I'm just as desperate for them as you are


someone has a case of “fallen and can’t get up”


we currently have 7 feral cats that I am trying to find homes for by the winter. 2 are adults, the rest kittens. they are all friendly (the tabby and the tortie are still a little skittish) and loving. we also have 2 of our own indoor cats that we care for, and taking care of 9 has become expensive and tiring. if you live in the central Pennsylvania area and are looking to adopt a cat, please let me know. I am not asking a fee for them, just the promise that they will be taken to good homes where they can be loved and cared for.


Okay but can you imagine the conversation Pearl and Amethyst must have had on that ship and how scared Pearl must have been for Amethyst with what she remembered from Homeworld and just wanting to protect this poor little Kindergarten gem from the world that fucked up Pearl and Garnet so damn badly that Pearl thinks she’s only worth something if she can die for someone and Garnet wasn’t even allowed to exist can you imagine how desperate Pearl must have been to save her from that it fucks me up

Please help Jake to live.

Jake would love it if you could donate some money to his cause, he “wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t desperate.” Read below to find out more.


“Jake is a 19 year old transgender guy living in England.

For the past few months, he has been facing difficulties at home leading to now where his family are cutting off his use of basic facilities like water, electricity, the kitchen and internet. Along with all this, he has been told his door will be removed from his bedroom, leaving him with no privacy.

These things will result in him not being able to eat a warm meal, charge his phone to contact anyone, apply for housing/jobs and have privacy to sleep or get changed. His family refuse to formally kick him out, however it is clear that he is being forced to do so.

Those conditions are no way for a person to live, and no one should ever have to have their basic human rights compromised by parental figures.

As said previously, Jake is transgender and has thus far recieved no respect or support from people at home in making him feel more comfortable with himself. He is treated unfairly in comparison to his siblings with belief it is because of his transition.

This fundraiser is to pay for rent of a room in a house share for 2 months - working on a weekly basis - while he searches for work in the local area. Jake does currently have a job and enough for a deposite, but his money also needs to stretch for food and travel expenses. He is a musician and will offer a small compilation of music to anyone that donates.

Jake and I would never ask for financial support if it wasn’t absolutely neccessary, with Jake himself saying that he’s not using the internet just because he can and that he’s definitely not using this platform as an easy way out.

It has got to the point where Jake cannot physically live in this transphobic, manipulative environment and needs to move out immediately before more things like his possessions are being threatened.

This fundraiser has been set up by Alex, his boyfriend and I want to give a massive thank you to anyone that will donate. I have seen Jake try to work and reason around these problems yet be forced further into this situation.

Again, we’d both like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us through our endevors.” About This Campaign from Jake’s GoFundMe.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m so desperate for Kaisoo interactions that anytime either of them glances at the other for a second I’m just like, “omg?1?!!? Did you see that??!?! Did you see how much fondness and love there was in his eyes??!?!? They’re so in love!!!!”

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Omg, the shirts sound amazing! But imagine if you saw another Pony shipper in person. You would go to them and it would be awkward until they see your shirt. After that, you would just fangirl together and write fics about them..

When I was walking in Disney, I saw a girl with a My Little a Pony shirt on. I had to force myself not to freak out, I mean CLEARLY this girl isn’t wearing the shirt because of the gay couple that only like 3 people around the world actually ship, but still.
Now I realize that “Pony” will never be the same to me.
GAH. Send help I am complete and utter trash. Literally all I want to do rn is imagine them in completely cute scenarios and write lil drabbles XD
*slams fist on table* SEND ME HEADCANONS GUYS
*falls to knees and cries up at the sky dramatically* Why isn’t Pony a popular ship?!

Xoxoxoxoxoxo :3

I want to throw holy water at some of the Mejibray fans, honestly tagging someone with a History of selfharm and suicide attempts in a picture of a bloody arm with their name carved into It can lead to alot of struggle for them. Shit stop being so desperate for attention, I as any other mejifan sure wants to meet them or just post something like fanart for them to see but fucking cutting Tsuzuku into your arm??? That won’t get you to be on his good side. This is honestly crazy, what’s next? Chop of your vagina and send It to him? Ugh.

So I know I never post about Imagine Dragons, but they’re my favourite band.

