I'm dead serious

Steve Rogers in comics, a resume
  • Steve:*goes to random places* This is so good but not as good as It could be If Bucky were here
  • Steve:*sees friendship* oH, NO MY FRIEND BUCKY, I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!
  • Steve:*remembers the war* bUUUCKYYYYYY
  • Steve:*got a girlfriend* Have I told you about my friend Bucky?
  • Steve:*is alone* *remembers Bucky* *cries because of Bucky*
  • Steve:*angst because of Bucky*
  • Steve:*cries for Bucky*
  • Steve:bUCKY
It just occurred to me...

Would it be considered cruel to photograph a Banba cosplayer?

I want to meet a guy at a 5sos concert fall in love and get married because if I can’t marry 5sos themselves I need to at least marry someone who loves 5sos as much as I do