I'm actually excited about this one

  • me, an actual bisexual: I'm excited about this one character being confirmed bi because it's nice to have fictional characters I can relate to, even if their sexuality isn't a big deal in their story.

i feel like i’m the only one who genuinely likes black paladin keith


the get down appreciation week
day one: favorite male character

[caption: three gifs of ra-ra from the get down. him with an excited dizzee, looking worried after rapping his part. him preparing to tell his parents the truth about what happened to the salon. him after his call with tanya as he says: “the force is strong with this one.”]

# renewthegetdown

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Hi mod! Im not sure if you watch steven universe or have seen the newest promo but i just saw it and all i could think of when i saw the newest gem was you! The outfit and how they talked/flailed around reminded me of your cartoonishness haha

I was saving it for this afternoon but if the one you’re talking about is that gem with a monocle? blue? flares for days? I am excited to see more of them bc yeah actually??? I even do that head-clutching squat thing when I’m venting what is this character?!


Volumes 6 & 7 of the Heroes are Home Series

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Episode Thoughts

- We now return to Not Wicked already in progress.

- Leading us into Operation: Shoehorn Zelena into a plot she has nothing to do with.

- No friends? Wasn’t Zelena just casually hanging out with the heroes a week or two ago?

- Pancakes will never replace Tacos, Ouat.

‘Piece of wand’, I’m pretty sure Regina wanted to say ‘Piece of shit’ there.

-  Snow: ‘This wedding plot is happening! I don’t care if we haven’t solved or even worked on the current plot!’

- Rumbellers, we now have 2, count em, TWO hugs this season! Aw, we’re a desperate, but fortunately less bitter than usual, bunch.

- And Rumbelle takes turns making out with Blue in an attempt to wake her.

- Sorcerer’s Mansion, aka the Rumbelle Hump-Hut.

- Omg, those are the first pants Belle has ever worn that haven’t been tights or hot pants.

- And the show puts Belle back into her standard duty of watching over everyone else’s spawn. Which I’m sure isn’t awkward at all with her sped up pregnancy and own baby being subsequently kidnapped afterwards.

- Um, thanks for pulling a gun on me, Grandpa Charming. 

- Cool, he’s turning into Cyborg?

- You were freakin’ at the hero’s table like two episodes ago, Zelena!

- Snow wanting to hold the reception at Granny’s reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Homer wanted to use Moe’s tavern for his daughter’s wedding.

- But then, they are limited in sets and I guess holding the wedding at Gold’s shop is off the table for the moment.

‘You dated Frankenstein!’ Yeah, well, you were doing your fake wife while under the curse, stop being so judgy, Charming.

- Trapped, like hell! You two can both smoke-teleport out of places!

- Ah, lion-mauling. Once has grown tired of knife stabbing.

- Oh, a fresh batch of magic crystal dildos!

- And someone’s been stealing from Frozen’s set design, I see.

‘I shall end you once and for all, lady I just met this morning!’

- Suddenly they have an endless supply of magic beans! And somewhere Rumple repeatedly slams his head against a wall.

‘David, your future son-in-law killed your dad, get over it!’

- Finally, some common sense has leaked its way into the episode, thank you, Charming.

- Yeah, Belle can babysit anytime. Not like she’s involved into any plots involving her kidnapped-tortured-controlled son or anything….

- Oh, don’t bother with the wand, Zelena. Just grab one of the dozen of magic beans now available in Storybrooke. Oh, but I guess the tornado is the safer way to travel for you and your infant.

- And shockingly, a black character suffers a terrible fate/death on Once Upon a Time. Didn’t see that coming.

- Way to squeal, Zelena. Somewhere Snow wipes away a proud tear.

- Tough luck, Blue is now property of Gold’s shop. Rumple is charging 25 cents for the local townspeople to get their picture taken with a Comatose Fairy.

God today has been a good day but also really exhausting bc a lot of stuff and walking going on (or well, more walking than I usually do haha) but!!! I have great life news that you can find in the tags below haha

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Is this journal gonna fall apart like the first ones


I’m a bookbinder so I’m really excited about this. The first edition was made using a technique called “perfect binding,” the most ironically-named process in the world. You see it on all modern paperbacks and increasingly hardcovers too, and it’s where the text block is just a stack of loose pages dipped in glue at the spine. It is The Worst and there’s basically no way to stop books bound this way from falling apart.

