I seriously wonder if NBC’s head honchos ever go on the internet. Remember the Team CoCo debacle? I feel like they ignored that “movement” and it was all over my dashboard (Ugh, it was so annoying). In my opinion, Community has huge support from people on the internet. There are blogs and websites dedicated to the show. Community is always all over my dashboard with multiple notes. I bet there aren’t many tumblrs about Up All Night.

It takes a lot to make me laugh and Community is the one show on NBC that makes me go “HAHAHAHAHAHA!” rather than the weak “ha” Parks and Rec gives me (Don’t get me started). Most NBC shows annoy me- especially the shows on Thursday White TV (that’s racist, but you know it’s true)- but Community annoys me the least. I guess that’s my way of giving a compliment, since I rarely give those out.

Of all the shows on Thursday White TV, they should cancel The Office because it’s old news. Also, please cancel Whitney and Last Call with Carson Daley while you’re at it. No one likes Whitney Cummings or Carson Daley!

NBC PROBLEMS. NBC execs: Please go on the internet because it will be an eye opening experience and you will get easy answers.