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Because I Don’t Sleep At All Without You Pressed Up Against Me

HI so this is a kinda sorry-i-haven’t-been-posting-that-much-but-here-have-this-while-u-wait-for-bwybms kinda thing aLso what is UP with the title how long do i have to make it smh im sorry ANYWAY i decided to write a lil more of the more-than-bestfriends-less-than-boyfriends kinda thing because imo it’s so underrated and CUTE so thsi is kinda written on those grounds i hope it ok anyway BYE

words: 3.3k


dan and phil are tired teenage art students who nap together a lot


Dan doesn’t think it should be legal to wake up before nine am.

He yawns, throwing his bag up to his bed on the top bunk, leaning against the metal ladder, and fighting the urge to throw himself up there along with his luggage. They have to be out of the hotel by six pm, something about visiting a seaside museum, bring your sketchbooks, don’t be late, blah blah blah – Dan had stopped listening after the first two minutes.

He hasn’t slept in what has to be over thirty-six hours; he’d lost last night’s sleep to cramming in some last-minute packing at four in the morning after having forgotten about it all night, and by the time he’d finished, it had been time to leave for the trip. He hadn’t been able to sleep on the coach – in his opinion; noisy, clumsy, uncomfortable and dirty vehicles aren’t exactly the best napping environments; especially considering he’d often be described as one of those annoying ‘fussy sleepers’ who literally cannot get to sleep unless they’re in absolute pitch darkness and silence. Which, considering he’s sharing a room with five others for a week, is probably going to cost him another couple of nights’ sleep, so he’ll be sure to look forward to that.

He doesn’t quite know why he’s even going on this stupid art trip. He’d only used it as an excuse to skip school for a week, but now he isn’t too sure where he’d rather be.

He yawns again, squeezing his eyes shut and scratching his head. Fuck, he doesn’t want to go out tonight. He doesn’t think he can manage it; he’ll get half an hour into the museum before passing out on the floor.

The en-suite bathroom door shuts, and his black-haired classmate emerges, drying his damp face with a flannel. If Dan didn’t know any better, he’d assume Phil is just as tired as he is and had just splashed cold water on his face in an attempt at staying awake.

That doesn’t seem like a bad idea, actually. Maybe he should try it.

“You alright?” Dan raises his eyebrows, eyeing the boy up and down.

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a little note:
Tomorrow (29.07.) I’ll have a surgery (my tonsils are going to get removed). I’ll have to stay at the hospital until tuesday next week. So I won’t be active in that time. I’m going to take my laptop with me and try to write though I know that the wifi there sucks. I just wanted to inform you guys. Have a great week and see you soon!

anonymous asked:

You keep saying no, but you really should watch Arrow and write some fic. All the cool kids are doing it. You'd love the characters. Felicity Smoak is kinda like you. JUST DO IT! Nike! Copyright! Write Arrow fic! All the Olivicity!!! I will turn you if it's the last thing I do!

You just pushed so hard. Constantly badgering me. Trying to force me to write Arrow fic.

So I caved. You win, Anon. Here is some Arrow fic:

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Hey, lovebugs. Just wanted to fill you in on what’s been happening in the Lynnieverse:

So, vacation. That was a thing that happened, and was less than stellar, but it’s over now. I’ve been back for almost a week now, I think? And Gill and my mother all got sick about the second day we got where we wanted to be on the trip, and they got a lot worse once we got back.

Mother has bronchitis and Gill has a sinus infection and a touch of bronchitis. Both are on antibiotics now, which is good. They’ll start getting better here pretty soon, but as I’m the only one not sick, it’s been a lot of taking care of them lately. 

I haven’t been around much, and that’s why, but I’m hoping that in a week or so I’ll be active again? Just haven’t had much free time lately. 

I’m finally able to just sit there and write and enjoy what I’m writing.

Like, I’ve come up with a few ideas over the summer and began planning them out but when it’s come to trying to write them I just can’t.

But with this, which has turned out to be a flash fiction, possibly a short story if I end up padding it out enough, I just started writing and kept going, and it’s nice to get my brain working like this again and to actually think of similes and metaphors and narrative and “what image is this conveying”

IDK if this post has any point, but I’m feeling kinda confident right now and it’s nice to think back on last year’s Intro to Creative Writing lessons, and to actively see how far I’ve come in the past 10 months alone. Who knows what I’ll be like at the end of the next semester, or next year, or even at the end of my course?

I’m probably rambling nonsensically but after a long period of perfectionism and not completely liking my writing, it feels really good to actually spit out something I do like.

And it’s even better not having a 500 word limit, because this isn’t coursework and I’m writing for enjoyment etc.