I'm crying and I made myself sad

Guys imagine....

It’s been 5 years after the hunger games, Katniss and Peeta are in bed asleep. Peeta hears whimpering sounds coming from next to him so he turns around. He sees Katniss sweating and shivering, her eyes flickering beneath her lids. He can tell she’s having a nightmare. He turns around and pulls her near him, he holds her against his chest and strokes her name, all the while he whispers “it’s okay. It’s finished. Real. Real. Real”

Now imagine…

Annie is in bed, her dreams filled with pain, screams and death. She awakes with a start, her heart beating fast within her chest. She turns around, dreaming of curling up to Finnick so he can take her pain away. Only when she turns, the bed on his side is empty and cold. So she just grabs his pillow and hugs it to her chest, imagining it was his body she was holding.

Since the Day I Fell in Love With You

So the constant depressing and really angsty fics that have been popping up recently kind of got to me and I just start writing this. It ended up really long and really fucking cheesy and I’m SO NOT SORRY

Please enjoy this long and ridiculously fluffy one shot to combat all the sad.

3700+ words of pure SFW, very VERY fluffy, fiction. Enjoy!


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Whooaaah, how come I’ve never noticed that Erd is a hot piece of ass!

I mean look at him!

External image

Also super A+++ hottie in the manga

External image

He is gorgeous! Imagine what he looks like with his hair down! With that sexy little beard of his! Second in command in the special ops squad… hnnngg….

Erd is such a rockstar

And now I made myself sad, fangirling over a character that is dead…. :’(

I’m gonna cry in a corner now….