I’m so fucking done with Tronnor because they’re actual relationship goals. They go to Disney and get caricatures and they order Indian food and watch Netflix. They’re always together even when they live on opposite sides of the world. They share clothes and sleep in each other’s homes. Their families love them together and accept the other as part of their family. They support each other through every endeavor and they’re each other’s biggest fan. They make each other so happy and they aren’t afraid to show that. They’re each other’s best friend and it’s just so heartbreakingly wonderful. I’m so glad they have each other.

What is with this toxic culture where we think we can do and say whatever we want to celebrities? Like getting into their personal lives and saying the most hateful things to them on their social media accounts…like is it because they’re famous? Does that give us a free pass to do anything we want? You know you couldn’t pull that with people you personally know, I don’t understand why is this so normalized? These people are literally just doing what they love and their ‘fans’ are the ones pushing them to harm themselves

friendly reminder: just because someone loves a villain that doesn’t mean they go their way through life promoting violence or killing people, the same applies to those that ship a dysfunctional relationship between messed-up characters that don’t know any better instead of the picture-perfect love story. shipping a relationship like that doesn’t mean encouraging those types of behaviours in real life or supporting the decisions of those characters. it’s just not that deep.

let’s just remember that movies, tv shows and books are created to entertain people, and just because you don’t like that type of story it doesn’t mean others can’t be fascinated by them. you can dislike a character or a ship, that’s fine but that doesn’t give you the right to judge people on a personal level and calling them horrible names just because of those preferences, at the end of the day everything is fiction, it’s not that important, it shouldn’t be that important. it’s supposed to be fun so don’t be a dick to other people and let them enjoy whatever they want without feeling ashamed of that. let’s just be nice to each other or at least mind our own business.

Stupid Infomercial gifs

Why would you even think of doing that?

Uh, I don’t know about you guys, but this never happened to me…(Also is it just me or does that hamburger look raw???)

Try putting it in another container

1. What were you even reaching for? and 2. Why do you just sit there and watch it spill all over the place?

I think you’re doing it wrong…(Also what the hell even was that-y’know what? I don’t think I wanna know…)

Stop! Hammer time! (Try tapping the wall)

Ever heard of a spatula, or tongs?

“Yo! Ma! Wtf is this shit?” YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE-

Did you try putting the cup down first?

Because we all cut bread with a doorstop, right? Right.

Awww man, you spilled my Cheese Puffs!

That’s why you put it on your lap, and not try to balance it on your knees.

Y’know, maybe if you’re careful and don’t try to frickin smash it as hard as you can, maybe you won’t have this problem.

If this is how you eat a taco, then you don’t deserve to enjoy it.

There’s a bed right there! Sit on it!

And that’s why you don’t touch spaghetti that’s been cooking in boiling hot water.


I don’t know why I feel the need to rant about it now but the thought has been bugging me all morning, so I’m just going to let it out.

I’m sick and tired of the Doctor’s “duty of care” towards Clara being taken as him taking care of her like a child. Not only does it infantilize Clara, but it also paints the Doctor as her father figure, which he is not. 

It seems that it is forgotten that back in s8, when the Doctor was undergoing character development, he would take Clara’s words to heart and echo them back to her. Not only that, but he slowly returned the favor and became her carer, as she was to him. When she first was his carer, no one treated it as if she was looking after him as a child. With Clara, it should be treated the same way.

(I am aware that Clara is like the fandom and treats it as if he is treating her like a child that needs to be looked after, but he isn’t.)

Obviously, the reason why it isn’t treated the same way is because of Peter and Jenna’s age gap and the fact that the Doctor looks much older than Clara. This is the root of the problem, which angers me to no end. 

In conclusion, the Doctor’s care towards Clara was never a parental care towards her. He, in return, took an equal role in being a carer to her as she was to him. They are equals. She is not a child to him nor was he ever a child to her. After all the dangers and times they nearly lost each other, who could blame him for wanting to look after her, as any partner would? 

i keep thinking about how whenever clarke or bellamy have to make a decision, they always look to the other subtly the other instinctively knows to look back and they exchange The Look that says “now what do we do” and im just like yes!! This is what i came here for!! Make decisions together!! Look out for each other!! You’re a team!! You dont have to do this alone!! Out of everything, this is what i missed most about them

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I totally agree with you I hate how bisexuality is taboo... I've been thinking that I might be bi lately and I'm literally too scared to talk about it with anyone because of its negative connotation. It's really terrible

Like I mean??????? WHY WON’T PEOPLE SAY IT. (Not you, I mean like people who have the opportunity but rather than avoid it just pretend like it literally isn’t a thing). Like in OitNB. There are multiple characters who could identify as bisexual, yet none do, and the only time the word “bisexual” has ever even been spoken on-screen was by Larry all bitterly. like. FREE THEM. You don’t even gotta be bisexual you could be biromantic. Still bi. SPEAK THE BI