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attackontrash1  asked:

I'm sorry if my praise is overwhelming but GAAAH! Your art is so beautiful and sweet!!! I love it so much!! The way you shade and colour is so stunning! I could stare at it all day!! I also love your comics! you're such a great artist and I love seeing your work on my dash!!

WOW! thank you @attackontrash1​ 
you are so sweet ❤️❤️

Boyfriend: [tries to list all of the Sanders Sides]

Boyfriend: [is however not in the fandom]

Boyfriend: There is… Logan, Angst, Majestic and… and Patton? Patton! Logan, Angst, Majestic and Patton!

Introducing to you, The New Sanders Sides as named by the man of my life: Logan, Angst, Majestic and Patton. 

I can die peacefully now. 

Okay but can we talk about Deathly Hallows for a second.

Harry is 17.


And I know that the entire series basically conditions us to being used to Harry being in danger/sacrificing himself, but


at 17, Harry James Potter walked into what he believed to be certain death, after desperately trying to hold the people he considered to be family together. at 17, he listened as one of his best friends was tortured, he dug a grave for one of his most loyal friends (WHO DIED ON HIS BEHALF) and he carried out an excessively complicated mission for a man who had masterminded his entire life, even after death.

Harry was only 17 and he was in so much pain, and he was so scared, and he still walked towards Voldemort, because his entire life he had been told that his life was only worth what it meant to other people, and wow I really love him.