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scenario: you’re talking to a black friend about a celebrity or a show or a movie. you really like this thing and you’re talking to them about it and ask them their thoughts. they say “_____ is really antiblack.”

what do you do?

a. immediately go “well, I didn’t see it as antiblack…”

b. go “I get that it’s antiblack but here are all these good things/this is why I still like that”

c. explain why the thing is antiblack (”this celebrity has a different context for racial things!”/”non-black characters also faced the situation the black character faced!”)

d. acknowledge that the other person has every right to hate this thing and keep that in mind in the future

the correct answer is d! because really, when they say “yeah this is antiblack so I don’t fuck with it” the most important thing for you to do is recognize that they are hurt by all forms of antiblackness and don’t need to hear you get in your feelings about it

and I really don’t need to hear my friends bring up antiblack shows/celebs when I’ve expressed my discomfort with them.

A willing suspension of disbelief is imperative when dealing with a murder mystery dinner party peopled with dead literary figures, fictional characters, and a ghost who can conjure soup from thin air and maintain just enough corporeal integrity to hold a martini glass at a jaunty angle.
—  @lulabo

I’m making drastic changes to this blog.

ok i’m becoming more and more busy with school starting and work so i’ve decided to make this blogMUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE meaning i will only roleplay with mutuals (obviously, idk why i decided to explain that. LOL!!) i don’t mean to do this to be a bitch but things have just piled up so high on this blog that i just can’t keep up.

i’ve also decided i’m going to go through all my active threads andDELETE the one’s i no longer have strong muse for. i just can’t keep forcing klaus out when he doesn’t wanna come out, and it brings down my muse quite a bit. and i won’t be telling you if i delete our thread, I’M SORRY! i’m doing this because my current queue count is 108 while my drafts sit at 31. i’m just getting stressed for no reason at all and i really want me writing klaus to be fun again!

i do encourage people who aren’t mutually exclusive with me to send in memes, i love memes from everyone!<3 and if you have an idea don’t be AFRAID to come to me with that idea. but other than that all interactions will be with mutuals.

i also totally understand if you find this super bitchy and you want to unfollow me. i really won’t be offended at all! I’m just really struggling right now so i’m cutting things down, and in a sense starting fresh. those of you who are staying with me, I love you all soo much and i hope we have loads and loads of fun together!



i made aesthetics for pokemon go! what team are you guys? i’m instinct :D

Also I wanna do a thing if any of you guys want me to make aestheticy stuff of a certain character/person/thing hmu! I love making these. c: Even if it’s an oc just ask me and send me a description of the character and I’ll make one for you.

Some thoughts on 4x10

1. The acting was A+ (esp. Mariana, Brandon, and Nick).

2. Jesus isn’t going to die (I read that some people are scared about that)! This is the Fosters, not PLL or The 100 or whatever. He might lose his memory - who knows. Or not even, we’ll see. Just chillll…

3. Callie may be a specialist for doing stupid things, but in the end she is a smart girl. She’s going to be okay ;) Justina may cause some problems though…(i. e material for 4b)
Also I loved that scene with her, Aaron, AJ, and Mike. You go girl, tell them! And now, please be single for a while, do more with you best friend (= Brandon) (again), fall in love all over again, turn 18, too, and be together - thanks!^^

4. Speaking of Brandon: I’m sorry for him (that scene with him and Lena though :(), but on the other hand it was just a stupid move to take those SATs for that guy (only to get some extra money to help his ex-gf; that being said, I really hope they are done for good, that he realized it was stupid and that he took a step too far). I kind of knew it would bite him in the ass.
Well, this may be hard for him at the moment, but personally, I think it’s not the end of the world. Another chance will come and they don’t really have the money anyway right now - both the family and freeeform (to shoot in NY ;)) -, so…

5. Jesus christ, Jude! What are you doing, dude…

6. Same goes for Mariana. Is it bad that I’m only tiny little bit sorry for her? Jesus mentioned at the kitchen table that some of his pills are missing, but she kept taking them. Thought she is smarter. Well, ‘in too deep’, I guess - Like almost everyone else…

7. Sophia! Finally back again and I hope for a bit longer. I can totally see Robert (and the Quinns) coming back, too, since we don’t know what happened to her. Hopefully nothing, but I guess the Quinns will find out about the guy, who followed her, because he thought she was Callie. Trouble, drama, but also chances - for (more) interesting storylines, which this show needs, tbh (half of this season was pretty lame imo)…

Man, I need Jopper prompts! The urge I have to write something for these two is craaaazy, however my brain isn’t doing me any favours at the moment in terms of creativity.

Whether it’s specific, solid ideas or even any tiny lil HC’s you have, feel free to throw them at me either in my ask box or in the replies to this post - because it might give me some inspo! I’m willing to give anything a go, tbh.


Female ≠ being misandrystic, wanting all men (including LGBTQIA+ men) dead

POC ≠ wanting all white people dead

LGBTQIA+ ≠ wanting all straight and/or cis people dead

Don’t let Tumblr influence your opinion. You shouldn’t hate any group of people because of what some of them are doing or did in the past, or because of things they didn’t choose (e.g. being white, being a cis male, being straight etc.). Yes, some white people are racists, some male are misoginists, some straight people are homophobic/transphobic, so hate them, and not everyone, not people who try to do their best to help minorities. 


IM SORRY I CANT FUCKING PLEASE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING! I GUESS ONE PERSON IS SUPPOSED TO KNOW EVERY FUCKING GODDAMN THING, AND IM THE BAD GUY FOR TRYING TO BE A GOOD GUY WELL SCREW ALL THOSE PEOPLE IM GOING OFFLINE FOR A WEEK AT THE LEAST SO I CAN COOL DOWN AND NOT FUCKING BREAK MY PHONE IN HALF. I’ll still take request and post the last three request given to me, but I will not be open for RP, chats, reblogging or any of that sort. I am sorry for those who are nice to me and we’re looking forward to do something with me

like this for me to go into your meme tag  &  send you things !

Songs Tag Game

i was tagged by @robotcorsair thank you<3

Rules: using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer the questions and tag some people.

Band/Artist: Keaton Henson
What is your gender? Alright
Describe yourself? Lying To You
How do you feel? Hurt Me
If you could go anywhere? 10 AM, Gare Du Nord
Favourite mode of transportation? The River
Your best friend? Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us
Favourite time of day? In The Morning
If your life was a TV show? You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are
Relationship status? Corpse Roads
Your fear? Flesh And Bone

I’m tagging @maddyten @paradeofadolescence @justapipe-dream @cityofravenboys @strangerfhings @daddycarhart

  • Here Comes A Thought (Cover)
  • Madi Hodges
  • Madi Sings Sometimes

Haven’t had much time to draw for myself lately so I couldn’t help but indulge myself after watching that episode. It was absolutely beautiful and hats off to the crew and to Takafumi Hori for such a gorgeous episode.

(sorry I don’t have enough musical instrument prowess to play accompaniment)

EDIT: I can’t believe I posted this and I forgot the butterflies *facepalms*

Pokéstop Trivia

Irish horror writer Sheridan Le Fanu (1814-1873) is perhaps best known for his vampire novella Carmilla (1872). The story contributed to the monster’s popularity as well as its literary characterization, influencing subsequent vampire works such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897).

Containing some of the most concrete examples of lesbianism in Victorian fiction, the novella would become a pioneer text in both the vampire and queer horror subgenres.