I usually drift away from them whenever I get into new music, but I always go back to Imagine Dragons.

And the release of “Roots” has made me drop everything and embrace the Imagine Dragons bandom with open arms. :’D

Therefore, if you post anything related to Imagine Dragons, PLEASE LIKE OR REBLOG THIS POST. I will most definitely follow you!

“Words change meanings omfg” okay yeah sometimes SOMMMMETIMES they do but sure as fuck not just because some whiny kids want them to. Like I’m sorry lol you can want desperately in your heart of hearts for a word to mean a certain thing and you can even start using it in that manner but that doesn’t mean you’re not fucking up and wrong. The “words change meanings” argument is soooooo invalid and overused. Somebody please send help for Tumblr oh my god.

I’m poor

and I’m gonna need a little help this year for school supplies.  I really really didn’t want to be this person, but I have to.  I’ve applied for a few jobs that I qualify for and I can get to from where I live, but no one has responded yet and I’m kind of desperate.  So, if you want to help my amazon school wishlist is here and the only thing that I honestly don’t need is the erasers I just love them and so I added them I’m sorry.  But if you could help me out I would really appreciate it, and if you can’t you can feel free to reblog this.  I’m really sorry friends.

I had a very weird dream where crows were following me and two of them entered the building I entered too and I was like ??? And whenever I turned back they’d go a little away or something I can’t quite remember now, but one of them suddenly just. rolled on its back and put its little… paws? talons? anyway, put them up, and everyone was like “you must never try and interact with crows physically!!!!” like in a desperate way but I reached out for them and they let me touch them and playfully, lightly hit their beak against my forehead lots of times and looked really curiously at me it was fun

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Your swap!lolly chats are not terrible, they are treasure! The feeling of giddiness I felt while I read them was amazing and I just had to say thank you! If you're willing to write more I am looking forward to it very much! x

what, awkward Sherlock desperately trying to flirt and get Molly’s attention and Molly’s jealousy at Sherlock’s raw sex appeal to other female doctors? I am in! thank you for the confidence boost, I’m really pleased you enjoy them xx

Who tf would mug Misha? Misha Collins is the type of man to give you the clothes off of his back if you needed them so desperately. So why bring the violence into it? Jesus Christ. I was upset when I heard, but now I’m fucking pissed. Misha didn’t deserve that, no one does. I honestly hope the person who hurt him feels shitty any themselves.

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There were no words to describe what it felt like as he thrust up into her from behind, stoking the fire with each sure buck of his hips. The ropes burned her skin as she struggled against them, knowing how she must look to him: desperate, trapped, and wanton. His hands reached up and closed around her breasts, calloused fingertips tugging and pinching. Her answering moans made him laugh, the sound resonating deep in his chest as he leaned in and sucked her earlobe into his mouth, biting gently.

Andraste have mercy on my soul, this makes me think of Samson x Evie and I love it! unf

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Have you tried sticky tack?

i’ve used sticky tack before in other dorms, and it seems like it works if i remember correctly, but it destroys my posters. i’ve still got tacky stuck on the back of some of them from, like, two years ago :/ i may try it again though

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smooches his forehead, brotherly love or whatever you'd name it

Wipping away fresh tears, the pale haired boy stared at his elder brother with bewilderment. Tear stained tainted his porcelain skin that he failed to make disappear when he desperately made the effort to wip them away earlier. He had just returned from a visit to his mother’s tower and the visit was just horrid.

❝ —- Shu….❞

I’ve got these desperate feelings that nothing means anything. And then I decide that I should try to fall in love…but then it’s just too hard. I mean, you think about a person constantly and it’s just a fantasy, it’s not real, and then it gets so involved, you have to see them all the time and then it winds up that it’s just a job like everything else, so I don’t know.
—  Andy Warhol
The Andy Warhol Diaries

                   shhhh.   .   .     

     THE WITCH’S HAND reached out to slowly cover tony’s mouth, shaking her head slowly as she muffled the NOISE he was making.  (    the noise being TALKING.    )  emerald hues met his with a quiet desperation and DETERMINATION. it was obvious wanda had had ENOUGH of his words.

                                      enough now. no more words.     

// HEXING;; ofircn