. Our queer boy is being treated poorly and needs someone to hold him and tell him nice things. Of course, there were times where this painted Sam as a damsel in distress who is unable to stand up for himself, but to be fair, there are times in actual canon that paint the same exact picture. So, y’know, I’ll let it slide.

So we see a hundred posts that all read like:  “Season x wishlist:  Sam meets a man (played by Steven Amell) during a hunt and saves his life. Hunter guy sticks around for a while, sees how people treat Sam, and helps Sam re-learn to stand up for himself.” Details change, of course, but that was the gist.

And then, we started getting characters that fit the bill, or could be molded to. Anyone else remember when people were shipping Sadreel/Sezekiel when we first got wind of Gadreel’s existence? WEEKS before the s9 pilot aired, before we knew who Ezekiel was or why he was there, he was the big strong man who would protect Sam. And even now that we know everything about Gadreel, there are some shippers (myself included) who not only held onto this idea, but thought it was ten times better that Gadreel was at least as tragic as Sam was. That’s not to say that Gadreel was the first character that this happened with, but it’s the first I can think of off the top of my head.

So in the case of SamMax … come on, he pretty much fits that description from earlier:  They met on a case, Sam helped save everyone’s bacon, Max (and Alicia) see how Sam is treated and stand up for him. (I know it was a humourous moment, but they could have easily freaked out that Sam was possessed. Instead, they both go “wow, that’s kind of personal, dude. You can’t just bring that stuff up like that, wow, have some tact.”) Max didn’t need to be altered as a character. We didn’t need to use our imaginations like we did with Sezekiel. Max was everything we were looking for with Sam, without changing the character or filling in blanks, and that’s why I think it got as popular as it did. It persists now because Max has survived so far, unlike other characters like Gadreel.

(Another interesting note:  I see people doing this with older episodes too. They see an old gifset from one of the first three seasons and ship Sam with a male one-off character.)

Now, Saileen is different. Not necessarily because she’s female (the “Sam is Queer” thing isn’t diminished by that, I mean), but because there wasn’t the whole #givesamaboyfriend background. I think the most likely reason Saileen got so popular is because she was Sam’s friend. Not to say that males and females can’t be Just Friends, but when was the last time we saw someone who was Sam’s friend, who not only treated him well, but wasn’t Dean’s friend first? Sorry to say, it’s been a long time. Even Charlie doesn’t fit both criteria. I don’t have the encyclopedic knowledge of SPN I used to, but the first friend of Sam’s that I can think of is Sarah. Guess what, she’s dead. Meg 1.0? Not only was she a demon, but she’s also dead.

Then I think of Dr. Cara. They weren’t friends, necessarily, but they could have been. She took an interest in Sam and was kind to him. But I hate how their interaction was treated on the show. Not only because Dean constantly griped about Sam “cockblocking him” (even though she showed exactly negative interest in Dean), but because it was later painted as a bad thing when they hooked up because Dean thought she might be the siren. (I could write a fucking dissertation about this whole thing tbh it pisses me off so much, but I digress). And that’s a really common theme in the show too. Sam can’t just have girlfriends or hookups anymore. Barring early seasons (and Piper), all of Sam’s partners have either had ulterior motives or have been painted in a bad light by other characters. (Think:  The hippie girl and Amy Pond (who I admit wasn’t a romantic partner but was still Sam’s friend – and is now dead, thanks Dean.))

Anyway, Eileen was a breath of fresh air:  She was nice to Sam. She was Sam’s friend (not Dean’s friend who later met Sam). She was a badass and capable hunter, which was important because we all know that hunters (or, at least, the Winchesters) can’t settle down with non-hunters. Dean approved of her. She didn’t have ulterior motives, wasn’t using Sam, and nothing about the storytelling made it seem like their friendship was a Bad Idea. Also, until recently, she was alive and presumably kept in contact with Sam. He even learned a little ASL from her now come on that’s fanfic fodder just by itself.

ANYWAY, this got long as shit, but I think that’s why such rare pairs are popular, with special emphasis on SamMax and Saileen. And I sure as hell hope the trend continues because I live for this shit.

anonymous asked:

Hello can I request hc of RFA+V and Saeran (i'm sorry if it's too much) on yandere MC, like she turns really scary when she's jealous and threating people. Thank you I really like your blog so much~

It’s not too much at all! I love the concept of a yandere character so this was a lot of fun to write! I hope that you enjoy!~


  • You and Yoosung had decided to go to the mall to buy some matching outfits
  • As you went into the changing room, one of Yoosung’s female classmates noticed him and went to say hi
  • You came out just as she was hugging Yoosung telling him how good it was to see him and how they should hang out together sometime
  • Your eyes become dark and you fake smile, prying the girl off of your boyfriend saying to her “Maybe we could all hang out together and look at my knife collection. I could even show you some of my favorites up closely.~”
  • The girl laughed nervously as Yoosung seemed blissfully unaware of what you actually meant as he went to go look at another shirt
  • Before the girl could leave, you grabbed her arm telling her “If you ever think about touching my Yoosung again, there will be consequences, got it?”
  • The girl nodded in terror as you finally let go of her and Yoosung came back with another shirt for you to try on
  • “You’re such a yandere MC, and that’s one more reason why I love you.” Yoosung said with his own dark smirk forming on his lips
  • You never realized that Yoosung knew what yandere meant, but assume he knew because of all of the games that he played
  • The two of you walked out of the store, hand in hand, becoming the couple that everyone knew not to mess with


  • Zen got you front row seats to his newest musical, a production about a murder mystery 
  • Your boyfriend performed flawlessly as usual, but it was his co-star that made you rage on the inside
  • She was his literal partner in crime for the production and the two of them had some intimate moments together
  • After the show was over, Zen invited you backstage to show you around
  • His co-star came up to him, telling him that his performance was amazing
  • Of course being the narcissist that he is, Zen took the compliment and focused all of his attention on her
  • You casually went over to pick up one of the prop knives and smiled cheerfully as you swiftly put the fake knife against the girl’s throat
  • “Looks like I could be a great murderer huh?” You said happily as the girl completely tensed up
  • Zen laughed awkwardly as you pulled the knife away from the girl’s throat only to press it against her stomach
  • “I think that if you don’t leave my Zen alone, then I may just end up having to get a real knife and slice you up.” You told the now terrified girl
  • You removed the fake knife from the girl as she ran out of the stage area
  • Zen blinked a couple of times in confusion asking “Um what was that all about MC?”
  • You batted your eyelashes innocently saying “It’s just that I wanted to be the one to tell you how amazing you performed tonight and not her but she ruined it. You were absolutely perfect Zen, the greatest performance I’ve ever seen.”
  • Zen smiled with pride as he completely forgot what just happened and started telling you how great he was
  • You smiled and nodded, mainly because you knew that nobody was ever going to mess with your Zen ever again


  • You and Jaehee decided to go to try out a new restaurant in town for a date night
  • It was a fancy place so you and Jaehee got extra dressed up for the special occasion
  • You noticed that the waitress would always smile at Jaehee and be extra kind to your girlfriend
  • As the night went on, Jaehee seemed to be talking more with the waitress than with you, making you very upset
  • Once the waitress was about to pass by, you stuck your foot out making the young girl trip and fall
  • Jaehee gave a worried look but you only smirked as the waitress tried desperately to clean herself up
  • She wondered out loud how she tripped and you replied “I stuck my leg out in front of you idiot.”
  • The waitress looked surprised and you got up out of your seat, kneeling down to be face to face with the scared girl telling her “And if you keep flirting with my girlfriend like that, then I’ll do something much worse than trip you.”
  • The girl quickly got up and bolted out of the room, much to Jaehee’s shock
  • “MC what were you talking about? Were you serious?” Jaehee asked as you took her hand and led her out of the restaurant
  • “Of course Jaehee! I can’t have anyone else trying to get close to my amazing girlfriend.” You told Jaehee as she blushed brightly
  • You smiled and kissed her cheek, vowing to yourself that if anyone ever tried talking to Jaehee like that again, you’d make sure they would never walk again


  • Jumin had dragged you to yet another business party
  • At first, you didn’t like going to these boring parties but you soon realized that they were a great opportunity to make sure Jumin wasn’t being harassed by any other girls
  • You were about to go get the two of you some drinks when you noticed a young woman going up to Jumin and talk to him
  • As the two of them chatted away, you grabbed two drinks, but not for you and Jumin
  • You walked up to the snobby woman and she looked you up and down muttering “Not very impressive.”
  • You simply smiled as you poured both of the drinks over the woman’s head
  • She shrieked, saying that she couldn’t breath but you only giggled
  • “The next time you ever think about talking to my Jumin, I’ll push you over a lake instead of just pouring some drinks over you. So back off. Now.” You practically growled the last part
  • The woman ran away and you turned to a very amused Jumin
  • “MC, what kind of emotion was that? I must know.” Jumin asked as you wrapped yourself around him
  • “That’s just my way of showing my love for you Jumin. Now lets go home and I can show you how much I really love you.” You said to Jumin as you lead him out of the party room
  • Jumin still was unsure what he had witnessed but you knew that if any other girl would try and get close to them that you would simply toss them out of the way


  • You had finally convinced Seven to take you out on a date and he decided to go to the movies with you
  • It was a sold out show but the two of you didn’t mind and went anyway
  • Your seats were towards the back, next to a couple of girls who eyed you and Seven up
  • Seven sat down next to you and you snuggled up against him, hoping that the girls would get the point
  • But they must have been oblivious and one of them came up to Seven telling him that he was cute and his glasses were adorable
  • Seven smiled sheepishly but you got up from your seat and pushed the girl down on her own saying to her “Leave my boyfriend alone or else you will pay. Severely.”
  • The couple of girls looked scared out of their minds and left the movie theater
  • You smiled as you went to sit back down next to Seven again
  • He put his arm around you and whispered “That was the coolest thing that you’ve ever done. I love you MC.”
  • You kissed him on the cheek and cuddled closer to him, ignoring the movie as you kept thinking about how you would always protect Seven from anyone else who would even dare to say anything to him


