Idk where this came from but here it is. I guess this is what happens after days of not drawing anything.

Surpreme gay otp award goes to SanUso because this is the longest I’ve ever been majorly and deeply attached to a pairing. Usually after a year or so, I get a little bored…move on maybe if something else grabs my attention. But no, here I am in my otp clan. Otp clan here we stand.

You don’t get to do that.” she screamed, “You don’t get to tell me you love me, that you want to be with me, and then just leave. You can’t tell me that you’ll love me forever and then fall in love with her so quickly, and get over me even quicker. You’re not allowed to replace me like I’m nothing, because I wasn’t always nothing to you.
—  // A.K - Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #20

a Twist&Shout fanmix


You My Everything - Ellie Goulding // Lucky Ones - Lana Del Rey // Fallingforyou - The 1975 // Us Against The World - Coldplay // My Fault - Imagine Dragons // Somebody That I used To Know - Gotye // Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran // Lover’s Eyes - Mumford and Sons // The Hardest Part - Nina Nesbitt // Out of the Woods - Taylor Swift // I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You - Ingrid Michaelson

  • I'll Never leave
  • R Kelly
  • Chocolate Factory

You never have to question..the love I have for you,
Girl, I will put my life..on bended knees for you.
Ask all my friends they’ll tell you..you’re all I talk about,
Even when I go to sleep you’re the only one I dream about.
See I’m your picture, girl and baby you are my frame,
That’s why I know our love will stay the same.



I spent 2 years living in New York and in that time, I saw a lot of performers on subway platforms. Stations in New York are murmurs of continuous noise, cesspools of overlapping train announcements and bustling traffic. And the acoustics, while echoing, are hardly ever flattering. Many are talented (equally as many are not), some are exciting and entertaining but it’s rare to find someone who literally makes you stop in your tracks.

This is a performance by musician IRO (Ori Rakib) at Union Square station and despite all the odds, it is wonderful. The beginning is a little rough. IRO’s opening notes competing with an overhead announcement. But the platform quiets and IRO’s vocals emerge from behind the blanket of urban noise And by the end, the announcements and interruptions sound intentional.

IRO’s voice has that raw melodious quality of folk and his performance is humble. It takes a lot of courage to perform on a subway platform, it takes even more to bare yourself raw the way IRO does. 

I was sad to hear the song end. A round of furious googling and Internet stalking has led me to believe that IRO hasn’t released this song, yet. But I hope it’s soon or I’m gonna have to make an mp3 out of this YouTube video.

You can check out IRO’s SoundCloud or Instagram. If you’re in New York, check him out at the Mercury Lounge on 3/22. He’s currently recording his first album.


NEW MUSIC VIDEO: ‘I’ll Never Leave’ - The Offseason