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Can you tell us a little about food in Finland, like... What do you eat day to day? What are sweets like? Which fast food chains are the most popular? or something else you think is interesting. Thank you! :D

Thank you for the ask! I can tell you a lot about food in Finland, fortunately, because both of my parents happen to be cooks, so I can ask about stuff from them. A lot the information I’ll tell you probably came from them.

Well, first off, I want to say that today Finnish people often eat food that isn’t necessarily traditionally Finnish or anything, for example my town has at least 5 pizza-kebab restaurants, and spaghetti is very popular. This thing called “raketti-spagetti” is sold in stores, it’s just normal spaghetti but cut into shorter pieces, and the name literally means rocket-spaghetti. I’m not sure how that name came to be, but it rhymes, so maybe it just sounded funny…? I don’t know. Stuff like rice is pretty common too, even though it’s in no way traditionally Finnish. Anyway, I’m sure that a similar phenomenon (the international foods thing, not raketti-spagetti) exists in almost every country.

Also, the Finnish cuisine has gotten a lot of influence from our dear neighbours, Sweden and Russia. Especially Sweden. So anyway, if you’re from either one of those countries and I say that something is Finnish when your country has the exact same thing, please blame my ancestors for not being more original. Although I’d like to hear about foods or customs similar to these I’m about to mention from other countries, so if you’d like to, please share them in the tags!

Okay, so I think I’ll start with the fast food- part of the question.

Finland doesn’t have that many fast food chains, really. We have McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and soon a few Taco Bells. Like, three. BUT! We do have a chain of our own, Hesburger, which is my personal favorite out of these. It is the most popular fast food chain in Finland, with 268 restaurants. For comparison, McDonald’s has 65, Burger King 32, and Subway 155 restaurants here.

If you want to have a taste of Hesburger’s food, but don’t want to come all the way to Finland, that’s totally fine! There are Hesbugers in eight other countries, too: Estonia (42 restaurants), Latvia (44), Lithuania (47), Russia (34), Germany (3), Ukraine (3), Bulgaria (3) and Belarus (1). Pretty impressive for a chain from such a small country, huh?

I hope this doesn’t sound too much like an ad, this post is not sponsored by Hesburger. I just think it’s pretty neat. I don’t know where the restaurants are more specifically, but I’ve been to Tallinn and there were a few Hesburgers there. They have really good paprika-mayonnaise! Just saying.

Scratch that, I now know where is the Hesburger farthest from Finland: 

Now, for sweets, I think I’ll have to make their own post, but we do have a lot of different kinds of candy in Finland, since we have two bigger and several smaller candy manufacturers, the two big ones being Fazer and Panda. Fazer also makes bread and cookies.

Popular candies are suklaa (chocolate) in different forms - bars, slabs (?? I hear that is also called a bar sometimes? Like smaller bars like Snickers and then slabs like the one I’ll show a picture of), chocolates, like the ones sold in a box, with filling or without, you get the idea, a lot of chocolate - and, of course, salmiakki, salty liquorice. Salmiakki candies get their amazing/awful taste from ammonium chloride. Mmmm. Potentially life-threatening chemicals combined. Delicious. (pic source)

Here is perhaps the most iconic Finnish sweet: Fazerin sininen, Fazer’s Blue. It’s just simple old milk chocolate and yet is the most popular candy in the country. Is it really that good?

Yes. Yes it is. The shade of blue used in the wrapping is trademarked*, by the way.

Okay, moving on to the day-to-day stuff…

In Finland we drink the most maito (milk) in the world per capita, a bit over 360 liters. The 2nd is Sweden by the way, with around 356 liters. We also consume the most kahvi (coffee) per capita, the national average being around 2.6 cups. Seriously, people here drink coffee all the time. In the morning, after lunch, when you come to visit you can be sure you’ll be offered a cup of coffee, at weddings, at funerals, with dessert, I mean, all the goddamn time. Sometimes they don’t even have a reason I’m sure. You know when at work there are those shorter breaks? In Finland a break like that is called kahvitauko. It means coffee break, which I’m sure is a familiar concept in other countries too.

