So I forced myself to draw at least, something that could say,”I still draw, don’t worry.” since I’ve been idle for a long time due to RL issues, blog errands and other interests.  Eventually I ended up drawing this weird doodle. 

Sometimes I’m torn between my love for Angst and Thief and then there’s Mariku. Things just don’t make sense when it comes to these four, tbh they should be in a family sitcom or something, dunno..


Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Genre: Flufffffff, just pure fluff
Word count: 363
Warnings: None! Well, it’s not beta-ed because it’s so awfully short. Let me know if it’s full of mistakes! :D
A/N: My hands are always ice-cold and that gave me the idea for this word vomit

Dan and Phil had just finished a long day filming and editing and choosing pictures for their book, and were ready to go to sleep. Dan was lying on his side, waiting for Phil to change and come to bed with him. 

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When you think about it Theon must have embraced the Reek persona because it would allow him to survive. But in a twisted way he might have thought it was the first time in his life someone actually told him who he was and where he belonged. In the Dreadfort he became Reek and nobody really ever doubted he was the true Reek (and if anyone asked him he could very well prove them he was) whereas he had been constantly reminded he wasn’t a Greyjoy or a Stark before no matter how hard he tried to belong.
In a way, it could have felt right and nice at times to have a name. It was what he always wanted but he still managed to escape it and to realise he could just be Theon (which is just … incredible)
Ugh. Why is your life so horrible Theon?

Don’t let me be awake at 6 am in the morning because:

I want a fic where Bono snuggles up in Edge’s numbered Elevation shirts. And Edge just doesn’t notice because he’s got enough of those until at some point he runs out of them and finds out that Bono’s sleeping in a nest of numbered shirts.

Hogwarts!Bedge where they’re finding the mirror of erised and Bono sees his mom keeping the family together and smiling proudly and Edge sees himself being liked and popular but not douchebag-popular because he’s being bullied. (Edge was lowkey bullied it’s not too far-stretched.)

Baby!Bedge sharing a room - “I’m fairly certain this room had heating Bono” - and Bono having ‘accidentally’ dismantled the heating so he has a legal excuse to snuggle up against Edge at night and form a warm snuggly burrito of blankets

Today I watched a whopping 19 episodes of Miraculous Ladybug just because I saw a few gifs here on Tumblr and I thought it was interesting. My opinion went from “it’s not bad” to “this is fucking killing me” and I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY I LIKE IT SO MUCH BUT I DO.

imagine people were able to purr
each time they’re happy, they JUST START VIBRATING

what if a surgeon were to be performing some operation
and suddenly he remembers something that makes him happy idfk


so they make this rule,

In order to be a doctor, you have to get your purring removed

and they can never show happiness again


She looks just like Fitz.

She smells like him too. Although, arguably she can only assume the latter is because her husband spent the greater part of last night with her on his chest while thumbing through a science journal.

Maggie stirs, fingernails scraping at the fabric of her top. The bairn suckled peacefully and Jemma was eternally grateful for these moments of silence shared between mother and daughter.

If there was one thing their child had adapted early, it was her father’s grumpiness. The baby wasn’t happy unless she was being held or spoken to or even if she awoke early. That was not to say that she was a particularly unhappy baby - she just had her moments of overwhelming grumpiness that was almost always attended to by Daddy.

Unless the grumpiness was from hunger. Then it was all Mum.

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