I'm not fine

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"I need you to talk to me." and "I'm fine." or "It's fine." Any pairing

Not a pairing, I did some TV twins angst :3

“Alright homie, let’s uh let’s get some shit straight.” Taako paces in front of one of the living room chairs with his hand claps pensively behind his back.

Lup can feel him, almost see him though the black velvet curtains of her consciousness corrosive prison. He’s gone and propped the umbrastaff up in a chair with a candle on the end table in some poor recreation of an interrogation room. His agitation is like her own and she too begins to pace, prowling the walls of her magical tomb.  A tiger in a tiny cage. Scorch marks akin to claw marks mare the floor.  Outside Taako pauses, turning his full attention to the staff.

His fingers steeple over his mouth. “I need you to talk to me” he says finally, and Lup pauses because- it almost sounds like he’s addressing her. He kneels in front of the chair. “ Cause like- I think uh uh I think you might be alive- well not alive- you’re an umbrella but um- if you are like, aware I guess could you give me a sign? Cause honestly- having a living umbrella would be rad, but you gotta stop blowing shit up. Like I get that he was cold but I don’t really want a flame broiled bf, my guy.”

Lup laughs, she’s been doing that a lot more since she’s gotten her brother back. It’s been a lot easier to feel like herself since she’s been back at Tako’s side. Watching his and Merle and Magnus’ shenanigans have made her feel more alive than she’s been in a decade. Unfortunately her laughter doesn’t make it through the impenetrable black curtains that encircle her.

Taako watches the umbrella for a moment, then sigh s, straightening back up. “Yeah- that’s fine, it’s fine. Guess you’re just defective huh?” he looks forlorn. “Kinda hoped you’d come alive and set Merle’s stinky plants on fire but I guess I’ll just have to do it myself and blame you”

Lup’s shaking hands grasp the velter curtains. “Taako it’s me!” she’s shouting though wet laughter. “It’s me! I’m here! I’M ALIVE” she shakes the fabric violently, willing her voice, her battle cry, to follow the path her spells take out of this wretched place. “I’M ALIVE I’M ALIVE I AM ALIVE!”

The umbrastaff shudders, quakes, then rolls out of the chair and onto the floor, handle poised in Takako’s direction. He blinks, leaning down to pick it up. Then he smiles, brushing a careful hand across it. “Not much of uh- of a talker are you?” he asks, but the staff has one silent once more. He slings it over his shoulder. “That’s alright, neither am I.”

Its tempting to try and tear her way through the forest of curtains before her and forced her way out. But no- Lup takes a deep, steadying breath and uncurls a spell for her fingers. She won’t lose herself in the dark, not again. Patience is a virtue she been learning to keep herself sane. One day she’ll be free of here. Her brilliant, brilliant brother will figure it out.


What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Can vampires enter rented spaces? I don’t own my apartment, so do I have the rights to invite a vampire into my house, or does the landlord? Or does anyone have the power to invite a vampire into any residence? Vampires can enter public spaces without invitation, but what about hotels? What about small businesses where the owners live in back or on the floor above? What public spaces even remain in the hellacape of late capitalism?

Griffin keeps warning us not to expect too much from the mini arcs and on one hand I completely get it, I totally understand. But on the other hand I started this podcast listening to the entire three-hour episode of them figuring out how to play D&D, with absolutely no idea who they were before listening to that ep, and like… I know what this is gonna be, I know what I’m in for, it’s going to be this group trying to play a game while making jokes and honestly that is still completely what I signed up for. I am not going to be disappointed. I’m thrilled at the idea of a new adventure, even a small one.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: according to memory alpha there is exactly one (1) instance of quark ever breaking the law prior to opening his bar on terok nor (that time when he and his cousin barbo sold defective warp drives to the tarahongians). quark managed to avoid all charges for that incident by betraying barbo - so, technically, he had a clean criminal record, meaning that he started Doing Crimes in earnest only AFTER he met odo, which can only mean that petty crime was his way of getting odo to pay attention to him...right?