But yeah, people do drink milk at every meal - not everyone, of course, but most people - and for people who are lactose intolerant there are special kinds of milks where the lactose has been processed already, so lactose intolerant people can drink it safely.

This is our fridge. That milk probably lasts like half a week. The light blue one is fat-free.

‘There is also this thing called piimä, which is a drinkable product made from milk with Lactic acid fermentation. It’s not my favorite, but it’s okay.

Maito versus piimä. (source

Apparently there is a strict divide in Finland between west and east, where west likes piimä better, but east prefers something called kokkelipiimä, which, to me, sounds very suspicious, and I did not know it even existed. It’s piimä with something more solid also made from milk mixed into it. Looks like this.

I seriously had never heard of it. I do live in the western half, so I suppose the divide is real. Huh. (source)

A traditional Finnish drink, kotikalja, is often drunk at fancier occasions, for example at the Christmas meal or at some other celebration, like weddings or such. It has a bit of alcohol, but so little that it doesn’t really count as an alcoholic beverage. Wikipedia tells me that it’s similar to Estonian kali, Swedish svagdricka, Dutch oud bruin and Russian kvass. It’s not the same, but it’s similar. People drink it with food.

(source also includes a recipe for kotikalja)

 There is a Finnish word ruokajuoma, which means any drink that is often drunk at meals, like water or kotikalja or milk and sometimes also juice.

This post is getting really long, sorry about that. Anyway, we eat a lot of different keittoja (soups) here too. Most of the time they contain potatoes (perunaa), carrots (porkkanaa), possibly other vegetables, and some meat (lihaa). Kalakeitto (fish soup) can be creamy (I love it) or clear (not so good). Lihakeitto (meat soup) and jauhelihakeitto (minced meat soup)are usually clear as well. There is also hernekeitto, which is made from peas, minced meat or ham or something and some carrot. People can add mustard and onion to it. It’s often eaten on Thursdays, a habit that has spread from the army. There every Thursday is hernekeittopäivä, hernekeitto-day. With hernekeitto the dessert is usually pancake with jam. (pic source)

The pancake, pannukakku, doesn’t look like what you might expect, though. It’s like this.


What is the closest relative to the other kind of pancake is called lettu here, or räiskäle, and it’s closer to a crêpe or a blin. (An actual blin, in Finland there is some misconception about blinis being small and thick… things, but maybe people would otherwise mistake them for a räiskäle?) (source)

 They are usually eaten with jam or sugar or whipped cream, or ice cream, or berries, or all of them. There are also muurinpohjaletut, which are cooked differently. (source)

A very basic dish we eat a lot here is potatoes and some kind of kastike (sauce). The sauce usually has pieces of meat, or sausage, or minced meat. We use a lot of minced meat. The picture example is made with makkara (sausage). (source)

When it comes to leipä (bread) I might be a little biased, because my parents bake a lot of bread themselves. Most households usually have at least two types of bread available, some lighter bread like piimälimppu for example, and ruisleipä. It is very Finnish, even though rye bread is eaten elsewhere too. In grocery stores you can find many shelves full of it. There are even rye chips here! Not French fries, or potato chips, really, more like nachos. But made from rye. Weird. (source of pic below)

One of the many forms of rye bread. (source)

Usually the shelves would be full but it was late and almost juhannus. That’s all for rye bread there. (Don’t mind my sister’s hand btw)

You can get rye bread in dried from too, all crunchy and pretty tough. Examples of this, dry, crunchy, though perhaps not that tough bread are näkkileipä and hapankorppu. Näkkileipä is often served in schools, since it doesn’t go bad easily. Both näkkileipä and hapankorppu are the best when they have some butter (voi) on top, at least I think so.

Hapankorppu in the front, näkkileipä in the back. 

“Which side do you put the butter on?” is a common topic of debate between Finnish people. (It’s the side without the holes, fight me)

And yet another traditional Finnish food that’s eaten like bread and has rye in it, is karjalanpiirakka, Karelian pie. It’s basically rice porridge in a crust made from rye flour. It is also called riisipiirakka. There are other versions of it as well, for example they can have mashed potato instead of rice in them. It’s traditionally eaten with munavoi, boiled egg and butter mixed together. It is heavenly. It’s the stuff in the picture way up there, actually, but I’ll refresh your memory.


