I'm good dont worry about me

My opinion of the moon signs
  • Aries: bro u get me. We both cry at least 28 times a day and lowkey hate having feelings. We can't stand showing people that we are actually big babies and we are too defensive but at LEAST WE GET EACH OTHER.
  • Taurus: ur always centered and calm and a lil bab but if you tell me I'm the only person you've told about something (that you've told everyone) one MORE TIME IM GOING TO SNAP.
  • Gemini: yes, I believe in aliens. No I don't think bigfoot has a vendetta against you. I don't get why you just told me your life story but your mother seems like a nice lady.
  • Cancer: you make me feel like a shitty person because I don't like feelings or being empathetic or putting effort towards other people. IT'S WHATEVER THO.
  • Leo: I see right thru you. I'm a Leo. I know why you are doing that. The Validations™. I know. It's me on the daily. You're doing good tho.
  • Virgo: IF YOU DO NOT CALM DOWN RIGHT NOW. They don't care that you said "you too" when they said "have a good meal". EVERY ONE DOES THAT. DONT WORRY ABOUT IT.
  • Libra: so hot. hot damg. Doesn't know how to pick movies or if they want a bottle or a can. Over compromising champion of the masses. Too nice to be mean to which is hard on me because I'm mean to those I love.
  • Scorpio: what you think you are- murder death fear me am evil. What u actually are- smol bean and afraid to be hurt again, does the same things that you did before that got u hurt in the first place though??
  • Sagittarius: NICE MAKING PLANS. #cancelled. ALWAYS. Also. Nice use of sarcasm to hide ur feels. JK IF YOU MAKE ONE MORE SARCASTIC REMARK ILL YELL. I'm already yelling tho...
  • Capricorn: emotional lil bab. Stop beating yourself up. Its okay to feel things and its okay to admit that you aren't having a good day. BUT IF YOU SASS ME ONE MORE TIME.
  • Aquarius: IF YOU DISTANCE URSELF ANYMORE YOULL BE ENTIRELY IN SPACE. I admire the fact that you can go a whole 24 hours (three years?!??) without crying. I can't achieve that but I have aspirations.
  • Pisces: S T R E S S. M E. O U T. if you do not like the choice. Why did you make it. You are the controller of ur own destiny. Ily but wyd.

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Fenris sitting on Hawke's lap (Hawke cross-legged while Fenris is is sitting facing him), tracing the contours of Hawke's face because he wants to memorize him so he'll never forget, even when they're in the dark.

You don’t have to worry about the dark bit

Fenris: I’ve been sleeping in your bed for 5 years now, Garrett.


  • <p> <b>Someone:</b> Are you okay?<p/><b>Me, outside:</b> Of course haha. I'm fine. Thanks!<p/><b>Me, in my mind:</b> Is Soukoku canon or not? I mean with all those totally not suggestive official arts and their partnership name and chuuya's worry over dazai, chuuya's unbelievable trust in him and dazai finding chuuya's hat and coat and shit from all those rubbles and folding it like a good (boy)friend like don't even get me started with how they bicker like an old, married couple and how about–<p/></p>

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I know you're super busy and you have a lot of requests and I'm sorry if this doesn't count as an emergency. I've been going through a lot of stuff recently. I'm losing my house with no where to go, my granny recently had a stroke, my mental health isn't in a good state, my best friend just miscarried and I dont know how to help. There's just a lot going on. So, if you dont mind, could you do Reaper helping me out through this stuff? Thanks if you do.

Hopefully, this is enough to help, sorry you have to go through this.

Reaper was worried about you, it seemed that every day brought something worse than the last. You fretted over apartments and he sat down next to you, gently easing you into his lap.

“I can’t fix all your problems,” he said and you eased into his chest, “I wish I could.”

“I wish you could as well,” you murmured and he lifted his mask enough to press a kiss to your forehead.

