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hello! correct me if i'm wrong but i think you're the jikook lover i follow who recently said they love reading fics?? so i was wondering if you know of fics/scenarios that build on that iconic hotel vlive when jimin may have been hiding in the bathroom? 👀 i thought about that last night and my imagination went kinda wild lol if not, any jikook recs will do! please and thanks! JIKOOK FO LYFEEEE💞

Hi Anon!! Sorry this was so late, the past week has been pretty wild for me. But anyways to answer the first part, no unfortunately I dont know of any fics that build off of that iconic vlive :( im sorry.

BUT that recent vlive came out right? With Jimin in the bath robe and that Jikook stare….ah yes. I know theres a couple of fics that build off or are just based off of that.

 A Private Conversation by ambers

 the jimin effect by euphoriae

I read these two recently and they were 👌👌 A++ would read again. As for my other Jikook recs, oh boi *cracks knuckles* here we go:

Blow Me Like Your French Horn by ohdizzy Chapters:8/8 >>> Ahhh! I love this fic!! Its so hilarious and adorable and such a great read honestly. I highly recommend this fic!!

Constraint by Harlot Chapters:1/1 >>> Basically Jungkooks journey from str8 to gay but oh, oh m a n, Its so beautifully done. Right from the beginning, all the emotions that Jungkook goes through are very real and the Jikook was developed so well. Please give this one a read.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Seven Days) by jeonify Chapters:2/2 >>> God, this really is a tear jerker this one. Its very sweet and fluffy and angsty and just so perfect. You can never go wrong with soft!Jimin and internationalplayboy!Jungkook 😊

Dream Maker by graesun and Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita) Chapters:12/12 >>> okokokok guys, read this fic. You will not regret it omg. The perfect mix of fluff, angst, smut and more fluff, this fic is a snipet into the lives of Jikook, who are just barely getting by with what little money they have, but theres lots of kisses, laughs, some angst and cute domestic shit™ This fic made me feel so many things and I loved it so much!! Give this one a try guys.

Don’t Think, Don’t Speak, Just Smile for Me by Ragi Chapters:27/27 >>> This fic left me shook for a solid week man, good god. So soft, so sad, so real. I loved the realism regarding homophobia and idols in Korea. Everything in this fic is written with care, and handled very well, plus the Jikook is beyond soft. I enjoyed this fic sooo much.

Glass Diamonds by GinForInk Chapters:1/1 >>> Skater Jungkook, Dance teacher Jimin, A+ smut and fluff, read this fic.

Well Done! by annafeu Chapters:1/1 >>> Okay, I suggest giving the tags a thorough peek through before reading this one because its twisted as fuck, but so damn amazing. This one features Bunny!Jimin, Wolf!Jungkook lots of filthy smut and grade A Jikook. Really great read, however do please read tag warnings before starting if you think you might be uncomfortable!

The Hook series by miskeen >>> Cute as fuck, domestic as fuck, hot as fuck, fuck. Read all the stories in this series please, theyre all 10/10 amazing.

The Good Doctor by snarcsics Chapters:1/1 >>> Frick doods, this was some of the hottest, well written Jikook fics ive ever read. Featuring sex addict Kook psychologist Jimin, and some excellent office sex, yes.

two sides; same story by namjoone Chapters:4/4 >>> Basically Jikook are neighbors and they both secretly think each other are hot as fuck and they rly wanna bang but they wont actually admit it to each other, typical jikook lmao. Anyways, this is sooo good!! Super steamy and super cute 👌

I Know I Can’t Have Him (but I want him anyways) by Shealezz Chapters:4/4 >>> ft fuckboy!Jimin and innocent!Jungkook (also fwb v/min) man this is filthy lmao, but a fantastic read!! God bless innocent bottom Jungkook honestly. Amen.

A Touch of Sin by pettey Chapters:10/10 >>> One word. Beautiful. Absolutely, beautiful. Right from the start to the finish, this fic had me feeling things in every chapter. Its graphic and raw but so beautiful. Highly recommend this one!

Okay last one before I get too carried away….

Relax, Dont Do It by yoongidontdoit (sammyinnerdglasses) Chapters:4/4 >>> Funny, adorable, smutty (extreme switching™) and overall so so good. Wild party animal Jungkook swearing to go at least 90 days without partying, late nights, or sex. But then he meets Park Jimin and that last part becomes slightly extremely hard not to do… *lenny face* Pls read this lmao.

Okay!! Thats all I got for now. I hope you enjoy 😊

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Hi! My birthday is April 24th and I'd love to read everlark where Peeta thinks he's lost Katniss somehow, like a misunderstanding or even some kind of accident, but everything works out in the end. Love the drama/angst, and I'm down for any rating (but let's be real, the smuttier the better bc it's my birthday lol). No infidelity please! Tytyty! You are awesome!

Originally posted by heybuckaroohowareyou

Happy Birthday! There is definitely some angst in this one. Thanks for having a birthday so we can all enjoy this great story! And thank you to @katnissdoesnotfollowback for writing and submitting it. She’s been a MAJOR contributor to this blog, as have many others, and we can’t thank her enough. Links to part one & part two if you haven’t read them yet. Enjoy! I know we did. 

Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy this somewhat angsty story. Hugs and lots of love to you on your special day!

All’s Fair - Part 3

WARNINGS: RATED E for language, PTSD, and smut. Mostly the rating is for the smut. SMUT I SAY!

A/N: HR in this instance stands for Human Remains. There’s no gore or graphic violence in this, but there is a healthy dose of angst. Thank you @peetabreadgirl for pre-reading.


My boots scrape the pavement as I stop to stare up and down the parking lot aisles. I find at least four Jeep-shaped vehicles under black covers and sigh, drop my bag on the pavement, and search through the pockets for my keys. Not even my car keys, either. Customs fucked up my packing job and I’m pretty sure they wound up back in my footlocker. I find the keys I need underneath a half empty bottle of Gatorade and unlock my trunk, rummaging around until my fingers find the canvas ribbon on my at home keychain. Yanking them out, I listen to the jingle of home with the distant growl of a C-130 spooling up its engines. The humid North Carolina air presses down on my lungs and I blink in the fading light.

It’s late. I’m exhausted and hungry. And the red REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT tag on my keys is a one-two punch to the face. I don’t even know where he is right now. He was supposed to be home sometime last week, although I don’t know the exact date, but the fact that he wasn’t here to meet me means he was delayed somewhere. Or something far worse that I am not prepared to contemplate on four hours of shitty sleep on a cramped rotator flight and an empty stomach.

Pocketing my car keys, I slam my footlocker shut and lock it back up, hefting my bag back on my shoulder and hauling the trunk onto its wheels to continue my solitary trek. I hit the lock button on the key fob twice and hope my battery didn’t die while I’ve been gone. I’ve got jumpers, but no one I feel comfortable inconveniencing. Most of the others have already gone home. Prim couldn’t be here this time, unable to get away from med school. Mom’s too sick to travel. Gale’s still somewhere in Fallujah, I think. At least, that’s the last place I ran into him.

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hey. can you rec me some ziam fics. maybe your favourites? pls


Sorry for taking a bit longer to get to this! I was all set to do it yesterday, but then Top Knot Zayn happened, and I needed the time to appropriately reflect on him. But I’m back and focused and here goes!

(I’m putting all my recs under the cut because I don’t have any self control.)

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okay but

I don’t Discourse, but I get so angry when people dismiss asexual’s people’s problems as something like “Boohoo, you don’t want to fuck, no one gives a shit”.

But it’s so much more than that. Obviously it’s not homophobia, never was and never will be. It doesn’t even compare, it’s not the same thing at all. 