Another pretty basic, and quite traditional Finnish food that is still pretty popular as I understand, is makaronilaatikko, macaroni casserole, made of macaroni, minced meat, and a mixture of milk and egg. All the ingredients are put together and mixed, and cheese is put on top, though not in traditional versions. Then the whole thing is put into the oven and cooked for some time, and then eaten usually with ketchup. It’s one of my favorite foods.


Fish is eaten fairly often, but pork, chicken and beef are probably more common. In summer we eat a lot of sausages and nakki (frankfurters) (?? I have never heard this word). Most common spices are salt, suola and pepper, pippuri. There are also a ton of prepared foods in markets, and I mean a lot. Whole aisles, many meters, of foods like makaronilaatikko or jauhelihakeitto that you just need to warm up. Convenient. One of my favorites are pinaattiletut, small lettus with spinach in them. I like them a lot. There are also the same kinds of small lettus made with carrot. Oh, and also blood. They’re called veriletut in Finnish.


Well, I’d love to tell you more, but this post is already way too long, so. I’ll end it here. If you want to know more of something specific I mentioned, ask, and I’ll try to get a post made. I’m planning on covering a few topics here more in depth in the future, but we’ll see.

Oh, also, a lot of the sources for the pictures in this post also feature a recipe, though they’re in Finnish. If you’d like me to translate one of them so you can try it out, just ask!

Thank you for the ask again!

(*edited because I, the smart person I am, mixed up copyright and trade marks. Sorry about that.)

Because I Don’t Sleep At All Without You Pressed Up Against Me

HI so this is a kinda sorry-i-haven’t-been-posting-that-much-but-here-have-this-while-u-wait-for-bwybms kinda thing aLso what is UP with the title how long do i have to make it smh im sorry ANYWAY i decided to write a lil more of the more-than-bestfriends-less-than-boyfriends kinda thing because imo it’s so underrated and CUTE so thsi is kinda written on those grounds i hope it ok anyway BYE

words: 3.3k


dan and phil are tired teenage art students who nap together a lot


Dan doesn’t think it should be legal to wake up before nine am.

He yawns, throwing his bag up to his bed on the top bunk, leaning against the metal ladder, and fighting the urge to throw himself up there along with his luggage. They have to be out of the hotel by six pm, something about visiting a seaside museum, bring your sketchbooks, don’t be late, blah blah blah – Dan had stopped listening after the first two minutes.

He hasn’t slept in what has to be over thirty-six hours; he’d lost last night’s sleep to cramming in some last-minute packing at four in the morning after having forgotten about it all night, and by the time he’d finished, it had been time to leave for the trip. He hadn’t been able to sleep on the coach – in his opinion; noisy, clumsy, uncomfortable and dirty vehicles aren’t exactly the best napping environments; especially considering he’d often be described as one of those annoying ‘fussy sleepers’ who literally cannot get to sleep unless they’re in absolute pitch darkness and silence. Which, considering he’s sharing a room with five others for a week, is probably going to cost him another couple of nights’ sleep, so he’ll be sure to look forward to that.

He doesn’t quite know why he’s even going on this stupid art trip. He’d only used it as an excuse to skip school for a week, but now he isn’t too sure where he’d rather be.

He yawns again, squeezing his eyes shut and scratching his head. Fuck, he doesn’t want to go out tonight. He doesn’t think he can manage it; he’ll get half an hour into the museum before passing out on the floor.

The en-suite bathroom door shuts, and his black-haired classmate emerges, drying his damp face with a flannel. If Dan didn’t know any better, he’d assume Phil is just as tired as he is and had just splashed cold water on his face in an attempt at staying awake.

That doesn’t seem like a bad idea, actually. Maybe he should try it.

“You alright?” Dan raises his eyebrows, eyeing the boy up and down.

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BTS Halloween Special

For one week leading up to Halloween, I will post special BTS drabbles featuring each member! These aren’t romantic vampire stories or witches with love potions, but supernatural tales based on real-life experiences from me and my family members, or popular paranormal phenomena that have never been solved.