  • You and V took evening walks in the park almost ever night since he found it relaxing
  • You were use to people offering to help V because of his poor eyesight and for the most part, you didn’t mind
  • Until one evening as you and V took your walk, holding hands as you helped guide him
  • Someone called you on your phone, making the two of you stop for a minute
  • You stepped only a few feet away to take the call but as soon as you finished up, you saw some girl clinging onto V’s arm
  • She was insisting on helping him since he couldn’t see well but he was politely declining
  • You stomped over to the two of the them and ripped the girl away from your boyfriend’s arm
  • “Unless you want to become blind like my boyfriend, I suggest that leave us alone. Right now.” You said in a sinister voice to the now scared
  • She tried to come up with a weak excuse about how she was only trying to help V but you walked over to her and looked her straight in the eyes saying “If you don’t leave right this second then I’ll not only blind you, but I’ll shut up that little mouth of yours.”
  • The girl ran away too scared to even try and argue with you
  • You smiled triumphantly as you walked over to a very confused V
  • “M-MC… Were you… Was that…” V tried to say but you only grabbed his hand again and continued to walk down the pathway
  • “Don’t worry about anything V, I’ll make sure to always protect you from any unwanted visitors.” You said happily to the still confused V
  • But no one, and you mean no one, would ever lay a hand on V ever again unless they wanted to be dead


  • Saeran was still going to therapy to try and become a functional member of society again after he escaped Mint Eye
  • He was making great progress thanks to your help and encouragement and he was honestly so grateful to have you in his life
  • You always met up with Saeran after his sessions to go to the ice cream shop and enjoy each other’s company
  • It seemed like any other day until you both got to the ice cream shop
  • The two of you ordered and were happily chatting until a girl came up to Saeran and told him that she’s seen him around there a lot and wanted to get to know him better
  • Saeran gave her a “No thanks” and continued to talk to you
  • But the girl was persistent and asked for his phone number so she could call him sometime
  • Saeran was about to tell her to leave until you got up from your seat and grabbed the girl’s shirt saying “He said no. If you keep bothering my boyfriend then I will make you pay, limb by limb.”
  • The girl became confused and terrified and bolted out of the shop
  • Saeran smirked at you as you happily finished your ice cream
  • As the two of you were walking home, Saeran said “I never knew that you could act like that MC. I kind of loved it.”
  • “Anything to protect my Saeran!” You said as you smiled and he smiled, grabbing your hand
  • That was the first time in a very long time that you saw Saeran smile so you secretly decided to act that way all of the time, all for your Saeran

~ Requests and Match-Ups are Open! ~

anonymous asked:

Ello! I'm a big fan of all your work, and I just want to request a prompt if that's alright. Sometimes I like to imagine that the Sonic Boom characters are really just older versions of themselves from the games, thus their personalities has changed a little. For example, Amy is no longer openly obsessing over Sonic. I was wondering if you can write a story that takes place between the Modern!Sonic timeline and Sonic Boom timeline where Sonic starts to notice and question Amy's new personality.


Aw, thank you so much! This is a wonderful concept to work with! I hope I do it justice ^^


“Oh my hero!!!” A small Amy Rose held her arms out to embrace him.

Why does she do that? Can’t she tell I’m-

Sonic let the strange girl embrace him, but he stepped back a bit; exaggerating his movements as he tried to lightly put his hands to the sides of her shoulders.

With a light tug, he was able to have her let go.

She never seemed to care or notice that he would let her have her movement, before moving on.

But as she got older… She would take any opportunity to try and get closer to him.

It was so exhausting…

Sonic looked up from the outdoor table at the ‘date’ Amy arranged, wagging his foot out that balanced on his knee while he waited anxiously for the day to be over.

At the end of it, Amy insisted on him taking her for a run, even when she would voice that she was getting tried of him simply carrying her all the time. 

She wanted something more… something interesting.

I was always nervous it wasn’t enough for her anymore…

Sonic frowned as she once again would hug him… but this time,…

Before he could even lightly touch her shoulder, she already started to pull away.

At first, he smiled shyly, but now he looked surprised.

Her face… was distant.

Why is she so sad?

Was it something I said?

Sonic began to look over his shoulder, and realize that Amy wasn’t as enthusiastic about keeping up with him on his adventures like she used to be.

Life began to shift, and suddenly she was more interested in little projects here and there then chasing after him.

Puzzled… Sonic took the opportunity to engage her back into his life.

When Tails mentioned an Island where a small village lived, and that they could spend some relaxing years there while Eggman set up camp; he took the chance to see her again.

 With Eggman building a lair there… it was probably best the team hung out there to make sure he wasn’t up to no good.

Would the village be able to defend themselves without him and his team? Pfft.

Sonic smirked and raced off to get Amy, trying to find her anywhere he could.

Amy… Amy… Where are you?

It was always easy for Amy to find Sonic.

And for the first time…

He envied that.

Amy… Amy… Amy..?!

He spotted her in a shop, not having seen her in quite some time.


He was shocked to see her so grown… a figure in a new look, a lady instead of a child.

She turned around and smiled. The features on her face still resembled the girl he knew… but something was somehow…



“Oh, Sonic!” She happily waved.

He was used to her at least running up to him…

He shook himself out of it, and walked up. “Tails found out where Eggman was vacay-ing too. Want to ruin his fun?” He smirked, gesturing a thumb behind him.

“What do you mean? Like… we’re all going to live there?” Amy blinked her eyes, as Sonic opened his own excited ones and nodded, leaning up.

Amy’s eyes widened, and he was proud to show off his height now~

“Yep! What do ya say!? Up for some more adventures?”

“An island..?” Amy looked away smiling as she seemed to think about it.

She put a hand up to cup her cheek. “Oh! Beaches and jungles! New adventures! And everyone being so close again! How could I refuse?!” She excitedly squealed, kicking a leg up and out.

“Heh, nice try, Amy.” Sonic stuck his nose up, “But just because the island is small, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to catch me off guard or anything.”

It was mostly said to be sarcastic and humorous, but he was surprised by her response.

“Oh, that doesn’t matter. It’ll be fun to hang out, but I’m more excited about getting a tan!” She turned to the fabric and picked something out. “Besides, you’ll probably see me fighting off Eggman too! I’ve changed a lot in a few years! Oh, I see you let your hair grow out on your arms? Nice!” she lightly went to feel, before giggling and turning back, flinging a brown fabric towards him.

“Hmm… This one is good, but maybe this outfit won’t go well with a scarf..?” she kept looking around, before flapping her hands out as if giving up. “Oh, who am I kidding. It’s a ISLAND! I won’t need a scarf!” she laughed and dashed out, before waving off to him.

“See you at Tails’s, Sonic!”

He held the brown fabric… almost hurt by the fact she didn’t flirt back or even try too…

He looked down at the scarf…

“…Maybe you won’t try…” he tied the fabric around his neck like a bandanna, and then smirked, turning around. “But I haven’t given up so easily! And I know you haven’t either!” He dashed towards Tails, admiring his new fashion statement.

He held it up by a hand before taking a sniff and looking up. “All she needs is another push… shouldn’t be a problem!”


Arriving on the island, Amy acted more like a ‘chum’ than she did beforehand…

It was easier for him to be around her, but odder for him to see her the way he used too.

It was kinda sad for him, to see her not even try and make a move, but also made things more comfortable in that he could always be around her and not feel the need to keep any walls up.

They ended up getting closer…

And when Amy did make plans for something, she never called them ‘dates’, and he was able to say ‘yes’ to more alone time with her.

He… kinda liked that.

It was casual, easy, free…

“That was fun, Ames!” Sonic stated, walking her home one day before she stopped laughing and turned to look at him.


She seemed almost touched, as he turned around and put his hands down from behind his head, scratching his nose and avoiding her stare.

“Oh yeah. I thought it’d be a good idea for a nickname. It doesn’t bother you, does it? I know it’s not really original or nothing, but it’s quick, rolls off the tongue, kinda cute when you say it right and well-”

She suddenly hugged him.

He was surprised, it had been a long time…

His arms came down and so did his eyelids, but she pulled away right before he could even try and return the embrace…

He nervously moved back as if he wasn’t going to hold her back.

“H-heh.. what was that for?” he acted cool, playing it off as he lightly rubbed his arm, growing… strangely more awkward and nervous than he ever had before…

“Oh, just a thank you…. Sonic.” she smiled… something he could never pull his eyes from.

He smiled back.

“Glad it made ya happy,… Ames.” he winked.

She nodded and continued to her home, “Well, this is my place. Sorry for the hug, by the wa-”

He slammed his hand on the door at lightning speeds, suddenly stopping her from advancing as she flinched back, and turned to him as he leaned on the door.

His elbow now kept it shut as he looked to her and then away, trying to once again seem ‘casual’ and ‘cool’.

“Sorry? F-f-for what? I’m used to it. It’s been a while. Ehem. Are those shoes new?” he looked down.

She raised an eyebrow, but didn’t seem to realize he was stalling…

“Hehe, the whole outfits new, Sonic.” she looked down and moved her shoes around, showing off before flipping her hair and posing a second. “Haven’t you noticed?”

“More than you’d think…”

“Huh?” she blinked her eyes open as he stared at her…

“Bah-wh-wha-whelp!” he clapped his hands and moved off the door, before gesturing to it and swaying his arms out that way. “You’re probably tried and haa~ So am I~” he stretched and faked a yawn. “You should get to bed. I’ll um… just… walk around here.” he kicked a foot out, putting his hands behind his back and whistling as he took off with a merry little bounce in his step.

she was still suspicious, but figured- this was Sonic we’re talking about- and looked up, shaking her head at even thinking the thought, before heading inside.

When she closed the door… Sonic turned back to it, his smile suddenly becoming a genuine look of missing her.

Now that Amy’s holding back… I’m starting to want some of the old days back…

He sighed, his shoulders coming down as he looked forlorned and kicked a rock out.

Guess I’m just a few years too late…

His eyes suddenly lit up as he looked to her window.

Or maybe.. just too slow!

He looked around and a few feet away, there was a sunflower that was lying on the ground. Probably blown off from the strong winds the islands got.

He opened his mouth wide into a grin, and looked back at her window.

He took some courage and grabbed the flower, heading up to the window.


Before he could surprise her, he heard her conversing on the phone.

“Boyfriend? Oh please! I’ve moved on since then!”

