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Hosting/Reporting Blues

@the-asexual-reaper requested: “The Jim twins, Bim, and Wilford bonding over journalism and being TV hosts? (also, I’m happy to hear you’re doing better! :D )” 

i kinda went with one jim if that’s okay? hope you enjoy and everyone else too

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     News reporter Jim had been sitting at his desk for hours, going through reports weather man Jim and field reporter Jim had given him, sighing as he took a moment to remove his glasses and rub his eyes. The reports were nice, but…more than anything, they involved something that happened to one of the Jims that wasn’t good, whether it was one of them taking a great tumble or some of the equipment becoming broken. For one thing, the Jims wanted to become good reporters and hosts like Wilford or Bim, but that dream was becoming far-fetched at this point. They kept having issues with their stories not getting much attention, half the time things not being recorded properly or something else going horribly wrong. As news reporter Jim fumed over the reports and the rising doubt of the Jims not being successful, Wilford popped his head in. “Everything alright there, Jim?”, he asked, stepping into the room. Jim was startled for a moment, too involved in his own mind to notice Wilford was there. 

“Not entirely, no…Do you have a moment to talk, Wilford?“ 

"Why do you think I came in? You looked a little down, I felt like popping in to see what’s up!" 

Jim paused for a moment, surprised. Him and the other Jims were new egos in the building, everyone slowly getting use to their strange antics. He glanced down at the reports on his desk, Wilford’s eyes following. He didn’t say anything, realizing what was going on. "The other Jims and I…We don’t seem to be as popular with our reporting like your’s…Things seem to go wrong or it is just too ridiculous to some. Do you think we should keep reporting at all?”, Jim asked, not daring to look up at Wilford while asking, until Wilford gave a loud, hearty laugh. “Do you think I got a lot of attention when I started reporting and hosting? It took a while for people to find what I was doing entertaining to them, and even longer to gain the audience I have now. Don’t get me wrong, I have had my share of awful mishaps happening during such things, so you are definitely not alone with that, along with your lack of confidence in your work, I have felt that too myself" 

"You have? Really?” Jim was even more surprised now. Wilford was always the incredibly confident one of the egos, besides Bim and Bing, not really caring towards what others thought of him when he did his own thing. To even hear Wilford say that he has had a lack of confidence was shocking. 

“Let’s not forget Wilford becoming so panicked before going on camera one time that he wore his whole outfit backwards, but went with it anyway”, Bim said, stepping into the room. Another hosting and reporting legend in the same room as Wilford? Jim didn’t know if he could handle this. Wilford pouted at Bim’s comment, but didn’t deny it. “Even I, the wonderful and amazing Bim Trimmer, have moments of doubt before going on camera and hosting my show. I understand how you feel with doubting your work as well, and Wilford does as well I imagine. But I can tell you the mistakes I have had happened to me are waaay worse than his!”

“Oh, we’ll have to see about that, won’t we, Bimmy?”, Wilford said, chuckling. Jim was astonished, hearing the reporting legend Wilford Warfstache and hosting legend Bim Trimmer say they have had mistakes and doubts before on their work. It was reassuring to Jim, knowing that even his idols have gone through what he’s going through. 

For the next three hours, though, the three of them got to share hilarious instances of things going wrong while hosting and reporting. Cameras not working and not recording when they’re suppose to, lines and words getting messed up and mixed up, the nervousness getting to them which caused hilarious stories of before-the-show prepping and accidents. Jim was becoming relaxed around his idols, never having the chance to talk to them this long. Hearing about their accidents during and before shows, their anxiety and fear of being on camera and before getting on camera, along with how long it took them to gain an audience was extremely relieving to him. It let him know that in time, him and the other Jims will become almost as famous as Wilford and Bim. 

“…and that’s how I figured out to never have five cups of coffee before a show with some accidental 5 hour energy! The studio we filmed at still doesn’t allow me to enter for fear of their crewmen becoming traumatized again by me” Bim laughed, shaking his head. Wilford and Jim laughed along with him, Wilford patting Bim’s shoulder. 

“Not everyone can handle your extreme energy and…secret abilities, Bim”, Wilford grinned as Bim suppressed another laughing fit. Jim smiled, obviously happy with this. 

“You know…You both have relieved me of my doubts now. At least now I know that even the most amazing reporters and hosts have their bad days and…that one day me and the other Jims will be up there with you two”, Jim stated shyly, messing with the button on his shirt sleeve.

“That’s the spirit Jim! You’ll become the best reporters known to mankind! I mean, you guys have reported on stuff no one has ever thought about before, which is pretty incredible!”, Bim grinned.

“Bimmy here is right, it just takes time. And people who enjoy seeing some goofs on camera, but honestly, we all enjoy all you Jims’ reporting nonsense, it is refreshing to see some new stuff around here besides the same old faces”, Wilford chuckled as Bim playfully hit his arm (“Who are you calling old?! My face is ageless!”). Jim couldn’t help but to grin, stress off his shoulders for the moment and immediately started going through the reports again, writing notes down furiously. Wilford and Bim gave each other a knowing look, getting up and saying they’ll see the Jims at the next meeting, excited to see what they have in store to show. Jim watched them leave, muttering a small “thank you”, to which Wilford and Bim both smiled as they walked off to other business they needed to attend to- or well, needed to attend to hours ago. Helping a good friend makes you forget time easily. 