Late Night Shower | Seokjin (25/10)
Extra Passenger | Yoongi (26/10)
Regional Photos | Hoseok (27/10)
Found Me | Namjoon (28/10)
Visiting Granny | Jimin (29/10)
A Long Drive | Taehyung (30/10)
Secret Tunnel | Jungkook (31/10)

Random Pau’an Headcanons

Note: Several of these headcanons go directly against canon, therefore do not have to be taken seriously in the slightest. I, as a creature design artist, personally think that the fact that nearly all of the Star Wars aliens look incredibly human is dull, and am thus editing their appearance in small ways to make them more interesting.

  • Pau’ans are tall, thinly but powerfully built humanoids with grey skin and black sclera. Their eyes are typically silver, but can take on bluer tones.
  • Pau’ans have three fingers - two fingers, one thumb - and two toes with a residual bump on the outside part of their foot where their third one used to be.
    • Their fingers are long and clawed, and just as dexterous as a human’s.
    • In some cases, Pau’ans are born with a claw growing from their ‘toe bump’. These are often removed shortly after birth as these claws can bring intense discomfort wearing footwear and can lead to ingrown toenails and infections.
  • Pau’an’s ears are tiny and pointed. Their eardrum is very close to the surface, and their hearing is very keen.
    • Many Pau’ans wear ear protection as their hearing is sensitive enough that city life can be easily overwhelming.
      • Their eardrums are also, because they are closer to the surface, easier to damage and therefore need the added protection.
  • Pau’ans were originally nocturnal stealth hunters, relying on hiding and blending in, stalking their prey until close enough to strike.
    • They have excellent night vision, and their eyes will glimmer in the dark.
      • Some humans have described seeing a Pau’an in the dark as ‘terrifying’ as their eyes go almost completely black due to the size of their expanding iris.
      • Pau’an eyes do not glow, and they are not overly sensitive to light. They do, however, prefer dim light as it is what they are most used to.
    • As with how humans still display certain social queues based on their evolutionary path, Pau’ans tend to be less outright confrontational.
    • On the same note, they tend to be vocally quieter, and uncomfortable or anxious Pau’ans will stick close to the shadows or the corners of a room in attempts to conceal themselves.
    • When conflict arises, they will tend to shy away and attempt to move to a more advantageous position to make themselves more comfortable, similarly to how humans will cross their arms and back away with confronted.
      • Humans sometimes see this as cowardice or shyness, but in reality they’re just trying to put themselves in a better position before striking back.
  • Their skin is always grey with redish hues where the skin is thinner. The shade may very, but it is typically rather light.
    • The skin around their eyes and down onto their cheeks are markings caused by a combination of thinner skin and the veins running closer to the surface. The stronger the red, the healthier the Pau’an.
      • When a Pau’an is embarrassed or under physical strain, the red will flush. The result is not unlike a human’s blushing.
    • Other red markings, such as markings on the forehead, are cultural tattoos meant to enhance or compliment the red on their eyes and cheeks.
    • Not all Pau’ans have as intense red markings around the eyes and cheeks - these are seen as minor variations not unlike the difference in human eye and ear shape.
    • Young Pau’ans are born with faint spots and stripes not unlike that of a cheetah - this relates back to when they were predators on the surface, and the markings were needed for camouflage to hide the vulnerable youths.
      • These markings fade around puberty.
  • Pau’ans are not mammals, and they’re not reptiles either. They do not have body hair, they do not produce milk, but they have warm blood and give live birth.
    • Because they are not mammals, they do not have nipples or breasts.
    • They do have belly buttons, however, as a result of their live births.
    • If an Earthly biological reference is truly needed, then it may be more accurate to consider them birds or dinosaurs.
      • Note: They do not have scales or feathers despite this correlation.
  • Pau’ans only have one sex, resulting in most members of their race looking masculine by typical humanoid accounts. However, through interaction with the other races on their planet and later in their galaxy, they have adopted genders as a way to fit in.
    • Most identify as male as male humanoids seem closest to their general appearance, but female or non-binary Pau’ans exist in plenty.
    • There are no words for ‘male’ or ‘female’ in the natural Pau’an language, and all pronouns are, as a result, gender neutral. Genders are only adopted in basic or other languages with gendered pronouns.
    • Before anyone asks, yes, that means they have both sets of genitalia. Do not ask for clarification unless you are prepared for the answer.
  • Pau’ans do not sweat. Their lack of sweat glands leads to a variety of pros and cons.
    • Because they don’t have to worry about sweat and an over abundance of body oil, they don’t really get acne! Lucky them!
    • Their skin tends to be far softer, barring the thick wrinkles in their skin.
    • Because they cannot sweat and they are warm blooded, cooling down can tend to be a bit of an issue.
      • Living in caves and cooler areas solve part of this issue.
      • The other half is solved by the deep wrinkles in their skin - like rhinos or elephants, they would keep their skin damp, the wrinkles solving to keep in more moisture.
        • Note that today Pau’ans have this wonderful little thing called ‘air conditioning’, and thus you will likely not see a Pau’an rolling around in the mud any time soon.
          • Never fight a Pau’an over the temperature gauge. It’s never worth it. Just let the room be 68°F and be done with it.
  • Though Pau’ans don’t sweat, they do still rely on smell-related communication. Their sense of smell is, on average, better than humans thanks to their predatory history, and the ability to smell each other out was sometimes vital to their survival. To provide their individual scents, Pau’ans have small musk glands in their armpits.
    • The smell is not very strong to humans, Pau’ans able to pick it up quickly. If it were too strong, they would risk their prey smelling it.
      • Note that, much like a human, if a Pau’an refuses to bathe for days on end this smell will get much, much more intense.
      • Because it is musk, not sweat, it does not grow more intense with exercise. It will, however, grow stronger with stress or similarly strong senses of excitement. If your Pau’an friend smells a little after a hard at work, then that is to be expected.
    • Humans often describe it as having a ‘deep’ and ‘rich’ smell to it. Some compare it to a ‘warm dog’, or the smell of a wild animal. Usually, it is rather pleasant and even comforting, but its richness can quickly become overwhelming.

