I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

Ok, but imagine

Your OTP are famous for whatever reason, and they’ve heard of each other, but never met. They both go on ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’ and end up spending a bunch of time with each other. The audience ships them and keeps voting for them to do trails together. They eventually become the camp couple.

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birthday celebration headcanons

usnavi: okay so usnavi really gives me dinner-with-my-close-people vibes,, like he’s the one who would have a family dinner with sonny and abuela for his birthday, but then benny or vanessa would coax him into having a small party with his close friends in the barrio,,, he’s just very chill and doesn’t like big extravaganzas

sonny: some of y’all might disagree, but i don’t see sonny having big parties either,, like maybe he’d get a lil wild with his friends from school and pete, but for the most part of his birthday he keeps quiet and lets the people that come into the bodega wish him a happy birthday (he loves waiting for nina to come in) but then again i feel like this would entirely change when he got older

vanessa: guys vanessa would totally have a blowout with her friends and totally kick it at the club w them just like,, “yes its my birthday….it is My day” because she deserves it and she knows that GOD I LOVE HER

nina: AW nina would spend most of the day with her family and celebrate with her mom and dad and then benny, vanessa and the gang would come over, and sonny brings in this cake (”i made it haha” usnavi: “no he didn’t he just wrote happy birthday in icing”) and everyone is happy and chill yes

benny: benjamin would 100% have a big party with everyone in the barrio bc lets be honest he probably loves the attention on this one day that is his so he lets everyone celebrate it with him because?? they should. also he likes to be known for having the best birthday parties

carla: she would also 100% have parties with everyone in the barrio but BECAUSE SHE LOVES EVERYONE <3 and she loves coming back to the barrio from the bronx with dani because in a way its kind of like a reunion party, as she would put it 

daniela: lil party with all her favorite children of the barrio who give her the best gossip ngl,, she’d also make a threatening statement at the beginning of the celebration that if anyone mentioned her age she would not be afraid to wack them in the head (”doesn’t matter how old you are when you look this good”)

pete: this one makes me so sad but we know that pete doesn’t have any parental figures in the musical time, he’s mostly by himself with the exception of the barrio dwellers, but he wouldn’t tell anyone that it’s his birthday (even sonny). he just sits on a fire escape, eating a lil debbie cupcake he got from the bodega for his birthday celebration. (THIS changes when he gets older,, carla finds out his birthday one year and everyone in the barrio throws him a surprise party. he won’t admit it, but it was the happiest he’d been in a long time)