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Yuri!!! on Ice s01e01
Combined Japanese and English dub
(With English subs from the Japanese dub)

I said I would do it so I’ve done it. I don’t know how many more episodes I’ll be editing so have episode 1 first. If a Russian dub is eventually released, let me know.

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Dear Self,

Maybe in 2017 you will finally learn to take a hint.  Like, when the universe is trying to tell you to stop doing the thing, maybe stop doing the fucking thing. Because you know the universe is always right and you are always wrong.  Let’s work on that, shall we?


!!!! I’m so,,, flattered ?? I never thought I would get so many followers on my lil lazytown blog aaaaa!!! I really appreciate each & every one of u w all my gay lil heart ??? I can’t believe I have so many I am so grateful & happy and blessed thank all of you 💙💜💙💜
The thing is tho I have no idea what to do to celebrate aaa!! I was going 2 ask some ppl about what 2 do this weekend but I though ,, why not let ask all of my ppl!!! All 2000 of my good friends !!!! Lmk what all of u amigos think I should do! Be an ask blog for a day like I did for 1000? Should I take some more prompts & requests like I did for 500? (I still need 2 finish these don’t worry friends I haven’t forgotten about u) or something else? Lmk what u guys think & tysm!!!

o k , i really love princesses, i have to admit myself. I have a desert (queen-to-be) princess, a snow (queen) princess, an elven (queen) princess, a love star princess, a moon (rich girl) princess.  I M E AN , it’s not that I only roleplay princesses though lmao  two of them in regular verse aren’t princesses, but they were in another life/universe (canon) still.

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It's heartbreaking that in hindsight all the things we thought were to do with BG the plaster, jay not going to LA, him being away from la so often were louis preparing for his mom's death I'm disgusted with myself for ever thinking it's not his kid

Look, you can change opinions and think it’s his kid after all, but to me is still not real. Unfortunately Jay had to he on the hospital because of a horrible disease, but that doesn’t change things in my point of view. Yes, most of things do make sense now (again, very unfortunately), but it does not change everything we saw so far.
It pains me that Jay was at a hospital all this time and that Louis couldn’t be with her all along because he had to stay in LA.
This is the only thing that disgust me. That they took time with his mom away from him.

You might change your opinion on this, but as long as you keep supporting Louis (because he’ll need all the support right now) I have nothing to say. There’s no need to feel disgusted with yourself tho.

Just keep Jay in your thoughts and be there for Louis. That’s what we should all do right now.


First of all, i don’t follow any Larries. Newsflash: one doesn’t need to follow Larries to see their posts and what they’re saying.

Second, I guess that means you’re following some good people. Congratulations. Although, it’s making you look incredibly ignorant if you really think that people like me are lying about what’s really going on. As I told the other person, scroll a bit down my blog. Do some research. LARRIES (not all – god forbid I don’t include that) are making it about Larries. All Antis are doing is asking them to stop. If you actually took a read or two, perhaps you’d recognize that.

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"Lets build a thing that lets us climb the slide of buildings! WE'LL GO TO THE TOP OF THE CLOCK TOWER!" -TheRainbeauBarberBabe


Gonna need somewhere to sit, of course, but WE’LL SOLVE THAT ONCE WE GET TO IT! LET’S CLIMB ALL THE TALL BUILDINGS!

my relationship with my boyfriend has been kind of rocky recently and i thought things were getting better but he might be attending a university in ny next year that’s like 1400 miles away and ?? it’s just stressing me out, not knowing whether or not he will. if he does i don’t think i’ll stay with him.

i thought maybe if he went to santa fe it could work. i could drive down every month or so and vice versa, which would be great bc i want to familiarize myself with new mexico anyway. and it’s not really that far. i told myself i could handle that.

but ny, i can’t handle. because after awhile he’ll meet someone else and forget about his feelings for me, even if he thinks he won’t. and I don’t want to go through that. i want a head start on forgetting and moving on. i need one.

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I hope a baby nephilim isn't going to be a thing. We already had a baby growing up as plot point last season. I'm guessing/hoping Kech will kill Kelly and get rid of the whole demon baby or abortion debate that's looming

I’m not keen on that plot point at all, either. But it’s obvious they’re gonna do something with it because otherwise they wouldn’t have made it such a big deal in their midseason finale.

I’m really iffy about SPN tackling abortion etc. and especially do NOT want bucklemming anywhere near that topic.That being said I also can’t say I would enjoy seeing pregnant Kelly get killed cause, well, she’s still pregnant and that would disturb me a lot….I like Kelly, I think she’s a sympathetic character and I would like the show to find a way to A) let her live, and B) not make her into an evil spawn of satan mother. I can just imagine her going all darkside because of the baby’s evil influence and ugh do not want…

By the way, all this plot about a woman being unwittingly impregnated by someone whom she thought was her lover/husband but turned out to be the devil, becoming pregnant with the devil’s child and deciding to keep it even after finding out what it is?

Have the writers & showrunners been watching Rosemary’s Baby??

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I don't understand why Dom would be in a dark place he has just got letty back. Do you think that Cipher will come between them?

oh yeah, cipher is def coming between dom and letty for sure. dude, i don’t get it either. dom finally has everything he has ever wished for and he is a free man on his honeymoon. this whole dark!dom thing came out of nowhere tbh. and i don’t like.

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There's evidence suggesting that Yuri on Ice! takes place in an alternate universe sans homophobia, the kind of world I've seen you advocate for more of in fiction.