But there are issues asexual people face like - there is pressure, part of it from society, and a lot of it come for ourselves. And that kind of self-hate and self-loathing and thinking you’re broken and unloveable, developping unhealthy sexual behaviour and self-harm - it’s a thing, it’s definitely a thing, not something 14-year-old kids on tumblr made up for attention. It can really mess you up, mess your relationships up, and people are so afraid to talk about it - I read words of older people - and I don’t mean people my age, I mean people in their 50s, their 60s - probably they don’t even know asexuality is even a thing, they got married and had kids and always felt wrong, because they hate sex and they never wanted it and never felt comfortable around it but they did it, quietly, never said a fucking word, and hated themselves a bit more every single time because they never understood why they felt they were missing what they were always told was supposed to be a fundamental part of themselves. They spent their entire life thinking they were broken.

and. it’s not homophobia, it’s not bigotry from an entire society keeping you from jobs and housing, etc. there’s no stats or anything. And maybe a lot of non-asexual people relate to this self-loathing, too. Things are never completely clear cut - there is always some overlapping. It doesn’t make it any less important. It’s still a thing that most asexual people go through, at least for part of their life, and it can really, really mess someone up. And there’s no need to get into discourse or into any (useless and frankly asinine) comparisons - it just needs to be taken seriously for what it is, because people’s health and happiness are what’s at play and it matters, too.

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Errr so geekycomtv called you out in a post saying some bad stuff about you (he? changed his username and its under the same name that I previously mentioned; it's under "About the Copyright Drama). Man, I'm sorry that these kind of people attack you and the other fanartists. You guys don't deserve this kind of treatment from them. You guys should be profiting from the art you create, not them. Once again, I'm sorry you guys have to go through this, but I admire how strong you guys are (Part 1)


yea someone pointed it out to me the other day xD i’m not really bothered by it since he’s proven time and time again he has no idea what he’s talking about 8D [he also managed to compliment me in the notes of the post by saying i was 21 hahaha…i’m glad i pass as that young :P] 

and thanks! i think one of the best things about this fandom is how we all stick together and support one another when the jerks descend lol. but it’s also the saddest thing, because so many people are leaving the fandom thanks to art theft and jerks like this… it’s worse when the thieves are entirely unapologetic about it. i’m not sure they understand the impact it has to be used and mistreated that way ._. the lack of remorse really troubling. i wouldn’t want to know those people in real life lol

weekend is over so gonna catch up on my other asks in one go here lol

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So I may have just went through the entire sdm au on your blog and. It's probably my favorite thing. I need more on the Hunk and Shay thing. I think you mentioned that Hunk had a crush on a regular named Shay? Correct me if I'm wrong though lol

AHHH this ask is a month old im so sorry!!!! BUT YEAH i love hunk and shay they are so pure…… here is the story. its not very exciting but it’s cute

shay and her brother rax go in one day to buy a specific kind of ice cream that rax would die for but there’s none in the freezer. shay is like aw man let’s just come back another day and rax is like GORL NO and they find a merchandiser stocking the shelves a couple aisles down (it’s hunk). 

and shay is like oh my GOD RAX HE’S CUTE I CAN’T DO THIS? and rax was like “sis… i want my ice cream” :( and shay is like “god. fine. go ask him. i’m staying here.” so rax does. and shay lingers back bc she is interested but doesn’t want to bother hunk while he’s working and already feels super awkward because she hates asking employees to go find something because she probably works at a dollar store or something and knows that 90% of the time there is nothing in the back room and her brother is being so extra.

she’s watching and hunk is all smiles!! so polite!! so friendly!! probably even rax is a little bit flustered!! and shay sees his name tag and she’s like “dam that is one fitting name” but she doesn’t say anything and she watches hunk walk towards the back room and then looks at rax and says “i have to go. he is too cute. i have to leave.” and rax is like “actually i forgot my wallet in the car so can you stay here in case he comes back.” and shay is like “RAX, NO” but rax has already left

shay is hoping. praying. part of her wants to talk to hunk while rax isn’t there because rax is so overprotective but part of her really, really hopes he gets back because she isn’t sure she can talk to hunk without dying. 

hunk comes back a few mins later with this apologetic smile and rax still isn’t back so shay is Sweating™. she manages a little smile and says “no luck?” and hunk like seems to fully see her because he was looking around for rax before she spoke up, and he hesitates and his smile falters and his expression visibly screams OH MY GOD but he quickly recovers and smiles so big that shay almost dies! she almost has a heart attack! blinded! by! the! sun!

and he goes “sorry we’re all out! i can give you a raincheck if you want” :) and shay is like “oh that would be great!” and she is gonna die? she’s gonna straight up die hunk is too cute. so he leads her to one of the tills and gives her a raincheck for two tubs, and they’re both smiling all flustered and boi it’s so cute (keith is watching from the other till and he gives hunk a big thumbs up when shay’s back is to him, and hunk blushes so hard he almost explodes).

rax returns finally (where tf was he?) and he sees hunk smiling and Protective Brother Mode activates and he kinda tries to rush shay away with a quick thank you! but shay is having NONE OF THAT! so she throws a smile back over her shoulder at hunk and says “thank you so much!!!” and hunk is weakly like “you’re welcome have a good. uh. have a good day. see you later” and the see you later sounds hopeful so shay smiles really big and nods before rax rushes her off

as soon as they’re gone keith goes over to hunk and he’s like “lol ur blushing” and hunk starts wailing he’s like “OH MY GOD she was so sweet and pretty. i can’t do this. i need lance” bc lance and hunk always gossip abt who they like together and he runs off and finds lance fucking, i dont know, putting swatches of lipstick up his arms just because, and tells lance everything, and he’s so flustered and excited that by the end of the day the entire store knows 

shay comes in a lot after that, and most of the time it’s without rax :’)

boyfriend!woozi: first fight

- mingyu was giving you a piggyback ride and y’all were parading around the practice rooms singing dumb nursery rhymes at the top of ur lungs
- and woozi was already having a bad enough day as it was but seeing you with mingyu just set him off
- he came to find you because he knew spending time with you would uplift his mood at least a little but no, you were with mingyu
- and he felt as if you were neglecting him at a time he really needed you
- so when mingyu finally put you down, woozi growled out a “we’re leaving now.” he grabbed your wrist and pulled you out of the room,,,
- and it was the first time he had ever been rough when touching you.
- he dragged you to the company parking lot, tightening his grip as you neared the location of his parked car, and practically shoved you into the passenger seat
- woozi always listens to his cds in the car, or at least the radio, but the car ride was absolutely silent; all you could hear was his heavy breathing
- before you knew it, you were parked in front of ur apartment building
- woozi just leaned his forehead on the steering wheel, sighed, and ran his hand through his hair, his fringe messing up as a result
- at this point, you still didn’t really know why he was acting the way he was, so–
- you: um, jihoon? are you ok..?
- him: god why are you so dense, of cOURSe i’m not okay.
- you were a little hurt but you let it slide bc “it’s probably just the stress from work getting to him”
- you: do you wanna talk about it?
- him: if i wanted to talk about it, i wouldn’t go to you because we don’t seem to go to each other for things anymore.
- you: wait what are you talking about…
- him: yOU SPEND SO MUCH tIMe with the other members that sometimes i wonder why you’re dating me and not one of them
- you: hold on, is this about today? about me hanging out with mingyu??
- him: “hanging out”… ha ha ok whatever makes u feel better
- you: woozi, mingyu is someone im very close to so of course we’re going to—
- him: well if you like mingyu so much then why don’t you go date him instead??
- that comment honestly just felt like a stab in the chest to you bc… how could he ever think…? how could he ever doubt the love you have for him? ?
- you flung open the car door and sprinted to your apartment building as quickly as humanly possible, before woozi even realised what he said and what impact those words would have had on you
- but when he finally did realise, it was too late
- and he began to beat himself up about it
- “how could you ever say something like that to them? even if you were having a bad day, you had no right to say that to the loVE OF UR LIFE.”
- he had to go to coups to ask for help, and woozi hATES asking for help
- coups was just like… you fucked up. bad. you need to go apologise right now. go. now.
- and woozi was fREAKiNg OUT, he had all these thoughts that you were gonna break up with him, you were never gonna speak to him again, you were going to go date mingyu instead like he told u to ….
- anyway so it was like freaking 2AM or something and he rocked up at ur apartment with his guitar and a handwritten letter that was three pages long, and started to give himself a pep talk to get all ready to serenade u with a mushy song he wrote bc he’d rather lose his pride than lose you
- but when he knocked on the door and got no answer after 15 mins… he fell to his knees and finally realised just how badly he screwed up
- idk why the possibility of u being asleep never crossed his mind but anyway
- he just leaned his head on your door and kept whispering ur name…
- and the the door swung open
- and he was like wtf
- “they didn’t lock, let alone close, the door?? man, how irresponsible can they get”
- he went in though and found you lying in bed,,, with tear streaked cheeks
- and his heart broke into two bc he knew that it was him that caused you to be like this
- he climbed into bed next to you even though he kNEW he shouldn’t have but in that moment he just needed to be close to u
- swept the hair out of ur face and stroked ur cheeks, wiping away your tears
- you unconsciously inched closer to him in ur sleep and he just thought… i really don’t deserve you
- so he went and slept on your couch lol
- the next morning you wake up and feel all gross bc ur hair’s all messed up and ur face is all sticky from dried tears and it’s just ew,,,
- “wait a sec. is that jihoon’s guitar?? what the heck, did he come during the night ???”
- so you go and investigate in ur apartment and u almost get a heart attack bc hES ON UR COUCH HOW DID HE GET IN
- he’s clutching a piece of paper and ur like jihoon… what even- are you writing lyrics in ur sleep??
- you read it and it says, “dear y/n, you know how bad i am with words so i decided to write down my thoughts instead of straight out saying them to you…”
- before you start to read any further, he murmurs your name in his half conscious state
- “y/n, i’m so sorry… forgive me.. please, you’re my everything”
- this is unfair he’s even cuter in his sleep
- you wrap your arms around his waist and squeeze tight, before kissing his cheek and snuggling into his chest
- “it’s okay, i would never leave you for mingyu”
- he pulls you in closer and you both fall asleep in each others arms on ur little apartment couch