His face sunk a little… his excitement leaving him suddenly…

She waited a second before responding to the person on the phone. “Emhmm. I’m a new woman now! you know what that means! The world is mine for the taking and I don’t need any stinkin’ man!”

Sonic dropped the flower into the room and dashed off.

“Haha! That’s right! And this time..-”

Well, if that was the case… might as well just let life take it’s course…

Get close while I still could be close…

-What he didn’t hear-

Phone: So you’re not gonna call him your boyfriend anymore?

“Boyfriend? Oh please! I’ve moved on since then!”

Phone: Oh.. you’re taking on a new strategy then!?

“Emhmm. I’m a new woman now! You know what that means! The world is mine for the taking and I don’t need any stinkin’ man!”

Phone: hahaah, that’s right! Only a ‘Hero’ will do!

“Haha! That’s right! And this time…-

                                         I’m gonna make that Sonic respect me!

                                                        With his own free will….

                                                                He’s gonna fall and chase me into love!”

Phone: Good luck, Amy! Me and Cheese are rooting for you! ‘Chao Chao!’

Amy hung up the phone after saying goodbye, before almost stepping on something that crumbled slightly under her feet.

Reaching down, she touched her heart and admired the beautiful sunflower, before looking around and up at her roof’s window.

“Did you get blown in here, little fella?” she smiled and looked down at it, putting it into a water jar.

“There. Now you can flourish in a new home!” She lightly stroked the petals. “Much like something else I hope will grow..”

(I thought the progression would look something like this..? xP Idk)


So there’s not a lot of stuff in this particular internet corner, but somehow there is a higher proportion of That Good Shit, so since this seems to be going around, I thought I’d put together my own (not at all) brief list of things to read if you like The Adventure Zone Dungeons and Dragons Podcast Brought To You By Totino’s™.

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Rescue •P2•

Avengers x Reader

Summary: reader is getting a tour of her new job at the Avengers tower, but happens to be the only one who notices an oncoming jet, about to crash into the building.

Word Count: 1362

Warnings: swearing + tiny bit’a fluff from secondary characters :)

A/N: I got so much great feedback from you lovelies for P1. You are amazing. Sorry, it’s a bit of a filler part, but I thought I’d get it over with. Enjoy, dears💛

If you ask anyone who I’ve ever briefly known who I am, I guarantee the response would be along these lines:

“Y/N? Oh, yeah, I remember her. She was pretty nice, I guess. I never knew her that well.”

That’s who I was. That’s who I am. The nice girl people don’t usually look at. I’m the one who will have a conversation with you if you come to me. I’m the polite girl you know will hold the door open for you. I’m the girl who will crack a joke while I’m talking to you, relaxed, like it doesn’t take me any effort to get a laugh out of you. That’s me. The nice girl in the distance who people don’t notice until they need her. And as much as I would’ve liked to change that, I didn’t want it to change it like this. I don’t want to be the girl who defied Tony Stark on her first day of working for him.

That’s the only thought I have as I tap my foot. That I’d walk out of this conference room Mr. Stark left me in as some sort of rebel, that I would be seen as impulsive and stubborn and that I’d not only lose my job, but have this reputation plague me wherever I went. It’ll be all over the news. What if I can’t get another job? What if I'm—

“Sorry for the wait, Ms. L/N.” I turn my head to see a petite blond with a smile enter the empty conference room. “Mr. Stark has been trying to do a bit of damage control.” I gnaw on the inside of my cheek.

“Um, okay.” I say, barely above a whisper.

“He’s requested for you to go home for now, and he’ll call you back for a meeting tomorrow.” she says, holding the door open. I frown. Call me back? Why? I swallow. Maybe it’s because I compromised his tech. I take a deep breath and shakily get up from my chair at the end of the conference table.

Once I’m home, I throw my bag across the floor of my shitty apartment and go to my bedroom, flopping down onto my bright blue pillow. I heave an unsteady breath as a hot tear rolls down my cheek. I don’t move for hours. I just sit and panic and cry and think of all these things that could happen. All the things people will think about me. About how I’ll trade nice girl no one notices with impulsive rebel who can’t follow instructions.

I’m not sure what time it is when I hear the apartment door slam shut.

“Y/N?” I wipe away my wet face and sit up on my bed. Penny comes into my room with a worried expression on her face.

“What’s wrong?” I say, getting up. She breathes a sigh of relief when she sees me.

“I heard about the attack and I knew you were in the tower today and I got so scared you’d gotten hurt. I tried to get out of work but Jerry practically locked me into the bar. Are you ok, what—”

“Wait, Penny, what attack?” I say, holding my hands in front of me to slow her down. She frowns.

“The Hulk attack. He crashed landed from a plane and started going rampage.” My eyes widen as I inhale sharply.

“Oh, no.” I breathe. Penny grabs my elbow.

“Hey, hey. What’s wrong? What happened?” I sit on the edge of bed and begin breathing quickly.

“Pen.” I choke. “I-I crash landed the jet.” I sob, my breaths coming in and going out choppy. Penny sits down next to me, her honey hair brushing my shoulder. Her arms encircle me, leaning my body onto her.

“It’s okay. It’s okay. Tell me what happened.”

And I do. I dump out my emotions onto her shoulder, leaving it soaked and snotted.

“And-and now the attack. It’s my fault.” I’ve stopped crying, but my hyperventilating has only gotten worse.

“No, it’s not.” Penny says sternly. “You saved everyone in that building. You saved the Avengers.” I frown.

“But peo-people… People died.” I feel a sick feeling in my stomach. How many people did I kill?

“Oh, no one died.” she says. I look up at her questioningly. “Iron Man got him under control.” My eyes widen.

“Iron Man?” I ask. Did I hear that right? She nods, smiling sympathetically. Is that what the woman meant by damage control? Damage you caused, I think.

“You didn’t hurt anyone.” she says. I sigh.

“Yeah, but I sure as hell got on Tony Stark’s bad side.”

After a dinner of takeout with Penny and her boyfriend, Derek, I collapse into my bed, exhausted, emotionally and physically. I’m not sure what to do the next day, considering I was waiting for Tony Stark’s call. I don’t just want to show up, because I don’t even have the job anymore. So instead, I lounge in the kitchen, reading about the Hulk attack. Seven minorly injured people and a fair amount of buildings destroyed.

“What’s with the frown?” Penny says, exiting her room with nothing but Derek’s shirt on. We’d been best friends and roommates for so many years, and after countless incidents of walking in on each other in compromised states, we don’t really care about seeing each other in the nude. But the line draws at Derek. He is her boyfriend, after all.

“I’m reading about the attack.” I sigh, scrolling through articles on my phone. Penny pads over barefoot and lightly takes the phone from my hand. I bite the inside of my cheek and lie on my back on the counter. “I fucked up, Penny.” I say. She sighs impatiently.

“I swear to God, I will carry you on my back to the pool downstairs and throw you in if you keep saying that.” she says, slapping my stomach. I laugh airily and stare up at the ceiling. Penny puts my phone down on a stool next to the counter and starts rummaging around the kitchen for something to pull together a meal with. My phone begins to ring. I look down at the stool. Private number. I don’t pay much attention to it, just pick it up and answer. I place it on speaker, my arms too weak to hold it up to my hear.

“Hello?” I say lazily. A female’s Irish accent rings through the phone.

“Good morning, Ms. L/N. Mr. Stark has requested you come to the tower this morning. There will be a car arriving for you in thirty minutes. Good day.” My eyes widen as the line is cut short. Oh my god.

“Oh, shit.” Derek says hoarsely from Penny’s bedroom door. He’s like a brother to me, so I had no problem telling him what happened. I sit up on the counter and frantically dart my eyes around, trying to straighten out how the hell I’m supposed to be ready in half an hour.

“What are you waiting for?” Penny says excitedly, pushing me off the counter. I squeal in distress and run into the bathroom, nearly knocking into Derek as he chuckles at my state.

I take the quickest shower I’ve ever taken and dry myself off. I swiftly change into a sensible jeans and an emerald green sweater. My hair is wet, taking me nearly fifteen minutes to blow-dry it and brush through it. I barely have time to apply a bit of makeup and gather my things.

I frantically leave my room, pulling on a pair of grey flats. Penny is curled up into Derek watching TV with a shared plate of pancakes.

“There’s some on the counter for you.” she mumbles around her food, looking at me from behind the couch.

“You’re a lifesaver.” I breathe, picking up the disposable plate of pancakes.

“Good luck!” Derek yells as I slam the door behind me.

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Player: Morgan Rielly - Maple Leafs 

Prompt: You and Morgan recall how you first met. 

Mentions: Mitch Marner, Jake Gardner, James Van Riemsdyk

 Warnings: None.

Preview: One of your girls walked up to you and Morgan with the biggest grin. “Mr. Rielly you should really date Ms. Y/L/N and be in love! You can get married and everything!” she smiled batting her eyelashes. 

Characters: 1200 Words. 

Originally posted by nugent-hopkinks

 You looked at the camera being set up in your face as Morgan gave you a tight squeeze. He could tell you were nervous and was hoping to calm you a bit. 

“I don’t know how good I will be at this, I'm just a school teacher from Toronto.” you said with a bit of a shake in your voice. 

The Leafs were doing a Valentine’s video for their official website and thought it would be cute if some of the couples told the story of how they first met. Morgan being the hopeless romantic that he is, was the first to sign up. 

“You’ll be fine babe! All we have to do is tell the story of how you met the love of your life.” He wiggled his eyebrows and gave a quick smirk. 

You rolled your eyes. “I am not so sure anymore.” You giggled as he gave you a fake look of utter shock. You were then interrupted by one of the Leafs media guys.

“Y/N, Morgan, We are ready to start when you are.” You looked at Morgan. “Ready?” “I’m always ready babe!“ 

“Hi I’m Morgan Rielly and this is my girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N. We met in her kindergarten classroom a few years ago and I have been in love with her from that moment on.” He smiled at you. 

“I don’t know why I was elbow deep in glitter and fingerpaint” you laughed as you recalled the first time you met Morgan. 

