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Are you australian?

Australian? Yeah mate, I’m totally an Aussie, I’m not American or an- *trips, hundreds of guns spill from pockets* Fuck those aren’t mine I swear I’m just holding them for a friend I- *slips on a pile of bullets* fu ck no they’re not mine I hate guns they’re dangerous I just- *more guns fall out as I fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN!


someone has a case of “fallen and can’t get up”

I am going to talk about some of my stories below, if you would like to talk about them with me I would be very very happy and appreciate it very much, but its ok if not, i just wanted to talk about them anyway

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Words cannot describe how happy I was to wake up this morning and find my Kingsman Planner waiting for me!

I love everything about it! From the pinstripe cover to the nearly laid out dates to the drawings to the stickers that are so awesome I’m gonna have to be strategic when it comes to using them!

Thank you @yesharrynoeggsy! And @aomaoe! And @cpointss! And @dissectr! And @bone-kun! And @cjoints! All you lot are stars and you spoil us rotten!

Caryl Appreciation Week - Day 6: Moment You Think Is Underrated

[.gif by @rottenwasp]

I think this moment meant a lot more than it gets credit for. Like, how many times have we seen Daryl want to make eye-contact with someone? Not many. How many times have we seen him so desperate to look at someone and to have them meet his gaze that he just keeps staring? That would be never.

But he could not take his eyes off of Carol. And that said so many things;

He missed her.

He probably could not yet believe this was real so he had to keep staring at her to make sure she wouldn’t disappear.

He was revelling in her beauty and thinking about how pretty she looked in the moonlight duh.

So he wasn’t staring at her solely because he was worried about her, but also because he was still so overwhelmed by her that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

And he was so worried about her that he would not stop staring at her until she looked at him.

Even after she tells him she doesn’t want to talk about it, he just keeps staring. Watching her. Waiting for her to turn her head because he’s dying for her to look at him, just give him a sign that she’s okay.

And it’s only when Carol finally looks at him that Daryl responds. But even after she’s turned away from him again, he keeps staring at her until they’re interrupted.

He just can’t help himself.

So, if they didn’t hear cannibals lurking in the trees, I’m willing to bet Daryl would have stared at her all night, or at least as long as they were on watch.

I need someone to write the filthiest, dirtiest, smuttiest drunk!ziam please like maybe the first night they’re official boyfriends or actually maybe they’re at a club and one of them gets jealous I just need drunken ziam with sloppy blowjobs and desperation pretty pls

Calling someone out is rude. You can sit there all day and say that it isn’t. That you were “just calling them out”, but the intent of calling someone out is to publicly humiliate and shame someone, and that is rude. There is a major difference between calling someone out and going to someone privately, stating why what they’ve done has upset you, and resolving the situation from there. That is the mature thing to do. Calling someone out is petty, childish, a desperate cry for attention, and rude, regardless of what tumblr culture has taught you to believe.

Hello! 👋

I have zero vegan friends 😔 so are there any vegans out there who live around the GOLD COAST, BYRON BAY, SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND, NORTHERN NEW SOUTH WALES or BRISBANE area who would like to meet up and hang out?
I’m craving connections with like-minded people (not that my non-vegan friends aren’t awesome I just can’t hang out with them the same way if that makes sense?)
Message me if you’re interested!
P.s. I feel like I’m so desperate but I guess I am hahaha

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Really hope I'm not too late for your lovely blurb night (and if I am I'm very sorry, I can't get timestamps on the mobile app >.< ) bc I desperately need Michael (or any of them really but I haven't seen many Mikey ones tonight) being super cute with his 5 y/o daughter... CANT'T YOU JUST SEE IT I mean piggy back rides and going to the park and her begging him to teach her guitar on her little tiny kid sized acoustic she got for Christmas while mom watches from the sidelines ugh kill me

Michael was always a very involved and loving father. Every opportunity he had to spend time with his 5 year old princess, even doing the stupidest little things, he took without a question. Even though Michael was on tour his little princess always followed him around. He’d carry her on his back as he walked around the arena getting a feel for it, and imagining all of the people going to be there tonight. Whenever he had a break she would beg him to take her to the local park, and they would end up swinging on the swings together. Your daughter would scream out “Daddy ewww we are double dating!” every time that Michael would be swinging at the exact same time as her. Lastly Michael’s favorite things to do would be to teach her how to play guitar. She would run into the room carrying the little pink acoustic guitar that Michael insisted on getting her for Christmas. Michael would sit “criss-cross-applesauce” across from her so she would be able to watch his fingers as he played simple chords. After about 5 minutes the both of them would be playing a random melody, and her mother, you, would be sitting on the small couch watching the scene play out. When your daughter finally got the note that she has been trying to get the whole time she would scream out in excitement. “Mommy! Daddy! Did you hear that?! I played the note!” Both you and Michael would be swelling with pride because the both of you knew that she was going to be as punk-rock as her dad one day.

Parent!5sos blurb night with me is over!