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My shit is kinda personal lol. Well I'm really trying to get right with myself, if you understand that. Being the way I am, I am really self-conscious, I've started coming out of my shell lately, but I'm still worried, like I'm 16 & still have trouble with getting my body and mind in the right place. My two best friends seem to be fine & it makes me feel kinda bad. I have so much stress on me it's crazy. Any kind of tips will help!!!! Niggas, Life, Hygiene, ANYTHING

Babes, at 16, NOBODY has their body & mind in the right place. You’re doing a lot of growing/developing rn, mentally and physically, and so at that age, things can get kinda weird. I promise you that anyone you think “has it all together” is faking. 


At 16, I was in high school, taking all AP classes, working 50+ hours a week (and had been promoted to a manager technically, which isn’t even legal I don’t think in my state for a 16yo ), AND working in a lab doing neurology research at a prestigious university nearby (their average ACT score is 33, just to make that sink in). I was making all A’s. My self-confidence was pretty high. Just looking at that, it would seem like I had everything completely together. 

I also had a severe drinking problem. I would be drunk at work (I once threw up 7 times in one shift, and then proceeded to drive home.) I was drunk at school and popping Vicodin during class. I drank and drove more times than I care to think about. My mental health was a mess. 

And I hid that all pretty well. 

I was able to make the grades I was making because I’m like…really smart and don’t really have to pay attention.

While obviously not everyone is going to have that big of a contrast, my point here is that it’s easy to look good on paper and to everyone else while still feeling like you’re in shambles. If your friends really are doing that well, great! But honestly I feel like everyone is struggling with something at 16, be it their self-confidence, drugs, family stuff, grades, whatever. 

If you are really stressed out, I would encourage you to talk to your friends about it. If they are good friends, they should be open to listening to what is going on and should support you when you’re having a rough time. Also, seeing a counselor might be helpful. Usually they have one at school. While it can kinda feel weird or shameful to go, I promise you there is nothing wrong with getting help. It doesn’t make you weak, it shows that you are wise enough to consult a professional if you’re having issues. If you have had a bad experience with a therapist in the past, I know it can be scary to go again (I’m a conversion therapy veteran - that shit was horrifying.) But I would encourage you to try again. Good therapists are out there, good school counselors are out there.

Also, work on your self-confidence. Practice self-love every day. I can honestly say that is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Even if you don’t believe it, tell yourself how amazing you are. You’re cute, you’re clever, you’re good at accessorizing, whatever. You are important. Keep repeating this enough and eventually it will be your default mindset. It is kind of weird at first I’ll admit, but honestly if you can go through with it, this mindset will be invaluable to you.

Don’t ever miss out on an opportunity because of a guy. Dudes ain’t shit. You can find another one. I know sometimes it’s hard if you feel like no one is hitting you up and you have a friend who’s phone is constantly going off, but be picky and stick with it. Never settle. Never make your plans around a guy. At the end of the day, the only person that will be there 100% of the time is YOU, and you need to live your life for yourself. 

If you search the tags in my blog, the “shaving” tag can be helpful if you’re struggling with irritation when you shave or razor bumps. The “makeup tips” tag will have stuff on makeup (obvs) and new ideas. I think there’s a few posts in there about cheaper brands that one can afford even if they don’t have 40$ to spend on lipstick. Finally, “hoe looks” will have some outfit inspiration/ideas (so will the “outfit ideas” tag). Stay true to your style, what you feel looks good on you, and what you like, but there’s nothing wrong with looking at others to see what works. 

I hope this helps hun. And if you’re under a lot of stress, feel free to message me in the chat thingy. If you don’t have the chat yet, shoot me a message off anon and I’ll give it to you. Please know that I’m kinda slow to reply on chat because I get a lot of messages and I’m in college, but I won’t ignore you.


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I'm looking to get in to the sugar bowl but I'm not really sure where to start. Any advice? xo

Hey there and welcome to the bowl! There are definitely a few important steps to go through and I’ll do my best to lay them out for you. 

1. Make sure that this lifestyle is something that you can handle. It is NOT for everyone and thats okay, you just have to really go through the pros and cons with yourself before delving into it. Will your friends/family judge you? Are you okay with them judging you? Is this something you will regret 20 years from now? Just be sure.

2. Google, google, google. There are so many articles that spell it out so clearly. Also follow the tags (#sugar baby #sugar bowl) All of us on tumblr are pretty good about rebloging lots of tips and advice and I wouldn’t reblog it if I didn’t agree with it. Personally, I did about a months worth of research before I did anything. I felt it really gave me a leg up and I didn’t feel so blind going into it. 

3. In this order: Pick a sugar name and make sure you like it because thats what people will be calling you. Then make a sugarring email address, this will be the address you can use to sign up for services or give out to POTs. Download a texting app (I just text free ultra) so you don’t have to give out your real number. I get my allowance in cash but if you don’t want to do it that way, set up a pay pal. This would be in your real name though so only give it to SDs that you trust, I wouldn’t let POTs have it. 

4. Fill out a DBA (doing business as) form. It does cost some $$ but it’s super handy. This allows you to do business under your sugar name. After you fill this out go to a post office in a town near yours and get a P.O box. That way a SD or POT can send you gifts without getting your real info. It’s brilliant.

5. Make sure ALL of your social media counts are private! This is SO important if you intend on being discrete and also if anyone gets salty, they can’t find you and blackmail you. 

6. Time to make your account! I suggest starting with Seeking Arrangement (SA). Take time with your profile and be clear about what it is that you are looking for. Spell check everything at least 3 times because no with an annual salary of over $500,000 will take you seriously otherwise. Know your worth! If you want $3,000 then say thats what you want. But don’t put minimal and expect to be given moderate, and vice versa, DON’T SETTLE. You are hot and deserve a man that can give you what you need. When picking out pictures, make sure you don’t use any that are on any social medias. Because even though you privated your accounts, these guys can reverse google search your pictures (you should do this to theirs) and no one wants that. Once you’ve got the hang of this site, try Whats your price (WYP) and Ashley Madison (AM). There are a few other sites, but personally, for my area, they are all salts so I don’t use them. 

7. Got a POT? Great!! Meet in a public area for lunch/coffee or whatever. Try to avoid talking about allowance on the first date, even if they bring it up, it’ll show that you’re in it for more than money (LOL) and they will more likely to take you seriously. Heals are your friend, honestly. Also never sleep with a POT on the first date, EVER. I don’t care how good looking he is, I don’t care what he promised you, don’t do it. You HAVE to see the money first before sex is EVER introduced. Always make sure someone knows where you are. For me, I let my sugar friends that are in my area know since I keep my SB life separate from my personal life. Also, ALWAYS use a condom (if your relationship is not platonic). Even if you are on birth control or he claims to be as clean as it gets. Condoms are NOT negotiable and they never should be. 

