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Dear entitled tumblr mob who think that they know everything about how a Broadway show works yet hide behind your computers and know nothing about the history of Broadway;
It’s not just about oak as Pierre. You stupid Hamilton people mouthed off and now 100+ people are potentially out of jobs because ‘ohhh nooo I wanted to see oak as pierre’ well noW NO ONE ELSE GETS TO SEE GREAT COMET BECAUSE YOU MOUTHED OFF. MANDY PATINKIN IS LEAVING. They released that it wasn’t a race issue. I’m sorry that you didn’t get to see oak as Pierre. Who knows what’s gonna happen to the show now because of this. Honestly, Mandy patinkin would have made a fine Pierre, and now, guess what? They don’t have one. It was an issue of funds, not race. Comet is a huge ass fucking Broadway production, and it takes a heck of a lot of funds to keep it up. Next to Hamilton, what has oak done? He’s a relatively small name in the Broadway community, speaking honestly. Mandy Patinkin is HUGE in not only the theater community, but also in television and film and most people know who he is (if you were ever an Elmo fan as a child, you know him, even if you can’t place wherever else he’s been, like Sunday in the Park). Patinkin, being a larger name, would have brought in more revenue, while OAK WOULD HAVE BEEN ON PAID LEAVE AND HAD THE OPTION OF RETURNING (from what I’ve heard). It’s not just about oak, too, it’s about the set designers, the makeup people, the wigs people, the sound people, the lighting people, and everyone who could potentially be out of a job if comet closes. So, you whiny Hamilton people who were only in it for oak can please shut your mouths- because some of us were in it for the Comet as a whole.

It makes me upset that the tumblr mob can’t get ahold of itself and think for themselves instead of flocking to the opinions of those on tumblr who assume that every action against them is racist and intended to harm them personally. Broadway is a harsh place when it comes to things like this. If you were only there to see oak, and he is all you care about the production, then please stop. If you really cared for the production as a whole you’d stop sending hate towards the people in charge. Because some of us just really wanted to see great comet till at least next summer when they graduated.

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【羽・WINGS・Park Jimin】



finally colored these proto!Katsuki and Yamikumo portraits from a couple months ago for practice! Under the cut: a one year improvement comparison with my first proto reference sheet.

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✧・゚: * a (mostly extensive) 2 year seventeen timeline * :゚・✧
[views + wins accurate as of 170531]

“most idols don’t even work hard, they have everything handed to them bc of their famous companies”

this guy realllllly does not like being called short.

so yeah. you asked for it and i had no self control so here i am, with another animatic