Power (7/?) - Kim Jongin

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / PART 7

Summary: Jongin, the son of a wealthy CEO, and a few of his friends end up interning at the company of an attractive young businesswoman’s company, and you don’t mind having him visit your office occasionally.

Genre: Fluff? Idek anymore

Length: 800+ (short one whoops, next part will be longer)

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10 things I learned my first year at college
  • 1.) Don't look for love. If the time is right, you'll know it. If you try to make someone fall in love with you, chances are it isn't true love.
  • 2.) Be nice to everyone you meet. And I mean everyone. You never know who may pop up in your second semester 930 psych class. It's easier to study with a study buddy. Being snotty will get you nowhere, except a few dirty looks while walking on campus.
  • 3.) Keeping old friendships is especially hard while away at school. Work at it though because it'll be worth it in the long run. Send your best friend a letter, text your old friend just to see how she's doing.
  • 4.) No one cares how drunk or high you got. Chances are, they were just as drunk or high.
  • 5.) One of the first things you should work on is how to be happy by yourself because when that boy leaves you crying in the rain at 4 am you only have you.
  • 6.) Even best friends will stab you in the back. Don't try to get even, just be glad it happened when it did so that you can take the proper steps to ensure it does not happen in the future.
  • 7.) The people on your floor will not necessarily be your best friends. I'm not saying they won't, but don't assume you have to be friends with who you live near.
  • 8.) Feel free to test out different groups. Go to the hockey party, go to the psychology club, get dinner with a friend from your math class who you've never spoken to, she might just become your best friend. Hangout with different people and don't close yourself off to anyone.
  • 9.) Don't get into fights at bars... lol you'll get kicked out.
  • 10.) When you think you're falling in love with your drug dealer, you're not. You're falling in love with the adrenaline that comes from the trap lifestyle. Do not let yourself think that the cute druggie that lives a few streets off campus is your true love. The Xanax and weed are the only good things he has to offer.
  • bonus ;) 11.) Don't be petty.
Luke - Stupid Mistakes Part 7

I’m sorry this part had taken so long to be posted, but I’ve had so much work to do and I still have lots more:( the next one shouldn’t take as long hopefully and please request of you want a next part to see how she reacts. I hope you like it!