All in all, its all about educating yourself and learning the lifestyle. Start off slow and only take on what you can handle at a time, and you’ll be fine! Be safe, be smart, and happy sugaring! xoxo

Cutest Shit a Male from each Sign had ever done for Me
  • Aries: He ain't a crush of mine but he had a crush on me, and he's the school's unstoppable valedictorian. I don't study, yep, I know, not very Capricornish, but this Aries guy is such a fucking amazing friend that he never ever fails to help me in my cramming. If I don't understand no shit at classes, he's never ever that person who'd tell me to ask someone else for free lessons. He'd always write down notes and equations as simplified as he can. Tbh, I would have never graduated high school if it wasn't for his huge ass help.
  • Taurus: I had a long-standing crush on this guy back at high school. So one break time, I asked if he can treat and run me water cos I was feeling lazy to go out of the room. Then he said no give me money to buy a bottle, so I went back to the room to rob anyone some coins then when I went back to the door, he's gone. So I asked another guy to buy me water and he said okay cool. Then after some while, boy #2 got my water and he gave it to me, with Taurus boy behind him holding a bottle of water. I saw 'wtf' on his face and I told him "NO NO GIVE ME THAT WATER I WILL DRINK AND EMPTY IT FIRST IM SO SORRY I THOUGHT YOU WONT BUY ME WATER".
  • Gemini: I've an on-and-off crush with this guy, only met him online and we've never seen each other yet. But, some years ago (I screen capped and still treasure this shit cos it's too good), he sent me a late night message telling me how he's appreciative of knowing me. And that I should know that even if he's a total wreck, he'd always listen to me if I need someone to rant to, and he still cares a lot about me and he doesn't wanna lose me and i should take care more of myself.
  • Cancer: We're not close but he's a friend of mine, he's the director of my dance cover group. One night we all had a sleep over with booze and all and he's the first one to crack open. He did a long speech, and parts of his presidential two hour speech are about how I'm a dangerous coral reef that no one should ever cross with because it's gonna be bloody, but on the other hand, I also have a brilliant smile, something like that.
  • Leo: Oh my goodness yesss this guy, younger than me, friend of a friend. Almost all of his friends knew that he has a massive crush on me and I also knew that. My last prom was coming near and after school he walked towards me with a tray of cupcakes with letters on top, so if you put them all together, the cupcake said "Will you be my prom date?" and I jump and said fuck yeah, anyone who's brave enough to ask me for the prom with food will get my yes. Wanna know what happened? First dance of prom didn't happen as the students hoped for but I immediately grabbed him out of his chair and danced with him.
  • Virgo: HAHAHAHA THIS FUCKER okay so around my first week at my new high school (I arrived like third quarter, I know, weird but uninhibited yass), I was walking on a path walk when him and his best friend came up to me with him holding a struggling dragonfly right in front of my face and I was like df are you doing? Then he said you're not afraid of dragonflies? I said nope. He got puzzled lol ahahaha and then after that incident, he started casually calling me Snow White because of my hair and my pale face.
  • Libra: Aw shucks, Librans are the nicest people this known fact makes me cry every time. Anyway. There's this guy, past schoolmate, his house is near the train station near the school. When me and my siblings had to start using public transportation, he'd always offer to tag along with him and basically my other male friends as we all walk to the metro (and him to his house) cos there were so many nasty minded men along that area. I have a younger sister and she really likes this Libran guy. He's also very soft spoken.
  • Scorpio: I have so many fucking broken tales about me falling for Scorpio ALL THE FUCKING TIME. But lemme tell you my fave one: This guy, song of a family friend, I had so much feelings for him and his mom was really rooting for me to be with her Scorpio son even if her son already has a girlfriend. So Anyway, he's generally a nice guy. He made my heart crazy for lots of things. But there was one time that he was at our apartment and we invited him for a game of scrabble but he looked at me saying he doesn't wanna play with me because he knows that I'm a writer and will try getting an English major and that he'll just lose, so he won't play with me. Too bad I never really stood a chance with this guy ayayayay.
  • Sagittarius: OMG OFMG THIS HAS TO ME MY CURRENT FAVE so I've met this guy through an app again (21st century romance man) then we both know we like each other but it was so fucking hard for me because he's Korean with no English and I'm still trying to improve my Korean so anyway, we got to the point where I ask about his height, he said he's 180 or 180+. Then he asked me about mine. I said idk i haven't checked in a long while but i'm small and petite, around 155 cm. And then he went on saying "What? Are you a fairy?" and Ifs2g I broke even with my cheeks so red and my limbs all flailing around like that is the best way to subtly insult slash tease a girl about her lack in height.
  • Capricorn: HAHAHAHAHA okay so I went on two dates with this guy cos I had a delusional crush on him and them after a prom, he started developing a crush on my as well. Basically, things didn't end up so well, but lemme tell you this: he is one very supportive guy. He did lots of cute things like 1. that merge camping at our school (he was my senior) when he made me sushi (but it didn't end up to me cos of misunderstanding) or 2. when he tried learning this Korean song that I like with his guitar. But I guess, the cutest thing he've done was he gathered his friends in a train station to witness him asking me to be his girlfriend. Curious what happened next? I didn't show up.
  • Aquarius: I noticed that the Aquarians I know are not afraid of gore and blood and horror and everything between these things. There's this one guy that I had a short mutual crush with, younger than me, and every time that I can't finish reading web horror mangas, I'd always ask him to finish the manga for me and tell me what happen next so at least I sort of finish the story as well. I always start reading scary shit, already knowing I can't do scary shit, then I run to him on pm for help lol. We'd always talk after midnight with all these scary topics but in the end, I was the sissy chicken.
  • Pisces: My previous and only ex is a Pisces. And in the span of time we were together, he did make a handful of cute shit. But what always come to my mind whenever I think of any good things we had was that, even if we literally live on both ends of the land, he will always travel back and forth just to go to my city. He would always do everything to go and spend as much time as he can with me. He always ended up using so much money to use a taxi to get home cos he'd always miss the train. It's really cute of him that he really showed how much he loved my company that much.<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

Hey Christina! I'm in desperate need of a really good fluffy/smutty Niall fic! Preferably completed and a bit more... what's the word... mature(?), although I will take what I can get. :) I looked through the fic rec tag, but I felt like asking you this way anyways. I love Whiplash and am patiently (although some days, not so patiently lol) anticipating an absolutely amazing chapter! You are really wonderful with writing and I hope you fall in love with Harper and Niall again. Thanks! :)

Okay, my dear… Niall fic rec time!

I have several favorites when it comes to Niall fics. So in no particular order, here are some!

In Other Words by @horansacked 

This story is wonderful and one of the first I ever read. Her writing is lovely and the story itself really sucks you in. I fell in love with Niall and Roxy. Even after all these years, it is still one of my favorites and I go back to it like an old friend that I can never say goodbye to.

What It’s Worth by @horangecrush

Another absolute favorite that I can never get enough of! Rosie is such a wonderful character and you fall in love with her from the beginning. Everything about this story makes me happy. If you want fluffy and smutty there is nothing better than this. It is such an easy read that you will breeze through chapters and still be left wanting more. I may have shed a tear or two as well. Reading this was like watching my favorite romantic comedy, but staring Niall. So ten times better.

LuisneGreineby @ohteefour

Okay, so admittedly I am a tiny bit biased by this story bc it may or may not have the main character based on me. Now. Completely ignore that part. Because Angelina is a wonderful writer who has an exceptional way with words. And I would love this whether or not a girl named Christina was the main character! So go read it. It’s adorable!

Other fic writers to check out include:

@afitzgeraldfic ie: Novelty Jumpers 

@popmusictrash ie: Worth The Fight

@nialledfrombehind ie: there's lots to choose from. heads up: its graphic

@nightingiall - Writings


@heart-attack-harryThese are Harry but Courtney is a wonderful writer

@wdmsusieAlso Harry but Susie is fantastic and worth the read!

I hope that you find this list helpful! I hope that all the lovely people I mentioned know how much their writing means to me and I’m sure a ton of other people! Keep up the wonderful work! 



Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 18x01

I’ll start with some overall thoughts all of which may not be pleasant, because we have a new showrunner.