Even when I’m on hiatus, you guys are still following this blog and reading the stuff I put out and you have no idea how much all of that means to me. After everything that’s been going on, I’ve realized all over again that I’m lucky to have all of you. Thank you very much for the opportunity to share my writing with you guys. I really hope to get back into the swing of things soon.

Dear yesterday, I’m sorry for the silence. I tried to speak, but melancholy thoughts clouded my brain. They spread to my throat, clogging my breathes and words. I sewed my lips together and swallowed, turned secrets to stillness. 
Dear today, I’m sorry for the noise. Bouncing knees and heavy sighs. Too-loud music to fill out the hollowed parts inside my rib-cage. I’ll face it soon. I promise.
Dear tomorrow, I’m going to try and be braver. I’ll find a way to balance the quiet and the loud, the good and the bad. I’ll be better for you, and for me. 
Dear forever, I’ll always try.
Future Writings

Originally posted by ofallingstar

Hello loves! Leave it to the wonderful @avengerofyourheart to tag me in all the things and try to figure out my secrets and steal my lucky charms </dramaticRoo> Anyways, this is basically just a masterpost of fics I have planned that are either in the process of being finished or they are and it’s just a matter of posting them. Here goes nothing!

All My Friends Are Heathens (Part 8 - The End)

Status: Complete
Yeah I know right, it’s been an age but it’s finally done! Just a heads up, I actually plan to tweak the series just a bit by changing the part titles. Altogether with the finale, they’ll be 9 parts so I’m just going to go back and adjust the titles accordingly. I’m not getting rid of anything, just changing the numbering system. I’ll end up posting a series masterlist for it too.