You had always been a hockey fan, so when you were told the Maple Leafs were to be visiting your elementary school, you were ecstatic. You attended the “Pep Rally” with your class and quickly caught a glance at the messy haired blonde. You would be lying if you didn't dress up a little knowing that Leafs players would be among staff at the school. You even had gotten up a bit earlier opting for a cute dress and cardigan instead of your usual t-shirt and jeans. You watched along with your students as the players talked about being good sports and staying in school. You even swore that same blonde boy was smiling at you, but you were in an auditorium filled with kids, he could have been smiling at anyone. The pep rally ended and you tried to round up your now quite hyper class of five-year-olds. That was the last you thought you would see of the cute blonde hockey player and let your mind get back to work. 

It was spring and you thought it was a good idea to have the kids make flowers to take home to their parents. While the children were at specials you changed into a maple leafs t-shirt and a pair of jeans. You put your hair into a messy bun and started to set out all the supplies. Glitter, Fingerpaint, Construction Paper, the Works.

 An hour in, you were covered in paint, glitter, and glue. Your kids were finishing up their projects when there was a knock at the door. 

“Ryan can you do me a favor and get the door, please. Look Before you open it!” you called out. You were in the middle of standing on a chair on your tiptoes trying to put away the supplies. You heard the door open and a string of gasps and cheers. 

 “What in the…” you looked over your shoulder to see four hockey players making their way into the room. You could not believe that Morgan Rielly, James Van Riemsdyk, Jake Gardner, and Mitch Marner were standing in your classroom. 

“Hope we aren’t interrupting?” Mitch answered. “No, not at all! I just wasn’t expecting guests I guess?” You smiled trying to get the supplies on the shelf hurriedly. Morgan smiled at you. “Let me help you with that! He exclaimed jogging over and easily setting the supplies in their place. He then grabbed you by the waist and helped you from the chair. This was followed by oohs from your students and you noticed his team even joined in. You looked at him a little surprised but smiled. "Why thank you." 

"How is everyone today!” James asked. He was answered with a cheer of goods and greats. 

“We were just about to go outside for recess if you boys would like to join us” the kids all looked at the boys smiling waiting for an answer. “We do have hockey equipment.” you tried hoping the boys would say yes.“ 

You thought Mitch had died and gone to heaven. "Of course we will! We would never say no to hockey!” The others nodded in agreement. You helped your students gather up the equipment the four leafs boys helping as well. 

You stood to the side watching the boys play hockey with your class. You couldn’t help but swoon. Seeing your love for hockey and the loves you spent every day with couldn’t be better. You were so focused watching that you didn’t notice the same blonde haired boy walk up next to you. 

 “You have some great kids in your class you know,” Morgan said, bringing you from your thoughts.

 “Awe thank you, they really are a great group of kids, I love them a lot.”

 You smiled at your students and then turned to him. 

Was Morgan Rielly really looking at you like that, you shook it over thinking you must be going mad. 

 One of your girls walked up to you and Morgan with the biggest grin. “Mr. Rielly you should really date Ms. Y/L/N and be in love! You can get married and everything!” she smiled batting her eyelashes. 

 You were dumbfounded, turning quite the shade of pink but before you could speak to your student, Morgan answered for you. 

 He got down on one knee looking at the little girl. “You know sweetheart, I would be lucky if a girl as pretty as you or Ms. Y/L/N would ever go on a date with me.” She giggled and hugged his neck running off to play hockey again. 

 Once more you went to open your mouth but Morgan found words for you.

“How about that date?

 You smiled as Morgan finished telling the story, not noticing Jake and Mitch sneaking up behind you. 

 “What he didn’t tell you is, Morgan asked to tour the school to talk to the kids when in reality he was looking for the cute teacher he saw at the assembly that he was obsessing over!” Jake chuckled as Morgan elbowed him. 

 “You never told me that!” you giggled as Morgan was turning a shade of red. 

 “Oh and we gave your student five bucks to walk over and say you two should date, so basically us guys are responsible for getting you two lovebirds together,” Mitch stated as he squeezed you both in a tight hug. 

 “I would have asked her out!” Morgan exclaimed as the boys started to argue. You giggled and threw your arms up, looking at the camera shaking your head. 

anonymous asked:

I feel sorry for Mikasa fans for what the anime is doing to her character, but at the same time I'm happy that more ppl is starting to notice this so the fandom can stop claiming that it's only us "salty" eremin shippers who have always something to complain with the anime.

Yes, this is how I feel as well. There are a lot of problems with the anime and it’s not just because they took Armin and replaced him with Mikasa blatantly at the end of season 1. That was just a symptom of a bigger issue. 

Warning, long rant ahead:

For me, it’s not JUST about Eremin. It’s also about taking a shounen anime that has done such a great job with it’s characters not conforming to the typical archetypes and doing everything to make them fit the stereotypes better. Mikasa gets more traditionally feminine qualities (sewing, caring for Eren, making sure he’s well fed) so she’s a good love interest, Armin is pragmatic so he has to also lack being tactful (your fault Annie got away, Eren) so his personality conflicts with Eren’s more because best friends ALWAYS clash in shounen, Hanji likes titan’s so she has to be eccentric about it, Jean’s jealousy is emphasized so he’s more of an obvious rival to Eren when it comes to affections for Mikasa, Annie was much more sexualized and she had her relationship with Eren completely cut because heaven forbid Eren interacts with people who aren’t Mikasa, I guess. (Seriously can’t wait to see what they do with him and Historia bonding, maybe they’ll cut all that out too. Geez, Eren, what is it with you and short blondes?)

I could go on, this is just what comes to me off the top of my head. The anime’s major problem over everything else is it wants to be more of the same, and everyone gets simplified to their most basic characteristics to make it happen. 

But the manga has deviated so much from what the genre typically does, and that’s why I like it as much as I do; it takes all the tropes you’re used to seeing and just throws them out the window.

The anime wants to take the basics of the story and the characters and fit it into the same molds we’ve seen before with shows like Naruto and Bleach, because they think that’ll make it an instant success. 

And we’ll never know if the changes really did make any difference in making it a success or not. The basics really are good enough that they can do what they want with it and it’ll still be good, and for most people that’s really enough.

But it’s immensely frustrating for people who love SNK distinctly because it does things differently than what came before it.

Only You

Words: 1.7k

Summary: You and Castiels friendship becomes complicated.

Warnings: Angst, character death

A/N: This kind of hurt to write. I was listening to “Only You” by Selena Gomez (not my usual style, but whatevs) after watching 13 Reasons Why and this oneshot just kind of happened. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list, send me an ask or DM.


Castiel smiled as he watched you giggle and the story Sam was telling about the first time he and Dean hustled pool.

Your smile, your laugh, your entire being made Castiels heart flutter. He had been aware of the idea of love for his entire existence, but this was the first time he really felt it. Too bad he was an angel and angels were never supposed to fall in love.

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[02] Run

Originally posted by stayingmintyfresh


Part One // Part Two // Part Three

A/N: This story is inspired by ‘I Need You’ and 'Run’ This story will contain fluff, smut, drinking, drugs, and angst. No, this story will not be exactly like the MV’s but I have used some scenes.




“Um, I am getting evicted.. I have a week to move out..” The thought of asking the man who gave you everything for a place to stay made your sick to you stomach. The walls felt like they were closing in on you and a loud sob erupted from your lips without warning.

“Well dear, its time you finally came to my place and met my roommates. I’ll send you the address. I love you, see you soon.” And with that the line went dead and in a matter of minutes you received a message.

Hobi: 3523 Midrow Ave. Just let yourself in, my room is the second door on the right on the third floor. Be safe, we can go back to your place tomorrow and start packing.  

Third floor? He lives on the nice part of town in a three story house? How many roommates did he have? Why did he never tell me any of this? The subject you once studied so diligently turned out to be a lot more complicated then you anticipated. 


Part Two

You pulled up to a beautiful modern like townhouse that was set at the end of the street, a good distance away from the townhouses that surrounded it. The house’s driveway held six cars including your own, and your mind wondered if there was any in the garage. You looked up in awe as your duffle bag dangled from your arm; the beautiful light gray steps that led to a dark oak door, you admired the way the top floor looked like it was made completely out of floor to roof windows, accompanied by a beautiful black gated balcony. The modern home was made of dark wood panels and smooth white cement, the black window frames seemed to tie the entire townhouse together.

Hoseok, why have I never been to your place? You thought as you finally made your way to the front door ahead, turning the knob and walking inside. As if the front of the house wasn’t enough to take in, the inside was even more beautiful. Gorgeous black couches and two black recliners beautifully complemented the white walls, and dark wood coffee table. Different forms of artwork hung around the house of all kinds of different styles, the living room wasn’t exactly tidy but it was not messy either. 

The house seemed quiet, granted it was around midnight so you assumed everyone was sleeping. You walked two flights of wooden steps finally reaching the third floor, second door to your right.

The door made little to no sound as you slipped inside the room and dropped your bag onto the floor, you quietly unzipped it to retrieve your light pink pajama shorts along with your black knitted sweater. At this point you didn’t care if Hoseok woke up and saw your bare back as you changed, not that you really cared at all.. it was Hoseok for crying out loud. You crawled under the covers next to Hoseok’s half naked body allowing a few tears to fall onto the bed sheets.

“Do you want me to put on some sweats or something y/n?“ He mumbled lazily, fluttering his eyes open to meet yours. “No, no, its alright. I’ve seen you naked before Hobi, I just need you right now.” Not even a second after the words slipped from your mouth Hoseok grabbed your waist and pulled you close, pressing his lips firmly to your forehead.

“I’m here, I’m here, its okay. You can let it out, you can cry, you can vent. I’m so sorry all of this is happening and everything seems to be going wrong but I’m here for you. You can stay here as long as you like. You can share a room with me, or we can clean out the study and have you sleep in there? Either way is fine with me. I’m right here for you.” His words were no longer laced in sleep nor where his words jumbled together, he was fully awake at this point, stroking your hair like he always did.

“I just want to sleep Hobi, I’m just thankful I have you.”

“Good y/n-ah. We have a big day tomorrow, get some sleep beautiful.” And with that he kissed your head one last time and you fell asleep to the soft rhythm of his heartbeat.


“RISE AND SHINE PRINCESS! TIME FOR YOU TO MEET SOME PEOPLE!!” Before your eyes could even adjust properly Hoseok had picked you up and thrown you over his shoulder. When sleep had finally left your body, you become fully aware that your idiot best friend was carrying you over his shoulder and down the stairs.