The episode was tense but unevenly paced. The format felt very old school L&O. The first half is the case, and the second half is the trial. In the first half the ADA/lawyers barely appear, and in the second half the cops barely appear. That may be because of Rick Eid’s L&O past, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

I do think it’ll be great to get more Barba In Action scenes, because the courtroom stuff was almost non-existent at times in the last few seasons, but they need to work on the episode structure a little more. Characters kept disappearing for large chunks of the ep, and the tone was all over the place, which ruined the flow. Half the time it was like “OMG GUNS, SHOOTINGS, DEATH” and the rest of the time it was all somber and lowkey.

Also, the squad is severely understaffed. It was glaring in this ep. Sonny and Amanda kept working all the leads. Liv still gets out there, and Fin is still barely there (plus he’ll be the Sergeant soon), so there are only two detectives left. We really need another squad member or two.

And another thing, regarding Daddy Dodds; I posted that I was excited to see Liv struggling with her guilt, and having to deal with the grieving father of the cop she lost, but what we got in the premiere was not that. It was the classic, standard, same-old “Olivia has an asshole boss” storyline we’ve gotten so many times before. Peter Gallagher brought it, especially in that one moment when he explicitly blamed her, but the writing was just not there for anything more complex. And Dodds himself was never really acknowledged, certainly not by his teammates. My already low expectations were not met.

But let’s get to Sonny :D

Sonny’s New Hair


Sonny’s Butt


No but seriously, we did get two nice butt shots, for some reason, one of which was unecessarily long lol what am i saying it was totally necessary, thank you @nbcsvu

Sonny’s Grey Pants

TIGHT AS EVER ANd ok ok let’s get to the serious stuff.

Sonny’s Temper

I was a little taken aback by Sonny’s anger, and I’m not going to lie, I really hope it was this particular case which triggered his reaction and not an overall character shift. The truth is, Sonny is the de facto male lead now (as opposed to the comic relief, which he was in S16, and the strong supporting player he was in S17), and I fear the SVU writers don’t know how to write for a male lead without resorting to anger and violence.

That said, I would appreciate seeing Sonny further shifting into a leadership role within the squad. With each season, we’ve gotten a slightly different iteration of him (and Peter has somehow managed to keep the character consistent). If last night’s episode was a sign of that, fine. As long as it’s done organically and not by changing the essence of the character.

Also, to be fair, Sonny has been physical before (with Tommy, when he thought Bella was being cheated on, and with certain perps like that creepy dentist who molested his niece). And this was a very out-of-the-ordinary case which warranted his agitation. I still don’t know why he had to, like, yell like that, but I’m hopeful it was just premiere intensity (everything turned up to eleven). I mean, in one scene Sonny was like ‘oh well, let’s check out this address I guess’ and in the next he was like “DO YOU PAY HIS RENTTTT???????!!!!!!” Which, again, pacing and tonal issues. All over this episode. Even Fin was off. I hope they course-correct.

Sonny and Continuity

Thankfully we didn’t go wrong there. First of all, we got a classic Dr. Carisi moment, when he was all “I can tell from this note that this boy’s mother loves him deeply,” because Sonny is a non-licensed therapist, obviously. Not to mention, Dr. Carisi continues to always be right (the mom did love her kid, despite everything). Secondly, we got a solid reference to Sonny’s love of food (spanakopita!) and the fact Sonny literally knows every single diner plus their specialty. Also, we got know-it-all Sonny, when he was all “obviously they cut him loose, Rollins, they can get more leads that way, have you never watched a network procedural???”

And we also got, “Promise.” We got perceptive Sonny, knowing Liv is in a bad place. Knowing she’s worried, knowing she doesn’t want to lose anyone else. I said it in a previous post, but that was such a sweet, genuinely caring thing to say. “Promise.” That’s what Liv wanted to hear, and Sonny wanted to reassure her. That’s what he does. He always knows when his work family has problems (Liv, Barba, Amanda) and he always knows just what to say. Oh and another point for continuity, because Sonny continues to be sassy (his face when Fin put that racist asshole in his place? Gold.).

I gotta say, I also think Peter did a lot to keep Sonny in character despite the mostly expository writing and the added yelling. His lines didn’t help, but his expressions did. The sassy moment with Fin, the sassy moment with Amanda (“Call Barba”), the hilarious look he exchanged with Barba, the way he looked at Liv when she said “follow my lead” (because she sounded shaky, and he was concerned). I trust Peter to keep Sonny, well, Sonny. Always.

Sonny and The Law

A missed opportunity. There was an important question at the center of the episode, but there was no real discussion of it. I would have loved to get everyone’s thoughts on it, not just Liv’s. She did argue with Barba, but it was so soft and friendly. I wish someone had gone against her with arguments, instead of anger (like Daddy Dodds did). Speaking of, Daddy Dodds did quip “omg Liv, are you a cop or a defense attorney?” but Sonny is both a cop and an attorney, and we didn’t get to hear his opinion. Or anyone else’s. I would have appreciated, say, Liv and Amanda agreeing 100% and Sonny and Fin (lol who?) disagreeing with them, partially (like Barba) or competely. Like we used to get on early SVU.

The Barisi Corner

Again, I said it before, but they have come SO far. For them to share a knowing look, like that, for Barba to turn to Sonny, of all people, as if to say “omg Carisi do you believe this shit?”, that’s big. Sonny used to be the cause of those eye rolls, and now he’s in on them. That little moment (for which I credit Peter and Raul, who love working together :D) perfectly displayed their continued closeness, and Barba’s changed attitude. Yet another point for continuity.

Also yes they stood next to each other and Sonny was mixing patterns and that tie was very Barba-esque and they look so handsome when they’re in the same frame and they’re in love :’) wait no, that’s in my upcoming episode tag yes you heard me i’m writing it

Stray Thoughts

Death threats? What death threats?

Fin taking the Sergeant’s exam? What is a Fin?

Rollins has a kid? Where?

Hostage Negotiation? lol nah, Tucker will still be investigating cops.

Non-Stray, Perfectly Relevant Thought

Peter and Raul were looking especially delicious. I love their new hair.

anonymous asked:

Hi. I'm the anon who thinks knows the character you dislike the most. I think its Mika? As I said I love him but its also interesting to know other points of view. You dont need to answer if you dont want to. I can see why you are reluctant to do it. Plz be save from the fangirls. Also I really appreciate all the translations and contributions you give to the fandom! Gotta keep it alive! We have to stick together till season 3 or guren's series

Ah, I thought I was doing a pretty good job of hiding it haha. But you are correct, Mika is indeed one of my least favorite characters. It’s hard to explain in a way, but I’ll do my best to portray why. So this isn’t me saying that what I say next is true about Mika, it’s just how I personally see his character portrayal. I’ll also try and keep this short with more statements and I can clarify if needed on points later. (I appreciate your genuine curiosity and non hostile way of asking haha, so I don’t mind answering. And I understand that a lot of people like him a lot, as they have every right to. And yes to hanging on until new content arrives to breathe life back into us!!~) 