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

For the rest of my holiday Luke and I avoided each other because it was too awkward and it wasn’t fair on the other boys. We both kind of made this unspoken decision about it. After Luke’s angered outburst over the many news articles about Ash and I being the next ‘hot couple’, I had managed to calm him down and convince him that nothing was happening. He went to his room and stayed in there for as long as I stayed. Ash and I had decided that it would be best if we didn’t go out in public together since we didn’t want to spur on the false rumors.
These thoughts about the past week circled my mind as I stared across the skyline from the boys’ penthouse suit window. So much had happened in the little time that I had been here. Sighing, I walked closer to the window as I wondered what would have happened if I had cancelled my flight and not even bothered to come. A creak of a door caused me to spin around and snap out of my pensive trance.
‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.’ Luke mumbled, as he proceeded to close his bedroom door. Clearly, he had been trying to sneak out, but the door had sabotaged his plans.
'It’s okay.’ I said, folding my arms across my chest. I was a little unsure of how to act, since it was the first time we had spoken since he had been angry about the reporters calling me Ash’s girlfriend. 'I was just coming to say goodbye. My flight is in a couple of hours and you know how they like you to be there early.’ I said, adding a little awkward giggle at the end. 'But clearly everyone’s still asleep and I didn’t want to wake them.’ I shrugged.
'I can’t believe it’s Sunday already.’ He said, shoving his hands into his front pockets.
'Yeah.’ I said unable to think of anything else to say. 'I should probably go…’ I began to walk towards the door.
'Wait, Y/N.’ Luke said, reaching towards me, but dropping his hand when I turned around. He stuffed them both back in his pockets and looked at the ground. I sighed and turned back to the door. He spoke up again as my hand came into contact with the door handle.
'I’m sorry…about everything.’ I froze with my back towards him. Suddenly, I had two options, either to turn around and forgive him or to turn the handle and walk away. 'I never wanted to hurt you and I hate myself for doing so because you are unlike any other person that I’ve ever met. You’re understanding, and kind, and funny, and no one’s been more accepting of who l am than you have. And, I love you Y/N.’ His voice broke on my name and I knew that I couldn’t walk away from him, so I turned around.
'Would…would you like to come with me to the airport?’ I asked. 'I have a while yet and we could get a drink perhaps?’ I suggested. I didn’t know if I could take him back straight away but I wanted to let him know that we had a chance of getting back together again.
'Sure.’ He smiled. 'Let me just go grab my jacket.’
As I sat down in the waiting area my phone buzzed. WTF you left without saying bye!! Clearly Mikey wasn’t happy about me letting him sleep.
You were snoring your lil head off, I didn’t want to wake you, I replied back.
Not a good enough reason, he texted. He was definitely in a sulky mood.
Yes it is! I sent back immediately.
Nu-uh, I won’t see you for at least another month! I could imagine his pouting face, which made me laugh.
Awh you gonna miss me? I joked with him.
Of course I am! I smiled at his reply. It was great to spend a week with him because I had missed his joking, caring character. Another text came through before I had chance to reply. I was going to come with you to the airport as well! He exclaimed.
I’m sorry, it’s okay tho Luke took me.
LUKE?!?! I could practically see the shock on his face.
Are you two okay now? He asked, which caused me to think back to the last hour I had spent with him. We had got along really well and we even joked. But just before I had to leave the conversation turned serious. He said that he didn’t want to lose me and that he’d do anything to get me back. I told him that we could try again when they visited my town in a months time and see how it goes.
Yeah I guess we are. I replied back, smiling to myself.
Good I’m glad.
I’ll call you when I get in, I quickly typed back as the tannoy announced that I could board my plane.
You better do! I smiled at his last text and dropped my phone in my bag as I got my ticket prepared.
The toddler on the row behind me had made it his mission to not let me sleep for the whole flight back, so by the time I got home to say that I was exhausted was an understatement. I flopped on my bed not even bothering to change into my pjs. But clearly a greater power was refusing to let me sleep as my phone began to ring just as I got comfy. I groaned and dragged myself out of bed, assuming it was Michael to check that I had arrived home safely. But I was shocked to see Ashton’s name lighting up my screen.
'Hello.’ I said as I answered the call.
'Y/N!’ A slurred, excited voice exclaimed.
'Are you drunk?’ I asked, flopping back onto my bed.
'Nope I am not drunk.’ He stated yet he had managed to give 'drunk’ two syllables.
'Really?’ I said, sounding very unconvinced.
'Maybe, okay yes am I most definitely drunk.’ He said. I could imagine the effort it was taking him to struggle to get his words out.
'Do you want me to call one of the others?’ I asked, beginning to feel concerned for him.
'Noooooo, they’re all here.’ He said, sounding very adamant. 'Look there you are being very lovely and sweet and caring even though your an ocean away.’ He hiccupped, which made me roll my eyes.
'Well you’re making me concerned about you.’
'I love that you’re concerned about me. Oh this reminds me of what I wanted to tell you.’ He said, sounding a little more focused.
'Okay, go ahead.’ I was definitely curious at what made him call me in the middle of the night.
'I like you.’ He said. I waited for him to go on, but apparently that’s all he wanted to say.
'Oh, I like you to Ash.’ I said, smiling whilst trying not to laugh.
'No.’ He groaned. 'I really like you and not as a friend.’ My smile immediately fell from my face.

Part 8


Wishing you an Happy 33rd Birthday, my beloved snowflake.

Clone Club Appreciation!

I’m late (AS ALWAYS), but I really, really wanted to show some Clone Club lovin, so let’s do this!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’ve never been in a fandom like Clone Club before. From the moment I started expressing an interest in the fandom, I was welcomed in without hesitation. I’ve been in fandoms before. None of them have ever been so easy to adapt to, nor have I ever made friends so quickly. Clone Club is incredibly unique and it’s all because of the people who are constantly making me laugh and smile - especially when I need it the most - and who make my life all the better just by being themselves. Clone Club, you’re super rad, and I’m always going to be grateful to have met the people that I have already and will (hopefully!) continue to meet in the future.

Although delayed, here is my massive list of people that I’ve got lots of appreciation for, ranging from the people I talk to all the time to the people that I admire to the people I see on my dash and hope to get to know better someday. I’ve inevitably forgotten many people and, if I have (I’M SORRY D:), know that I genuinely feel that everything I’ve said above applies to you as well.

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[SNS] 160122 Jonghyun Instagram & Twitter Update Update 

The ceiling had spoken.

In a waiting room not even 5 square meters, bustling as usual, more than ten people just finished the make-up war with fun, but where are they at this moment and left me alone.

Sitting at the corner leaning against the wall, like I used to do, stared dazedly at the ceiling, it’s a total blank in my head, except for the female voice often heard in game said, “Lee Jong Hyun, your life has passed for 27 years and 21 days.” Although I’m clear that this is a voice that is heard from my inner heart, I couldn’t understand why there is such a thought that appeared at this moment. It’s a relief that the female voice appeared, I laughed at myself for having these silly thoughts.

Not sure if I would make use of the chance while I am alone to present a new year resolution to myself after the long period of time : The new year has come, Cheer up, have to enjoy life well. Although I would have such a thought every year when it comes to this timing, the actual thought actually started when the era of as I entered the second half of this year, it is a feeling caused that makes it sad. What else could I do well in?

