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They make a habit of going out near every weekend, sometimes to the bar that Oikawa loved so dearly to chat and drink, sometimes just staying at home and watching the shitty B-list alien movies Oikawa always managed to scrounge up.  Winter doesn’t put much hindrance on these plans, as Hajime quite enjoys the cold and Oikawa wouldn’t put aside plans just for some weather (that is, unless it risked rain and the exposure of Oikawa’s dreaded secret of using hair product).  

It’s on one of these nights as they go out that the wind is a special something fierce, long after the trees are already bare and the birds have gone south.  

Oikawa bristles upon reaching the bottom of the stairs of their building and emerging into the cold winter air.  He brushes against Hajime’s arm, visibly shaking, until Hajime raises an eyebrow and turns towards him with a flat question of, “What?”

Oikawa sticks out his bottom lip in a comic imitation of a pout.  "Iwa-chan, I’m cold.“

Hajime’s brows hitch higher up on his forehead as he scans over Oikawa’s light outfit, consisting of clothes that were likely considered more for their appearance than function.  "So? Look at what you’re wearing, Bakawa. It’s no wonder.”

Oikawa’s eyebrows scrunch together as he stares at Hajime, crossing his arms in a pout that is far less subtle than he likely thinks.  

“Your jacket looks really warm, y'know.”

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Look, I’m trying REALLY hard not to be a jerk about my dislike for Sonamy, but…there’s a reason why I can’t stand that ship.

The two fight way too much, their personalities don’t mix well IMHO, and to me there are just a lot of unfortunate implications about their relationship (I wish I could explain what I mean but I’m terrible at explaining things like that; I just can’t put things into words sometimes), so the ship actually literally makes me VERY uncomfortable. So when I see everyone freaking out over one little “Sonamy” moment, I’m not just annoyed because I’m sick of hearing about it (heck, I totally understand freaking out over a shiptease of your ship), I actually feel very uncomfortable because honestly, I’m really not seeing the same thing that you are. You see two people who are head over heels for each other, but my observation has led me to see two people who are attracted to each other but otherwise can barely stand each other.

Also, I think I’m especially sensitive about this because sometimes their interaction and/or Amy’s behavior reminds me too much of some very toxic people in my life…*sighs*

Sorry if that didn’t make much sense, I’m terrible at explaining things clearly. But this has been troubling me lately, so I just REALLY needed to get that off my chest.

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It's rly comforting to know that I'm not the only poc in this community!!

I was worried about that too, at first, but there’s a few more and they’re lovely ♥ 

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we’re in this together sweetums

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for the character solidifying meme: 42 (for ned)? :D

meme: character solidifying
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42. what does your character want most? what do they need really badly, compulsively? what are they willing to do, to sacrifice, to obtain?

there’s so many different points in ned’s life that i could take this. as he grows older, they all change because he grows up. when he’s younger, he wants to be happy, he wants his father’s approval, he wants to be around his mother, he wants to play with brandon. he gets all of that when he’s a child. when he’s older and is fostered in the eyrie, in the beginning, he wants to go home. ned knows he cannot so he doesn’t really strive to try and go home. he soon leans towards robert and jon’s acceptance. he leans towards finding a father in jon which he does, and a friend in robert. he finds more than a friend – he finds a best friend, someone who he’ll do anything for. in his late teens and young adult years, he wants comfort and the sense of safety and more importantly, he wants his family back. in a short matter of time, ned loses his father rickard, his brother brandon, his sister lyanna, his mother lyarra, and his brother benjen for the wall. while benjen is alive, ned has to learn how to adapt without his family. he lost every single important person to him while gaining a new one. he gains catelyn, robb, and jon – three important people for ned’s development as a character.

in my opinion, the large reason as to why ned doesn’t leave the north is because of his feud with robert but also he needs to figure out how to deal with everything. ned was never taught how to be a lord. sure he sat in some court hearings, he sat with his father, but ned was never taught how to do the duties of being a lord. he had to learn everything first hand. he had to learn on the go. a lot of time in the north in the early years of being a lord, was dealing with being a lord, being a husband, a father, and the death of his family. in such a short amount of time, ned lost so much and it shaped him to be the quiet, reserved person that he is today. 

in the first book of asoiaf, ned strives to find answers. he wants answers for what happened to jon arryn, why his foster father ( a man who was more a father to him than his own father ) was murdered. ned also wants peace, he wants comfort, and he wants regularity. he wants winterfell and he wants his wife. at the end of his life, ned wasn’t the happiest. he didn’t like kings landing. he had stayed out of the politics of the south for so long and then he was thrust into it without wanting to be there. as much as robert wanted ned to be the hand, ned wanted nothing to do with it. in kings landing, ned sets his mind to something to deal with the feeling of homesick, to help deal with everything. if ned hadn’t been killed at the end of the book, i believe that he would have gone back home with his daughter’s. it would have been a difficult choice but ned was never really cut out to be the hand of the king. he was a good leader, he was good at what he did but he didn’t like it. he would much rather have been in winterfell with his family. as much as he wanted that, as much as he tried to go back home ( it happened several times in the book. on more than on occasion he was talking about sending the girls home and him follow after them ), he wasn’t able to really get what he wanted because his time was cut too short.


[ I guess there is no one to blame. / We’re leaving ground. / Will things ever be the same again?  –It’s the final countdown.]