“I can fix one of your problems,” he said and you looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“You could come live with me,” he suggested, “I’m not there most of the time anyway.”

“I don’t know if I could pay rent, are you really okay with it?”

“Yeah,” he said, “it would be nice to have someone to come home to.”

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Hi! I just watched Shawnas new video but I saw people on tumblr are avoiding her? I wasn't on tumblr for few days so I'm not sure what happened to her, why people don't like her. Can u explain it?(English is not my native language so forgive me if I made any mistakes)

here are two posts i made about shawna (1+2) which basically explain the stuff

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Hey, I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I've got a year left before I have to start worrying about university applications, and although my grades are good, I don't have much extracurriculars under my belt bc the area I live in basically offers only sports as activities, and I'm not athletic at all. Plus, the grade I'm starting is gonna be super tough, and I'm not even sure I'll have time to focus on anything else, but I'm really worried about how it'll affect my prospects.

do extracurriculars really matter that much for graduation? I dont remember them factoring in anywhere when we were applying to places :< I don’t think I have any advice for you here I’m sorry gkdfhgkdf

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I have you added on XBox, but I'm always afraid to play with you, because you are really good and I feel like I'll look bad :^|

I’m actually really freaking bad so don’t worry about it, I also scream and yell a lot, so beware. I don’t accept or send much Invites, but If you wish to play on xbone , just message me. (I also like to Solo Q, so don’t mind if I “ignore” your invites)

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Could you point me in the direction of a trusted, actual professional to pay to do my chart? Also I'm on mobile so I apologize if you do have a link w information on this kind of stuff c:

Yes I have a good friend who is a trusted astrologer who has been reading charts for over 40 years

Please email here grimgold86@yahoo.com dont worry about being too formal just say your interested in learning astro


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Hi Su. I'm not English, so sorry if I make mistakes. I live in Italy and I'm 14 years old. At this age students have to do important exams and we have to study a lot. Can u please wish me good luck? Idk why, but I would be very happy. I love your art

your english has no mistakes buddy, dont worry about it. I wish you (and anyone else reading this) success and good luck on all your exams!!! work hard, do your best and dont forget to take care of yourself while doing those!!
love, su ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

I have lost some faith in humanity. I made a facebook post about it, and unless you read recast confessions, a lot of people wouldn’t even know about this.

There is a company i absolutely love and adore. They work so hard, and they constantly interact with us: their customers and fanbase. They’re funny, quirky, and their services provide top notch dolls for so many doll companies and first-time artists! They are a blessing to the bjd community, they really are. I am beyond honoured to own a doll from them (well, the head, but y’know.)

So far, this company has only made 2 original dolls, both of which are modeled after a loved one.

Someone sent one to be recasted.

I honestly cried when i read about it. It made me sick, and it shocked me to know that someone would go to this length to do such harm to such a wonderful, SMALL, charming company.

I honestly hope that somehow, things get resolved like it did with a company in the past. And i also hope that the person who sent this doll to be recasted gets what they deserve. 

EDIT: I was notified the thread about it has been removed from the forum. I dont know whether this is a good or bad thing, but it still has me worried.

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As a CS shipper, I apologize for the homophobic morons who also happen to ship CS. I have to agree.. since the spoilers my friend and I felt a little bit "threatened" by SQ, because ofcours we want CS to last. :P I also think that's why people started with the saviorqueen. Please see them as childish individuals. There are many CS shipper who totally respect the SQ fandom, like me. Dont forget.. Lana and Jennifer still use the #swanqueen tag, I'm sure they wont switch to saviorqueen. XOXO

Oh my god, holy shit, you have no idea how happy it makes me to actually hear it from a CSer that you guys worry about SQ. It’s just… so nice to be recognized, you know? To not be just a fanon ship… To have some sort of hope. Even if nothing happens, it just feels good to not be invisible.