I know that after saying such words, there would be a lot of people that would say “Why do you say such things in front of me, what am I as compared to you if you say such things?” Or they would ask why would you think of it in such ways? Isn’t it this the best of the times where you are doing well? Firstly, I would like to apologize, (to people who are older than me) but I would like the younger ones to listen. I may be enjoying the best times in my life. I’ve received a lot of love from the people due to luck, it is a chance for me to learn to grow up. I am still 14 years old, I am still in lost when it comes to life (although my appearance might not look like my friends who has the same age) there isn’t any difference. Although not everyone would face the same situation.

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#11: Coffee Shop.

Requested. This is a College AU as well. 

Luke: He would be nestled in a beanie behind you, his nose clearly a bit stuffed up due to his sniffles. Staying up all night studying for that test you knew you needed to pass would have to pay off–especially at 8 AM. You would order your usual and swipe your card, thinking nothing of your routine. The barista would tell you that your card declined, and you would shake your head and try again, only to come up with the same results. Annoyed and now frustrated, you would nearly request to just cancel the whole thing until a raspy, sleepy voice rose from behind you. “I got it.” He would motion for you to step aside while he ordered himself, eventually handing you your chai tea with a warm pastry. “Thank you. You didn’t have to do that, you know.” He would nod and walk towards a table in the center of the room, offering you a seat when he pulled off his hat. His nearly golden blonde hair would be flat against his forehead, perfectly disheveled. He would play with the ring on his pinky before he responded to you softly. “But I did if I wanted an excuse to talk to you.”  You would blush and look down then, only to meet his baby blue irises when your head returned to it’s prior position. You would smile and shyly say your name, his eyes on you without any disturbances. “I’m Luke.” You would be mesmerized by his entire person the two hours you spoke, his number left on the napkin in your hand after he walked you to class. 

Ashton: You would be wrapped up in your schoolwork for the third time that week–your coffee now cold due to hours sitting in the same spot. Facts never memorized themselves, and your brain was now bursting with information. You were desperate for a distraction of any kind. You would haphazardly pull out one of your headphones, suddenly taken by the noise to your right. Sometimes the shop doubled as a coffeehouse on Saturdays for poets and musicians, and today would be a particularly interesting bunch. The boy hanging over the acoustic drum box would meet your gaze and grin, his face set in the same way while he kept time with the beat of the song. You would be intrigued and watch the rest of their set. It would seem as if he was drawn to you the second he finished. You would have to hold back another reaction of surprise when the boy came over to you–taking the empty chair across from your textbook. “I saw you listening. I’m glad you did. It looked like you would lose it if you kept staring at that monster book of yours.” You would laugh and shake your head, silently agreeing with him in your head. “I’m Ashton.” He would put out his hand and you would gingerly shake it, distracted by his inviting eyes. You would start up a conversation that would last hours, and it would have to take place elsewhere when the light of the day had nearly faded. 

Calum: You would always see him around, the guy with the longboard that always rolled around campus the same way, complete with ripped skinny jeans and tattoos. He was in your sociology class, and he occasionally rolled in to the coffee shop where you practically lived these days. Calum had always been very cute and your opinion, but the exchanges between the two of you had only been brief and about class. He would approach you out of nowhere when you were in the middle of a study guide, getting your attention while tapping his latte on your notebook. “Hey. So I was wondering…” You would look at him in pleasant surprise, a faint smile creeping on your lips when he leaned in closer. “Do you want to study tonight? I know the exam isn’t for a few days, but you kick ass in that class and I could use all the help I can get.” You would look at him directly and respond, your eyes grazing over his arms as you spoke. “Sure.” He would nod, his smile widening. “Maybe we can get dinner too…before or after. It’ll be on me.” You would be slightly raised to the events that would happen later that day with Calum, which would follow material closer to anatomy than what you had originally intended.

Michael: You would be sitting on the table near the entrance, oblivious to everything going on around you with your feet propped up in the way that was most comfortable. Blowing off steam in-between classes was crucial to staying sane, and you never took any chances. You wouldn’t even notice when someone knocked into your drink to the far left, the cup and its contents splayed out on the floor with a crash. You would see a blue-haired vision of a boy who was picking up stray ice-cubes from the ground, muttering curses to himself at his own clumsiness. “I’m so, so sorry. I’m an idiot.” He would look at you with wide green eyes and you wouldn’t be phased in the slightest by the situation. “It’s fine. I wasn’t drinking it anyway. I really like your hair.” You would point to his head and he would laugh with a big smile, his face filled with nothing but joy. “Really? I just did it yesterday and I wasn’t sure about it. But thanks.” You would nod and push a strand of hair behind your ear–struck dumb by how cute he was. “I’m Michael. And I’m going to get you another drink.”  