“Hobi put me down before I fucking end you! I swear to god Jung Hoseok if you do not put me down this instant I will cut your dick off and feed it to you. I will crush you like the bug you are!” You screamed. “I will shove my foot so far up your a-” You were cut off when Hoseok finally set you down and you were met with five pairs of eyes starring at you.

“Hoseok tell your friend to watch her language!” A tall boy with light brown hair commanded with wide eyes causing your cheeks to turn a light pink from embarrassment. His hair fell in front of his face in a perfectly messy manner, his lips were slightly plump and his face was flawless.. all of their faces were flawless in fact. “Oh. I-I’m sorry.” The corner of the boys lips curved up into a smile as he made his way to you and extended his hand in greeting.

“Hi, I’m Seokjin. You can call me Jin if you’d like. You must be Y/n, we’ve heard a lot about you.” You rose an eyebrow and looked back at Hoseok who was wearing one of his infectious smiles.

“All good things I hope.”

“Of course,” He replied sitting back down at the kitchen table with the other five. “Also y/n there is food on the stove, please help yourself.” You bowed your head in thanks and made your way over to the stove grabbing a bacon strip from the pan, nibbling on it as you stood next to Hoseok like a lost puppy too scared to leave its owner earning a little chuckle from him.

Your eyes scanned over the stunning characters sitting in front of you as they did the same to you, looking you up and down almost as though they had never seen a girl before. A tall boy with slicked back pink hair met your eyes and gave you a nod before speaking. “Hello Y/n, welcome to our home. I’m Namjoon, feel free to call me Rap Monster.” His smile was complimented with two deep dimples that almost made you want to go up and ask permission to touch them. Almost.

Before any one of them could speak, an adorable boy with green streaks in his hair made his way towards you giving you the most fascinating box smile you’d ever seen in your life. “Hey, I’m Taehyung. We are friends now, you are family and you can call me whatever you want.” He slung his arm around you and rested his head against yours almost like you’d known each other for years, his presence was something so comforting that you smiled back letting a small giggle fall from your lips.

Your eyes fell on a dark haired boy, with a body of a god. Well at least of a God you would surely worship. It was hidden poorly in a white t shirt that allowed his collarbones to peek out in an oh so beautiful way and it wasn’t until you reached his face that you noticed how complex he was. His astonishing face structure gave him the look of a model but the adorable bunny smile he was giving you gave him the look of the most innocent of creatures. “I'm Jungkook, welcome.” His voice was slightly shy and that made you only want to go up and hug him.

“Hi, I’m Jimin.” A boy with orange hair and plump lips smiled. He was noticeably smaller then the others and equally beautiful. His hair was oddly fascinating, nearly resembling a Disney Prince’s; it fell effortlessly above both eyes with a almost precise middle parting. He had the smile of the sweetest angel in the world but the lips that would tempt even the devil himself, just like Jungkook his collarbones peeked out from underneath his flowy white tee. He was temptation in the simplest of terms, but at the same time he was just as complex as Jungkook; his smile so big that his eyes squinted and his cheeks were practically begging to be squeezed.

“Hi everyone, its nice to meet all of you." 

"Well, there is one more of us but he is usually asleep all day. He is sort of an ass but in the best way I suppose.” Taehyung hummed, the famous grin never leaving his lips.

“Y/n, what all are you planning on packing? Everything you can or essentials?” You nibbled on piece of toast meeting Hoseok’s curious eyes. “Probably all my clothes, my makeup, brush, toothbrush, some blankets pillows, I could bring my-” Hoseok cut me off with a chaste kiss on the forehead. “So the essentials?”

“Fuck you Jung Hoseok.” His amused chuckle was reply enough as you hugged him tight and excused yourself from the kitchen to change. You were standing in the middle of Hoseok’s room wearing your favorite pair of black ripped jeans and matching black push up bra, when he slipped in and walked over to his closet.

“Hey Hoseok, thanks again for letting me stay here.” You smiled, slipping on a black shirt then fell loosely around your shoulders allowing you to join the collarbone club.

“No need to thank me Y/n.”


Taehyung unloaded the last box and happily carried it to Hoseok’s room, causing you to smile in admiration. He is like a child in an adults body. You thought to yourself on your way up the stairs to your now shared bedroom. You thanked Taehyung for his help and waited until he left the room to finally begin speaking. “Hoseok. I really feel bad for making you share your room so what I was thinking was, we can keep my TV in here and we can move my mac, keyboard and art supplies in the study so that while I’m working I wont be bothering you or being up your as 24/7. I also noticed a few empty shelves in the study and I could easily put some of my cl-” Hoseok grabbed your hand in his, rubbing his thumb absentmindedly along yours which in fact was his way of telling you to stop talking.

“I don’t mind sharing a room with you Y/n, my bed is your bed and my closet and drawers are yours as well, as for your music and art supplies I do think it will be fine to move it into the study.. but don’t think for a second its because you will be bothering me. I’ve seen you in your zone and I would only disturb that. Yoongi is the same with his music so I’m used to that,” Yoongi? Was that the mystery roommate you still haven’t met yet? “So, you go and unpack your clothes and set your makeup and shit in the cabinet of my bathroom and I’ll move your supplies to the study. I’ll call Joon to come and hook up the TV."  With that Hobi disappeared out of the room and you began hanging up a few articles of clothes.

"Hey Y/n, I’m just here to hook up the TV." Namjoon’s dimples greeted you once again, his chocolate brown eyes almost asking you if it was okay that he was doing such a thing. You gave him permission with your smile and continued the task at hand.

"I’m surprised he doesn’t have a TV in here already." You stated with a soft chuckle as you made your way to the dresser to put away your unmentionables.

"We don’t normally watch TV honestly, we usually go out.” Go out? Like to bars and stuff? My sunshine boy goes out and parties? Since when?

“Go out?” Your words were coated in curiosity and shock, making Namjoon stand up straight and look at you with an unreadable expression until the right side of his mouth curved into a very (sexy) smirk.

“Come out with us tonight Y/n, it’ll be fun.” Before you could open your mouth to answer Hoseok came jogging into the room. “I just asked Y/n if she wanted to come out with us tonight.” You looked over at Hoseok trying to read his expression to search for any sign of what your answer should be, as if he could feel your confusion he met your eyes.

“Do you trust me?” He asked, his tone serious but hopeful at the same time.    

“Of course. I trust you with my life.” And it was true, you did trust him with your life. Hoseok never lied to you, or let you down and never gave you a reason to not trust him, you would even give up your life in an instant for him and you know he would do the same in a heartbeat. When it came to Hoseok you had no doubt in your mind that he would make sure you were safe, you trusted him with anything and everything.

“Then I’d love it if you came out with us Y/n. I promise nothing bad will happen.” Why would something happen? Why is he being so weird? You gave him a stern nod and little did you know with that one nod, you had just sold your soul. Sold your soul to a brand new lifestyle.


You tucked your black shirt into your jeans nicely and looked at yourself in the mirror, you were dressed in head to toe black but it looked good on you, your collarbones were still noticeable but you didn’t mind. You grabbed your favorite ribbon like choker and secured it safely around your neck, and grabbing one of Hoseok’s cardigans to complete your attire. “You look beautiful.” You spun around to find Hoseok in nice fitting jeans, and white shirt and his favorite army green bomber jacket with black sleeves. His hair was slightly parted in the middle which is something you hadn’t quiet seen before, his thin black choker fell loosely around his neck and you couldn’t help but gawk over your best friend. “Oh shut up Hobi, look at you! You look so damn good. THATS MY BEST FRIEND, THATS MY BEST FRIEND!” You shouted jumping onto his back and kissing his cheek; he laughed at your childlike gesture and carried you on his back all the way down the stairs.

“Yoongi, Taehyung and Jimin are still getting ready.” Jungkook stated once yall reached the living room. Oh so the mysterious Yoongi is coming with us.

You took a seat on the nearest recliner and made conversation with Jin, Jungkook, and Namjoon a waiting the others; we spoke of hobbies and dreams only making you more fascinated with the model like boys. Namjoon aka Rap Monster really wants to pursue a rapping carrier and by the stuff he showed me it was only a matter of time, Jin wants to sing but feels his voice isn’t anything special which is a huge load of bullshit you might add, his voice was amazing. Jungkook wanted to sing and dance and he mentioned he really found an interest in being a tattoo artist, his drawing skills were great as was his singing. You then gave them a quick rundown on all that has happened in the last 24 hours and how you played piano, sing a bit and draw, you were about to open your mouth to sing something when Namjoon stood up clapping.

“Oh thank you guys for blessing us with your presence. But where is Grandpa Yoongs?” This kid only speaks in sarcasm and I love it! You chuckled softly standing up as well and turning towards the stairs along with everyone else. Jimin opened his mouth to answer Joon when a boy with mint colored came down the steps. “I’m here, I’m here calm the fuck down,”

You couldn’t hear any of the other boys as you looked Yoongi up and down admiring his choice of style and thanking the heavens for the creation they had made. His skin was slightly pale but noticeably smooth that even a porcelain doll would have been jealous, only hoping and praying that their skin would even come close to his perfect skin. His mint hair that fell right above his eyes complimented his pale skin and slight rosy cheeks, not to mention his eyelashes were something you only wished you could achieve. You looked at him as though you had never seen beauty before then. His top lip jutted outwards to make an odd pout like face but oh dear how perfect his lips were, they were well past thin but nowhere near as plump as Jimin’s lips; Yoongi’s lips seemed to be a euphoric kind of temptation while Jimin’s were the sinful kind. His entire face had to have been created by the strongest of gods, you scanned his face for any flaws this god could have possibly given him but to no surprise there was none to point out. Your eyes trailed down to his cream colored Rolling Stones shirt and black leather bomber jacket, his dark denim jeans rolled up at the ankles, his sense of style causing an even bigger lump in your throat.

 "I hope we are getting burgers and fries first because I’m starving.“ his next words snapping you out of whatever trance you were under. What the fuck was that y/n!? Take a deep breathe and have fun tonight. You nodded in agreement and headed for the door following behind Hoseok.

