I'm laughing like a wild monkey

The whole Lord Hater is a space chimp theory is probably the most messed up twist I’ve ever encountered because when you put it into context with the show it just makes everything else so fucking wild like??? This whole time he’s been a fucking gorrilla??? A earth monkey has conquered several planets?? He’s enslaved entire races?? People fear him???like

It’s even worse when you think about it down to the individual characters’ actions, an earth chimp tried to kiss a 1000 year old queen because he thought it’d gain him more planets?? An alien taught an earth monkey a choreographed dance number  so he could impress a girl??? THINK ABOUT CPEEPS MAN!!! His entire life!! Serving a fucking gorrilla!!!! He’s fought for the favor and attention of a GODDAMN CHIMPANZEE????!!?!?!?!?

I JUST?????!?!?!?