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It’s cold. 

No, scratch that. It’s aggressively cold. This is the coldest weather that Dean Winchester has ever experienced and no doubt will ever experience - after all, it’s not every day that an angel up and whisks you away to a barren winter landscape god-knows-where. He’s not even wearing a coat, for crying out loud. Ice crystals are spreading and settling uniformly in his hair and on his eyelashes like an army of soldiers, and his hands are painfully cold despite being buried in the depths of his pockets.

Maybe, he thinks, it would be better if the angel would just get back here already, instead of disappearing with little more than an “I’ll be back soon”. He shifts his feet impatiently, hardly even moving the frozen snow.

"Hello, Dean."

He jumps only slightly (he’s used to his antics by now) and spins to face Castiel. The angel would appear stoic to anyone other than Dean. He knows him better than anyone, though, and the impish glimmer in his dark blue eyes leaves him momentarily breathless.

"Dude, what the hell? I’m freezing my ass off out here." Somehow despite the temperature and his wandering thoughts, he’s able to remain snarky. He would smirk, but his jaw is aching with cold.

"My apologies," He tilts his head, studying Dean carefully. "You’re cold." 

"No shit, Cas."

"You should sit down. And close your eyes."

"Why the hell would I do that?"

"Because I have a gift for you."

He does as he’s told, albeit begrudgingly.  His lips tug upwards in a reluctant smile - he’d never admit it, but he loves it when Cas acts this way. When Cas is in charge, looking after him, it’s like a weight is lifted off of his shoulders. He feels hands gently brushing against his arm and oh, that’s new. It makes him want to pull the angel closer to him, in all honesty. He shifts slightly. Then something else is sliding onto his arm - something wooden, warm from Castiel’s hands. Beads? A bracelet perhaps, or a rosary.  Something shifts in his head, leaving him momentarily disorientated, but when he opens his eyes -

"Oh." Oh. Cas is in leaning over him, soundly in his personal bubble, but that’s not what has left him speechless. A towering pair of wings are arching from the angel’s back, gently reaching around to engulf him in their warmth. The ice is melting from his hair and he feels wet all over, but he doesn’t care because he can see Cas’s wings.

"A monk made this," he gestures to the braclet, voice reverant. "Many years ago. This wasn’t his original intention, but… You can perceive them now."

"I sure can. They - they’re…" Dean reaches out to touch a skewed secondary feather, gently moving it back into place. Castiel preens. "They’re beautiful, Cas."

Dean doesn’t feel quite so cold anymore.

You all should elect me for prez because I am one FABULOUS bear.

I did a thing. 

I seen a few of you guys make some char sheets for your sims and it motivated me to try and make one for my guys as well. This is kinda long overdue and it’s barely finished but I’m happy with it for the most part. I would attempt a simblr friendly one but effort :/

Idk.. like Jade, Oakley, and Peanut’s FC’s aren’t too accurate but in the end I imagine them to look that way in some sense so yeyy.

anonymous asked:

Honestly not trying to rush you or anything because I know good stories take time but I was wondering if you were going to write either demonfire or dickkory soon

Lol anon. I’ve been writing robstar and demonfire drabbles every time I post a meme. I have plans for longer fanfics but since I took a months-long break from writing while a bunch of things were happening that I don’t feel comfortable talking about on the internet I want to practice a little bit with the drabble memes when I can. This is also my first shot at writing while holding a full time job (I wrote regularly while I as in school but having a job and being occupied for eight hours consecutively instead of for classes periodically throughout the day is a whole bunch different for me, idk why) so I’m going to stick with the memes for maybe a few weeks until I can get into a groove with a writing schedule. 

I know I’m procrastinating, lol, I know that’s true but I don’t want to pressure myself into writing fanfiction because feeling pressured to get stuff out when I felt I didn’t have the time, energy, or motivation is part of what caused me to take a break in the first place. 

Basically I know it’s hard to wait and I’m sorry for making you do it but I’m trying to focus on what I need as a writer and what the stories need from me and I don’t want to sound rude but I’m not focusing on the audience so much. Not that I’m ignoring you guys but I’m finding that in not worrying that people will get upset if I don’t post stuff everything is wayyyyyy more enjoyable for me. 

I’m easing myself into a writing schedule on my time and I’m sorry it’s slow but I’m already writing more than I had been with the drabbles occasionally and that’s going to have to sate your need for dmonfire and robstar from me until I can go back to writing longer multi-chaptered fics. Which I do one hundred percent plan to do. 

thank you guys for being so patient with me. week one of my vacation has come to a close; we’ll be moving on to orlando next. my queue is going to be dried out after tomorrow, but i’ll try and fill it up with some more replies soon. it’s REALLY distracting/difficult to write when my parents refuse to turn off the tv, so my responses aren’t gonna be coming quickly at all ;-; but thanks everyone, you all are amazing. if you need me or a short thread, you can inbox me IC or OOC for that sorta thing.

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Is okay take your time :) if you write kathniel in balitang America in youtube there part 1 and part 2 i think it is easy to find :) thank you again soon soo much

Girl, those are so long!

Haha, I’ll try to get some done tonight, but it’ll probably take me quite a bit of time. I’ll make a text post when I finish :)

out of stars.

hello yes i’m alive !! my apologies for being inactive. i’ve kinda lost my muse for rosalina. it really sucks bc i want to try & write but when it comes down to it, i just…kinda…blank out?? idk if it makes sense. i’m definitely nOT giving up on her though. i’ll return once i regain my muse. in the meantime, you can find me on my rebooted peach blog ! 

updates (for anyone who is curious!!) the high!zaya fic and the married!zaya fic both have titles now ^_^ married!zaya is lacking in plot at the moment so i think high!zaya is going to be the one i work on first :^) no idea as to when it’ll be posted tho haha bc i need to find the time (between schoolwork and working on my novel and watching superfruit on youtube) to outline then write it but i promise i’ll try to have it up as soon as i can :D i hope youre all as excited as i am!!