Jin, Namjoon, Jungkook, and Jimin piled into Jin’s black truck causing Yoongi and Taehyung to jump into the bed. Taehyung reached his hand out to you to help you in and you took it, raising your leg up and over the tailgate and taking your seat diagonal from Yoongi. Hoseok hopped in after you giving you a reassuring smile that everything was going to be okay, because never in your twenty four years of life had you ever ridden in the bed of a truck.

"So Y/n, I know you said you played piano and sang but have you ever written anything?” Taehyung asked causing a slight ting of pink shoot through your cheeks, lucky enough it was dark out and the only light that lit your face was the passing street lights.

“Well I-”

“V, she has written so many songs and she hates them throws them away and I have to fish them out of the trash and beg her to put it in a folder or something. So she has at least a dozen crumbled up songs shoved in her art portfolio." V? Was that Taehyung’s nickname or something? You gave Hoseok a death glare as you hit him in the shoulder with great force.

"Fuck you Jung Hoseok.” earning a chuckle from all three of them, including Yoongi. You met his eyes as the street light lit his face up for enough time to see the cutest gummy smile you had ever seen. “I’m Y/n.” You smiled in a desperate attempt to start a conversation which did not go unnoticed by Hoseok who smiled softly. Hoseok was never one to tease you about crushes or anything of that nature, he simply was there for when you were ready to either admit it or wanted help.  "I know. I’m Yoongi.“ He responded before the truck had come to a stop and Yoongi hopped out over the side panel of the bed. Focus on having fun Y/n, stop worrying about things. Sit back and have fun, you deserve this. Get Minho out of your head, Jisoo, and the evection. Just have. Fun. And that’s exactly what you did.

You were about to walk into the small burger joint when Hoseok pulled you to the side and waited for the others to go in first. "Y/n… there is going to be things that happen tonight that you are just going to have to trust me with, but before you freak out just trust me. By the end of the night you are going to feel like you are on top of the world and you wont even remember that asshole Minho. So can you trust me?” He had his hand gripped around your wrist in a manner that didn’t scare you, nothing about Hoseok scared you. You loved him with all your heart and trusting him was something that just came naturally; the only thing that was somewhat alarming was that your curiosity was getting the best of you.

“I trust you Hoseok.”

And with that he pulled out a silver flask and handed it over to me nonchalantly. “Take a swig of this to calm your nerves, I know you don’t usually drink but trust me when I say you are going to need this to loosen up and be ready for where the night takes us.” You scanned his eyes for any sign of a joke but when you found nothing but pure sincerity you took the flask and thought to yourself bottoms up. The liquor burned down your throat causing you to stick your tongue out in disgust and give the flask back to Hoseok who then took a swig himself. “I know its gross but trust me you’ll get used to it.”

Since when the fuck did he drink? What the fuck is going on with this kid? What am I letting you drag me into Hobi?

The rest of the boys had already picked a table in the corner of the joint awaiting us to join them. “We already ordered, Y/n I hope you’re okay with a double bacon cheese burger?” Jin asked raising an eyebrow waiting for the okay. “Hell yeah it is.” Ten minutes paced and out came eight burgers and eight sets of fries were slid down the table, each meal being accompanied by large drinks all in which ended up being mixed with a bit of vodka thanks to Hoseok and his silver healer. The drink was foul in a very tolerating way, it wasn’t enough to shoot one’s vision but it was enough to make you feel good after a while.

“What the fuck do you mean Kumamon s better then Ryan!?” Namjoon screamed throwing a handful of fries at Yoongi who was laughing so hard his argument on why Kumamon is better was barley understandable. The laughter of all eight of you filled the air and only increased in volume when Taehyung jumped onto the table and started dancing, he held out his hand begging me to join him on his journey of strange when a voice behind you made you turn around before you were able to accept his invitation.

“Y/n?” You were face to face with Minho and Jisoo holding a To-Go bag, your face fell and the laughter behind you subsided.

“Minho, well you sure look sorry from last nights events.” You spat as you quickly remembered how good you and the men you were with looked.

“Oh honey write one of your stupid songs and get over it,” His words were sharp like knives, impaling you deep and when he snaked his arm around Jisoo’s waist it only twisted the knife. His eyes left yours for a moment as he scanned the boys behind you then met yours once again. “Seven guys? Damn.” His tone of voice implying something that PornHub would love to see.

“Get the hell out of here Minho, and take the side bitch with you.” Hoseok demanded making even you jump at the projection of his voice. Minho curved his lips into an amused smirk and turned to leave, but not before he could get the last word. “See you around Y/n.”

You turned around to face the others who all had an unreadable expression painted on their face, Taehyung who was still standing on the table jumped down and gave you a boxy smile. “Y/n-ah, you can do so much better then him.” Your smile was weak but in an instant the fun was back on, you took a big gulp from your coke and vodka mixed drink and joined in the fry throwing. Jin was taking pictures with his light pink mini polaroid as you took videos of everyone’s funny faces and loud laughs.

Jin ordered more fries while we refilled our drinks and headed on out leaving a mess behind us, and on any other day you wouldn’t have left such a horrid mess in your trail but at this point in time you didn’t give a single fuck.

You rested your head on Hoseok’s shoulder as you watched the street lamps pass until they soon looked like bright blurs of nothing, you fed some fries to Hoseok not taking your eyes off the lamps above while shoveling a few into your mouth as well. The dark sky was soon replaced by a tiled tunnel and bright lights every few feet, the tunnel was to dirty to be called cream colored but to clean to be brown.

The truck came to an abrupt stop blocking any future cars to come this way, you gave Hoseok and worried look and he quickly squeezed your knee firmly. “Okay Y/n, there is going to be a ton of cars blocked off soon and when I grab your hand I want you to scream as loud as you can. Don’t think, just do. Take all that anger and sorrow you have inside and use it for what we are about to do.” You nodded hesitantly and watched as a few cars came to a halt and honked their horn that had never sounded so loud before. Four cars, turned to seven and eventually that turned to twelve, you hopped out of the bed once again and stood in front of the driver side door, the others (excluding Jin who was still in the drivers seat) lined up next to you.

Your heart boomed so loudly inside your chest you looked around to see if maybe someone heard it. Hoseok reached for your hand and squeezed it tight. “NOW Y/N.” Your mind flooded with images of Minho and the young women who took him away, memories of you and him etched into your memory like a regretful tattoo flew past your eye lids and soon all the memories and images came out into a loud scream that was camouflaged with six others. It felt so good and before you knew it Hoseok let go of your hand and ran straight into the ocean of honking cars, he chugged a bunch of his soda and spit it right at a cars closed window. Hoseok? What the hell..

Jimin climbed onto the hood of a car and poured the remaining contents on his drink all over it, V pulled out a can of spray paint and painted a huge red ‘X’ onto the windshield and before you could fathom the events that were occurring a hand grabbed your wrist and pulled your forward. “The trick is pretend the cars are someone who fucked you over, then just roll with it.” A slightly deeper voice whispered in your ear causing your heart to flutter slightly once you were fully aware of who it was. You looked at Yoongi and watched as he let go of your wrist, gave you a wink and threw a few fries at the windshields of a few honking cars.

You swallowed your fear and copied Hoseok’s action from earlier, you ran into Taehyung and snatched his spray paint away and claiming it as your own inspiring him to smile at your sudden wave of confidence. You let out another scream and marked a car with a long line of red paint, getting completely carried away. Yoongi came to you once more and snaked an arm around your waist.

“Time to run.” He threw his half empty soda at a car’s front lights and together you ran, you ran as fast as you possibly could, as fast as Yoongi was making you go. Jin turned the car and began driving his way out of the tunnel as the rest of you ran beside him giving him enough time to prepare to flee. Rap Monster jumped into the passenger seat as the rest of you hopped into the bed of the truck and screamed once more. You threw the last of your fries and smiled as the wind blew your hair everywhere. Never in your life had you felt so alive.

Hoseok grabbed your waist and kissed your head. “Welcome to the dark side Y/n, we’ve been expecting you.” Jungkook smiled brightly at you and patted your back softly. “I’m glad you joined us, you looked badass out there.”

Jimin hugged you tight ignoring the fact that Hoseok’s arm was still wrapped around you and whispered sweetly in your ear. “You won’t ever have to worry about someone hurting you while you have us.” Your heart swelled from all the love and compliments from the boys sitting in the bed of the truck with you. “Y/N STOLE MY SPARAY PAINT AND EVEN LOOKED BETTER THEN ME WHILE USING IT!” Taehyung shouted with a sight pout plastered onto his lips. Yoongi rolled his eyes at Taehyung’s remark and threw the wadded up To-Go fries bag at him. “V, anyone looks better then you,” he mocked before turning his attention to you.

“After you got over being little wimp you did pretty good.” Yoongi chuckled with a sly smile.

He was a bit on the grumpy side, giving all too many poker faces and snide remarks to the other members, but you were glad you caught him on a day that made him smile.

“So what do we do next?” You asked looking around at the faces around you. They all gave each other knowing smiles as you drowned in your own curiosity fully aware they weren’t going to tell you what was next.

“Having more fun.” Hoseok finally said, sending a playful wink your way.

skully-cat  asked:

Hi Em! I'm a 23 y.o. self taught artist and art student currently in school. I've always felt self-conscious about posting pictures of my artwork online, but I'm starting to think it's necessary to gain any kind of traction as an artist. I would love start posting about my work, but I'm not sure what the best method or website is. How did you start exposing your work online? Would you recommend Tumblr as a starting point? And did you ever worry about plagiarism?

Hello! Hope its ok to publish this, figured it might be a little helpful   :) 

posting artwork online is definitely a way to get your work noticed by a large audience, but it is absolutely not the only way! If you mean ‘traction’ by general people-seeing-your stuff then yes, the net is massive and you’ll probably be seen, but that said, a few of the projects I’ve worked on that I enjoyed the most came from word of mouth or other non-internet places. Sometimes I’ve felt like ‘if I don’t post my art online…did I ever really draw it?’ and I’ve had to remind myself that art exists without internet, and its ok to keep stuff to myself. 

Something that is very under-valued is just telling people, friends and family, new people you meet. It might feel weird at first, but I’ve gotten used to saying ‘I draw!’or something along those lines, and if they’re interested, show them! I’ve gotten a few surprise commissions that way. 