I hate this. Why the hell do guys think that girls should date them just because they talked to them one. fucking. time??? And just because you have a girls number that doesn’t mean they want you constantly texting them and calling them “beautiful” and shit like that out of nowhere. It’s fucking creepy. Especially when there’s an age gap.


If you have ever loved me
If you have ever talked to me
If you have ever seen a show
If you have ever sung a song
If you have ever seen a Disney movie
If you are human


If you find them, message me with the link, tag me in a post, just plEASE PLEASE PLEASE

I will make a collage for you! (I don’t have gifs but I will do my absolute best work)

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This is a different kind of sad.

It’s like you’re drowning in the ocean and only seeing blue. You see the sunlight slowly fading and you try to reach for it, to grasp it, but you keep sinking. And your throat burns from the salt water and screaming and you remember everyone you love and realize that they’ll never know, that to them you just left one night and never came back. And you keep screaming and choking and desperately moving to try and get to the surface but it isn’t working and you’re so fucking afraid because you’re dying and no amount of screaming can save you and this is where your entire world, entire existence, ends and no matter how you felt in the past, you don’t want it to end.

But it is, and there’s no coming home anymore, no more breakfasts, no more talking until 2 am, no more petting cats when you coming back from the store, no more cold days spent drinking hot chocolate and watching movies, no more dreaming, no more music, no more holding hands, no more anything.

It’s like that

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“What are you doing out here?” 

The blond stands in the middle of an abandoned road, the buildings around them all crumbling and ruined. Plants have begun to overtake them, betraying that whatever disaster had befallen this place not a recent one. The entire world was in ruin, had been all but wiped out save for the last remnants that desperately struggled to survive in the crumbling city. If vampires or the horseman didn’t take them, then starvation or the virus did. This world wasn’t a kind place anymore, if it had ever been. 

Yet this human, he seemed fine, seemed like he’d been thriving despite the fact that he was alone, and that was enough to warrant suspicion. He wasn’t wearing their uniform but was he with the army? Mikaela couldn’t just let him pass, he was too close to his family. Too close to the only thing he had left in this twisted world to protect. 

“You’re going to get yourself killed wandering alone,” he asked, trying to gauge the other’s reaction. He expected one of two, either he’d be attacked, or the other would run. 

He was just another vampire, after all. 

                                                    Mikaela Hyakuya | Seraph of the End | @undyingxloyalty


you go through a period where you don’t have an fp and you’re desperately searching for one to the point where it’s all you think about. and if you start talking to someone and determine that they can’t be your fp (for whatever reason) you drop them and keep searching and searching and searching and oh my god you’re so lost and alone

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*shyly slides Url in* --> [ ♛ ] I-if you want tooo ^w^

url meme. // accepting!

my opinion on;

character in general: I think my opinion on canon tsukki is leaning towards the neutral side bc I never rly liked/disliked him it was just like. look at that baby crow. that baby crow is there. that’s ok. sdjfsdhgfs
how they play them: and here’s how your lovely portrayal kicks in and fucking breAKS MY HEART (or fills me up with determination tbh both are correct you write fluff and angst well aaa) because everything feels just so vivid when I write with you and like. there aren’t any loose ends and things are always clear and complete am I making sense—– your tsukki is wonderful hhh
the mun: if you guys have luki as a friend you are seriously blessed.. I kid you not, this cutie is an amazing friend and a very caring person he’s prob an angel (♡´艸`)

do i;

follow them: y e s
rp with them: WE HAVE SO MANY THINGS
want to rp with them: I want 53 threads
ship their character with mine: I never even thought abt shipping kagetsuki until I met you and now Here I Am in shipping hell thanks luki

what is my;


**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

|| nice to meat you

    He looked up at the building. Hunger. Tiredness.
    All sorts of things tried to pull him down but he ignored
    them, as always. His inner voice rambled about how
    desperately he needed some food and water! Damn, water.
    His muscles were sore but there was a promise behind
    those shrunken walls; a map to a vault key. Very promising, huh? 

(  They fucked with us. It’s a trap. The reward was still too high, even for a vault key map. I wish I could’ve talked properly with those guys but no, grunts and growling doesn’t help by conducting risky transactions. )

    Despite his senses telling him to leave, he moved to find
    an entrance - or just break through a door or window.
    After looking around and not finding any easy path in, he
    simply crashed through a dusty window, not caring about the
    cuts. He needed the money. Day after day he had slept on the
    street or… somewhere else, being threatened by all sorts of
    people and even woke up to a baby Skag gnawing on his leg
    ( he hobbled a little, nothign which would stop him though; just
    a scratch. Nothing more. Blood leaking through the dirty bandage.
     Whatever. No money to get health kits anyway. )

    Krieg didn’t think about that some henchmen of Hyperion might
    take a look at the alleged hideout of an alleged vault key map.
    He didn’t think about bandits coming down here. His mind was
    too blurry. 

( Move, for god’s sake. At least don’t stop and stare at the ground. Worry about that later. Defending yourself was never a big problem.  )