I'm missing you so much

(From left to right: Me, Mariah, Gabby) 

So, one of my best friends, Gabby (sociopath-in-stilettos), is moving to back to Minnesota on Sunday. And I think I should write a post about how much I’m gonna miss her. 

When I met Gabby, it was in 9th grade, 2013. We shared English and World History. Now, in English, we really didn’t talk to each other, but in World History, we became friends, as we were both the smartest in our class. We bonded over similar fandoms and likes, mainly, at the time, the Mortal Instruments and Twilight (I know, weird, but true). 

Gabby quickly became one of my best friends in the high school. We kept up with each other academically and socially, and it’s hard to find someone who can do that in that god awful high school we were at.

Eventually, Gabby invited me on a trip with her to New York City to go to the midnight signing and release party of City of Heavenly Fire. And we went and killed it. We shopped so much, stood in lines for hours, and got lost on more than one occasion. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken, and it was only for three days.

In tenth grade, me, Gabby, and our crazy friend Mariah (nerd-fighter-squad, who will be getting her own post) came together and decided to call ourselves the Tremendous Trio. And we were really freaking tremendous, if I do say so myself. We did everything, from shopping, to clubs, to classes, to movies, ranging from the Fault in Our Stars cry-fests to Project Almanac stab-our-eyes-out-fests to Imitation Game feel-fests.

But, Gabby, I’m really gonna miss you. You were, like, everything I could’ve asked for in a friend, and I hope I get to see you in Durham sometime.


The last time I ever got to see her was last week, when we went to see Paper Towns together. I don’t think Gabby enjoyed the movie that much (the ending pissed her off), but it was still great to spend one last time with her.

So, here’s to you Gabby! Love you, girl! I’m gonna miss the hell out of you, so you better text me often! When you get a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you better tell me so that I can interrogate them for you! And you BETTER Skype me when the Sherlock Special comes out!

I feel stupid for thinking I ever had a chance with someone like you. I feel stupid for loving you as much as I did. I feel stupid for believing every single lie you told me. I feel so stupid for crying when you broke my helpless heart. but mostly, I feel stupid that a year later, when you’re so far long gone, I still miss you like it was yesterday, still holding my breath, waiting for you to come home.
—  I feel so stupid

Alright, so a momentous occasion occurred last week. I cracked 100 followers! This is a big deal to me, as I sometimes feel like a very small fish in a really big pond. I’m thrilled that over 100 people think of me as someone who is worth following, and I so appreciate that all of you have stuck around. Here’s to the next 100!

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that time has come again; for a milestone bias list. i’ve had amelia for a little over a year, & in that time, i’ve gotten to met some incredible people, forging some relationships i could never hope to describe – relationships i will treasure forever. i have had the opportunity to write with some amazing & talented people, to laugh & to cry with many of you both in & out of character. when i first started around here, the indie scene for grey’s was just a tiny thing; only, like, four of us active at any given time. since then, i have gotten to see it blossom, & while we’re still a rather small, tight community, everyone here is so friendly, so wonderful. i am forever grateful for each & every one of you, whether i named you on here or not. for my friends in other fandoms, i love you guys just as much. our crossovers & aus give me life.

i have said it before & i will say it again; writing amelia has meant so much to me. she provides me a creative outlet, a place to channel my energy, from inspiration to devastation. she has gotten me through some really hard times. she reminds me every day that strength comes from pain, & that no matter how many challenges might be thrown my way, i can get through them, as long as i never give up.

thank you so, so much for following me, for reading my threads, for supporting & encouraging me. i love you guys. now i’m going to stop before i get too emotional, okay?


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so when I was first watching genrex when I was like, 10? 11? I was completely expecting a scene like this where Six gets his arm blown off and sunglasses shattered and surprise, android

especially after Serge says “Six? That’s a machine’s name. ” to him. finally I can express my imagination and personal taste in fake, out-of-style screenshots

it matters to me that bond trusts q enough to involve him in the plan because lbr bond knows fully well how to disappear by himself and based on the start of the trailer, he’s being all secretive about his “holiday” but then there he goes and asks q for help.

what does this mean, i don’t know, but i do know that i’m happy about it.

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