Honestly, I hate watching superheroes drowning beneath responsibilities, and making themselves anxious and miserable and exhausted, and fucking up b/c they’re spread too thin. They’re superheroes, but there are only so many hours in a day. It’s too much to have to maintain a secret identity (with a busy career and social life), and be a city’s protector, and be on a superhero team. 

I want more ‘kim possible AUs.’ More superheroes who have open identities and don’t have to worry about money, or missing out on things b/c they were saving lives. Happy, idealistic AUs where heroes have open identities and it’s not a big deal? They can fly, can’t we pretend no one’s fussing over the fact they don’t conceal who they are.

Superheroes who live in tucked away super-fortresses and marathon feel good shows after traumatic incidents rather than buckling down and going to work. Superheroes who spend their days working with charities. Who have the time to spend with their friends and family. 

Or: superheroes working in office settings. Running jokes between colleagues about their fellow, dorky superhero friend. ([something explodes in the distance] everyone, in unison: [looks at superhero] superhero: “I JUST SAT DOWN”) Superheroes who come late to work and instead of being chewed out, their boss rolls their eyes and asks if they’re ok, and everyone asks whether the super-villain of the day is as douche-y IRL as they looks on TV.

JUST. Superheroes - who work and sweat and bleed for other people - getting the time and freedom and support to live their lives comfortably. Getting to do comfort, self-care things. Getting time to interact with the people they’ve saved w/o risking their identity. Superheroes kicking ass and taking name while being happy and supported.

Superhero hq!! Au ft Yamaguchi as The Crow (shut up I know it’s dumb)
So I’ve had this idea for a while now, however a lot of this au is still in the air (bc I’m hella uncreative) I want to actually stick to this au XD
This will most likely take place in the 1st years’ freshmen year of college
So here’s what I have on yamaguchi so far:
His mom is a scientist which specializes in mutations within DNA. During one of his visits, someone had broke in and began stealing his mom’s research. As the thief was fleeing he collided with Yamaguchi chasing one of the canisters to fall and break open. Thus, exposing him to chemicals which mutated his DNA. A few days later wings began to grow from his back.
He and Tsukkishima are also best friends and yams has a major crush on him (obviously)

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Track: Ai Ai Ai ni Utarete Bye Bye Bye
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Album: Ai Ai Ai ni Utarete Bye Bye Bye [Single] Samurai Flamenco OP2

asheroo replied to your photosetI had a really hard time with my phone today…. 

it looks like you’re off to go save the world!

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You are definitely hero material!! xoxoxox

okay, so this is an old photo but I am wearing my Captain America shirt today and I just really laughed a lot at these comments. I love you guys so much!!!!!

I have acquired coffee but still am working with a motivation deficit. xoxoxoxo

Kuvira Week - Legacy

A little headcanon of mine: what does Kuvira do with her life after she gets out of prison and finds redemption? (which is totally happening. Don’t question it). Will she have a legacy other than that of the Great Uniter?

My idea is she still desires to help her country, but has become wise enough to see that politics is dangerous for her (with her propensity to be power-trippy and egotistical) so instead she throws herself into humanitarian work. I think this fits her because of her abilities to be organized and driven. She isn’t afraid to get down and work in the field, and she could also use her talents as a persuasive speaker to bring issues to the awareness of government officials. Most importantly, she can relate to the people she’s helping, having lived in destitution herself (as goes my own headcanon before Su takes her in).

fretful-ferret  asked:

Does Peter accidentally get stuck to things when he's nervous? I just imagined him meeting Cap for the first time and being ridiculously nervous about meeting his idol, and shaking his hand but then not being able to let go and that just makes everything worse

Tony: so we’re meeting the president next week, don’t do anything weird - 

Peter: [sweats nervously]

homecoming is stressing me OUT

Suicide Squad wasn’t 100% satisfying but it definitely left me with a great desire for moar Batman related stuff.

so, marathon of Batman: The Animated Series… here we go! 


written for the 1dff summer fic exchange

“Anyway,” Jocelyn said with a smirk, “you need our help. Isn’t it funny how the tables have turned?”

Harry frowned at her. “I don’t think it’s very funny that there’s a very likely possibility that our planet could be blown apart by a fucking mythological creature that, turns out, isn’t very mythological.”

Jocelyn stared at him for a moment before laughing. “God, Harry. You haven’t changed a bit.”

