I'm fine

The other day I told my dad I’ve been diagnosed as Bipolar Type 2 and he goes “so it’s kinda like being happy one second and sad the next right?” and the reason I’m writing this post is that no, it’s not.

Being bipolar is like being stuck on a roller coaster. You get to the top and do some sick ass loop de loops. They’re actually kinda fun at first. Then when you hit another peak, the ride jerks to a halt.

You look down and see an endless pit. You don’t know when the coaster will fall. You just do…

It teeter totters for a bit.

You free fall. It’s dark and suffocating. You go through more loop de loops but these ones are under ground, you can’t see the sky anymore. Time stops.

After what feels like an eternity of darkness, you see sunlight. It feels far away but finally you reach the surface again.

The ride finally comes to a stop at the beginning. As you try to exit the car the operator gives you a smug look and starts it over again.

Being bipolar is more like this.

  • What she says:I'm fine.
  • What she means:What if they really did film 2 music videos when they filmed She's Kinda Hot and all the 7 trillion dogs Calum had on leashes will be for the Fly Away video? Where did those dogs come from? What were those dogs used for? Did Calum keep them? Would they make him feel better right now? What is happening with all this new music? Remember when I said I wanted new 5SOS music ASAP... Well this really was ASAP WOW. So Fly Away huh... I bet that's going to be good. ANOTHER SONG OFF THE ALBUM THAT ASHTON SAID HE'S NEVER BEEN MORE PROUD OF ANYTHING IN HIS LIFE. It's going to be such a great album. OMG... So many anthems. Such wow. So great for all the rejects like me out there joining the New Broken Scene. It's fine... I'm fine.

So in those set pictures Seb is wearing about 5 layers of clothing. The hat and coat from the smithsonian, and the henley from the ant-man scene. So like, does Bucky just wear every item of clothing he acquires over the top of his other clothes? Because that implies that he doesn’t have anywhere to stay and store his “belongings”, and literally has nothing but the clothes on his back :))))))))))))