I'm fine


#this is the moment when I think stiles realizes that lydia does return his love #that even though lydia knows the very real dangers they’re facing she still doesn’t want to leave his side #and so when stiles says remember i love you in the jeep #although there’s not enough time for lydia to reply #i think stiles already knows in his heart and mind that lydia loves him too

Ma poi è arrivata quella mattina. Dove misteriosamente ho sentito che non faceva più così tanto male là dove faceva male. O che forse, ormai, a quel dolore mi stavo abituando. E che in un modo o nell'altro, insomma potevo andare avanti.
—  C. Gamberale.

#can we just take a second to consider that Emma’s wish that started the series #was to not be alone #and that Regina #when presented with the opportunity to wish for ANYTHING #wished to be with Emma #and it was Emma’s birthday both times

I thought Kizakura was following Kyoko around in future arc because he was afraid of dying or something. But that’s not it.

He’s following her around because he made a promise to her father.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: no but do u understand what Hamilton means to poc? people think it's just some fun quirky musical that decided to cast ethnic minorities as the old white founding fathers but do u kNOW what it mEANS to reclaim your country's history??? a country that was built on the broken backs of your people? a history that brutalised and slaughtered your people and tried to erase you from their narrative? do u know what it means to immigrants for their stories to be told? what it means for immigrant families who studied and worked and wrote their way out of hell? what it means to make people understand? this is not a story of the american revolution. the real revolution is people of colour putting themselves back in the narrative.