I'm cry ;______;

do you ever think about how magical it must be for tony, formerly called the merchant of death, to look at kids that are like nine years old or younger and then seeing the light in their eyes when they look at him and thinking “i was already a superhero by the time they were born” like the magnitude of it and the years and the sacrifices and the changes and the responsibility are all made so REAL during those moments. like the little nine-year-olds presenting to him in their science fair. this is it. this is all those years since 2008. this is what those years look like. they look like the six year old in a tutu dress who rushed up to him to give him a drawing yesterday

let’s talk about how according to jake, the night of the bet was “the night that you flirted with me for 20 seconds and i became obsessed with you forever.” FOREVER, you guys. even when jake was with sophia and amy was with teddy, those feelings were always there underneath the surface. (we already kinda guessed that but now it’s #confirmed)

and also: “ames, i’ve always known you were gonna be my boss.” even from the very beginning, when they were constantly competing / trying to one-up each other, jake KNEW amy would be able to rise through the ranks one day. this entire time, he believed in her.


if you need me i’ll just be crying happy tears of endless love for these RFA dorks