“Neither have you,” Harry bit back. “Still cynical and out for no good, I see.”

“That’s me.” Jocelyn remained unbothered as she shrugged, and ran a hand through her hair which, Harry noticed, was shorter. “You used to like that about me.”


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Shout out to the true mvp…my mom.

My mom knew I had been a wreak. Like I cried to her all day about the ultimate betrayal and my heartbreak. And she sat there and listened. She even agreed that Kubo may have done with out of spite. She knew I was gonna enclose myself in my room, in tears and trying to keep myself busy and she came up and just hung out with me. She laid on my bed with me and we just talked about anything. She went out of her way to comfort me knowing how much this meant to me even though it appeared her and my dad had argued and she looked distressed. She was upset but thought of me and came to my aid

Why I do not consider Goto's continued texts as hard evidence against Masayoshi and Goto's relationship.

Goto’s girlfriend, or Aitsu (Her) as she is registered on his cellphone, plays a more major role in Goto’s life than just a memory of his missing girlfriend.

Goto was very much in love with his girlfriend and I would bet on Masayoshi’s hero collection that, in Goto’s head, he would’ve married her and they would’ve lived in a quaint house out in the countryside with a white picket fence and have two and a half kids running around the backyard with the big, loveable, family dog.

Of course, they also could’ve grown distant to one another, realise that they’re just two different people, and eventually broken up. But the thing is, she went missing before any of that could’ve happened and all that was left was Goto and his love for her.

With her gone, Goto was stripped of the future that he was pining for. The “him” that he was working himself hard to be. You can say that he had lost his sense of “self.” You might think this is too much but for some people, when they fall in love, they go deep. And for all of Goto’s sarcasm and jaded beliefs in life, he’s actually the type that goes in really deep.

In her continued absence, Goto had taken to texting Her and replying to his messages as she would’ve. It was heart-breaking but it was the only way he could keep himself sane through the pain of endlessly waiting every day for any news about his girlfriend’s missing status. Her was an escape, Her kept his loneliness at bay.

However, Goto’s inability to let go of his old girlfriend’s memory is more rooted on his old flip-phone with his girlfriend’s last message rather than on Her. You can only parody someone’s personality for so long until yours eventually takes over. After a certain point, Her grew from being a shadow of his lost girlfriend to an actual piece of Goto’s identity/pysche.

While Her has been a way to keep his missing girlfriend’s memory alive, Her has also been a way for Goto to process his thoughts. A way he could express his feelings. Whenever something happens to Goto, whether it’s good or bad or concerning Masayoshi and his feelings, he would text Her. Her reflects the things Goto knows deep inside but stubbornly refuses to acknowledge. Texting Her is Goto’s version of taking a long shower. Her helps him get his thoughts on order and think about things, in general.

With Haiji deleting his girlfriend’s last message and Masayoshi’s proposal to stay by his side forever, I believe that Goto was finally able to lay his old feelings for his missing girlfriend to rest.

This text is very important. With this message, Goto, within himself, has finally understood that he is no longer bound his past. And that he can now look forward to the future…with a brand new touchscreen phone!

…but like they always say, old habits die hard. Goto can’t just immediately stop texting Her, it’s like suddenly putting a stop to an addiction. That’s not the way it goes. There is a process to these things. And besides, I don’t really think his continued texts with Her is all that bad. Everyone has their own unique way of focusing their thoughts, Goto’s is projecting the image of his old girlfriend, it’s really nothing that should ruffle anyone’s feathers.

I believe deep inside Masayoshi understands this too and he accepts Goto anyway. Because that’s just how love goes. Accepting one person for what he is, flaws, quirks and all.

West Coast Podvengers Episode 3: A Discussion on Legacy

Welcome to Episode 3 of our new super-group series we’re producing on a roughly monthly basis. On each episode we’ll be discussing a topic from the broader world of geekery, selected by our hosts. To subscribe to just the West Coast Podvengers, add this RSS feed to your favorite podcatcher.

On this episode we discuss the concept of legacy in superhero comics.

WARNING: This show contains explicit language, and spoilers for its topic work.

Our hosts for this episode are Joe Preti of View from the Gutters, John Wait of Arc Reactions, and Missy Brinks of Fake Geek Girls.

Please direct questions, comments, and suggestions for future topics to contact@fakegeekgirlscast.com.