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okay so it’s been a few weeks since i’ve participated in bfsn so if this is like an overload on selfies, i apologize. these are from the last week or so from various halloween-y related activities happening in my life right now.

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anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who wants to see Jae ha's reaction when he will meet Kouren ?? I mean she's a badass women and omg i kinda ship them ...

Wahahaha anon! I only just published an ask about the HHB’s possible reaction to Kouren and got this one ;D As I mentioned in that ask, I think Jae-Ha would be all over Kouren (a badass beauty? He’d indulge her~) if the circumstances were different and she was… well, y’know… not an immensely big threat for his friends and home country :<


Nick: So… do I get to call you Dad-ma-Taz now?

Taz: Absolutely not.

Nate: …can I call you–

Taz: No.

Birthday wip for @amarevia. Because so much surprise, I couldn’t finish it because of school. QwQ OTL But yes, I didn’t forget, and I hereby promise you, this painting will be beautiful when I finish it, so I really hope you’ll like it. <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3 *big hug*