DH - Chapter 7 - The Will of Albus Dumbledore

  • I thought this picture was much smaller than it was and thought about replacing it, but I thought what the heck it’s Hinny week. :)
  • I’m glad Ron thought to tell Harry he was muttering in his sleep. If my best friend was muttering “Gregorovitch” I would have thought they were saying random sounds. Even if they were repeating the same sounds again and again. Sleeping’s weird I wouldn’t have thought anything of it.
  • I love that Ron knows his Quidditch team so thoroughly and who has the worst stats. /// “No, I’m definitely not thinking of Gorgovitch.” -Harry “I try not to either…” -Ron /// Ron’s amazing okay.
  • Okay so Voldemort just so happens to lose focus on trying to not let Harry in on such an important matter on Harry’s 17th birthday??? I don’t think so. I think Voldemort is not just desperately searching to figure out the wand problem, but in a full out panic. Harry’s 17 and he’s now lost his advantage. 
  • “Reveling in the removal of his Trace, Harry sent Ron’s possessions flying around the room… and purely for the pleasure of it, turned the orange robes on Ron’s Chudley Cannons posters bright blue.” /// Nerd. Also, Ron never complains, which is adorable to me for some reason. He just makes a tiny joke about Harry’s fly being down. Get a load of these buddies. :’)
  • Gred and Forge gave Ron a copy of Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches first and I wonder if they did it with kind hearts after hearing about Ron’s romance struggles. Like they gave him a book with all good advice and not just embarrassing things (well to receive from your jokster brothers). I think this was a genuine gesture and that’s cute. 
  • This darn watch scene never fails to make me cry. Mamma Weasley you are amazing and Harry, dear child, you are loved. :”) Also, the watched belonged to Fabian before. I think it’s fun to remember the exact brother. Imagine the Prewett twins being cool uncles Harry got to meet, 
  • I am almost delightedly angry (I’m surprised the emotion exists) every time I think of a magical razor and I don’t know why. Like I guess it’s either a shaving charm or do it by hand thing in my mind. I hate the idea of a magicked razor. Like why do that? It looks both incredibly silly and stupid in my mind. I don’t know why I have such strong feelings towards this. lol
  • “Feeling nervous, Harry followed Ginny into her room.” /// Here we go!
  • Her room is on the first floor & 1. This probably helped immensely when she snuck out at 6 years-old to fly. 2. The tent’s roof comes up to her bedroom window. 
  • “She was looking at him steadily; he, however, found it difficult to look back at her; it was like gazing into a brilliant light.” /// This melts me oh my gosh. How beautiful! Also great with the next thing Harry says “Nice view” [referencing the freaking tent blocking most of the view atm].
  • “She ignored him [about the nice view comment]. He could not blame her.” /// giggling! 
  • Ginny’s probably still going over what Harry and her talked about the last time they were alone and really in pain inside and trying to think of what to give Harry for his birthday and trying to stay positive. I think that has a lot to do with the slow progression of conversation here. I think she’s trying to control herself, because normally they wouldn’t have this much stiffness communicating. 
  • I need to know how long this kiss lasted.
  • I’m glad Ron wants to protect his baby sister, but running into her room was terrible form. But I do love that he talks to Harry after. 
  • Ginny finally starts to cry and Harry just wants to comfort her but can, and I’m just brokenhearted for this girl. She just wants him so badly and freaking Voldemort gets in her way and then her brother in a small way does today too. She had one last chance to have control. This was her chance to end things on her own terms, but she wasn’t able to. Like I just wanted her to get to finish making out and then do some quick I-know-we-can’t-do-this-right-now-but-I-want-us flirting. Why can’t that just be how this happens for her??? U suck Voldemort and ur timing sucks Ron.
  • Harry and Ron keep pace with each other as they speed walk outside and Hermione is basically running. lol What a tall brotp I have.
  • “’She’s not an idiot, she knows it can’t happen, she’s not expecting us to – to end up married, or–’ As he said it, a vivid picture formed in Harry’s mind of Ginny in a white dress, marrying a tall, faceless, and unpleasant stranger. In one spiraling moment it seemed to hit him: Her future was free and unencumbered, whereas his… he could see nothing but Voldemort ahead.” /// 1. Ginny makes his daydreams go out of control. this picture was described as “vivid”. 2. My heart aches for Harry bc of Voldemort. 3. Why so angsty??? 4. I wonder if anyone saw the Trio go outside and have a heated fight. I wonder what they thought it was about. 5. I wonder if Ginny is talking about any of this with anyone. I doubt she would want to talk to Hermione, the girl who is sharing her room right now, actually. 6. This little fight here between Ron and Harry, while thinking about the one that made Ron leave, makes me surprisingly happy. Like they seem so young and free here in comparison to the oppressive tent they will soon all share under a lot of stress.
  • How did I ever miss this: “Although Lupin smiled as he shook Harry’s hand, Harry thought he looked rather unhappy. It was all very odd; Tonks, beside him, looked simply radiant.” /// This was the day they learned Tonks was pregnant isn’t it? 
  • Sweet, underdeveloped Charlie. 
  • wearywanderer​ I know you’re ready like I am for Harry and Scrimgeour to talk again haha. Let’s do this!
  • I just now realized that the will was presented to Harry on his birthday like a gift how cute of the rude Minister. 
  • Mr. Weasley has his own sagging armchair! How actually cute. :)
  • “Harry shrugged. Hermione, however, answered: Harry thought that answering questions correctly was such a deeply ingrained habit she could not suppress the urge.” /// Actual siblings.
  • “It occurs to me that Dumbledore, who had prodigious magical skill, whatever his other faults…” /// omg Scrimgeour he’s already dead you don’t need to be actively bitter anymore.
  • I 100% believe that Dumbledore leaving the sword in the will was a message and not something that he thought that the Ministry would actually give Harry.
  • “It belongs to Harry! It chose him, he was the one who found it, it came to him out of the Sorting Hat–” -Hermione /// Actual older sister Hermione. This is how older sisters sound when defending their little siblings.
  • Here he goes shutting Scrimgeour down!
  • “It’s time you learned some respect.” -S. “It’s time you earned it.” -Harry /// THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!! I hope people read this and learned a great lesson about leadership. Only allow the leadership in your life that you respect. Like follow laws too, so long as they are right, but private leaders in your life make sure you respect them AND they respect you.
  • It’s funny because Scrimgeour insinuates that Harry wears his scar like a crown though Harry doesn’t, however, Harry does use the I must not tell lies. scar like a weapon goodness! Twice he whips that out to discredit the Ministry to Scrimgeour’s face. It’s amazing!
  • I open at the close.
Ashton Irwin: New Beginnings

