I'm good

I saw a post about Hera and was like, that doesn’t seem very in character for Hera Syndulla? Wth. I kept re reading it, cause maybe I missed something. Turn out it was about the actual Greek God and that the world does not revolve around Star Wars.

That episode was so great though? Especially from the perspective of an Emori fan. We got to see small talk with Clarke (!!!)), we got to see her giggle and whisper with her boyfriend, we got to see her beat someone up (always a treat),  we got tragic backstory (bb <333), we got her telling Clarke to Check her Privilege, we got that bone-chilling “Commander of Death” line (😍), and we saw her flawlessly manipulate everyone to get herself out of a potentially dangerous situation like was it nice or good? No. But Emori is vicious because she’s had to be and she’s fascinating and dark and clever af.