I'm an idiot really

i mean i’ve always been sceptical of us-american cinema (i guess that’s the probably healthy european basic attitude) and the #oscarssowhite didn’t really come as a surprise.
what does surprise me, though, is how many white actors and actresses actually like to pour oil into this fire. i am really, really disappointed. like, it’s 2015, haven’t you learned anything? hasn’t your job as an actor brought you more insight into such institutionalized problematic behaviour and its mechanisms?
to be honest, i can’t even keep up anymore. i need a blacklist. helen mirren, michael caine, meryl streep, for starters. sadly enough, all three of them used to be strong cinematic favourites of mine while i was a teenager. like seriously, come on, you’re not that old (not meaning to insult old people here. i’m just saying, this isn’t last generation thinking, this is, well, pretty much the stone age).


first kiss; or in which kaneki’s new book has a kissing scene and he’s curious about it.. or something.

How is Colin O’Donoghue a thing that exists, like, in real life? At times he is the absolute personification of sex on legs, and then in an instant, can transform into this adorable goof with his bright red cheeks and bashful smile. As much as I am obsessed with the love story of Killian and Emma and am not even close to ready to seeing it end, I also can’t wait for Colin to be unleashed into the world and have the time to take on more roles and just, you know, shine. 

GDI, this man makes me emotional sometimes. I have no desire to find my chill.

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Your story of finding out who matt smith was and when you started to like him

You want me to write? Gosh, I’m terrible at that, particularly in english (see, I had to google that word).

But here goes nothing…

It was the summer of 1964, I mean 2014, when I was home alone, bored and every single tv show I watched was on hiatus.

The beach was a mere 2 km (that’s 1.2 miles) away, the ocean so close and I really thought about abandoning my cave and finally get some tan… The thing is… the summer sun tends to hurt my eyes and makes me blink and cry a lot. And for a while now, there was this voice on the back of my head saying “Don’t blink…” See.. that was why I kept myself in the dark.

I spent all my days on Tumblr obsessing over british actors, when I asked myself “What’s the most british thing I could watch?” And there it was, right in front of my face… this gif:

Cheeky bastard. (omg, I’m so bored, look at the levels of stupidity in my head)

Long story, short.

I started watching Doctor Who.

If my heart was broken when Nine left, I cried my insides out when Ten regenarated into Eleven.

I then hated Eleven for a whole week.

I refused to watch a single episode.

Then I decided to give him an opportunity. Best decision I’ve ever made.

When Eleven was gone, there was a whole in me, so then I decided to search Matt on Youtube and I found him so funny.

I was already a gif maker around here… And that’s how this blog was created. :)

When Clone first came to see me at the ER before they took me to Columbus,she thought I was out of it because I kept sobbing about the medics saying they’d have to cut up my Ohayocon t-shirt. I was completely lucid, actually. My priorities are just that bad.


How do you say you’re sorry and there’s nothing to be afraid of? FAHC Ryan mix.
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// Dead Winter Moon- Those Poor Bastards // Lose Your Soul- Dead Man’s Bones // Still Crazy- Hans Zimmer // Blood of Angels- Brown Bird // Message Man- Twenty One Pilots // I’m Not Done- Fever Ray // Killer- The Hoosiers // Child I Will Hurt You- Crystal Castles // Warden- The Tin Box Boys // Degausser- Brand New // Sing Sing- The Bones of J.R. Jones // Goner- Twenty One Pilots // Human- Civil Twilight //


so.. i had a dream about kabby last night. if i didn’t already know i was in deep i definitely do now


“I never meant to fall for you, but I was buried underneath, and all that I could see was white.”