Requested by @5sosaresquirrels: ‘So Y/N was like barely 19 or 20 when her best friend or sister dies after she gives birth to her baby. Y/N was listed as the person she wanted to be the new guardian, but everyone was iffy at first since she was so young. But she refuses to give her to anyone else, and excepts the fact that she’ll be her parent. So maybe along like a year or two she is really protective, and doesn’t really get out much, since she is reserved. But one day she meets one of the guys ( maybe Luke or Ashton, but it doesn’t matter :)) and they start to get close and have feelings for each other, but she is not sure what to say about her kid, and If she should actually date him? I’m sorry this is so confusing, I just needed to get this whole idea off my chest :)’

Warnings: None!

A/N: I accidentally deleted this draft somehow so I had to retype this all again! I used Ashton and Y/N’s best friend in this. I kinda changed this a little tiny bit, enjoy x

Request for part 2 maybe? idk

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Song Preference: Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings

Hiii guysss so I know I haven’t updates in ages I’m so inactive ugh  but it’s half term holidays so I’ll try get the ship requests sitting in my inbox done I know it’s been like 2 months but

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C A L U M : 

“I’ll keep tossing rocks at your window”

You were pretty sure it was past midnight, judging by the darkness, but for some reason your mind just wouldn’t let you sleep. Just as you were starting to drift off, you heard a quiet tapping noise coming from the other side of the room. Not thinking anything of it, you closed your eyes again and tried to sleep, but the tapping continued until eventually you waked over to the window, hoping to not find some sort of demon tapping on it, and flung the curtains open. Through the darkness of the night, you could just about see the figure of your boyfriend, Calum, stood next to your tree with a handful of stones. So that’s what the tapping was!
“Calum? What are you doing here?” You hissed down at him, being cautious to not wake up any family members.
“I missed you Y/N! It’s cold out here, can I come in?” He whisper-shouted up at you. Without waiting for an answer, he climbed up the drainpipe and clambered through your window, landing in a heap on your floor. He grinned at you and straightened himself out before jumping on your bed, dragging you in with him. Getting to sleep was a lot easier with Calum’s arms around you.

M I C H A E L :

“They’ll tear us apart if you give them the chance”

There was no escaping the hate. It was everywhere: on the streets, in school and worst of all on twitter. You knew what you signed up for when you started dating Michael, but this was getting out of hand. One night when Michael was out late at the studio, you opened your laptop to twitter and scrolled through your mentions, every hateful comment worse than the last.
‘Maybe they’re right,’ you thought. 'Maybe I’m not good enough for him.’ Tears streamed down your face as you tossed the laptop onto the floor, a huge crack distorting the screen and all the messages on it. Angry and hurt, you stormed around the room, punching walls until your knuckles bled and throwing things to the floor. Due to your cries, you didn’t hear Michael enter the house and run up the stairs to find you. The second you laid eyes on him, you collapsed to the floor in a sobbing heap, the broken laptop discarded at the other side of the room. He wrapped his arms around you and carried you over to the bed, setting you down softly before bringing you into his side in a warm embrace.
“I c-cant do this a-anymore Mikey,” you sobbed into his chest. “T-they hate me.” You could feel him tense up with anger t whoever had made you feel like this, then he said into your hair, “ Baby listen, I love you to pieces and I don’t ever want to see you sad like this again. They’ll tear us apart if you give them the chance and I really don’t want that to happen, please don’t listen to anything bad they say. I love you.” Your breathing evened out as your sobs subsided and you cuddled into his side. They say nobody’s perfect, but they must have forgotten about him.