The blacklight edition, however, has actual sewn signatures! This means that groups of page spreads have been gathered together, folded in half, and then sewn through the fold to attach the sections together. It is infinitely better and more durable, so we should all be able to read this edition as many times as we want without the fear of it falling apart!

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So I just wanted to tell you that you're one of my fav FT blogs and I'm always excited for your posts!! I also wanted to share a silly headcanon I thought of for Natsu and Lucy. I have a headcanon that whenever Natsu and Lucy go on a job and Natsu doesn't give Lucy time to pack, it's because he has stuff for her in his bag already. I dunno how plausible it actually is but I thought it was kinda cute 😊

OKAY FIRST OF ALL THANK YOU SO MUCH. Second of all, that headcanon is so perfect I’m going to write a terrible drabble about it right this instant

    Natsu rushed towards her softly-colored dresser, throwing Lucy’s favorite vanilla lotion into the open bag. He had barely managed to grab the best job on the board, probably the best job all month! It was paying extremely well, and called for a small group of mages to defeat a herd of giant lizards invading a small village outside Hargeon. Natsu laughed, knowing Lucy and himself, and Happy as well, would be more than plenty. The two of them had become quite the destructive duo, since Lucy stopped holding back. 

    Perhaps “holding back” wasn’t the right phrase. Perhaps it was when she realized that she knew who she was all along.

    Although he never told her, he was so proud of her for how far she came, and honestly always knew she had it in her. After all, he knew Lucy better than perhaps her own spirits did. He knew Lucy loved parfait on the weekends, but preferred to eat plan cereal on the weekdays. He knew that she kept her toothbrush in her nightstand, because she was deathly afraid of leaving it “with the bacteria in the bathroom”. He knew that it could take her ten minutes to walk home, but it instead takes her fifteen, because she stops to take in the beautiful town she loves. He knew that her warm eyes are never more clear than when she first looks at the sun each morning. He knew that she loved her coffee with four spoons of chocolate flavor and five spoons of milk.

    He knew that she cries every time she writes her mother another undelivered letter, every time she looks at Aquarius’ broken key, every time she is tickled on that certain spot under her arm, every time she buys a new novel.

    He knew that she laughs every time Gray and himself bicker, every time Erza drops her strawberry ice cream and blames it on “The Merciless Gods”, every time it snows and she nails him with a ball of ice, every time she listens to the vinyl record that Gajeel recorded when he was twelve.

    He knew her favorite shirt to wear around the house was a maroon v-neck with faint and worn heart patterns.

    He knew her smile so well that he could draw it without a moment’s hesitation.

    He knew where every line of her guild mark touched each structure of her delicate yet experienced right hand.

    He knew that he loved her.

    Right as Natsu’s hand let go of her pastel. stained coffee mug, her door slid open. 

“Natsu? Whatcha up to…?” Lucy questioned, peaking at her small bag in Natsu’s arms. 

    Natsu ran forward with a wide grin covering his face. He grabbed her hand, tightly enough to feel her pulse, yet loose enough for comfort. Without stopping, he dragged the woman back out the door. 

“I got us a mission! We gotta go now!” He rushed them down the stairs of her apartment complex.

    Obviously frazzled, Lucy tilted her head, sweetly golden hair falling to the side. “But–I’m not really prepared–”

    Natsu held up her bag, laughing as he stole a glance into her widened eyes. “Don’t worry. I didn’t forget anything.”

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Yeah, the bittersweetness is the worst part tbh. Dont get me wrong, I couldnt be more proud of Harry and I'm so so excited for him!! And I'm so glad he actually has a team who is actively promoting him. And I'm sure Louis is the most excited and proudest person of Harry rn. I have no doubts of that! It's not a competition between them and one's happiness is the other's happiness! But as a fan, it's sad to see :(( Louis is still deep in stunts and has a team actively working against him :(

yeah i’m not good at compartmentalizing this stuff. harry will do well i have no doubts about that (tbh i’ve never really had doubts about that even when people were complaining about full stop i was like ‘as soon as he does launch he’ll be fine’) but louis is my fave and it hurts to see how shitty his situation is.

he could be doing so well too if he actually had a team behind him who cared about him and who wanted him to succeed but instead we have the garbage twins simon jones and flopsy actively working against him (not to mention louis’ entire ‘private’ public life is still a lie and he’s still trapped in his stunts).

it’s so unfair i hate it.

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I recently started reading LoK fic again (cos I'm excited about the comics), but there's so much new stuff. Do you have any recs? Love Spin the Rails, btw.

Thanks, anon! I’m going to assume by “Spin the Rails” you also mean all of @lokgifsandmusings‘s works on that series as well. If not, go read those. 

