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quick! post the last thing you've drawn that you haven't already posted!

someone bathe this boy. (what a spontaneous ask you’re lucky i had something presentable haha!)

i just?? care about joshualina a lot

thank you aos/fitzsimmons fandom!

Just wanted to get a little sappy with you guys.

It’s been about 2 years since I finally decided to stop bothering my IRL friends with clips of Fitzsimmons and asking them “don’t you think these two will get together?” while crying and joined this fabulous fandom.

And it’s been quite a ride! I have been through so much heartache with you all, so much happiness and glee. Sure, there have been hateful anons and antis who have made my head and heart hurt, but my overall my experience has been amazing. You are such a talented, wonderful and supportive group of people. So many creative ideas, so many beautiful works, so many just plain amazing observations and thoughts that have come out of this fandom have astounded me. Every day I think you can’t top what you’ve done before, and every day I am proven wrong. I’ve made some of my best friends through this fandom and that means everything to me.

Thank you all for everything that you do. All of you, with your spectacular talents and kind hearts, have given me an awesome 2 years on tumblr. 

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oh god, anders’ face when hawke takes off his shirt and he realizes he’ll have to stare at woofy every time he wants to bend him over something

I literally laughed out loud at my desk imagining the look of horror on his face. Especially because Garrett NEVER has a fucking shirt on to begin with.

Dragons from Sparkspell who could theoretically be appropriate for arranged marriage to nobility: …maybe Jawbone?

Dragons with no noble background who could probably hack it: Seth, Achinoam in a very particular kind of court, Hero

Dragons who should not marry nobility under any circumstances: Byron

that post abt Hunk with tiny cactuses gave me an idea for a hc where Hunk starts collecting little plant and soil samples from the planets they visit, building up his own little space succulent collection until he has enough to start a garden in one of the castle’s unused rooms. he regularly tends to his plants and studies their properties, writing down notes 

botany isn’t exactly something he’s pursued in earnest before, so he starts researching, using Pidge’s translation tech to search through the ships libraries, and he manages to marry his engineering skill with Coran’s knowledge to create a particle scanner to break the plants down to their base elements and chemical make up

Shiro pops in to see the garden to find out what Hunk’s been up to between missions, and raptly listens while Hunk tells him all about what he’s learned, like why you shouldn’t plant Myūuyas in the same soil as Jubblekimps and how to properly care for Nocttails. Shiro is particularly enamored with a plot of tiny trees covered with what looks like purple cotton candy that Hunk explains is actually finely crystallized minerals and stares at it long enough that Hunk carefully digs one out of the dirt and puts it in a little pot for Shiro to keep

Lance is Hunk’s Official Plant Taste Tester when one passes all the edibility tests on the scanners since he has a self-proclaimed ‘iron stomach’. Hunk has him classify the palatable ones as sour, bitter, sweet, salty, spicy, and/or minty to use for future cooking reference, but they’ll occasionally run across revolting tasting ones that make Lance’s face screw up in disgust before he runs to spit it out into the trash, or in one case, hallucinate for a few hours (Hunk has that incident on video)

Allura loves to come to the garden to see how Hunk’s plants are doing and brings him plant species he doesn’t have yet as gifts. she tells him abt the plants they used to have on Altea and about her favorites, the Juniberries, though her expression goes a little sad and wistful when she does. it hurts Hunk to see her so visibly upset, so when he finds a plant display with rare, endangered Juniberries being sold for 800 klufepees, he barters relentlessly with the florist until they agree on a trade–one of Hunk’s rare plants for one of the Juniberries. it takes a little while for him to cultivate more, but when he gives Allura a pot of them as a gift, she cries and tells him it’s the most wonderful thing she’s ever been given

Coran, as it turns out, knows a ton abt plants and their medical uses. he helps Hunk set up a medicinal plot and teaches him how to best make use of their healing properties. soon, Hunk has an entire cabinet and first aid kit stocked full of pills, gels, poultices, seeds, and powders handy for when someone gets injured or comes down with something. if anyone gets so much as a headache, Hunk is there with a homemade remedy 

Pidge has absolutely no semblance of a green thumb and is allergic to pollen, so they tend to stay out of the garden, but they do help Hunk rig up some UV light lamps and watering systems to keep the plants happy and healthy. Pidge even goes the extra mile and sets up a timer system so that the lights will dim to simulate day and night cycles and the sprinklers will turn on whenever the soil moisture gets too low

Keith comes to the garden bc he ends up being the only one who hasn’t visited it or helped out with it yet. Hunk can tell he’s trying to make conversation when he remarks that the whole setup is pretty cool and occasionally asks what this plant or that plant is, but he doesn’t try to bore him with talk abt plant care. instead, he lets Keith experience the plants, grinning at how his eyes go wide with interest when he shows him how a Sakrot’s leaves will change color according to your mood when you touch it, how Gilmies secrete oil that smells different to every person, and how a fully grown Carnivorous Diwot can bite through solid metal and dissolve it in minutes