I'm just so happy after watching it again

                hello kids, guess who’s home.   me!!!! i am home after just spontaneously crossing the pond to see my sister and chill at the beach and read in peace ( currently reading: angels & demons by dan brown. ) & i am just so energized???? like i haven’t felt this ready to tackle a week in a long, long while. i’m so happy tbh & at peace and also have very sore legs bc of all the walking around & carrying heavy backpacks but i also got to watch the ocean for an hour or so whilst in the ferry boat, thinking about stuff, making characters out of random people (creativity exercises 4lyfe) and just enjoying being completely on my own whilst being amidst so many strangers ; which is always my favorite thing. 

however, i don’t think i’m too keen on actually writing today so that may not be happening as i’ll probably go finish angels & demons and then go watch something on netflix / enjoy the silence / do homework. whatevs.

music for inspo //  short indie movie to watch out for // draft count: 46 + some stuff in the good ol’ inbox.