I'm just so happy after watching it again

I've got a lot of feels from watching this episode

First of all the Kacchako battle was lit 👌
Ochako is amazing
Aizawa elbowing Mic’s face XD

One of the things I’m happy about is the scene where Bakugou supposedly says “you had her fling herself so dangerously” in the manga scanlations after the fight, I thought it was weird for him to suddenly start showing concern for her but he was just pissed off at the fact tang she threw him off guard.

Also, I can’t tell if Ochako speaks in a Kansai dialect in Japanese, so she probably does in the raw manga. There were no accents on the subs so there sure as heck won’t be any in the dub.

My boy Izuku actually stayed behind and eavesdropped on Uraraka when she was talking to her dad….
He freaking teared up damn!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!! That’s so adorable!

Ochako is hands down one of my favorite anime girls of all time.

Did Endeavor really call his son a “that”?
Inko!!!! Someone save her please XDDDD
Welp the moment I’ve been waiting for is finally about to come so I am super hyped!!!!!!!!!
And I know for a fact that the Tododeku battle was animated perfectly, I mean the preview is so ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm really really grateful for everything. I lost my will to draw and create, something I always did to vent, after a tough breakup. Watching your speedpaints got me back to drawing, getting better and even reaching a point where I finally became a little happier again. Your art ( and you yoursel) pulled me through a really rough time, one I probably would not have gotten through otherwise. Thanks again, for being such a great example and inspiration.

I love you boo ok I’ve been in that exact spot before and I am SO happy I could help you even if indirectly

  • me, watching american gods and seeing ricky again: LOOK AT MY SON! PRIDE IS NOT THE WORD I'M LOOKING FOR!

Harry wakes up to an empty bed. 

The light in the bathroom connected to their bedroom is turned off and Louis’ phone is lying on the bedside table. It’s two thirty in the morning, they’ve only just came back home a couple of days ago, and Harry’s boyfriend is missing.

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The Gruvia Festival

I wanted to reiterate what others have already stated, in that the past month has essentially been a Gruvia festival for the ship’s fans.

We received lots of Gruvia in the anime filler arc, including ANOTHER unison raid, and cute moments like this:

The English version of the “Gruvia volume” of the manga was released:

We just had the Gruvia Special 413 Days animated brilliantly and they specifically aired it on the most romantic holiday of the year, VALENTINE’S DAY:

Fairy Tail’s monthly magazine featuring Juvia was just released, and there’s clearly tons of Gruvia-related content:

The FT spin-offs, like Fairy Girls, have had hints of Gruvia, and Gray’s spin-off “Ice Trail” also featured a very sweet appearance by chibi Juvia, which implied that Gray and Juvia’s eventual meeting was surely destiny:

Even the FT Mobile games have had Gruvia content these last couple of weeks according to tweets from Japanese fans, and things like this:

And last, but certainly not least, we got the amazingly huge moment between Gray and Juvia in the manga itself, which finally delivered our reunion in epic proportions:

Now, why am I listing all of these things? Because I also want to remind Gruvia fans that we were doused with a ton of Gruvia content from all directions, and within a short span of time, and therefore we are likely entering into a lull for our OTP. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

I know people are excited by the prospects of the time skip. I know people want to see what has happened to Gray and Juvia. We all want to see what they look like now, what they’ve been up to, and what their relationship status is. But, if the current pace and set up is any indication, it will likely be quite a while (a month or two AT LEAST) before we see these two again.

And that’s ok, you know why? Because Mashima left us off on such a high note with them. Big, big character development. Big, big relationship development. Progress and growth all over the place. It was so fantastic, we’re debating whether we want them canon yet or not. That’s how big of a deal it was - that canon is a major possibility.

However, the other major possibility with the reemergence of Gray and Juvia within the story is a gigantic TROLL. First of all, many of us are assuming Gray and Juvia have traveled together. Why? Because it makes sense. But what would we all do if it turned out they actually parted ways? Next, we’re talking canon, but what if the next thing we see of them, nothing at all has changed, and we just get the same old dynamic with Juvia in fangirly pursuit and Gray acting super tsun? Again, not realistic given what last happened between them, but still plausible.

The fact is, even if these dire examples I gave don’t happen (and hopefully they won’t) the chance that we will be greeted with a comedic moment the next time we see Gruvia again is very great, because of the tone of the new arc so far, and because Gruvia has gone a long time since it had such a classic moment.

Now, I love comedic Gruvia. It’s a huge reason I adore this pairing. But I love the note we were left on between them so much more, and because of that, I am content staying in that place with them for a while. I’ll take what Mashima gave us, plus all the other wonderful things we received this past month, and revel in them for as long as possible, until Mashima feels it’s time to burst my happy little bubble again haha.