Don’t get me wrong, I love child Mika and am really hopeful of his current character development with the Shinoa squad. It’s just the rest that I’m not a fan of. Mainly because I don’t go well with his kind of personality. I get it, his past sucks a lot. I can’t even imagine how horrible what he’s been through was. However. He’s not the only one with a shitty past and present. Some obviously haven’t had it as bad, but some have also had it worse. Yet to me, Mika is the type of character that uses it as a mental crutch to excuse not forging onward in life. Which I personally hate. There’s so many great examples in Seraph of people who have had the literal life sucked out of them in so many ways yet continue in their own way to move on. Even if their way of moving forward isn’t necessarily good, at least they try to overcome. You can see this with Yu. Who despite holding onto his past and staying stubborn in his moral principles, is trying to grow, is trying to become somebody who can protect what he cares about. Sure, it doesn’t always work out the best, but he tries. Where Mika thinks that he can just sweep Yu up into his arms and run. Run where? How? Does Yu even want to run with him? But it’s fine not answering these questions, I get him thinking short term. It’s the fact that Mika doesn’t care about answering them because he thinks he is the only one who could know best. Because even though Yu and Mika are human and vampire, screw humans and vampires apparently. It’s like he forgets that the very family he’s so remorseful over failing were human themselves. Another thing is that I see him as being hypocritical because he acts like he knows everything, including what the humans will do and how they act, yet when any of the other characters try and say they could understand him or know something better than him, he doesn’t accept it. Understanding isn’t a one way street. (This is something I do see progressing positively however, the longer he’s with the squad)
And while I’m being honest, I’ve got to say that in the past, some of the fandom really did some damage for me in terms of liking Mika. It’s definitely gotten a lot better though as people realize they can have their own opinion and visa-versa. But there were some people that I’d encounter that would swear by our lord and savior Mika as the perfect and unblemished angel he is. Which just, meh. Meh. No character is perfect, and if they were, that’d be so boring and unrealistic. I also had some shippers that roasted Shinoa and posts I made that included her (even though it was just official art of her /alone/ as I don’t really post shippy things) and it really grinded my gears. And I wasn’t going to fight them, so I’d just im a friend on here that I was blessed enough to discover shared my views on Mika. We both could see all of these great things worth discussing, female characters worth talking about, plot threads worthy of dissecting. Yet all people would discuss was Mika (usually with Yu). Which to each their own, of course. We just talked in private instead. (Looking back at our convos…oh god we were so sassily salty X’D good times lol) At that time, I tried really hard not to let the fandom be the thing that ruined him for me, but I’m human. And am not going to claim the ability to control what shapes my opinions. And while I was struggling not to straight up hate his character, I kept getting ask after ask about him. Which of course didn’t help but now, I find hilarious. Sorry past me for laughing at your expense lol.
But I think I’ve touched on everything at least a little, and hopefully that makes sense? I’ve never talked about it because I think people see my blog as having influence. And I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I want to use such influence to sway people’s opinions in any way.

tanekore  asked:

Oooh! i'm sending you JayTim (I think that was obvious), please and thank you bb : 3

Thank you for the prompt, I had fun writing them! ♥ JayTim is amazing. I’m sorry for the late reply!

Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa: Jason, all the time. Like 10 times out of 10. Tim’s like It says PULL right here?? It doesn’t help that Jason has a tendency to get smacked by doors. A lot.


Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them: I feel like, Tim is the kind of person to make scrapbooks, okay? But he keeps it classy. He’s a classy nerd. While Jason just wants to be an asshat and doodles hearts and cheesy things all over Tim’s classy, fine, cool scrapbook. Except Jason’s secretly the biggest, sweetest sweetheart and is SO pleased when Tim is like, half annoyed but half totally pleased and happy and looks at Jason with this endearing smile.

Who starts the tickle fights: I’d say Jason, and I’m pretty sure it starts as a bit of a jab into Tim’s side like move you’ve been hogging the couch for hours and Tim makes this high pitched yelp and then totally retaliates and Jason just laughs so much because damn it, he wasn’t sure he was still ticklish anymore. Tim sneak attacks him sometimes though, once he finds out and it probably turns into sparring half the time.


Who starts the pillow fights: Tim, because basically, he’s willing to sleep anywhere but he wants at least a pillow okay and sometimes he tries to snatch it from under Jason’s head and Jason’s like excuse me, Timbo, really? and Tim’s like it’s my favourite pillow and Jason’s like that’s my pillow and they probably fight over it until one gets smacked in the face, lol. After Tim is like, fine, I will settle for the second best pillow and plops onto Jason.


Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile: Seeing as their sleep schedule is kinda messed up, it’s pretty random, but I feel like Jason would be the one who’d start thinking about everything right before he falls asleep and watch Tim slowly take over the whole bed and how he himself had died, woke up and somehow it lead him here, into a bed with a shameless cover hogger who sleeps in his best friend’s T-Shirt Jason kinda wants to punch Conner for that jk.

Who mistakes salt for sugar: Tim and he never realizes that that’s the problem. Like, he’s so appalled, is this past its expiration date, can coffee go bad, was it the milk, why is this gross he’d made sandwiches with salted tomatoes all the time while Jason’s like Tim, it was powdered sugar. Have you ever seen powdered salt? Also, bath salts. Enough said. This salt is kinda weird, but it’s blue, that’s kinda cool.

Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning: Tim, because Jason is an intellectual and he believes in quality food warm it on the stove or in the pot come on, while Tim is wolfing down a microwave meal like whut? Alfred calls it the true American horror story.


Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines: Oh my gosh, Jason. And like, most times it’s not even half sarcastic and he loves it because Tim plays along, or answers in a rational way with a smirk and Jason’s pretty happy about that.


Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order: Jason. The only tidy place of Tim’s is like, Tim’s computer. But Jason, Jason likes for things to be tidy. To be pretty. Also he really likes books. Likes reading and the lives he can live through them and likes to reorganize his bookshelves like, once every three months.


Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies: Probably Tim because he has like zero manners when it comes to eating, he’s a disaster. Jason’s guilty of just eating all of the raw batter though so they’re pretty even.


Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion: Jason, for sure. I think he just sometimes, gets reminded of the scent of the coffin? A certain smell of wood, damp, earthy air, old cushions. And he just wants it to go away because it weights on him, makes him feel panicked, trapped. And he likes the scented candles as a solution, because there’s so many and the house smells good and it’s cozy. Sometimes they forget to blow them out though, oops.


Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen: Jason’s the main doodler, I’d say. Tim retaliates by writing a message on Jason when he’s asleep and Tim is going somewhere.


Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation: Jason, because he likes reminders like these. Tim only ever got postcards from his parents and that’s why they’re a bit bittersweet to him, but he does like when Jason sends him something or they get something together, because it’s like Jason’s intent is different, warmer.


Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines: Jason for the lols and then it becomes Tim’s guilty pleasure and the source of many, many inside jokes.

in flashes


nick is fourteen when he hears about the will, eighteen when his uncle dies and he inherits an estate in the country, twenty-two when he has to make the choice: move there, or lose it.

it’s too big for him, too much empty space, but he goes. it’s rolling green hills as far as the eye can see. it’s a bright, open kitchen and food deliveries that come once a week.

nick learns to cook, to clean. to hum to fill the quiet.


he doesn’t realize, at first, that it’s a person walking toward him.

pig bolts, goes to greet the stranger, and it’s been so long since nick saw another person in the flesh that he doesn’t think to stop her.

when he gets close enough, this is what he notices first:

ragged clothes, not tatters but close, not hanging off the body but clearly too big // a marked limp, heavily favoring the left side // a small, aborted attempt to divert the course.

“there’s nothing round here for miles,” calls nick, and the figures stops in its tracks.

“I’m hurt,” he calls back, voice higher than nick had expected, and more strained.

nick should hesitate, maybe, before he says, “i’ve an extra room,” but he doesn’t. he doesn’t have any excuses other than that he’s been awfully lonely, and this boy has nowhere else to go.

“i can help, earn my keep.”

nick doesn’t even ask how, just says “yeah, sure, do you need help getting inside?”

the boy nods, flicks at his hair. nick comes closer, tucks the boy’s arm over his shoulder and has to hunch over to accommodate him. they hobble toward the house, pig trotting beside them.

and that’s that.

