I'm also very sweaty

~ // Servamp Prototypes :D ! \ ~

of Kuro, Mahi ‘n Sakkun :>  They could’ve looked like this… maybe xDDD It’s a mixture of the sketches which where shown here on tumblr + one of the first ServampIllustrations of StrikeTanaka-sama >w>)~

KURO : his appearance is more like the 'typical vampire’ here :D and he has headphones and purple fur, which is somewhat pretty imo =v=)b I also like his haircut, it’s quite enjoyable 'n simple to draw *w*

MAHI : i know, not thaaat much difference here xD simply the Uniform is different :D the crimson jacket + checkered orange-yellow tie. The jacket also had an Emblem acutally. Idk, his jacket also had some white patterns owo.

SAKKUN : not that much difference either. But I really like the idea of him wearing jewelry *///* like.. the earrings, the bracelet and his fancy belt ( which u can’t see here, I’m sry xD ). It somewhat makes him more 'badass’ >w>) <3 and….. I almost drew his curly-thingie :'DD like… can you really imagine him without his superb CURL… ?!

notwhithstanding we’re all happy about the designs StrikeTanaka-sama use now 8D riiiight ? ~

hope u like it :D !


My tablemate feesh and I will be at AX this week @ AA table D64!! Come say hello!!!!

As usual, I welcome any and all print/merch trades if you’re also in the AA! ^P^ (even if i don’t know you, even if we don’t share any fandoms, even if you drew 1.5 prints like me, etc.)

Everyone is always Very Cute and I am excited to see you in person!!!!!! may we all be well-rested and have clear skin