L U K E :

“Run baby run, don’t ever look back”

“You’re not seeing him again! He’s not good for you, Y/N!” Your mum screamed at you. She never approved of you and Luke’s relationship but now she was forbidding you seeing him? This was a new low.
“I don’t care what you say! I love him and he makes me happy, so what’s your problem?!” You yelled back.
“We’re not discussing this Y/N! You’re not to see him, and there’ll be consequences if you do! Now go to your room, you’re grounded!” You stormed up the stairs and slammed the door, grabbing your phone to call Luke.
“Hey, Y/N, what’s up?” His thick Australian accent said through the phone.
“Apparently I’m not allowed to see you any more,” you replied, getting angrier by the second.
“I’ll be there in 5, get enough stuff together for a couple weeks, see you in a few.” He hung up, leaving you slightly confused. We’re you running away?
As promised, 5 minutes later you got a text from Luke: 'I’m outside, don’t let them see you leave love you x’. As you silently crept downstairs, making sure you wouldn’t be seen, your heart fluttered with excitement and the anger washed away. Luke was outside when you opened the door and he took your hand in his and slung your bag over his shoulder. “Run, and don’t ever look back,” he whispered as you ran off into the night together. He was all you needed.

A S H T O N :

“Just sneak out and don’t tell a soul goodbye”

Tonight was the night of your boyfriend’s band’s big concert and you weren’t allowed to go because you 'had too much homework to be wasting time going to silly concerts.’ Or at least, that’s what your parents told you. But if there was ever a better time to be rebellious, this was it; there was no way you were missing Ashton’s big concert. Once you knew your family was all downstairs, out of the way, you climbed through the window and down the drainpipe before running as fast as your legs could carry you. On your way to the venue, you text Ash that you were out alive and to meet you outside the venue, which he did. As soon as he saw you, he ran towards you and spun you around, hugging you tightly.
“I’m so glad you could make it, babe,” he whispered to you as the fans stared at the two of you longingly. The concert was amazing; you couldn’t have been prouder of Ashton as you danced in the front row, surrounded by screaming fans.
“This next song goes out to my beautiful girlfriend, Y/N! Love you babe!” Ashton announced as he started drumming the beat to She Looks So Perfect.

Ashton Imagine - Standards | part three

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Words : 1, 766

Authors note : Thank you guys so, so much for all of the notes on part one and two of this, and thank you to the person who requested it! This will be the final part, so I really hope you guys liked it!

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The whole entire drive home, Ashton was trying to think of what to say to you. He didn’t know what to do, or how he would react if he saw you crying. He knew he wouldn’t be able to say anything to you, like he always does when you cry.  

His hands were nervously taping against the steering wheel, the red light he was stopped at seemed to be taking forever. All he wanted to do was get home.  

When the light switched from red to green, he drove off quickly, not caring about speeding. In the next ten minuets, he was finally home. He parked the car and slowly made his way to the house, his nerves wracking. 

 What if she doesn’t even want to talk to me… what if she is so pissed that she just ignores me the whole time? What if she’s not even here… and she’s gone… Worry was filling his head as he stood outside the front door, still debating wither he should go in or turn around and drive away.  

Although it took him a bit more time, he finally got up the guts, and walked in, making sure to not make too much noise. He took his shoes and jacket off before going into the kitchen, checking there first. He sighed when you weren’t there, and turned to check the living room, only to find you curled into a ball on the couch, the pillow you had been crying too was clutched tightly against your chest.  

This image of you warmed his heart, and he smiled a bit, laughing too himself. She’s so damn cute…  

As he walked closer to you, he felt his heart drop. Since he could now see you perfectly, he noticed the tear stains against your cheeks, and he could already see how swollen your eyes were, even though they weren’t open.  

“(Y/n)…” He sighed, tears pricking at his eyes. “I’m so sorry…"  

You tossed and turned a bit, and when you inhaled, it sounded like you had been crying for a while.  

Your hand was hanging off the couch, and as Ashton followed it to the floor, he noticed your phone. He looked at it, confused, and decided to check if something had happened.  

"Especially when we knew how she got when things like that were said about her… I know it’s been hard for her with all of the hate from fans that she’s been getting lately…”Lukes words rang in Ashtons ears, making him cringe and type in your password (the day the two of you started dating) quicker than he ever had before.  

It opened up to the most recent thing you had been looking at, which was your twitter page.  

He read over the same tweets you did, all consisting of the #AshCanDoBetter. He felt this boiling hot anger starting in his stomach.  

How could some of the fans say things like this to you or about you? Did they not see how amazing you were, or how incredibly happy you made him?  

He clicked on the hashtag to see over 2.4m tweets using the hashtag, and he only got angrier.  

This is why you took the joke so harsh… because you’ve already been dealing with it for months, and of course it would hurt you worse coming from himself and the guys.  

He sat your phone down and took a seat at the very end of  the couch, trying to be careful as to not wake you up, even though he wanted to talk to you about the hate.  

He failed miserably at his attempt to not wake you up.  

"Hmm?” You turned over, your eyes slowly opening a bit. At first you didn’t notice him there, but when you did, your first instinct was to get up and walk away. 

“(Y/n), stop.” Ashton caught you by your wrist, holding it lightly so that you couldn’t walk away. 

You turned to him, biting your lip so you didn’t cry again as everything that happened came rushing into your head. 

“Ashton, please, I don’t want to talk about it.” You tried to pull away, but his grip wouldn’t weaken.  