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The Demigods In
  • Students' types
  • Annabeth, A as in Always Better Than You: She's the girl with perfect grades, the one who flawlessly balances her duties as a demigod and as a student and still manages to have a social life, but the most important thing, she sleeps a minumun of eight hours each day, you have to look fresh as hell to either tackle that Chemistry problem or end a Titan's war right? How does she do it? A mysterie. No one is enterely sure (okay her mother is Athena but-). She's the top of her class, and deadly competitive, don't you dare to take her place unless you're ready to deal with the consequenes. The crown belongs to her.
  • Percy, P as in Procastinator: He's the guy who's too busy kicking monsters's asses to have time to finish that essay, he's the one who relies on Red Bull way too much, sleep? What's that? There's no time for such foolish things, that's for simple humans. It doesn't matter if it's 3 am and the exam is tomorrow, he'll probably be peacefully chilling and watching the latest GoT episode, there's still time after all... and if there's not, he should thank Annabeth because she nicely obligued him to study with her for that stupid exam.
  • Hazel, H as in Hell No: The quiet, nice girl that does not speak in class unless you ask her something. The teachers are fond of her because it seems that she's always paying attention, writing down everything they say, the perfect student. But after taking a closer look at her notebook... those are drawings, not the Born- Haber's cycle, you didn't know it, but she's been drawing the whole time. Thankfully, she always finds someone who's willing to lend her their notes after the class.
  • Piper, P as in Perfect Timing: While most students start studying for their exams at least a week before it, she always starts just a three or four days before the exam. What can possibly go wrong? They were just like... 80 pages to study, no big deal. To everyone's surprise, her grades turn to be pretty good (Although if you ask Leo, he'll say that strongly believes she cheats, or that she charms her professors, there's no way she's playing fair) and during the classes... she pays attention to everything but the teacher.
  • Frank, F as in Fashionable Mess: During the lessons he has a permanent horrified expression on his face, what are those equations? Where did that number came from? He never knows what's going on he gets constantly distracted by that small bee that's is flying around. So he studies, a lot, something admirable that only a few are able to do. The reward, he passes his exams, little by little those numbers begin to make some sense, not much though.
  • Leo, L as in Lmao: He never knows when the next exam is. He never knows when the deadline for that project was. He just knows one thing, that's he's some kind of Chemistry and Physics genius and that it's way too easy to cheat on the rest of the exams, if the professor is taking a nap behind that newspaper as he does the exam, the man is practically telling him to cheat, right?
  • Jason, J as in Jeez Annabeth Stop: Almost top of his class, always. But Annabeth is there, and there's no way he's going to beat the Athena child (not because she's smarter, but because the girl would probably hate him forever). He studies every day, trying to keep up with all his classes as best as he can. His grades? Extremely good, but if you asked him, after studying for four weeks for that Literature exam he deserved much more... thinking about it, he might prefer a lower grade before having to face Annabeth while she's hella mad.
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So I'm pretty new to the Richonne ship (been on board since end of season 5). Has the fandom always been this crazy when it comes to our OTP or is it only recent developments and the intro of whatsherface? Or maybe it's just Tumblr in general lol. Love to hear your thoughts!

*(Cont.) Clarification: the fandom as a whole 😊***

Anon, I was just going to post a “haters gonna hate” gif as my response to your ask because that’s essentially what it is. However, you asked for my thoughts so here goes.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of Richonners just focus solely on our ship and our faves, for some reason people have always felt the need to give their unsolicited opinions of us and our ship (typically on anon or in blanket posts left in the tag). At first, I think people were dismissive and called Richonners delusional because they believed (or hoped) the show would never put Rick and Michonne together. It’s just not something that has been done a lot on American television, especially with a show as big as TWD. When Richonne started getting more attention by the show and the media, I think emotions changed from that of derision to jealousy and apprehension.  

Let’s start with derision. There are some people who don’t want Rick and Michonne together because Michonne is a dark-skinned black woman and their small minds can’t fathom that Rick would be attracted to her (socialization is a helluva drug). Interestingly there is also a bizarre offshoot of that segment of the fandom that would be okay with Rick being with a black woman as long as she was lighter, i.e., Sasha. (And, no, I’m not saying all those who ship Rick with Sasha are like that, but that crackship has always puzzled given the very minimal interaction between the two. I guess that’s why it’s a crackship.) I think for the prejudiced and racist folks, any white woman is a better match for Rick than Michonne. Hell, they probably shipped half-dead, moss-covered Clara with Rick. I imagine it was members of that group that saw instant chemistry between Rick and ole girl…before they ever appeared onscreen together.

Some people were convinced that Rick and ole girl were going to be a match made in heaven without any supporting evidence other than, you know, their somewhat matching skin tones. Those folks, and a couple of Richonners, automatically developed an ole-girl defense squad and spent one weekend lecturing Richonners about our alleged mistreatment of the actress playing ole girl (again, this was before she was ever shown onscreen). We were accused of being immature bullies who were taking our ship frustrations out on an “innocent” actress. Interesting thing was Richonners didn’t do that which we had been accused. Meanwhile, Michonne and Danai were being called everything but their names and Richonners were the main (and, sometimes if felt like the only) ones defending both. We, in turn, were again called out by others and anons. We were called out but not the ones who were saying racist things and sending the racist and threatening anons. That’s when I knew that the only true allies Richonners had were each other. That leads me into the jealous faction.

I believe this jealousy comes from both anti-shippers and shippers of completely unrelated ships. Richonne used to be a ship that was easy for others to dismiss because, as I said earlier, some felt the show would never put Rick and Michonne together. When it started becoming more and more of a likelihood that Richonne was going to eventually go canon and when Richonne started to get more and more media attention, I think the pitying, dismissive, and condescending attitudes of others changed. I imagine it must be hard to see someone/something that you always felt was behind you in importance “suddenly” move past you. That is what Richonne has done with a lot of other ships. But if folks had really been paying attention they would have seen what was coming. More time, care, and thought has been put into building the foundation of Richonne and the Grimes Family 2.0 than any other couple (actual or potential) on the show. The show has been building towards canon Richonne since Rick and Michonne’s very first meeting. I think some are finally starting to realize that and the feelings of apprehension and resentment are starting to show themselves. So, not only are Richonners getting it from anti-shippers who realize that their great blonde hope is not the chosen one, but we are also starting to get these passive aggressive feelings from some who were supposed allies at one time (not all but some).

So that’s where we find ourselves today. The ship that people didn’t want to take seriously at first is the one that is going canon next and some folks, for a variety of reasons, are not pleased about that. I imagine things will only get worse the closer Richonne gets to canon but I don’t think most of my fellow Richonners really care. We will continue to do as we’ve always done and enjoy our ship and defend both it and our faves when necessary.

Welcome to the fandom, Anon! It can be a crazy and frustrating experience but the upside of meeting some really great people makes it worth it.

Listen up, Kingsmen, Kingswomen and everyone in between!

A couple of days ago, I asked if there was something like a Kingsman Fandom Tumblr Meetup and was quite surprised to see that there was none.

Well, this will simply not do!

So let us gather, my knights, around the Round Table that is Tumblr, where everyone has equal status. Let’s get to know the fandom, let’s share our experiences, our ships, what led us to this - being in this great fandom that’s brimming with artwork and fanfiction and gifsets and such passion for this movie and comics, that even a year later more and more fans rub their hands and create stuff or like, reblog, add hilarious tags or comments, new metas or headcanons. 

If you never participated in a meetup, I promise it’s super fun! Especially when you don’t usually contribute much to the fandom, because you either don’t create things or you don’t really dare because you rarely get much attention when you post something - meetups are perfect for sharing and being seen - as long as there are enough people that participate! Everyone is invited to participate, so please don’t be shy!

By no means do I expect this to work out perfectly right away, though. Meetups don’t always work out (because of time zones, not enough participants, people forgetting the meetup or simply having no time - though this is really no issue, I can’t even remember if I’ve ever been on time for a meetup, I’m usually 2 hours late or so, because - you guessed it - time zones) but I’m convinced that you lot won’t disappoint me :)

So please, like/reblog this to let me know if you’re interested and to let your followers know, too! 

very important: don’t forget to post everything under the tag

 #Kingsman Tumblr Meetup

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Age Of Ultron Romanogers Review

Ok Romanogers team! Grab a snack and something to drink, if you are over 21 you can grab a beer or some wine!. It is time to dissect AOU from a Romanogers POV 

WARNING: This post contains Spoilers, so you might want to skip it if you have not seen the movie. Also this post is PG13 for language :) But Enjoy!

 At the end of Age of Ultron Natasha and Steve were able to accept their past, and have come into terms with who they really are. They have been shaped by their past experiences, but they are no longer controlled by those ghosts. So lets begin with Captain America’s vision (Steve). Caps vision had to do with Peggy and the dance he never got to attend. In his vision Peggy tells Cap that the “war has ended, and he needed to go back home”. There is a scene during the party where Falcon asks, captain if he has found a house in Brooklyn, in which caps replies that he hasn’t, but still it would be to expensive to move back there. Brooklyn represents his past, that’s were he used to live before he went into that ice 75 years ago. During a scene in Clint’s farm, where Cap is standing at the front door, we hear Peggy;s voice saying “home” The ghost of Peggy still haunts him at that point of the movie. But he walks away. 