Aside from that, I guess I have a few recs, but none of them are particularly new. Actually, none of them are since I kinda stopped reading fanfic for the most part. Been busy. And I’ve recced all of these before aside from one, I think.

Kyoshi: Swan Song by @fell-dragon-domain is pretty freaking cool. It’s Kyoshi’s life story being retold to Korra by Kyoshi herself. Lots of lore and world-building, and an all-around fantastic character piece. 

The Trial by @tsaomengde: A psychological horror-ish fic about why airbenders are pacifists. One of my favorite TLOK GenFics, by far. 

Reparations by @carrogath: one of the weirdest Korrasami stories I’ve ever read, but also one of the most emotionally evocative. @beech27​ likes that it doesn’t have an ending because he’s also weird, but I kinda see his point. Kinda. 

Instincts of a Fearful Body by @emirael and @skyedancer-rae: this is honestly the only RedLotus!Korra AU (also technically an Equalist!Asami AU but not nearly as hardcore as you’d think) I could buy, and for good reason. Excellent characterization (everyone still feels the same, but under differing circumstances) and a genuinely engaging and interesting story. 

Ice and Stone by gxanderia: The big, badass and beautiful Asami epic that inspired me to write my own. Criminally under-rated and under-read.

Icarus and the Sea by @unpretty​: The only Zhurrick fic you’ll ever need. So good it’s canon. And also I “borrowed” so much of the characterization and backstory laid out here for RRaU it’s ridiculous. I mean, I always made note when I did, but still.

Anything by @raedmagdon and her many collaborators. I ain’t gonna tell you which ones made me cry because most of them do, to be honest.

You could throw a dart board at @ruminantmonk‘s work and find something good. Often strange, but always good. 

Oh, and here’s a fun game: there were four “prominent” authors, and their fics, omitted from this list. Try to guess who they were and why! :D No, seriously, I left hints!

Here, I’ll do the first one for you: @jtavington and “Unstable Equilibrium” because it doesn’t exist anymore and I’m still kinda bummed about that. :(

Anyway, that’s about it. Happy reading, leave a comment and kudos. Spread the word. All that great stuff. If you don’t I’ll know :D

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I'm so interested in your ocs, particularly the knight one and his whole storyline! Can you tell us more, please please please!

AHHHHHH! OK FIRST OF ALL…THANK YOUUU!!! AHH!!! I’m going to unleash the floodgates because omg, I always get too excited when people ask me about my oc’s or stories ahah XD So thank you for your interest! I hope you don’t regret asking after I spew my brain garbage at you! 

Ok, ok… SOOooOOOooo

The character I drew before, his name is Seeger, he’s actually a supporting character in my story (which still doesn’t have a name yet).

The story itself is set in a fantasy world, in the kingdom of Agravain (Excuse my terrible map making skillz, it’s still a work in progress still)

But its a Kindgom that was founded by A great hero and Nine legendary Knights, divided into Nine provinces In honor of their sacrifices. The kingdom as a whole highly values it’s knights and have specific schools to train knights from across the realm.

Enter Llyas, the main character, Llyas is the second son to a well known noble family. Being the second son however, Llyas can’t seem to find his purpose in life and is often restless at home. His parent’s worried for his status, send him to Lorechester Academy. Where he must learn the duties and values of a knight. 

One of the highlights of the knighting schools, is the great tourney where schools from all over compete for the king’s cup! Seeger is his over enthusiastic upperclassmen who teaches him the joust!

Lolol that’s kinda the basic gist of it… sorry for my ramblings, but I’m hoping to make this a webcomic alongside my Avatar fanfic in the summer ^^

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I'm a huge fan of top yuri so I'm very excited to see that in the fic. I actually really understood why you wrote it as Viktor on top. Yuri always felt that Viktor could have anybody and that he was "giving" to Yuri, but Yuri never felt like he was giving Viktor anything he couldn't get from someone else. He never asks for anything because he's insecure about Viktor leaving. Atleast thats how interpret it

One of the things I really regret about umfb&mha (and be extension obs&bh) is that for plot reasons we never got to see bottom!Viktor which I why I am so excited to finally write it in the extra scenes fic after obs&bh is done!

#SanversWeek Day 1: Intimacy

I wasn’t planning to write anything for day 1, but I figured, why not kick off the week with a little ficlet? Thanks to @queercapwriting​ for inspiring me to finally put some of my writing up here!