“I’m not going to not talk about it. You don’t even know how sorry I am, (y/n),” his voice cracked, and you tried to ignore the ping in your chest. “I can’t even begin to tell you how sorry I am.” 

“Ashton, it’s fin-” He cut you off. 

“No, don’t say it’s fine, because it’s not. Nothing about this whole situation is fine.” He had a serious tone to his voice, but you would see his eyes beginning to gloss over.  

“I didn’t stick up for you to our friends. I should have thought about how the things they were saying would make you feel, and how you would take them. It was my fault for not stopping them when they started.” He was trying to seem strong, and you listened as his accent kept getting thicker and thicker, something that happened when he got emotional.  

“And I should have known (y/n).” He hangs his head at this, and you look at him confused. “I should have fucking noticed all of it sooner and stopped it before it began.” It didn’t sound to you like he was talking about the banter at dinner anymore… 

“Ash… what are you talking about?” You question, and when he looks back up at you, you noticed the tears that were slowly coming down his face, making your heart tighten in your chest. 

“I-I know about all of t-the hate, (y/n).” His voice shook, and you looked at him wide eyed. You knew he would see some of it eventually, but you didn’t think it would be this soon. 

Before you could say anything, he continued.  

“The hashtag AshCanDoBetter’, it’s so pathetic. If only they knew how completely false that is.” He couldn’t look up at you, because he knew he’d cry harder, and he already hares crying in front of you. 


“(Y/n), I love you so much, I can’t even place it into words. You’re my everything, and without you, I’d be a wreck. Fans don’t know how much you mean to me. They don’t understand that I wake up every single day to see you and hear you voice. You are one of the sole purposes of me even being here. ” He was in front of you now, so close that your chests were touching. His hand was pressed to your cheek, and even though you still wanted to be mad at him, you felt all of it washing away like the new tide with the moon.  

“I can’t do better than you, (y/n),” his voice cracked again, “because there is no one better. You are perfect to me in every way possible, and you most definitely are not fat. There is nothing wrong with your weight, and I wish you believe me when I say it. But I know that’s hard, because I know how self-conscious you are about it..” You didn’t know you were crying until you felt the pad of his thumb wipe one of them away.  

You opened your mouth and went to speak, but before you could, Ashton found your lips with his own, kissing you sweetly at first but soon making it passionate.  

He pulled away though, setting his forehead against yours.  

“I will apologize for the rest of my life for all of this if I have too.” He chuckled a bit, and for the first time that night, you smiled a bit. 

“That won’t be necessary.” Ashton looked at you, his eyes wide, almost as wide as the smile that spread on his face. 

“You mean you’re not mad-” You cut him off. 

“I’m not as mad as I was. I’m still hurt Ash, but of course I’ll get over it. I hate seeing you getting this upset over things…” You cupped his cheek, and he leaned into your hand, the smile he was wearing had lessened a bit, but it was still there. 

“Well, I’m just glad you aren’t as mad at me as you were… I really didn’t mean to do that to you, I never meant to hurt you.” He sighed, and you just nodded. 

“It's fine, it’s all over now. I’m exhausted, crying for this long really wears a girl out. ” You smile, stretching  your arms over your head.  

Ashton took this chance, sneaking his arms around your waist and pulling you up and into his arms, where his kissed you lightly, what was about to be a small scream of shock slowly melting into the kiss.  

“Then let’s go to bed. I can sleep on the couch though, if you-” You cut him off by kissing his crimson cheek, smiling at him. 

“You’re not sleeping on the couch, you’re sleeping in our bed with me, got it?” You laugh, making him smile wider and blush a bit deeper.  

“Oh… okay, good!” He began walking upstairs to the room, carrying you easily in his arms. 

“Oh, and babe?" He said, once you got into the room and he sat you down on the bed. 

“That hashtag is going to be gone by tomorrow, got it?” He nodded, and you looked at him, confused. 

“What do you mean, Ash… what'd you do?” You were suspicious because of the sound in his voice, which hinted that he had done something.  

“Check your twitter and see." Was all he said before he headed into the bathroom to wash up, something you had already done.  

You unlocked your phone quickly, going to Ashton's page. There, was a selfie that you had taken with him before the dinner, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, and his lips pressed to your cheek.  

@Ashton5SOS: This girl is the single most amazing thing to ever happen to me. I love you more than life itself, princess. #AshCANTDoBetter #IHaveTheBest 

Although the tweet may have been a bit corny, you think that Ashton got his point across that he had seen the tag, and that he didn’t like it.  

I love him so fucking much… you though to yourself, cuddling even more into the shirt you were wearing, which was his. You laid back into your bed, a large smile spread across your face as you could hear Ashton singing 'Thinking Out Loud' by Ed Sheeran at the top of his lungs in the shower.  

Maybe I don’t fit the standards of a band members girlfriend… but I think I fit the standards of being Ashton’s girlfriend.


Authors note : Okay guys, I really hope you liked the final part! I feel like this was a cute ending? I hope if was as good as you guys thought it was going to be! Thank you for all the requests to continue it!