I'm crying

“You’re not alone.” That’s literally just what Even needed to hear. It means so much. It means, “I’ll never leave you because you’re bipolar.” It means, “I’m not angry at you for not telling me.” It means, “I’ll be with you no matter what.” It means, “I love you.” It means, “In every parallel universe we are together.”

It means everything.


Isak knew it all along. He knew it the first time he saw Even. He knew it the first time they said something to each other. He knew it the first time when they looked at each other and they had their arms wrapped around other people. He knew it the first time they kissed in the pool. He knew it the first time when Even stayed over. He knew it when everything came crashing down. 

He knew he was in love. Since the beginning, he knew it. He wasn’t able to admit it to himself. He couldn’t believe it, but he knew. He knew Even was someone, who is going to change his life. It’s all a blur, after he fell even harder for Even. But the first times they were together, the time when he realized why his heart was beating so incredibly fast; he remembers those moments crystal clear. Because that is the moment when his life changed and he knew what he was fighting for. 

“You are not alone” is for the both of them. That’s what makes them strong. That’s what makes them vulnerable.That’s Isak not being afraid anymore.

Isak knows they’re not perfect. Because they’re more than perfect. They’re them, and they can be together. 

Evak Malec Gallavich Johnlock Destiel Philkas Victuuri Drarry, you were named after the most problematic yet iconic, cutest yet sassiest, flawless and shameless ships this world has ever known. And they were all gay. So bitch you better woooork!” - me, a mother

I’m at such a loss. My heart is aching. I cannot imagine the pain they must be feeling. Johannah seemed, to me, like the most selfless and kind woman and no one should ever have to go through this. My prayers go out for her husband, Louis, and the rest of those precious babies.

nicholaspiberiuswildes  asked:

Love: Have you ever fallen in love? Describe what it feels like to realize you're in love.

How dare you ask me this

Well…I can’t really say for sure what love is supposed to feel like. But yeah, I’ve fallen in love before. 
You no longer feel alone, and you do your best in making that person’s day the best ever. Days to weeks, weeks to months, months to years, years to their entire life. It feels…like something new you want to jump at. Every time they’re sad, you’re sad (and it’s not forced, you genuinely feel like the worst thing and immediately get up to do something about it)
If they’re far away, everyday they’re gone you want to hug them and you keep on messaging them “I love you, I love you” every chance you get. Or even just start a conversation to make sure that they’re not alone. If they message you or you KNOW that they feel bad, you want to rush to them and smother them with all the love in the world. 
Teasing is great. I love to tease…and it’s my favorite thing to do w/friends. The one I’m….in love with. Hhhhhh it’s cute to do it aidksankdasnl

I wish I really knew…but from what I’ve felt so far, it’s a scary thing to think about. But blissful when both of you share that connection…?

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