As far as sites go, I’m just on tumblr and instagram (too lazy to do twitter or deviantart or make the code for my own website and I’m not a fan of social media in general really but gee is it handy and fun sometimes). I would say just pick anything, tumblr is accessible and easy to use, as is instagram- but my best advice would be to just begin, try one, and go from there. You’ll get the hang of it, learn the ways of the online art jungle, and become more confident as time goes by! When I first started posting on tumblr I didn’t know what to expect or even what tumblr was really like (was stupid enough to make my art blog a side blog, don’t do that lmao tumblr won’t let you change it)- i just threw silm stuff out and some people were lovely enough to catch it, and sometimes tell me they liked it. 

The key thing is remembering that whether or not you have 98329772363 followers, your artwork is still valid and important, and you’re still getting better with every artwork you post (or don’t post). 

Plagiarism- I’m quite lucky, I think, in the way that my art is mostly too messy and strangely composed to be used for commercial purposes without my permission, and as of yet I haven’t seen anyone trying to sell it or anything…let me know tho

if you meant plagiarism in a stylistic/content way, sure it happens, a couple of times I’ve been confused and even incredulous. It’s exasperating sometimes but I figure in the long run, whoever it is is going to grow into their own way sooner or later. Naturally I’m not condoning it, I’m a believer in studying hard from other artists you love but keeping your studies to yourself! 

The majority of the internet population don’t go in for plagiarism and other nastiness, so I wouldn’t worry too much. The support and feedback and friends you make vastly outweigh the cons of posting your art online :) Going on from that, when you’re an artist on tumblr, you can network, talk to other artists, do trades, commissions, zines, shower people with fanart of their characters, it goes on and on, and it’s wonderful. I was lucky enough to meet people I met on tumblr in the real only last weeks and it was the weirdest and best thing

Good luck! 

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*slapping knees* gUESS WHO HAS A MOTHA FUCKIN' ANGST PROMPT? This guy! So so so imagine middle aged erejeans in which they're getting older and Jean is still super scared that Eren will one day stop loving him (I'm going to draw a thing for my idea, but I may as well leave a prompt before it leaves my head)

Dude, this was so hard to write? I noticed I’ve actually never written from the perspective of a middle aged character before and I had to concentrate so hard to get into a fitting mindset? Anyway, I hope it somewhat worked. Thanks for the challenge!
You should definitely show me your art when it’sa done so I can link it in this post!

The years had been kind to Eren. It wasn’t that they’d flown by without leaving their mark, of course they had. But with every change, every tiny, additional imperfection Eren grew more striking and unique. The silver streaks in his dark hair suited him just like the laughter lines around his mouth and eyes did. Even the scars he’d collected over the years and years working at the fire department were beautiful badges of honour he wore with pride.
Not even the difficult years after his accident where he’d almost died trapped in a burning building and developed serious Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder afterwards had managed to leave lingering shadows on his soul and mind. He still had nightmares sometimes and was uncomfortable in small rooms but he’d learned to deal with the intrusions that had gotten much rarer and look out for himself in unfamiliar situations.

Eren was strong and gorgeous and so full of life. He was happy. And that was really everything Jean had ever wanted for his husband. To see him happy and content with the life they had built together.
But at the same time it was so much harder than expected. To have someone beside him who was this vibrant and energetic and gorgeous, someone who made everyone around them light up with joy and fascination. Someone who was kind and loving and smart and deserved so much better.

Jean hadn’t aged nearly as well as Eren had. His hairline was thinning more with every passing month, his eyesight had worsened considerably over the last few years and his body … well, all the sitting around at the office sure didn’t do him any favours. He’d grown thin and weak, fingers bony and knees knobbly, the lean muscle he’d once been proud of melted away by long hours of overtime and laziness. He could barely stand looking in the mirror.
But it wasn’t just that. Jean was … boring. He knew that. Of the hundreds of things he’d found interesting thirty years ago there was barely anything left. He was interested in work, which was a silver lining in his grey everyday life. Then there were the handful of shows he enjoyed and followed. He liked good whiskey. He liked documentaries about nature and wildlife. He liked Eren. Besides that there wasn’t much.
He was also sarcastic and bitter about a lot of things. Politics, education, art. How any of their family members even tolerated him was a mystery.
How Eren could still stand to be married to him, an enigma.

“Maddie called earlier”, Eren said over the loud bubbling noises coming from the stove. He was preparing soup for dinner and busied himself cutting a few slices of fresh bread while it cooked.
Jean looked up from the article in his business magazine that he hadn’t caught a single word of.
“Yeah?”, he huffed, watching his husband across the kitchen island. “How is she? Still with that loser, what’s his … Chad?”
“Brad”, Eren corrected him, one side of his lips quirked up and Jean rolled his eyes. Right, Brad. Pathetic frat boy.

“She’s fine and yes, she’s still with Brad. But she called about the loan contract for her apartment? I told her you’d call her back…” Jean grumbled quietly, mentally going over his schedule.
“I’ll … call her Thursday around lunch time?”
“She called me Papa, I think it’s urgent”, Eren grinned. He was still clinging on to his image of Maddie as their little girl the way they’d first met her. Seven year old spitfire and constant pain in their asses. They loved her dearly and she’d learned to love them right back. Twenty years later nothing had changed, really.

“After dinner then”, Jean gave in and got a wide smile in return, the way the skin crinkled around Eren’s eyes now would always make his heart stop for a second or two.
“Thanks, darling.”
Eren finished with the bread and put the slices into a little basket they’d bought a few summers ago during their vacation in Italy.

“Is everything alright?”
When Jean looked up from his magazine again Eren was leaning across the kitchen island, handsome face dangerously close and studying him with that intense gaze. Jean swallowed and leaned away from him a bit. He could barely open his mouth to answer when Eren furrowed his brows and shook his head.
“Don’t you dare feed me bullshit. You’ve been grumpy the last few days. Well, grumpier than usual…”

Jean squinted at him even though the little laugh Eren tacked onto the words was quite disarming. But what was he even supposed to answer? ‘Could you stop being so damn amazing so I don’t feel like shit next to you’? Hardly the way to begin this discussion. But was there really an alternative? Should he even talk about this?
They’d been over his insecurities time and time again. He wasn’t a teenager anymore, nor an inexperienced freshman and it was definitely too late for a midlife crisis…

“’m fine”, he grumbled instead, eyes flicking back down to the pages he could swear he’d never seen before.
For a moment it felt like Eren would protest, insist, press on. He knew Jean way too well and there was no way he’d accept this without a fight. Then there was a low, thoughtful hum and Eren pushed himself away from the kitchen island to stroll over to the calendar hung on the wall.

“We should go dancing Saturday night”, he said, his voice light and pretty. “I’m not on call on Sunday, so…” When Jean looked over at his husband his eyebrows were dancing and Jean always laughed.
“Dancing?”, he asked, incredulous. They hadn’t been out to dance in … years, probably. “Where, the community centre? Maybe they’ll let us play bingo before. But we’ll need to take care to not throw out your hip…” Eren snorted but shook his head.
“Come on, we’re not that old!”
“We’re … pretty old, Eren”, Jean grumbled. He could already feel his stomach sink at the thought of people looking at them, wherever they might end up going. Wondering how someone as lively and beautiful as Eren could end up with someone as dull and ugly as Jean…

There was a hand curling around his, tugging him off the bar stool, gentle but insisting.
“Not too old for this”, Eren smirked as he pulled Jean close. The way he positioned their hands said he’d let Jean lead but the pull of his body showed the opposite, sweeping them around the kitchen and twirling around Jean to a silent tune.
Just like that the memories came back. Nights spent in dirty bars and clubs, sweating and sliding and spinning until sunrise. Then, later, ballroom dance at fancy work events and weddings, at their wedding…
Jean swallowed, his chest pulling tight around his heart. He had to hold on to this, this feeling, this amazing man, and enjoy their time together for however long he still could. Before Eren understood how pointless wasting his time with Jean was. Before he’d leave to find someone better.

“Saturday night, then”, he forced out and Eren’s answering smile was blinding.
“I love you, you grumpy old man”, he grinned as he suddenly dipped Jean. It wasn’t as low as it had been years and years ago, but his hands were still warm and broad, his body strong and steady. Jean felt his eyes slide closed.
“Love you too, idiot…”, he muttered and moments later soft lips pressed against his as Eren pulled him upright again.

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I'm curious about your headcanon of Jumin having PTSD because of something that happened when he was a kid. You'd hope a family doctor would say something to his parents, or his dad at least, and not keep it to himself. So either the PTSD has to involve his dad somehow, since it would make sense that the doctor would say nothing if it's implicating such a powerful man, the doctor just never thought it was important enough to report, or I'm completely off the mark. It's probably the latter.

So, I will admit, I kinda want him to have PTSD due to the fact that I have it and I’d love another character to connect to, so this is a personal HC. While I think something happened to him as a child, canon-wise, we don’t know if it had gotten to the extent of it leading to anything even remotely related to PTSD, but I want to explain my reasoning so it doesn’t seem like I’m pulling this out of my ass.

Also, it’s completely okay if people don’t agree with me on this. We all have our own personal HC’s! I’m not wanting to argue, call names or anything, if others don’t agree, so if you disagree with me, that’s okay! Just please don’t be rude towards me about it, because I don’t mind if people don’t share my thoughts on this.

Anyway, this is gonna get a bit long.

So on Day 6 of the deep route, going onto Jumin’s route, after an 8:30 chat, Jumin has a visual novel, but it’s more along the lines of memories. (Thank you @protectjuminhan for the info on when and where the chat is! Google sucks ass).

The VN starts off with his step-mother (we know this because she mentions his mother a few times) talking to his father about him leaving on another trip, gifts, and her watching Jumin while his father goes on another trip.

Afterwards, she finds and starts talking to Jumin himself. The time frame seems to be around him being a child, I think, but not too old. Probably around puberty, due to a few lines of how tall he’s gotten, how he’s becoming a grown man (which, admittedly, could be him more along the lines or 16-17, but some other lines she says seems to contradict that.)