 OK so lets forward to a particular scene at the end of the film. We see Tony talking to Steve, Tony is saying his good byes. Tony tells Steve, that he will probably be building a farm house just like Clint. Steve then says, “aw the simple life”. Tony says, “You can have that”. The camera pans over to Steve, you can tell his reminiscing about the past, then he replies, “family, stability, simple life”. At this point I started saying, Oh shit Steve wanted a family too!! Just like Natasha!! We all saw how she acted around Clint’s children, you can tell that Nat wants to have that or at least something close to that. But lets continue..  Steve then says, “I wanted that too”. At that moment I started screaming with excitement!!!  he continues to say that when he went into the ice 75 yrs ago another person came out. Right then and there I realize that our Cap has moved on. He accepted that his past cannot be change. And that there is only ONE PATH. To move forward.

 Now lets dissect Natasha’s character. On the previous Avengers movie we see a strong, fearless and emotionless Nat. Hence the quote “Love is for children”. I know a lot of you guys will disagree with me, but her character has been developing. She has not been reduced to a desperate teenage girl, trying to find love like some say. Just like in real life, we all change. What was important ten years ago, might not be important now. And, what was NOT important then, might be now. Natasha’s character is transitioning, at this moment she craves to have some type of stability. She thinks she can have that with Banner. She knows Banner is a good person, she is aware that he also has demons, but she THINKS that she is able to change that. The BAR scene AHH we all love that scene right? Wrong!! lol We see Nat flirting with Bruce, she tells him that all of her friends are fighters, but there is this guy that doesn't like to fight. We all know that Banner prefers to run the other way around, he prefers to hide than face his demons. Now do you all remember what Nat did at the end of CATWS? Yep exactly she ran from her problems. In my opinion Nat sees Bruce as an equal, she can sympathize with him. She believes they are the same. “They are both monsters”.  

 Nat at this point has come into terms with everything she has lost in the past. Hence, the conversation in the farm house. She tells Bruce that she was left infertile. She knows she cannot change that. But still she wants something close to being normal. She might not be able to have a family. But still wants a chance in life. And she will do anything at this point to at least have that. She is willing to run away with Bruce, even though she is tired of running. In one of the final scenes during the battle we see Cap and Nat standing in a pile of wreckage or debris from the battle over looking the Horizon. I thought to myself, wow that is symbolic. Both of them had risen from the dark, and were able to conquer their monsters. The wreckage or pile symbolizes that, and they are both standing on top of it. But is a particular dialogue that gets my attention, the dialogue is short but meaningful. At this point in the film they are trying to get the people off of the rising city, but they don't have a plan. And if they don’t act soon, they can ALL die.  Cap tells Nat that they cannot go and leave the people stranded there. The Avengers have a choice to go, but their main priority is the PEOPLE not the Avengers. Nat tells Steve that she is not planning on Leaving. (Nope she will not run away again) I have a huge smile at this point. Nat then tells him Cap, “There are worst ways to go down”.(meaning to die) She says this while looking at Steve. Ok so who wouldn't want to die standing next to freaking Captain America?! I volunteer as tribute. ha Ok lets carry on. Steve turns around and looks at her, you can tell that he is proud of her decision. 

 So lets get back to Mr. Hulk, so he left on a jet plane, and don’t know if he’ll be back again. Good! I hope he never shows up. Just kidding. hahaha we all need a little bit of humor right? As we all know, Hulk never had a vision, he went into a rampage and began to destroy everything in his path. His demons are still in control. He has not been able to come into terms and accept who he really is. He fears that part of himself. Nat was able to control him a bit, but she was not able to fully changed him. At the end of Age of Ultron he decides to run away. And this is why I think Bruce doesn't deserve Natasha; After Nat pours her heart out to him he decides to leave her behind. Why did he leave? you may ask. He is selfish, at this point he is only thinking about him self and he is not willing to change that for Nat. He will never be able to give her what she deserves. Perhaps…maybe…because what he feels is not strong enough. 

 A funny thing is that when Nat was trying to get him to return, she tells him, “The fight is over, is time to come home”. It brought me back to the vision Steve had with Peggy, where she says, “The war is over, is time to come home”. But, due to the circumstances, neither Steve or Bruce returned “home”. But why? Because that is not the path they were or are meant to take. Bruce is not Nat’s home, And Peggy was never Steve’s home. Now lets rewind back to the infamous bar scene. I understand everyone is saying that Steve didn't give a shit, and basically told Bruce to go for it. Well I think otherwise. First of all, why would Steve walk towards Bruce in the first place? Steve tells Bruce, that whatever is going on with Nat is “NICE” LOL I LMAO when I heard that word come out of Steve’s mouth. Clever choice of words of the writers. I give them kudos. Then Bruce tells Steve, in other words that Nat was just flirting. Steve proceeds to tell Bruce that he has witness Nat flirting, and up close. (LOL I cannot believe Steve said that) then he grabs another beer! (I'm sure he will need that beer, he is getting ready to tell another man to go for the girl of his dreams) And that basically, what ever is going on with Bruce is more than just a “flirt”. Steve tells him that Nat seems relaxed with him. Come on! Steve Rogers out of all people, was able to notice that there is something going on between those two.

 Steve, the person that after 75 years of being buried in ice, has not been able to hook up with a girl. Yet he is able to notice their interactions and is giving a lousy love advice to his competition. Come on Rogers admit it, you have been spying on both of them, and have been noticing their interactions ever since. Why?? hmmm There is a particular cute scene at the farm with Clint and Laura, she asks Clint how long has the Nat/Bruce thing been going on? Clint sounds surprise at Laura’s question and says, “What thing”? Bruce and Nat? he starts laughing? haha thank you Hawkeye, we all did the same thing when we heard the news. At least we have him on our side ;) Anyway, he was obviously unaware. Clint?! You are Nats best friend, the person that saved your life. And you did not noticed the Nat/Banner thing? That ladies and gentleman prove my point that Steve had been eyeing Nat for a while. Steve believes he is not worthy. He thinks he will not be able to make her happy, like she deserves. He sees that Nat is “happy” when she is with Bruce. When you truly care for some one unconditionally you put their happiness first over all things. Steve was just being selfless, thats why told Bruce to basically “go for it” although his facial expression were saying something else. He put his head down when he said that, and he walked away. Bruce on the other hand chose himself, when he left. That’s why I believe that Bruce will never deserve Nat.

 The ending!!! Ok we are getting close. Are you all still tagging along? I sure hope so! I hope I'm not boring the shit out of you guys. So after the Steve and Tony convo the camera cuts to Nat who is standing facing a wall, the camera then zooms out and we see Steve standing right behind Nat. “Are you going to keep starring at the wall”? or “do you want to go back to work”? Steve asks. To me the wall symbolizes Bruce, or what IT could have been. Nat is still reminiscing at that. “Its an interesting wall” Cap says. Yes, it was tempting, but a wall is just a wall, there is nothing there. And Bruce is no longer there. That was not the path Natasha is supposed to take. Then Nat turns around, now she is facing Steve. She starts walking towards him. Yes thats my girl Nat!! she is finally choosing the right path. The ONE PATH she is meant to be on. And that is right by Steve’s side. 

 The End.

Side note:

 This is not the end of Romanogers guys. Have faith! There was a lot of references in this movie about children and family, and how the avengers were craving to have that at some point in their life. Specially Nat and Steve. So I have hopes that Steve and Nat will have a child. I though it was really cute that Clint named the baby Nathaniel Pietro Barton, after the two people that saved his life. The Fiji / postcard reference by Fury was hilarious. When people send postcards while vacationing is to let fam/friends know that they are having fun and they are ok. And to share their vacation experiences. Thanks Fury for letting Nat know that Bruce is doing fine without her. I though that line was genius.

bottledbronytears  asked:

Hi! I'm a one fandom kinda gal, so while I've been watching RT vids since '11 I never bothered to look into the fandom or its fic. I recently got smacked in the face with an amazing fic by Emono and decided why the hell not? I was wondering if you have any blog recommendations? Any authors I should look up? I'm a multi-shipper so I'm down for anything. :)

sweetheart, you came to the right place. <3

now, this is gonna get pretty long so i’m putting it under a read more. Below, i’ve listed some of my favorite fics, references, authors, series, etc. 

…… i read a lot of fics…..

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