So, for that, I thank you and I congratulate you for actually being brave enough to admit that instead of hiding behind hatred. You were incredibly awesome for sending me this and I’m just so glad and thankful, thank you so much for this <3

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Hi this probably sounds horrible but I'm so uneducated when it comes to music. I love musical theatre but I've never been told my range??? Like A,B,C?? I'm a soprano and I can see very similar to Sutton foster and Lea Michele. (That's a horrible comparison I'm sorry) Please answer xo

you’re too sweet, but dont worry about being uneducated. a LOT of singers are so youre not alone, but its good that youre trying to learn. here is a good way to see where your voice fits with the vocal ranges and notes.

Middle C is also called C4 so that octave is the fourth octave of the piano. the notes go ABCDEFG, but you start the octave at C. This graphic explains that well.

In the second octave (8 notes) it shows the notes. You’re ALWAYS going to see me (and a ton of musicians) refer to notes like “C6 or A4″ and that means the actual note and what octave its in. the higher the number, the higher the note/octave is. C6 is “high C” 

I hope I helped!

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pls tell me i'm not the only one who show kaisoo to my friends (especially the guy one) and ask them what do they think about kaisoo do you think they're gay are you gonna stare to your bestfriend like he is the most precious thing in the world like that asdgfadhjsfasfghasfasghfas

dont worry man i’ve shown them to my friends several times and non of my friends said it was fanservice they were like : if someone looks at me like that i ‘d melt and such things  ya know they made me feel good 

what do you mean” the guy”  one ? the top one ? or …

because personally i dont think only one of them tops i think they it depends on their  mood

here you have bottom kyungsoo for sure

here you have bottom jongin aka ukai


here you have bottom kyungsoo (ukyng)

here you have bottom jongin 

BOTTOM JONGIN everybody 

and kyungsoo be like

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do you have any experience with white boys?? this one boy I been trying to get with has been so good to me. taking me out to dinner nd actin like a grown ass man. But I feel like he not attracted to me or something idk its dumb. maybe I'm too black

u gotta unlearn that “he dont like me cause im black” mentality fam!!!!

the dude has been good to you and hes taking you on nice dates. HE LIKES YOU FAM!!!!

listen ive dated white boys, asian boys, latino boys etc. and only with two of those boys they found my race to be a “problem” (and they were somewhat open about it) the others didnt give a fuck cause they werent racist

dont worry fam! he likes u! or else he wouldnt be so good to you!!

remember that your black is so beautiful and any guy, black or non-black is so lucky to be blessed with a date from such a goddess ok?

good luck fam

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hi, i'm thinking about making my own webcomic and i have a question. did you plan the whole plotline and character arcs a long time before you started posting ns online or it has been building along the way? i really like ns and i hope that my webcomic will be as good as yours :3 (oh, and sorry for my bad english, i hope you can understand me haha)

dont worry about your english, it was totally perfect!

and looool no i did not, the story as it is now is completely different from where it was when i started. like when i started i had everything through like chapter 7 outlined and by now ive tossed it all out in favor of what i think is Much Better.

my hot tip for a webcomic is, unless this story is your baby and you know for a fact you would never change it: make chapter 1 as open ended as possible. by the time you finish drawing it, you’re very likely to realize things that work better. if chapter 1 is open ended it’s a lot easier to shift gears before tying yourself down to a plot you’re not as interested in

i hope that helps!

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thanks for all the input, helps put things in perspective a bit. I'll stop bugging ya soon~ Though there is ONE other thing-- which is a bit off-topic. It's... other Night Furies. Oh boy, they keep hinting at that in the second movie? So it seems almost inevitable that they'd do that. My friends and I were talking about them adding baby Night Furies, and how ridiculously good for their marketing that would be. I'm laughing just thinking about it, actually~


Personally I want ANSWERS more than I wan ACTUAL night furies though of course I wont say no to actual night furies though 

And baby night furies.

As long as theyre not like


I dont know why that idea irritates me

And dont worry you arent bugging me :)