I'm just really insecure about my body now

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Hey do you ever feel self conscious of being naked, especially in front of Hope? I'm not entirely comfortable with my body or showing it to my partner. Advice?

When we first started dating I was really self conscious about being naked in front of her. I have insecurities about my body that would haunt me. But then I kept telling myself that she truly loves me, which means all of me, and that I shouldn’t feel worried to be so vulnerable with her. Now if I ever feel a little bloated or unsexy or just not beautiful, she’s always there to reassure me of her love for me.
Trust your partner. If they truly love you, they’ll love every inch of your soul, mind, heart, and body.

Oh my god please don’t let this whole girls shaving their face thing become a trend/norm, young girls are already feeling pressured to shave like 90% of their body, I literally have no respect for these “beauty gurus” now making videos saying how awful and hairy your face is if you don’t shave that as well. Why are we just adding things for women and especially girls to feel insecure about. Ffs.

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hey bf!!! this is really gross so I'm so sorry but I've been breaking out really bad on my chest. more specifically inbetween my boobs and above. they are like really red irritated pimples and I don't exactly remember when I first started seeing them or if it's even normal to break out there and I don't know how to get rid of them especially since summer's coming up and I wanted to wear more low cut tops. I'm super insecure about my chest now :/ thanks in advance!!!

hello !! body acne is completely normal, I sometimes get acne on my chest. 

according to this skinacea article, it provides a variety of solutions (I’ll just list a couple to keep the list short but feel free to read them all for yourself)

  • it’s getting warmer so your body will sweat more and so dirt and other bacteria can build up and cause these break outs. they suggest you shower after sweating and/or exercising.
  • wash clothes and bras regularly (especially if you get acne in between the boobs).
  • don’t wear clothes that are too tight. clothes should be breathable (cotton fabric is the best).
  • use non-comedogenic body soaps/body wash/lotions with minimal ingredients. avoid fragrance, perfumes, and dyes. you can actually use face or baby lotion on your chest since they are formulated for more delicate skin.
  • don’t pick at them !! this can cause more breakouts and scarring.

I hope these help, try not to stress to much about them though !! that can cause more bumps + im sure you’ll look amazing this summer regardless.

- Gly

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Is having really small boobs as unattractive as I think it is? I recently started seeing this guy but he told me that my boobs were too small (they are AA or A) and now I feel like no one will find my body attractive. By the way I stopped talking to him but now I think I'm too insecure to even think about seeing someone else.

W O W what a crusty, crusty asshole. there are so many boys who like small boobs, just because one chode didn’t and decided to be vocal about it doesn’t mean you have to swear off dating for the rest of your life. t r u s t me, small boobs are not the end of the world. I have such small boobs that I can’t even fill AA cups, so I have to buy children’s bras from target. there’s nothing wrong with having small boopies!!! I personally think they’re cute. don’t be ashamed of your body for any reason please

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I am really insecure about my body and i know that my crush wants to have sex with me... ANd idk if i'm ready yet;o like i really hate my body and i'm nervous that he wouldnt like it...:( help!