Stay With Me (Ongoing Series)

Status: pt.5 - Complete | pt.6 - Final draft | pt.7 - Halfway done | pt.8 - Outlined
Summary: With Hydra exposed and the flames still raging from the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., only one man stands and walks away from the wreckage. Still wet and wounded from the fight, the Winter Soldier hides away from the panicked crowds and tries to tear down the shackles in his mind. He barely had time to process the concept of his freedom when the girl finds him. >>> The girl saw them crash and burn; she heard the people screaming but knew she couldn’t get too close. Still struggling with her own lost past and understanding her extraordinary abilities, she needed to get home and away from the mayhem. She barely made it to her front door when she found the man that would change her life forever.
This is my more ‘canon-compliant’ storyline and I’m pretty excited about it. It starts after CATWS and leads all the way up to CACW, plus flashbacks to The Avengers. Yeah, I basically have a lot planned for this series. ]

Love is For Children (2/2)

Status: Complete
Summary: You’re a former mercenary turned Avenger who joins the team after fighting, and defeating, each member that tried to recruit you. You’re confident in your abilities and even challenge the man formerly known as the Winter Soldier. A battle of egos ensues and it’s Bucky that fights to get your attention but you’re a professional and won’t fall easy for his charm.
I’m sorry I didn’t end up posting the second part the day after the first like I promised. That was when I unofficially started my hiatus because my body actually tried to kill me. But it didn’t so there’s a silver lining I guess. ] 

===== oneshots =====

Admit It (Bucky x Reader)

Status: Editing
Summary: Being in a secret relationship with Bucky has never been easy but you were always so patient and willing to wait for him. Time and neglect starts to take it’s toll and unless he can finally be honest with himself and the team, he may be risking more than he realizes.
[ The title might change and I’m still trying to decide whether I’ll go more angst or fluff with this one. ]

To Build a Home (Steve x Reader)

Status: Editing
summary: Steve doesn’t want to fight forever. He dreams of settling down with his love and building a life together away from the duties of being an Avenger. Nightmares have a habit of replacing dreams when we least expect them.
[ You guessed it! A fic inspired by that damn song by The Cinematic Orchestra that has helped give birth to oh so many angsty fics! And here’s another one! You’re welcome and I’m sorry. ]

Love ‘em or Lose ‘em (40s! Steve x Reader x Bucky)

Status: Final draft
Summary: You didn’t plan to fall in love with two different men and you certainly didn’t expect them to love you in return. Best friends since childhood, you never thought anything could come between Steve and Bucky, and least of all, you. But with the world steadily falling into chaos, will you be able to choose who to love and who to lose or will fate make the decision for you?
[ I have such a kink for writing 40s Bucky and Steve, I can’t help myself. ]

Captain, Sergeant & Corrupter (…need I say more?)

Status: Final draft - but I’ve reached a stalemate
Summary: If two’s a crowd than three’s a party and I’m going to hell kbye it’s absolute filth and the sequel to Captain & Corrupter.
[ I’ve been having a bit of an internal struggle with smut lately so I’m not sure when I’ll be getting back to this one. ]

And that’s that! These are just the works that I actually have finished or semi-finished, not even taking into account the other wips that are still in their ‘skeleton’ stages. But let’s not bite off more than we can chew right? I really do put a lot of work into my fics, and sometimes most of the time, I am my own worst enemy and my brain just doesn’t cooperate. But I’m trying.❤ kloveyoubye!

My partner and I have at home dates on Wednesday evenings and I FINALLY convinced him to watch Voltron with me (only episode 1 since it was an hour long and we try to do 1.5 hours of shows and 1.5 hours of gaming while we get hammered on vodka/new drink combinations)

So far he has dubbed Lance as Sonic the Hedgehog, Pidge is Tails, Hunk is Knuckles (”Sort of, Hunk seems to be much smarter than knuckles. At least, Sonic Boom and Sonic Adventure Knuckles anyway.”” and Keith is Shadow. 

And I can’t even argue with him cause he’s right?? And I’m not sure what to do now that he’s pointed this out?? Who is Shiro then?? Bunnie from the old Saturday morning cartoons??

Overall, he totally gets why people love the show because he sees the appeal in the unique and diverse cast so hopefully we can finish season 1 and 2 and move onto 3 and 4 soon

I’m so sorry for not being on here as much these past few days, depression has really been kicking my ass & I spent all day watching tv & not moving instead of writing an essay due in two days & I love all of you. I’m going to try & post more writing soon, I’m just trying to make it day by day right now. your support means everything. literally everything. thank you.