When 15-year-old Alex thought of intimacy, all that came to mind was sex. The perverted guys  that went to Midvale High were the epitome of mindless flirting, drama, and cheating all mixed in with their parents’ expensive alcohol. No one really cared about each other, and all that mattered was touching. Not feeling.

That image of intimacy stayed with Alex until she turned 29- right around the time she met Maggie Sawyer, whose eyes glistened like topaz when she got excited, whose gentle hands always knew where to touch her and where not to touch her, whose words sounded like poetry, even when they were in a quiet string of curses.

So when Alex can’t feel anything but betrayal, or she almost drowns in a water tank, or she’s almost catapulted into space, or she nearly loses her sister, Maggie is there with her words and her touch. And sometimes, even just silence is enough- as long as they’re together.

And when Maggie has to confront her past, or she almost loses Alex, or she has to open up, or one of her more harrowing NCPD cases leads to nightmares, Alex is there and ready to listen with open arms and all of the comfort in the world.

Maggie is Alex’s ride or die, and Alex is Maggie’s.

Alex finally understands intimacy.

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AWW WHERE DID YOU MEET HIM? Idk if you know how excited I was when I saw your post omg. I'm so happy for you!!!

Thank you, anon <3 

We actually met on Tinder, believe it or not (if anyone has something negative to say about this, please keep it to yourself). It’s funny because I wasn’t excited at all for our first date and hadn’t really been going on dates in general. Our conversations had been great though and we continue to be on the same page for everything. We have seriously been hanging out almost constantly since and I still cannot believe how quickly life can take a 180. 

Not going to lie, I am hopeful for this one :) 

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With all these new spoilers I am so excited I feel like I'm getting too excited, haha. It's been like wandering in a dry desert for so long that I don't believe any of this can be as good as it sounds! Like the ONLY thing that's holding me back from screaming my head off with joy is that bit where daryl asks about Ezekiel, "Is he okay?" It's good there's jealously, but I'm slightly nervous they (writers) could actually could go in the carzekiel direction. Reel me in please! I need Caryl!!

I’m answering all 3 asks in one, so save people’s dashes. :)

Look people are always going to see it as ambiguous, unless Daryl has his tongue down Carol’s throat - and we knew from the set off that there was no kiss in this episode.

But aside from an obvious kiss or statement of desire, I’m not really sure how much more unambiguous they can make it (and we know this is Gimple’s style. Abe and Sasha didn’t even get a kiss, just lots of vague talk and BOOM they are a couple).

Something to look at is Tobin, poor Tobin - where is Tobin in this episode? Daryl doesn’t mention him and Carol doesn’t ask about him or mention him. When Carol is talking about why she had to leave, saying how she just can’t lose anyone else - the one person she singles out that she can’t lose isn’t Tobin - the man she was in a relationship with, the man she was living with - she singles out Daryl! HE is *THE* most important person to her - she is stating that explicitly. 

As for Ezekiel, dudes, she set TRIP WIRES so she could STOP HIM COMING TO HER DOOR! How much clearer does it need to be? She doesn’t want him even getting as far as her door, let alone inside to chat. And Ezekiel, in his lines, is agreeing to keep away from her. And we know he does because the next time they interact is Carol going to the Kingdom to talk to him about going to war.

After The Well aired there was a lot of talk about how in ep 10 we’d see Carol and Ezekiel had grown closer - didn’t happen. We’d see that Ezekiel is the one who changes her mind - it’s not. 

What we have seen is that Carol wants Ezekiel to leave her alone and not come back - nowhere in the spoilers does she say ANYTHING approaching that to Daryl. 

Daryl asking about Ezekiel isn’t him giving his blessing or Carol expressing interest in him - she doesn’t bring him up. It’s about Daryl who has done nothing but argue with Ezekiel so far, asking for Carol’s judgement on the man because Daryl trust Carol’s judgement completely. And if she thinks Ezekiel is okay, then maybe he can give him a chance.

People will see what they want to see, and that’s fine, we all do that. But the intent is CLEAR, as is the differences in how Carol reacts to Ezekiel and Daryl. This intent will be backed up as the season goes on and into season 8.  

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is the snaggletooth tag full of the same coyote? :0

oh my god. i assumed not even though they all look very similar, but out of curiosity i just went back and looked to see if the photographers mentioned the location the photos were taken and… all of them were taken in point reyes, CA. so it probably is all the same yote! how neat!!

i actually live just about 2 hours from point reyes and have been there a couple times, i must go back and find Snaggletooth the coyote!!