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My Experience(s) in Michigan:

So as I’m writing this in my notes, it’s currently 5:30 am and I’m extremely sad because I’m leaving one of the most beautiful states ever to go back to one of the most boring states ever. Even though I was here for 4 days, I have already fell in love and I didn’t know that was possible. I’ve always dreamed of living in Chicago (most because of the job opportunities there and because the Blackhawks, let’s be honest) and I never considered any where else because I had the mentality, “Well nothing beats Chicago!! I mean come on they have the best pizza, great (worst?) sports’ programs, and Hot Dogs! Even though I was from Central Il., I had the tourist mentality of living in a city and still haven’t taken into consideration all the crap you have to deal with when living in the city. So, thinking about this trip up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I assumed that it was going to be so God Awful boring and just mediocre. And I think that’s partly due to the fact that I’m so enthralled about "City Life” because I’ve always grown up Middle of Nowhere, Somewhere in the Midwest, Illinois; that I didn’t wanna go to a place where I knew there was going to be even more trees! But, that was my first mistake. As soon as we passed that Wisconsin border,
I was already madly in love with Michigan. First of all, the scenery. Can we just talk about how BLUE AND CLEAR your lakes are?(also you guys have so many lakes like damn calm down) Like what the hell? What’s going on with Illinois lakes where they’re all nasty and brown? Oh right, pollution haha. Anyways, I got to go to this place in Amasa, called Paint River with my dad’s girlfriend’s family. I have never seen so much wildlife in one area. We played with frogs, Crawfish(Crayfish) (Crawdads) <- we all had an argument of what they’re TRULY called but we all know it’s Crawfish. On a side note, your deer really enjoy just chillin’ in the middle of the highways and roads. Next, are the people. I assumed everyone was really stuck in their ways up here; which is not true at all, at least not with the people I met. They take into consideration what everyone wants to do, and tries to be optimistic about everything! And they will start up a conversation with you about everything and anything, and are really good at fishing (Trust me). By the way, the accents are the cutest things I’ve ever heard and I really like them. The boys are also really super cute so I had to throw that into this little note/post thing. It’s really hard to put into words the beauty of Upper Michigan, and I wanna write more but I don’t want this note to be longer than it already is. I guess I wanted to write this note because now I’ve really opened my eyes a little bit more to new surroundings and I love it. And I’m not sure if I really want to live in Chicago anymore. Of course Chicago will always have a part in my heart because I have Chicago blood in me, but now I want/need to get out of Illinois and experience a different environment. I felt like a new “me” as cliche as it sounds, in Michigan. Granted that might be because I’m out if school now, but it felt great to just RELAX. I love it there. I think the only downside is, you guys have Mosquitos with saddles on them. They’re all so huge like what the hell is in the water/what are you guys feeding them? Also I’m really sad I didn’t see a bear. But yeah, I’m gonna post pictures too. But that doesn’t do Michigan any justice. To people from Michigan that might be reading this; they’re probably like, Oh my gosh Mikayla is such a tourist. It’s so boring here, etc" but I really do sound like a tourist; but I just want to say that you guys have the most beautiful landscape, and you guys are the most beautiful, kind-hearted people. Of course not everyone is, but everyone I met was kind-hearted. Thank you, Michigan.

Sam doesn’t close his eyes when Dean asks him to. Not right away anyway. Because this is the last time, Sam thinks, he’s going to see his brother. In death and in life, this is going to be the last time.

Sam takes the last few seconds to burn the image of Dean into his eyes.