I'm actually a dragon

“You mean you don’t want to kiss me?”

JUST LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIFUL DORKS – by the talented @kurogoesinthedas! Have you ever had someone accurately draw the inside of your heart because if not you should probably commission Kuro ok

(from “Horrible Delicacies of Thedas,” a culinary-themed tribute to Dorian and Lavellan romantically pestering each other)


Eavhen looks at the ensemble set before her and feels something roil within her.


“No?” Josephine repeats, obviously startled. “Inquisitor, it’s important that we show a united-”

“I understand that, and we’ll come up with something that fits, but…” Eavhen takes a breath and straightens her spine. She’s postured enough by now. “I go as the leader of the Inquisition, of course. But I also will not go to Halamshiral and let them forget that I am Dalish and proud.”

Painting the rest of her body to match her vallaslin may be a bit overdramatic, but she thinks she’s allowed that much by now.


I am a professional artist. I draw things, and I teach others how to draw things, for a living. And this is how I decided to spend my free art time

Drawing Egg-grab.

Black & Gold


I really wanted to try doing a more realistic portrait again so I used my beloved DnD character, Marf the Monk. 

TONS of new experimenting in one drawing! Especially coloring, brush use, and lighting. I’m really hype because I finally got the “colorizing a black and white painting” to work out and while the grayscale may have taken ~10 hours to shade, it only took about one hour to color! I’m definitely going to practice this method some more because I’d love to be able to offer examples of this style for commissions.

Blood rush in the hazy glow, my hands, your bones

Sort of continuation of this one (x), and Hawke is a dumb dope

So you know how, in a romance, you ask Bull about how Qunari show a relationship is serious, and he goes off on this whole: “Yeah, so you just kill a dragon, take a tooth, split in half, something something always got a piece of them with you no matter how far apart you are”? 

I was just thinking, what if he’s lying

Or, rather, not lying but exaggerating the truth a bit, or purposefully being overly specific. Dragons are supposed to be pretty rare and also were thought extinct for awhile right? It wouldn’t be plausible for that to be the tradition. (Not to mention not everyone under the Qun is a fighter.) 

So what if instead of being a standard everyday thing, it’s actually, like, a tradition that’s the sole purview of ridiculous over-the-top legends and the Qun-equivilant of romance novels (probably full of relationships that strengthen the whole of the unit, full of glorious dutiful purpose and the people who slot easily into position alongside you and make it easier for you to fulfill your role, like a well-oiled machine where all the cogs fit just right, which is, like, probably the most romantic thing the Qunari can think of, and these two Qunari conquering a dragon at the climax through the sheer perfection of their partnership’s cohesion and strength, and they take the tooth in remembrance of that perfect moment and a reminder of how well they can serve the Qun together), and wee little Bull with his stubby little horns and gawky limbs curled up with a candle “practicing his reading” taking it all in with wide eyes and ever since his heart was set. And, yeah, he never thought it was really gonna happen, but then the Inquisitor asked and it’s the first thing that popped into his head and then it was like, “oh, shit wait,” but it was too late. 

Because as far as I’m concerned, either Bull is a giant romantic doofus, or he was trying to trick the Inquisitor into taking him dragon hunting.

I might have watched over and over the last DBS ep for like 4 hours or so :3c. I never thought these 5 would team up!! And it’s a dream come true UwU