I'm just so happy after watching it again

my dudes i’m serious though, wayhaught is truly so good. so so good. wayhaught is like that warm, comforting hug i so desperately needed. the warm, arms wrapped tightly around you kind of hug. the kind of hug that makes you feel safe and loved. that’s how wayhaught makes me feel, and given everything after 3x07, i never thought i’d feel that sense of warmth and happiness again. everything felt gloomy and i just didn’t know what to do with myself. but then i finally start watching wynonna earp, after seeing everything about wayhaught i decided to catch up. and that was a great decision. seeing those two sweethearts interact on screen, gave me back that warm, fuzzy, comforting feeling in my chest. i was so endeared by the both of them. wayhaught is pure, good, and so soft. wayhaught reminds me of sunshine, warm hugs, kisses on cheeks, and all the good, happy things in life. wayhaught is happiness. but most importantly, wayhaught for me…..it’s hope. i never thought i’d get that back, but i was wrong. wayhaught gives me hope, and for now that means everything.