I'm not gomen at all.

testing out a new brush so i was like mm okay gonna draw gf’s otp why not

edit: fixed neil a bit to be more canon!

Tag Masterlist

Okay since I got very… confused messages from mobile user I guess I’ll just make a masterlist so you guys (hopefully) don’t get lost when browsing on mobile. Please see fandom list below.

Bungou Stray Dogs

Touken Ranbu



Kyoukai no Kanata

Kuroko no Basket

Mini Requests (Misc)



Literally quick 40-50 minute sketch after calc/chem study session…. hnnghhh guys I’m dying – I want to draw…. 

but anyway I was thinking how cute it would be if OW had like two older “brothers” before him who got his back and were definitely not corrupting the bby into the precious imp he is. 


External image

I finished the HQ sticker set! I added some more ( and actually there’s more I want to make but I think I need to stop for now )

( Bonus sailor Tsukki for this time )


When Misako tries to wrap the shoot up even though Shuta’s turn hasn’t happened yet.


Season’s Greetings!


Momma Aegislash taking care of its children (◡‿◡✿)

Why do swords hatch from eggs? I don’t know, you tell me

I swear I tried recording my process but Camstudio crashed on me //lays I’ll try recording the next one instead ;;

Paint Tool Sai, ~1 hour

Here are some more Aegislash o v o 


Anything for the drunk birthday boy yes.
It’s August 28th so Happy Birthday, Naruko!