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rarecrepe asked:

Etihw and Kcalb for all the sfw ones?

“safe for work” more like “safe for weenies like me” LOL but anyways!!

  1. Who cooks? i feel like this was answered in canon and i just can’t remember it LMAO…. WEREN’T THEY FIGHTING OVER LIKE A PIECE OF CAKE BEFORE??? AND THEN WODAHS HAD TO COOK OR CALM THEM DOWN OR SOMETHING?? maybe my memory’s just being shit like always REGARDLESS kcalb i feel like would be the one to have actual real interest in cooking while etihw would cook for having fun and messing around. so both of them, i guess, but if they wanted an actually good meal than probably kcalb
  2. Who’s the messiest? The cleanest? do they even own anything aside from their giant castle tbh….. which is super empty aside from enemies when shit’s going down…. if they do have actual possessions though then etihw for messiest and kcalb for cleanest
  3. Who fixes the vehicle after a breakdown? ???? DO THEY HAVE VEHICLES IN THIS WORLD but i feel like they’d both suck at it…. they’d need to call like wodahs or someone to fix it instead
  4. Living space has a leak! Who fixes it? man it’s sad i literally cannot imagine either of them being good at mundane tasks like fixing broken things so AGAIN SEE ABOVE ANSWER…. GET WODAHS TO HELP!!
  5. Who buys the groceries? they buy them together! it involves a lot of etihw being playful and coy to tease kcalb while he’s internally trying to not die while buying fucking groceries he’s a grown man-god-devil-thing he can’t get this flustered in public jeez!!!
  6. Going out to eat: Who pays? Who orders the most food? And who has dessert? i swear there was something involving cake in canon because all i can think is “kcalb would definitely get dessert” I’M NOT IMAGINING THINGS AM I…. UNSURE…… but yes he definitely gets dessert! etihw orders a lot of food that both of them know they won’t finish but hey they’re gods they can do what they want tbh (they probably take all the leftovers home/share it with the others there).
  7. Would they go to the beach? more like etihw drags kcalb there but YES
  8. Who knows how to swim? Who doesn’t? etihw floats don’t they……. i mean do they really need to know how to swim……… i mean both of them can probably float and fly tbh would they ever even need to learn how to swim??? so i bet neither of them do LMAO
  9. Is someone multilingual? Do they try to teach another language to the other? How does it go? assuming there are multiple languages in their world i feel like etihw would try to teach kcalb but he doesn’t have the patience for it basically haha
  10. Any pets? Or plants? “the gray garden” i mean i think you could say that whole world is made up of their plants LMFAO
  11. Baths or showers? Together or separate? Any bubbles or bubble fights? showers until etihw decides that they should take a bath together 8) which would then dissolve into bubble fights yeah
  12. Can they stand silence? Who talks the most? Who talks the least? mfw it seems like they could both chill in that room doing nothing but sit on their chairs all day without speaking a single word LMFAO….. i think etihw is more talkative though?? but they’re not even a chatter box kcalb is just so [AWKWARDLY STOIC LACK OF EXPRESSION] that etihw would win by default
  13. Who stays up late? Who sleeps the most? Does the other have to force them to sleep/wake up? kcalb probably has to wake up etihw in the morning i could see that happening… not because of staying up late too they just like to sleep in. and thus etihw probably sleeps the most too haha
  14. Who is the highest maintenance? Does the other mind? rather than high maintenance i think kcalb is just the one more likely to get stressed about something while etihw’s pretty chill. they don’t mind though since it’s something they appreciate about him
  15. Vacation ideas: who decides them? Where would they go, if anywhere? etihw would decide… like suddenly and spontaneously. idk where they’d go though WHAT ELSE IS EVEN IN THEIR WORLD… IDK…… maybe they’d visit reficul’s world or something LOL