So, appreciate what we’ve received, and ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF IT. Because there’s no guarantee we’ll get anything this amazing again for a while. And that’s completely understandable. We’ve been so spoiled, so it’s time for Gruvia to take a step back for a bit, and let the story unfold without them.

Instead, let the anticipation build, because I do think Mashima will tease the heck out of their fate along the way. You all know I love me some tension, so it’s fun to be excited every week, waiting to see which character will turn up next, learning how things have changed for everyone, and hoping we’ll get hints to my OTPs whereabouts.

So, I’m right there with anybody who wants to see Gray and Juvia ASAP, but at the same time, I’m ok with where we are right now, too. This is a happy place, and I don’t mind remaining in this feeling for a while longer. I’m good lol. 

But if you’re anxious, go back to 416, reread volume 46, go back and watch 413 Days, anticipate the translated content of Juvia’s mag, and most importantly, just enjoy the current storyline of the manga. Gray and Juvia will show up again eventually. Mashima knows their fans are dying to find out what happened to them during that year, and especially after their wonderfully intimate moment. He purposely created that recipe for anticipation, so don’t worry, he’s going to come through, you just have to wait for it. ^^

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Hi! Been away for months, from Tumblr and SQ (bc reasons) just started watching again and 3 sec in had to pause and ask you this (sorry if it's already been covered). So Aladdin is a savior w/o a chance at happy ending? Remember when Emma was Aladdin after she floated to Regina on the collapsed bridge carpet? With the TL music? Please tell me I'm not the only one seeing this parallel? ^-^ What are your thoughts on that? Thank you in advance!

Hi and welcome back!

I think we should probably make a masterpost for all the posts about Aladdin and Swan Queen. Here are a few, but if anyone wants to reblog and add some, then we can put them all in one place. Seems pretty relevant before the start of the next episode especially.

My thoughts in a nutshell… For Aladdin and Jasmine to be together in the first film, Aladdin had to admit that he wasn’t a prince. This season we have Emma wondering who she is, if she isn’t the Savior. So if they continue the parallel, then Emma’s sense of self was always an obstacle between her and her Jasmine, Regina. Emma needs to admit that she is somebody even when she isn’t the Savior.

So we shall see if that’s going to tie into what’s coming…

EDIT: Link added.

Erased - (Part 2/3)

Read Part 1 Here. 

Part 2- It takes about 0.3 seconds for Robin to be completely infatuated with Regina. Again. 


Regina had had to act quickly and smartly. Lest Marian start asking Robin questions he wouldn’t understand. About her. About him and her. So, the next day she had Mary Margaret pull Marian away from her happy little family in the diner, telling her something about an official mayoral welcome, only to meet Regina outside.

‘You.’ Marian said, her eyes narrow and suspicious. 'What are you doing here? He saved me with true loves kiss you know? Whatever the two of you had was meaningless.’

The remarked burned. Regina knew it had been anything but meaningless, and the mere thought of someone thinking so little of what they had hurt. But she couldn’t let Marian of all people see that.

'Relax.’ Regina scoffed. 'I just wanted to let you know that… your precious husband has no memory of his relationship with me.’

'What?’ She asked.

'He knows about as much about me as you do. I’m the evil queen, the one who terrorised villages and tortured hostages. No more no less. Though I hope someday you will both start to see who I am now. The two of you will be very happy together I’m sure.’

'How? I don’t understand.’

Regina ever so briefly wondered if this was why Robin was unable to fall back in love with his wife on his own accord. The girl’s questions were irritating. Regina felt as though she had said everything she needed to.  But she also knew she couldn’t afford to think that way. She needed to start dismissing all thoughts of Marian and Robin, in any capacity. The sooner this conversation was over, the better.

Regina waved a hand. 'It doesn’t matter how, or why. It is what it is. Please do not bring it up with him as you will just confuse him.’

'What did you do to him?’ Marian demanded.

'Only what was necessary to save you.’ Regina said. 'It is definitely not necessary for you know the details. Just know it was with saving you in mind, so, you’re welcome.’ The last part was said with a bite of sarcasm that went largely unnoticed by both Marian and Mary Margaret.

Marian nodded. 'He really doesn’t remember you?’


'And Roland?’

'Does. But I’m sure he’s just happy to have his mother back. I doubt it’s much of an issue.’

Marian still looked at her warily. But eventually nodded. 'Ok. Thank you for helping to save me.’

Regina couldn’t bring herself to say the words you’re welcome sincerely. So said nothing as she watched Marian walk back into the diner to join her family again. She could feel Snow’s sympathetic gaze.

'Don’t.’ She growled. 'I do not want your pity.’

She stormed away. Thankfully the girl had enough sense to not follow her.

It was a week after rescuing his wife from the curse that had befallen her he spotted the woman.


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