I just made this account for a laviyuuweek I’m planning for 2018, probably in March.

For now I will work on the prompts and post them as soon as they’re finished. Feel free to send an ask if you have questions or would like to suggest prompts.

I’ll post more information in the future.



updates re:  activity —  ❉

alright,  usually i try to avoid getting too real here because that’s not what y’all are here for,  but i just wanted to give an explanation as to why replies etc have been a little  ( read:  a lot )  slower than usual,  as well as give you all a few housekeeping updates.  

general life things: 

  • i have deadlines + exams from  NEXT WEEK,  meaning that if you see me writing a lot of long replies on here from now until the end of next week,  i’m procrastinating  &  you should probably punch me in the face.  
  • it’s usually something that i’m good at keeping under control,  but my mental health has been in the toilet as of late due to a few irl / online situations.  it’s okay,  shit happens,  it was just unfortunate enough to happen right before exams,  as i mentioned,  so that’s a bit of extra stress that i’ll just have to deal with.

rp / online things: 

  • still thinking about dropping some threads,  but if i do,  i’ll message you to make sure if it’s okay  &  if you’d like to plot something new,  as i would like more plotted things! 
  • my reply rate should increase by november 8th-ish …….  so hang tight until then.
  • my mains page is  GONE.  i mean,  it’s still there right now because i haven’t had the chance to edit my page,  but you get what i mean.  it’s been evicted in the metaphorical sense.  i don’t want to play favourites,  it’s not why i’m here.  i want more friends  &  writing partners!!!  if you’ve got an interesting plot,  hit me up!  if you wanna do a dumb one-liner thread,  hit me up!  if you just want to chat,  hit me up!  if you took a cute picture of your dog today and you want to show it to somebody …  you guessed it!  hit me up! 
  • speaking of chatting,  though,  please don’t be too offended if i haven’t gotten around to answering your message yet.  like i said before,  my mental health is a bit unstable atm  &  i promise i’m not ignoring you.  things are currently just a little more difficult than they’ve been in a while.
  • i’m considering revamping  OR  re-establishing my blog after exams.  who knows!  it might be fun to just remake all the pages + theme,  but i may also move to a new blog entirely.  i’ll keep everyone updated if i decide to do the latter.  

thanks for reading!!!  i appreciate everyone’s understanding on the matter.

—- zelda xx 

Mustard Coffee?? O-O

Hmm. But I don’t want to imagine Fritz insulting Prussia’s flute-playing. ;^; Knowing how Prussia lives to be praised, I think it would hurt his feelings to hear Fritz didn’t enjoy his ‘awesome flute concert’. ;)

I tell you what we should absolutely NOT imagine tho:

Prussia and Fritz, face-to-face at the party. And Fritz says, “I heard you were playing the flute again the other day, Prussia…I’m glad.”

And Prussia just nods, and stays quiet, because he doesn’t want to cry in front of everyone, but…

Fritz leans in close, and says, “So are you ready to come home with me yet?”

And Prussia shakes his head no; sniffling, he says, “Not yet.”

(I swear to God. If Fritz is there to take Prussia back to Heaven with him, we’re all doomed. u-u Ah! But maybe they’ll just play their flutes together, and everyone will clap and cheer, and Prussia will feel so proud of himself again! ^-^)

i have an inbox full of prompts that i fully intend to get to but for now my level of motivation is so fucking low

maybe this weekend? i hope? idk i keep trying and then it doesn’t quite work, which is fine, it’s getting to be winter which is my poorer mental health season but i’m working on taking care of myself with hopes of feeling better soon

Fic: One Condition (klaine, mpreg)

a/n: so a while back, slightestwind​ and i were talking about mpreg (surprise, surprise) and it turned into skank!kurt & mpreg!cheerio!blaine. so, here it is. almost 2400 words and unbeta’d.

On AO3

Blaine frowns when he pulls his pants up and they fit a little too snugly around his waist. He tugs the waistband out and his frown deepens when there isn’t as much give as there used to be. He’s always so careful when he washes his Cheerio pants – Coach Sue is going to absolutely murder him for shrinking them.

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