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Unilock where John and Sherlock separately decide to dress up as each other for Halloween, so Sherlock nicks one of John’s t-shirts and his rugby jacket the day before, and he wears them with some jeans, and he thinks he’s so clever dressing up as John without telling him, he thinks it’ll be such a fun surprise, but then when he knocks on the door to John’s flat that night he is met with the sight of John in a leotard and tights, his hair as curly as he could make it and a goofy grin on his face, and they both just burst into hysterical giggles because they both look completely ridiculous.

I don’t know. We haven’t started yet… I’m still in a little bit of denial. There’s a lot that needs to happen between today and June 8th when we start. And… uh… I’m old. *audience laughing*. No believe me. I’m not used to doing the kind of hours we used to do on it. So that’ll be something. It’ll be good once we get on with it… we’ll have a ball.
—  gillian anderson on ‘what’s it like filming the x-files again?’ at MCM comic con

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he takes your phone or something while you're using it to annoy you because he's in a playful mood and you end up laughing as you play wrestle for it and he refuses to give it back unless you kiss him

“Harry!! Give me my damn phone back!!” Harry barely holds back a giggle, his offending hands holding your phone behind his back.

“Nope. Not until I get my kiss.” You huff and try to move fast enough to snatch your phone back from behind his back, but he was anticipating you, and soon you’re following him with a groan as he runs cackling down the hallway. “All you have to do is give me one kiss! Why don’t you wanna kiss me?!” He stands in the middle of the bedroom, looking for all the world like he isn’t acting like a toddler deprived of attention, and despite how much you want your phone back, Harry’s too fucking cute for you to actually be mad at.

“Because you’re acting stupid. Now give it back!” You try once again to reclaim it, but Harry’s infuriatingly long limbs come to his rescue as he holds the phone above your head, and for a moment you’ve resorted to hopping on your toes, one arm outstretched trying in vain to get at it. “Ha-arry!” You lose your balance and fall up against him, and he takes advantage of it by wrapping his free arm around your waist and keeping you pressed to him. 

"Hello, love,” he grins cheekily down at you, and even though you glare back at him you wrap your arms around him and have to fight back a smile.

“You’re such a little shit.” He leans down and bumps his nose against yours, eyes shining with mischievous glee inches away from yours.

“All you have to do is give me one itty bitty eensy weensy little kiss.” You give in, pecking him on the lips only to have him frown at you. “That was hardly anything! It has to last more than-” With your hands clasped behind his neck, you’re able to pull his head down so you can kiss him again, really kiss him, full and firm, pressing your body even harder against his and carding your fingers through his hair. He stiffens with surprise for the briefest of seconds before he reacts with fervor, leaning into you and tightening his arm around your waist, a rough sound leaving him as you successfully lick your way into his mouth.

“Thank you,” you whisper coyly as you maneuver your way out of his arms, watching with satisfaction as it takes him a couple of seconds to blink his eyes back open, and even longer to realize your phone is back in your hands. His brows furrow in displeasure as you strut your way triumphantly out of the room.