Little test to see how far I could push for the style of the original comic, specifically FOR a little pnat comic about spectral fusion. Because what else do I do with my life.

This kid sure has a few things to be bitter about.


Hello again, everypony, I have some important news regarding the future of this blog, and, I suppose, by extension all my other ask blogs. 

The emotional rut is not over. There are things that bring me down still. Often they’re little things, like my Mum saying the wrong thing to me without realising it. Sometimes they’re bigger, like realising that the situation which affected my desire to work on Piñata isn’t actually improving as much as I thought. Realising that I might have lost a close family friend in the worst possible way.

I’m telling you this because I want to make sure you guys know what’s going on. I’m super out of touch with the brony fandom right now. I haven’t been checking this tumblr very much, I’ve been losing track of episodes. I don’t have the connection that I used to. I can’t keep lying to myself, or to you guys, as of right now I have no desire to work on Ask Piñata.

This doesn’t mean I will never work on Piñata again. I am not abandoning my little colourful candy horse. He has helped me to connect with some truly amazing people, people who I have grown to love and respect very deeply and who have helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. But right now, this blog needs to be put on hiatus. I don’t know how long it will last. I don’t know when Piñata will be back, or how he will return. I may reboot the blog entirely, I may pick up from where I left off.

I’m sorry that I’ve had to do this, but I need to take time to figure things out. I need to think about me for a while.

Thank you so much for sticking by me all this time, for following a pony who started out as a joke between me and my sister and for making him so much more. Thank you for letting me into this community, and making my experience of it so positive.

I’ll see you guys around.

Kindle x

If any of you want to keep in contact with me, you can drop by my personal blog @thebrokenkindle. I may stream art from time to time, and any announcements for that will be over there. 

PSA to my followers just one last time:

I love each and every one of you desperately, and you’re all wonderful. But it’s never cool to send anon hate. I don’t know who was involved in all the drama tonight, and it definitely wasn’t cool, but there were a lot of hateful messages sent from people on both sides that were clearly our followers. So just think about what you send before you send it, yeah? Words can hurt. Be nice to people. It’s a simple rule to live by.

you weren’t just an old man, even though taryn and ray and probably connor can’t remember you past that. (dennis and i, though– we can.) you especially weren’t just a sick old man.

you were a marine. you were a curator. you were a teacher. you were a scientist. you supervised excavations, directed planetariums, and worked for nasa. you were a publisher of articles and photographs. you were a father and a grandfather. a fisherman, a gardener, and a carpenter. you built our sailboat - the quarter moon, i still remember - and carved my walking stick and caught us frogs and taught us the difference between newts and lizards and salamanders. you taught me about the stars and the planets. you helped me with any projects in school involving astronomy. you held me on your lap. you drove me around your yard on the lawnmower. you sang old songs and recited silly rhymes and spouted profound advice when it was needed the most.

you were brilliant, absolutely brilliant. you were filled with faith and kindness and love. you were selfless and generous. you smiled. you were my hero.

i love you. i miss you.

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