I'm going to be so broke



Current Costume Plans

Before I start anything new, I really have to finish the half-completed projects that are lying around in various states. These include:

 - Adjusting the fit of my cream medieval style gown and adding the embellishments.
 - Remaking my Slytherin Robes, completing the skirt and gathering the other necessary components (proper jumper, tie, wand etc)
 - Completing the Nurse Joy outfit and styling the wig. Everything is sitting there, just needs to be made.

Once I have completed those, I intend to gather together a Steampunk outfit and then start my next major project: Ginchiyo Tachibana. Hoping to complete her in time for Armageddon next year.

That armour is going to be a bitch.

Since Greg’s financial situation is relevant to the recent episodes, maybe it’s time for me to write this up.

Okay so. Many cartoons don’t go into that much detail with the hard questions like, “Where do the characters get the money for all the stuff they do?” And I’m willing to handwave a certain amount of extenuating circumstances like the Gems not paying property taxes on a piece of land they’ve been on for thousands of years. But for the more mundane things, they totally do use money. Steven uses money to buy donuts and arcade tokens and order his cheeseburger backpack online. And I’m pretty sure this isn’t like, some thing where the Gems made an investment on the stock market 80 years ago or something. They all seem pretty ignorant of human stuff, including money and how to make it. I don’t think they used money at all, before Steven.

What seemed pretty obvious to me is that the money comes from Greg. But Greg is poor and homeless, you say! Well, that’s…kind of why he’s poor and homeless. I think the car wash does make okay money, but Greg gives it all to Steven, or rather to the Gems to take care of Steven.

As we learned in the We Are the Crystal Gems short, and had confirmed when Steven was de-aged to a baby, it was Greg who took care of Steven when he was a little kid. I feel pretty sure Greg had a place to live back then, and the back of the van was completely clean (not lived in) in the short. He gave Steven up—not because he couldn’t or wouldn’t take care of him, but because Steven is half gem, and there are parts of him Greg can’t help him to understand. He knew letting him learn about his gem side was the right thing for Steven, but he sticks around nearby to stay in his life, and he continues to financially support him, even though that meant he had to put all his own things in storage and live in a van.

The initial investment of building the house Steven lives in probably cut into whatever savings he had. Building houses: it’s not cheap. Even assuming they did all the labor themselves and the land was free, materials can get into the tens of thousands. And he knew there was no room for him in that house. He wasn’t welcome. But he made sure it was built, and continued to pay for Steven to live there, because it was the right thing to do for Steven.

I really think Steven doesn’t quite understand this the way an adult would. Like, he might know the facts, but Greg downplays his contribution because he doesn’t want Steven burdened or guilty or feeling like his dad sacrificed for him. He already has the burden of knowing his mother literally gave up her physical form to make him, he probably doesn’t need to feel like his parents are always sacrificing their lives for him. He makes a big show of preferring life this way, not needing or wanting anything, and really encourages Steven to live without guilt and be carefree, because that’s the childhood he wants Steven to have. He doesn’t want Steven to have to feel bad every time he plunks down a dollar for a donut.

Since the show is Steven POV, I don’t know if we’ll ever get the truth from Greg on this, because Greg didn’t sacrifice all this so Steven could feel sad. I think he acts like money is no big deal when he gets it, because he doesn’t want Steven to feel like he’s been depriving his dad all this time.

As for his true feelings? I think the storage unit says a lot. It clashes with his zen minimalist “I don’t need anything more than I have” attitude. People get storage units when they lose their homes because they think it’s temporary, because they plan to set things up like they had them again someday. Maybe Greg didn’t plan to live in his van as long as he did, maybe he’d thought he was going to make money faster than he did, or had some other plans. His life is frozen in amber in that storage unit. Guessing by Steven’s age, he’s probably had it for eight years or so. (14 - 6, which is about how old he looked in the Crystal Gems short) Which means, roughly calculating, the life frozen in that storage unit is one he put on hold in 2008. If you’ve ever turned on an old computer years after you stopped using it and found all your files exactly where you left them, you know a shadow of that feeling. Sometimes a moment neatly splits your life in two, and you can still see the old life in cross-section as you drift away from it. I think losing Rose was a moment like that for Greg, and giving up his home and custody of Steven in one stroke was another. He’s not going to show it, for Steven’s sake, and he tries not to linger on it, for his own sake, but it’s there, and that’s just how it is.

Things that I want to do (will do!) soon:

  • buy tickets for my mother and myself to the Earth, Wind, & Fire concert in Tokyo
  • conquer Chopin’s “Aeolian Harp” etude (unlikely)
  • find a decent place to live in nyc
  • visit an asian country while I’m still in Japan
  • book a flight to Paris and plan my mini eurotrip
  • get my fucking license and then buy a bitchin’ motorcycle