It seems as she talks, the implications get a bit bad. I’m going to write them out instead of taking screenshots, but the video I’m watching is This One, around the 7:20 mark, because this was the only way I could find the VN (thanks to MM not wanting to work on my phone currently).

Just looking at you makes me pleased. I can’t even see your father’s face these days because he’s too busy.

Can’t we be nicer to each other? I just want to give you a hug. I know it must have been hard not having your mom. You must be lonely, hanging out with that camera boy every day.

If it’s too hard for you to call me mom, just call me by my name. You’re not looking at my eyes again… Are you still ignoring me…? Your eyes are always dead when you look at me. Do you hate me that much…?

It’s because you are still young.

Just tell me when you get lonely. I’ll comfort you real well so that you’re not. “

And then from that point on, it seems to be a past girlfriend or attempted relationship, or one sided relationship, memory. And then, he wakes up, muttering about a nightmare.

Now I know we could chalk that up to a random ass nightmare and he’s just shaken up by it. But, and this is a little tmi personal, I still have nightmares about when I was molested as a child, even though I was 5-7 and I’m now about 22. And they’re vivid, and nearly matching up to the real memories.

(but please feel free to chalk it up to just a nightmare!!)

But the text from the VN, from his step-mom,  doesn’t really sound that normal. “I’ll comfort you real well so you’re not [lonely],” sounds very gross, and has some unsavory implications. The fact that she tries to get him to call her by her real name, and seems to lament over his father not being around, it seems like she’s trying to hit on the next best thing, even though he still is apparently young.

(I hope this makes sense)

SO based on the VN, based on how he seems shaken up, I feel like his step-mother tried molesting him after he hit puberty, and possibly even before this VN novel. She mentions him hating her still, so maybe it wasn’t her first attempt. Maybe he tried to accept her, and she started advancing on him towards a way that could be seen as sexual, and he’s been uncomfortable around her since then.

When it comes to a doctor possibly noticing, and never saying anything, in that HC post I was thinking of a couple of scenarios.

1. A family doctor would probably attribute any weird mood changes to puberty, especially if this all happened around when his hormones kick in (Making him taller, voice deeper, starting to understand sex more, etc). Sometimes that makes kids go through personality changes, so the doctor could chalk it up to that and not notice anything, especially if the step-mother make sure not to leave any marks.

2. If the doctor suspected, it’s possible he never wanted to say anything in case the Chairman would lose it. Refuse to believe it, and try to ruin the doctor’s life. We’ve seen how the Chairman acts now when someone, even his own son, questions the women he’s with, so it’s possible the doctor was too scared too. Even more so if the doctor wasn’t 100% sure, he’d be starting stuff he couldn’t support fully, which with your profession on the line, you never want to do, and no one could blame him for that.

Again, another personal tmi thing, I never knew about me having PTSD until I was about 18-19. And, I never told my family until about then, as well. I thought what I was going through was normal and I was over-reacting, being a drama queen. I had expected it, but my third therapist was the one to confirm it. Apparently, it was in my file and none of my past therapists told me. BUT, I’m chalking that up to the fact that my past herapists before the Good One were…Not very good at that job.

A few months with my Good therapist, and he confirmed it after double checking and making sure I wasn’t misdiagnosed. (And then I learned some good coping mechs, yay!).

So, sometimes, especially if you’re unclear on your emotions, people may not know they have PTSD. Some people don’t even know what that is, and they only learn about it after encountering someone talk about it/mention they have it. (I had to explain this to my supervisor in depth, because I had to give him a reason why i needed to hide when my molester came into the place I worked at).

It would also explain his feelings towards other women- Why the VN launches into a memory/nightmare about a failed attempted relationship. Why he doesn’t seem to trust women or relationships, and ultimately seems to steer clear of his father’s new girlfriends. 

He probably never told his father. He probably thought it would lead to more issues, and he wanted to avoid that. I know I never, ever, wanted my family to know, but I was forced to mention it after a very bad PTSD induced breakdown. If I hadn’t have had that in front of my mother, I would have never told her anyway, I would have been still keeping it a secret.

…..Does…Does that even make sense? Oh my god, that probably doesn’t, but there is at least a rough draft on why I think he has PTSD.

So TL;DR- I HC Jumin having PTSD or at least being sexually abused once due to a VN on his route.

Izuku and Shinsou’s relationship, and eventual partnership

So I answered an ask (this one) about how Shinsou would deserve to learn Izuku was quirkless and be told the secret behind One for All, and couldn’t help but wanted to write a proper post on his and Izuku’s relationship, as I came up with other thoughts shortly after. I really believe Shinsou and Izuku would become good friends, and could even be close to each other if they came to share their past and painful experiences of being quirkless/having a quirk labelled as evil and being mocked for that.

To begin with, I find interesting to notice the good chemistry going on between Izuku and Shinsou. Shinsou had no problem to understand Izuku, and Izuku was moved by Shinsou’s words. Izuku was warned by Ojiro about Shinsou’s quirk. He was aware he had to be careful to not fall for any trap, but Shinsou succeed anyway because he knew exactly what to say to set up Izuku. 

He could set up others students before without relying on strategy and guessing their personality because they weren’t aware of his quirk. But after that he had to think about how to force Izuku to talk because he knew how his quirk worked. So he had to read through Izuku and come up with something that would make him commit a mistake quickly, before he could throw him out of the ring. Shinsou didn’t know Izuku personally, never talked to him before, but surprisingly, he knew exactly what to say because he guessed well what would throw Izuku off. I don’t think this could’ve worked with others students, like Todoroki, Tsukuyami or Bakugou. Shinsou probably guessed Izuku was a loyal and honest friend, and could feel he was compassionate. He tried in a last resort to make him talk by provoking him on how blessed he was and how little Izuku must have known about being cast aside and seeing his dream denied because he couldn’t fit. And he was right, as Izuku was fighting back against his instinct to don’t answer Shinsou. 

It wasn’t a matter or making him fall in his trap anymore, as Shinsou was really pouring his heart out in front of Izuku, and, once again, I don’t think he would’ve done the same in front of someone else. I truly believe he could do so in front of Izuku because he felt listened enough to voice his feelings to him. Their relationship kinda feel like these ones when you meet someone for the first time but it’s like you knew them since forever. Had it not been during a fight, Izuku would have probably let some information slip or at least suggest he was the same, because he can’t watch people being hurt and do nothing about it. It was physically hard for him to not talk back to Shinsou. Izuku felt Shinsou’s distress, and was really holding back because he really wanted to help him and find a way to heal him mentally and emotionally speaking. At the end, he eventually took a step forward and talked to him, without even contemplating Shinsou could use his quirk again. 

Shinsou looked mischievous when he told Izuku he should be more careful when he’s talking to him, like he’s surprised but pleased with how Izuku lowered his guard just after their fight despite falling for his trap once. To be honest, I find that very cute. It’s noticeable that Shinsou’s already kinda fond of Izuku.

Shinsou has experienced painful words and wrong assumptions, exactly like Izuku (though on a different level) because of similar reasons ; because they didn’t fit in.

They didn’t because one had an ‘evil quirk’, and the other was quirkless and 'weak’. It would be moving to see Shinsou and Izuku share their experiences and support each other whenever they would admit it was really hard and painful. They both have friends who support them now, but finding someone you can relate to and share your experience with when you’ve been hurt by how others treated you unfairly is life-changing. It makes you feel you’re not the only one, you’re not facing those hardships alone and someone can actually really understand and identify with what you’ve been through. It’s incredibly healing and comforting, and I do hope Izuku and Shinsou will eventually come to talk about it. 

Shinsou is someone who’s very reliable and trustworthy; he has this incredible quirk that could give him access to absolutely everything, but he decided to use it fairly to be a hero. He didn’t take the easy way, because not only his quirk isn’t adapted to what UA hero course expects, but also because he’ll face a lot of prejudices because of his ‘evil quirk’, and will constantly be told by people he can’t be trust. This kind of assumption, especially when you’re still a kid growing up and building your identity, is incredibly painful and breaks more people than you’d think. So Izuku and Shinsou couldn’t do anything but accept painful words and wrong assumptions, waiting for the day they could prove to everyone else how wrong they were to treat them this way. They’re both moving forward, but their past are an important part of who they are. Izuku especially can’t talk about his past for obvious reasons, but he and Shinsou would probably be unwilling to talk about their past, at least not genuinely, with most people because what could they give them apart from sympathy? People fitting in because they have good quirks didn’t have to live what they’ve been through, so maybe they’ll be compassionate, but they won’t understand. Izuku and Shinsou won’t see that light of understanding in anyone else’s eyes, like they could with each other because they can relate with what they’ve really been through, and how painful it was because they know. For now only Izuku can feel that way towards Shinsou, and he’s already concerned about him after their fight, where he felt sorry he couldn’t do a thing, and privileged his victory over Shinsou’s feeling of achievement.

Shinsou, like Izuku, is incredibly brave, because even though people doubted him, even though he failed to enter the hero course, still tried and pushed his way through, enough to be the only student of the general course to attain the last stage. Because he can’t help what he long to be and after all, can’t give up on being a hero. That’s truly admirable, and Izuku did the same when he didn’t give up even though his entire class in middle school mocked hip for taking UA entrance exam. They both didn’t gave anything up and still tried because there was no way for them to just turn their back to their convictions. For them to stay true to who they are and stick to their convictions without going astray mean they share high morals and a strong sense of justice where power isn’t to be used so you can take advantages of others. In that sense, they’re very similar, and I believe they could be friends and for that reason, be very dear to each other. It wouldn’t be unexpected at all for them to become close. It would also be very interesting in regards to the plot and character development, and also endearing for all the reasons I wrote above. From the little interactions we’ve seen of them later, when they cross path and Shinsou’s with Aizawa, it’s hinted that Shinsou will take part of Izuku’s life later. I sure hope Hori will explore their relationship because Shinsou and Izuku are unique to each other in UA and would really benefit for being close friends. In a interview, Hori confirmed Shinsou will later take an important part in the story.

Given how Izuku was the only one of the hero course he bonded with, it would totally make sense for them to work together and gradually become closer. I’m looking forward to that, because I really feel a special chemistry between those two, for the way Shinsou is amused and comforted by Izuku’s honesty and how Izuku relate to Shinsou and already care about him.