I'm Going To Tell You A Secret

Eunhae 2nd tour will begin soon so I thought about a little reminder the previous tour to make you ready for what is coming… I chose the best of the best. There were a lot of more but it’d take me ages to collect everything… 

This post is long tbh (go make a popcorn first) 

For a start. There were a lot of sweet words~
♥ Hae said ‘I’ll tell you one secret – Hyuk’s butt is cute’
♥ Donghae: However you look at it, Hyukjae’s butt is very attractive.
♥ When Donghae reappeared, Eunhae hugged,
Hyuk: He is handsome
♥ Donghae: me and Hyukjae sound good together
Hyukjae: -shy-
♥ Hae: “This is my friend, isn’t he handsome? Cute right? He is my friend”
♥ Donghae: Isn’t Hyukjae handsome~ such a handsome guy, I can just smile when i see him.
♥Hae: I have so many of Hyuk photo that I can have a concert just to show them.
♥Hae said he will have kid in 10 years and Hyuk said he want Hae’s kid to look like him.
Hae: it’s okay if I have a kid that looks like Hyukjae, that way everyday I can see his face and I’ll be happy, if they do not resemble Hyukjae it’s also okay, I will remember his face and also be happy.

Yeah, mostly fanboying Hae. I hope that photo section will aslo be in 2nd tour, cuz

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"Let’s say I have less ups and downs in my life. I mean, I’m not gonna lie. I had some pretty good times throughout all of my life, but I also was kind of like, a spinning wheel in many respects. Life seemed to be a series of random events for me. Sometimes I was ecstatically happy, and sometimes I was depressed. I seemed to be a bit more careless with people back in those days, and not very nice. I don’t miss being an idiot. I just feel like I know so much more than I ever did before. And sometimes I say to myself ‘what was I thinking before I was thinking?’. But I won’t say I didn’t have any fun. But you know, sometimes fun is overrated."