I'm gonna go back to work now


Making another post about this with more info because a couple people have asked;

So I have some debt that pretty urgently needs to be paid off by the end of September.

Now I might be able to do it with my paychecks, but if I do do that I won’t have enough money to do things like: Buy groceries, pay for transport into work, buy food and litter for my cats, pay bills, get medication, or afford rent. I’ve been living pretty sparsely for the past few months as it is trying to do it on my own.

So as it stands, ideally, I’d like to get together 800$ to cover my debt and allow me to eat; I really hate to ask for help, and I realize that this may be un-doable, but any little bit helps.

Which is why I’m taking sketch commissions!
I’ll be doing Full-body clean roughs for 15$ apiece. 

Above I included examples of my style and what you might get. You can see more of my stuff over at my  Art  Tags;

I’ll be taking payment primarily through paypal, but if you have an alternative I’m open to discussing it;

If you have any questions or would like to Commission me, you can contact me at alyssalmpenney@yahoo.com
And in case anyone doesn’t want to commission but still wants to contribute,my paypal info is (Please note it is not the same as my email address) alyssalmpenney@gmail.com

As before I appreciate any reblogs to help spread the word, and am incredibly grateful to any and all who helped me out by signal boosting my last post; I understand that it’s back to school time for a lot of people and appreciate any help I can get;

Reading Harry Potter Fanfiction
  • Fanfic:"The five couples arrived at the Burrow with their children."
  • Me:Five couples? That can't be right, there were seven Weasley kids. Charlie didn't get married, so who's missing?
  • Me:...
  • Me:...
  • Me:...
  • Me:Oh.

so…. i finally and legitimately got twitter….. i’ve never really used it before because i am 100% behind on the times but u can follow me @lizewskii and it’ll be a real fun time you know….. a super fun time…. 

( out of posse );; haven’t calmed down from my panicking yet, oops…!! argh, I’m so indecisive rn, so I’ll be sleeping on this yo. 

but yeah, I’ve queued most of my replies for the next 5 days, as I will be on work experience with the hospital during the day! it’ll be an exciting experience, one that I really hope I won’t mess up d am n it— – -

Everything sucks and i have to go to a funeral in the morning and listen to my mother cry and I’m def gonna cry too and my body aches all over because I’m the only person that actually does all of the closing stuff at work and which means when I close after 8 hours I have to deal with 2-4 days of all of the shit that should have been done and my back and knees are gonna give out from it all and I’m not sleeping enough and I’m even miserable when I get home because I can’t do the things I want to do for any myriad of reasons but what does it matter my writing sucks anyways and I’m just… so exhausted and I can’t find a reason to be here and I can’t find a reason to leave I just want to evaporate and become sea foam

I’m gonna have to head to bed soon, but before I go I just wanted to quickly mention that I have a suprise I’ll be posting later today! It’s not much of anything but I do hope you guys will like it ^^ I know I’ve been offline for the past few weeks and now that I finally have a computer again I’m trying to slowly get back into things. I’ll be busy but I’ll definitely be here~

Goodnight baby family!~

Work rant ignore I'm just a lonely old woman

So recently I’ve been ‘promoted’ to being someone’s PA. He was abroad for the past week and a half which is when I started doing this work. Now people are getting frustrated at me that I don’t instantly have a system up and running. He told me the petty cash owed him some money so I was like ‘no problem well pay you back when you’re home’ so I’ve just been using that including new petty cash to buy materials. He comes back and is like 'why did you use that? I told you it owed me?’
'Well I thought you knew the amount and that you’d have it written down ???’
'No I told you to keep it separate’
Anywho now I feel fucking stupid because I didn’t fix a broken system while he was away. Everything I did well doesn’t matter. It’s not like I got thrown into the deep end. And I’m still trying to take care of the dog and he gets mad at me for not telling the security guards to do it. Like I’m not asking YOU to feed him. I just can’t come in on the weekend cause a) I don’t have a car or license b) I can’t walk it cause it’s too far. I just wanted to know WHO was working. So now I have to tell the security guards to do it but I’m so scared cause I want to do it (being the perfectionist) since I want it done right. Giving other people who hardly speak English the task of giving a dog medicine scares me. So I’m sorry for trying to look after an animal. How fucking dare I. And there I was thinking I was doing so well.
Rant over. I’m so sorry.

  • me:[walks into grocery store on lunch break]
  • grocery store employee:Welcome, our cold & flu aisle is right over here.
  • me:I came in here for a sub, I went to work like this, bub, I'm going BACK to work like this after I'm through here, don't you judge me with your cold & flu aisle nons--Okay, which aisle did you say though?
Birthday Post-Birthday Dinner || Lucy & Tyler

Tyler had gotten out of work early, thankfully, since all that had been in his mind was why in the world had he agreed on taking Lucy out for a dinner. Sure, on her actual birthday she was spending her night alone at home, but now her birthday was over, and he had brought it up again. Dinner, and then going back to his or her place, he didn’t really care, and play board games. Why? Why was he looking forward to spending time with Lucy again? Of course, their time together was cut short, since she left and went off with Ian, and he moved on to Demi later, not working out at all, and then they were just drifted apart, not even talking anymore. Now they had reconnected, and something was making the actor skip out of his shower, dry his hair and put on a pair of black jeans, a white v-shirt and a jacket, paired with nice shoes. No snapback, no penny board. Spraying perfume on his whole body, picking up his keys and wallet, he stepped out of his house and into his car, driving to Lucy’s place in a matter of minutes and shooting her a quick text to let her know he was out there. nbdlucy

( ofscrap )

       So are you gonna offer me a drink…? ❞ 

  Perhaps he was getting a little too comfortable in Aoba’s home. Their weekly ritual of hanging out at the weekend had Koujaku clock watching every late Friday afternoon. When work was over it was always the same; go home, quick shower, routine personal grooming and then back out the door to see the blue-haired boy. He’d practically move in for the night, all under the guise of a friendly guest, and then take off again come the following evening. This lead to where he was now; Koujaku sat, on the edge of Aoba’s bed with his bandaged foot rested under his thigh in a relaxed state. In all honesty, he just enjoyed winding Aoba up,

     ❝ …Because it would be rude for me to just go get it myself, don’tcha think? ❞ 

tonight is an odd night. I was working on my kigurumi when i suddenly realized that i’m a sentient being using thoughts to hold these scissors and cut this fabric and i don’t know how i’m doing it. i’m typing this right now and i have no idea how i’m moving my hands but i can feel the omnipresent weight of physical existence on the inside of my skin and it’s really weird

A Pair of Two-Faces


Seethe was told she had a special job this time, and Aile wasn’t joking when she said that. This was going to take longer than her usual work, but a paycheck’s a paycheck, so there’s no going back now.

“So… lemme get this straight – you wanna take down a criminal operation from the inside, and I’m supposed to be your ticket in?“

She sighed, it was gonna be a long day.

Me: *sees all the well-known, popular mangas* nahhhh I won’t read these because they’re usually still on-going.

(What feels like a billion) Years later…

Me: *checks back on the manga list and sees most have been completed* I MUST READ YOU NOW.