I'm gonna cry

Ugh. Bad day. Bad, bad day.

I spent the entire morning putting tons of stuff away and cleaning up the house. Supernatural marathon was on TV but the channel was not playing them in order. Not cool!

Then my husband calls and tells me the appraisal for our house has come back and it’s barely more than what we’re supposed to be paying for it. And the appraisal was done assuming necessary repairs that have to be made before we can close. I’m not okay with this!

When we moved in, we had to clean the entire place. It was filthy. Garbage left by previous owners, etc. We had to have the septic pumped. We had no hot water because the water heater was busted. We were able to do a “bandaid” fix for that but it won’t last long because the entire unit is rusted. We need a new HVAC system and new roofing because both date to the original build of the house (1997). If the bank doesn’t lower the cost, they’re either going to need to include these replacements in the cost or they’re going to have to find new buyers. 

I TOLD my husband getting our furniture delivered early was a bad idea but did he listen? Noooooooo.