I'm just happy it got animated


Just some scenes that I wish would’ve been animated in Book of Atlantic.
It is the small details that matter most.

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Wow the ask box is open and I have no idea what to ask...would you ever come to the UK? What was your favourite subject at school? Favourite colour? Do you ever struggle with self confidence? What makes you happy? What's your favourite animal? How are you doing? Sorry, you don't have to answer all of these, I'm just a little overexcited

I’ve been in the UK and I loved it! I’d really love to come back there. I actually got to know Assistant in Oxford (The city, not the university orz)! 

My favorite subject was English

My favorite color is orange

I have too many confidence issues, but it got better

Making people happy makes me happy

My favorite animals are jellyfish and robins

Also I’m doing pretty good these days hehe, thank you for asking!

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OK SO I JUST WANTED TO TELL SOMEONE ABOUT THIS so at my school field trip on Friday we went to the zoo, and the teachers got everyone tickets to go to this special exhibit, so I'm thinking "no biggie ok." SO WE GET TO THE THING AND I FIND OUT THAT IT'S LITERALLY JUST DISPLAYS OF DEAD ANIMALS TURNED INSIDE OUT (like a bunch of animals with certain parts displayed/organs and stuff) A BUNCH OF KIDS WERE GETTING SICK BUT MY ANXIETY IS OVER HERE LIKE "WADDUP BOI I'M JUST CHILLIN ALL HAPPY AND SHIT"



My current mental state: Crying because Season 2 of Attack on Titan was perfect, it was pretty close to the manga and I’m just so happy I got to see what I love animated in gorgeous colors. Also Ermika and JeArmin are my current obsessions. 

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hello! when i was a teenager i watched the anime Ouran High Host Club and that's when i started feeling comfortable with not caring about my gender. i never understood the gender binary and how i felt being forced aligned in one direction when i always just felt so... whatever! just nothing! and seeing haruhi not care at all made me feel comfortable in my own skin. isn't that great! i'm so happy!

OHSHC was a fantastic anime and one of the first animes I really got into. It’s message is wonderful I remember laughing through each episode; the characters were endearing and I loved them all so much! And the fact that Haruhi could help you be comfortable in your own skin really shows that the show is so important! She didn’t care if people saw her as a boy or a girl, to her gender never mattered. She could present as a feminine girl, or present as a boy and she was happy either way. Not to mention overall she was very kindhearted!

Also just.. the way that the club would react to how lower class people lived always made me laugh, it was so ridiculous. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen the anime, but from what I remember it was very well done in how the addressed gender and other important topics.


MET @thenathanzed & HE SAID ‘DOODLESBYADZIE’!!! we were like old internet buds reuniting!! I’m so happy to have met him!


I was tagged by @clumsybee to list 5 things that make me happy and then tag 5 other people!
1. My boyfriend! He’s truly a diamond among the dirt.

2. Animals!!! Just looking at them makes me happy. I have a cat, Gracie, and a dog, Bella. My other fav animals are snakes, spiders, bats, axolotls, just any cute animal seriously animals are great.

3. The kids at my job!! I’m a teachers aide and the kids truly make my day. The kids going into 4th grade this year are my fav because I’ve been with them the longest (I volunteered with them the year before I got my actual job).

4. Biting into the food I really want when I’m really hungry. (Not much to explain about this one haha)

5. Going shopping! Buying cute things! Getting packages in the mail!

The 5 people I’m tagging are @carnival-toys @twinklebunny @gilmore-grohls

@siiiybands @softsparklystuff If I didn’t tag you and you wanna do it feel free to just say I tagged you!!! On the contrary, if I did tag you and you don’t wanna do it no worries!!!

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top ten favorite animated movies

!!!!!!! I got one!!! I’m so happy!!! Also thank you for giving me 10 choices, that makes this a lot easier!! OK, so, as of right this second in just about no particular order:

1: Lady and the Tramp

2: MyScene Goes Hollywood

3: Barbie and the Three Musketeers

4: Curious George

5: Monsters University

6: 101 Dalmatians

7: Kiki’s Delivery Service

8: The Black Cauldron

9: MyScene Masquerade Madness

10: Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time

*Also, special shoutout to Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp’s Adventure which I’ve watched at least 20 times in the past week because it’s great background noise and I can’t think of anything else as lowkey to watch

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This here.

This animation have been fed by my tears and blood. Especially the editing part.

But I’m quite happy with it! I’ve got a bit lazy by the end but it’s an overall start! Hopefully I will continue to do things better in the future as this was just a beggining to shake off my frame by frame animating skills from rust and dust while practicing animationg fire elements. Oh, and the snow flakes were made at the very end as a last minute addition, that’s why they look so sketchy and out of place.


Dearest darling followers, may you have a very happy and prosperous new year! And for my fellow Gintama lovers, may we never forget that upon this day, our lovely protagonist above got so shit-faced that he fucked none other than his friend the MADAO. Bless Sorachi Hideaki, and let’s hope for a great new year with more Gintama anime!

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I'm happy to say That I got my first animation system!.... But of course I'll never be as good as an animator as you ^·^

No no no!
Never say that! You can be better than me if you try, just be patient and practice as long as you can, there’s always time for improve your skills! ^^

Journey to FUN!

It’s here! It’s been over 6 years since any Bionicle animation longer than 3 minutes has come out, and there’s clearly been a significant budget increase to this G2 reboot’s episode-style format. We’ve got 3D animated toa and villagers alike, along with a lively crew of creatures and a villain who manages to simultaneously be Starscream and Megatron (sorry, I had to, but the link is a StamperTV comedy sketch that is as relevant as it is not safe for work).

If you’ve played or seen screenshots from the Mask of Control mobile game, you know basically where the overarching story is headed. The two and a half episodes we have are the full tread of the winter wave, and end on a “cliffhanger” for summer that’s of course entirely blown out of the water by leaks. As usual though, it’s the moments in between that really shine and liven things up. Journey to One is definitely many things at once, but above all it succeeds at being fun!

Just don’t let the ramblings of this over-devoted fanboy be your first experiences with this show; it’s got tons of charm that can only be expressed by a visual medium! Spoilers and such abound below, so Netflix binge excessively and then come back, won’t you?

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No one who knows these two well would have to be convinced that there is something a lot deeper, a lot more personal in their fabulously successful working relationship than a happy combination of talent and drive.


Year-Late Painted Eggs!

As Erin reminded me, last year we painted up 4 chicken eggs and several quail eggs for Spring (we don’t really celebrate any specific holidays around Spring, just the general-ness of cute baby animals, fresh vegetation/flowers, warmer weather and sex) and took picture of them. Hell, I was so excited that I set up an entire photo-op with all of our Special Spring Items. Then we got sick. Luckily, we also got better (Monty Python nod), but by the time we were it was awkward to post up painted egg photos.

So you get them now. Because we didn’t paint eggs this year. We ate flowers instead. Happy Spring!