hey guys its fonn, im sorry to say that this will be my last message from me in this blog.

Hey guys its been long! Its been a great two years since ive joined the fandom and I’m sadly to say this but:  

I’m going to leave the Undertail fandom. And I mean yes, the UnderTAIL fandom only. the spark of the fontcest ship doesn’t seem to give into me anymore no matter how much attention i give to it. To anyone who knows my main blog (from ‘fonyxion’ to ‘j-dith’ now) I’ll still be sticking in the UNDERTALE fandom but I won’t be much active as I was anymore.

To anyone who still wants to follow me even wherever fandom I’ll go you guys can still follow me on my main blog right above in this paragraph! ^^^

It’s been great guys since it lasted though and I guess I did leave you guys hanging with some of my 2 fontcest aus left unfinished and missing infos about them, but I guess I really have less motivation when thinking up things to draw here. 

And guess what, I’m stuck in pretty much too many fandoms by now more like 3-5 of them if you guys are wondering. And to all of the friends that I’ve made I’d still be following you and support you guys no matter what! I hope we can still be friends even though I lost interest in the undertale fandom anymore. (And my last comeback for the fandom is in my bucketlist in my mainblog if you wanna see).

And to anyone who loves my Taller!Sans AU and Hybridtail/tale AU and you wanted to keep it going on, you guys can still make fanarts and fanfic about it! I would really appreciate it if you guys still make stuff for the au but remember i won’t be doing those stuff anythe more. 

[If anyone by means who wants to takeover AU as for themselves and keep going on with it please pm me and I’ll give you permission to it. And if you want some information from the AUs that you want to use as reference, then you can ask me and I’ll probably only give the info that I’ve only made so far. First one who ask gets it guys]

So I guess this is it guys, depressing news isn’t it? Its official, Fonn is now leaving the undertail fandom. In about after three days im about to delete this blog and I do hope some of my contents here are still being reblogged around of tumblr so you guys can remember and see it!

See you guys. Love you. -F

I don’t think I could have made this movie if I hadn’t made the choice that it was my last time. This is very personal, and the stakes were super high for me. When you try to make the definitive movie about a character, what’s always defined him or what makes him really cool and bad, what people love about him, is actually his humanity more than his superhero abilities.