You know, even though I’m totally not into it since most m/m isn’t my thing for understandable reasons, I’m actually pretty glad this show exists since it seems to be doing a few correct things like this and also how a lot of people feel about it is how I feel about what I’m into so strongly. It’s definitely the same kind of attachment/seeing yourself in it/fluffy shipping stuff/even just doing a few tropes right like this I get out of, say, even just my ninjas.

(Similarly, I see a lot of people playing FFXV right now which will probably make it the first non-MMO FF I don’t play, but it’s because it’s not my jam, but I see people into it for a similar feel to all this and YoI and kudos to you for giving people something they can enjoy similar to what I enjoy and why, FFXV. You do you.)

But yeah I would really like to see more of this! I’m just…so so so worn out by melodrama. I have been most of my life; when you grow up hanging around your grandmother a lot and her choice of television is soap operas (which can be pretty funny if you’re not taking them seriously, but she did) and the Lifetime channel and it’s ten thousand iterations of “My Abusive Family: My Kid Died To Addiction and Now I Have Cancer Ooops I Died Alone At Age 43? or whatever isn’t a Golden Girls rerun (its only good property) you kind of get worn out on that pretty hard and fast. And that’s just (usually) hetero stuff! It feels like it’s exponentially worse in LGBT media, but mostly in the west.

I saw someone on twitter recently talk about utopias in fiction involving lack of discrimination in Japan vs West and Japanese media tends to err on the “It just doesn’t exist” axis of tropes for its own reasons. It’s something I’d like to see in the west (especially after 2016 seemed to be a very ‘good’ year to kill off all their lesbian/bi women) and, well, everywhere more. It could be because our media is so swamped in dwelling on labels and a struggle to win (which, I like myself, but in a typical hero saves the day way) but I guess I’m just tired of homo/bi/transphobia IRL and when I come home at the end of the day from work (which, while I genuinely love working in martial arts/self defense, having to study some of our history and things like rape statistics takes a toll on even someone like me) I’d rather go somewhere in fiction that doesn’t have this problem, even if it means a tradeoff in a “Okay it’s a discrimination free utopia but we’re not gonna discuss it otherwise” vs “Everything sucks 5ever but we acknowledge it’s a problem.” I’m just tired of everything being on the “it sucks” part.

I’ve mentioned before I’ve been rather lucky in regards to my own coming out/gayness/gender issues and very few have said more than a couple vague threats/slurs and I’ve been pretty universally accepted (it helps when both your moms are bi and one is trans) so I both can’t relate personally to a lot of the more dramatic and serious story stuff and also am exhausted by it through an empathy for my friends who HAVE experienced a lot of crap. We deserve nice things too.

My girlfriend and I both tend to err towards Japanese made media since we find it more comfortable/can relate to the narratives and characters more, even if it’s something like fanservice (which I know YoI isn’t quite but it’s the closest I got to omg I know how you’re feeling these feels), simply because it removes this factor from it, so it explains why I can get defensive about my odd tastes sometimes. It’s not defending it because don’t take away my free boobies, it’s because they’re allowed to be free boobies without anyone dwelling on it that I’m finding sanctuary in. My gf and I aren’t the only LGBT people or women who feel this way, but they’re quiet usually for understandable reasons.

Anyways, I’m rambling a bit (cold meds and having a chance to expound on this combined don’t help aha), but if this is true, then it’s kind of sad we have to give such kudos to YoI for doing it right, but I feel we should thank things that do it right and talk about it and positive things than, again, dwell on the negative. It doesn’t mean these shows/series have problems, good lord, everything does, but I’m just done with melodrama and “omg your fave is so problematic” and “your problematic is so fave” and so forth. From now on, your fave is fave. Less guilty pleasures, more reveling in what it and real people do right. If I can see why you’d enjoy something based on reflecting on how I enjoy what I do, perhaps you can use that tool too and go “Oh, so that’s why Atma digs it. I dig it.” If we did this more often, fandom in general would be of immense quality more on that alone.

YoI gets a 10/10 from my sideline opinion. I may not watch you, but thanks for keeping the metaphorical gay sports arena clean and organized for others, even if it’s just me and my dumb ninjas coming to train in the arena after you. I’ll keep a light on for you all and some arnica gel in case you fall. I feel like you’d do the same for me.

Foreverchildren, Carekids, Rekids, TeenieTots, etc. are always going to be welcome on my blog.

Chi///re can still follow as long as they do not support the creator’s actions and I wish you would find a safer community since the creator supports some really nasty things.(I won’t post here but be free to look it up if it won’t upset you). Also if you still are a chi///re then please respect other communities and do not crosstag or interact with them if they ask you not to. 

The above statement may change depending on how I feel about it, I do not support the creator of the term’s actions at all and I do not want to support a community made by someone like that either although obviously the majority of chi///rebs had no idea what was going on and are good people.

Edit: I won’t unfollow or block the chi///rebs I follow either unless I see them openly support the creator of the term and their actions. I will still reblog from those who post in like the holicore tag as well but I will tag it with #ch///ire without the slashes so you can blacklist it.

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The Chariot: What goal is your character determined to reach?

For the barest moment, Riski pauses. On one hand, there are a million possible ways for things to go wrong and potentially leave him dead or horribly maimed. On the other hand, if it goes right it would be awesome.

No contest.

“Hey! Watch this!”

(ooc: This one is tough to show, actually, but Riski’s “goal”, if you can call it that, is just to enjoy every second he has. Have fun; do the thing; don’t deny yourself joy with the unfulfilled promise that you’ll do it later.  Life is short and can be taken away in an instant. Why waste it?)