I'll see you guys in a few weeks

gentle-sapphic mod application
Okay this will hopefully be short and sweet so just please answer all questions below!

Hey guys, as mentioned before I’m looking for a few new mods to help me run this blog! I’ll be looking for 2-4 mods and will choose from the applicants within a week.

If you would like to become a mod you must:

  • Have a discord account
  • Be able to help fill up the queue
  • Be able to answer asks
  • Be around my own age (this one isn’t a must but you’ll more than likely have a better chance if you are)
  • Reblog this post!

If I pick you then I’ll message you on tumblr or discord before adding you to the discord server. I’ll explain the rest once I’ve picked all the mods and added them all to the server. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an ask.

RadFems, TERF’s, SWERF’s, and MAP’s need not apply!

btw if i don’t get enough responses i’m pretending this never happened

So long, farewell...

It’s that time of year where exams are fast approaching and I need to divert all of my attention away from sims and simblr to focus on my studying. This year it’s my AS-levels, which are important as how well I do this year will impact how well my university application goes come September, October time. And, being predicted all A’s, that’s pretty difficult to maintain for every subject. Sooo I’m taking a few weeks away from here. My last exam is on the 23rd, so I’ll be back round about that time. I’ll still be around my personal blog @ayyy-lmaaoo if you want to follow/talk/whatever. And on that note, I’ll see you guys on the flip side!

Yeah I think I’m gonna… take a little break. Been feeling it less and less, and the upcoming shance weeks which I have zero content for because of my writer’s block are giving me anxiety. So ahh… sorry, and see you guys around

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It's Been more than a week! When will you come back?

It’s been three days haha. I’m still on vacation with my family. I’ll be back on Sunday - a week from my initial post :)

Also hey, thanks everyone for the nice messages/comments/replies, I appreciate it! Vacation has been really fun and relaxing, though I’m eager to jump back into things when I return. See you guys in a few days!

i’m taking a small break from tumblr for a week so i won’t be posting much during the next few days but my queue will be running so don’t worry, my blog won’t be completely dead. stuff happened, i’m tired and i need to get away for a little while but i thought i’d let you guys know what’s going on so you wouldn’t think i’m leaving this blog or something because i’m definitely not! i’ll be back soon 💖 

y’all take care of yourself 🌸🌼🌺

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So I've recently come out and for awhile was identifying as queer, but for the past few weeks I've identified as lesbian. I was really at home with the title at first, it felt spot on and really empowering. But now I'm really struggling internally to know what's compulsory heterosexuality and not. I'll see I guy who's attractive and feel this weird pang of confusion. Like there's a voice inside saying give another guy a chance, when internally I'm like, really wanting to be with women. Idk man

Totally. One way to spot those compulsory heterosexuality feelings is just to ask yourself do I feel comfortable? 

If every time you have the thought that a man is attractive or that you should give men a chance, you feel uncomfortable or upset or otherwise just bad, then you are probably just experiencing compulsory het. 

One way to think of it is: If you saw a woman who was a conventionally attractive stranger, would you feel instant pressure to try to pursue or date her? Probably not. It’d take courage to even start flirting. Say she’s pretty but not really someone you click with– would you feel like you should pursue a relationship anyway or just try, just in case?

If not, why would you feel that just recognizing someone’s attractiveness compelled you to pursue them? Why does that only apply to men and not women? Because you’re facing cultural pressure to form relationships with men. 

And because of this, lesbians often are convinced that the only way to avoid relationships with men is by insisting to the world that we can’t date them. It’s not our fault! Don’t punish us! We were born this way and it won’t work!  And that’s a totally reasonable defense mechanism in a world that does punish women for not dating men. But it has the side effect that any time it seems even remotely plausible that we might, maybe be able to make a relationship with a man work if we forced ourselves to, then we get this very subconscious worry that maybe we’re lying about it being impossible for us, and maybe that means we deserve punishment for not trying hard enough to force feelings for men. And that’s terrifying. 

But listen– many lesbians have forced themselves to live years of their lives with men. There are so many women who stay closeted. Most lesbians can do that. But that does not mean that we should. It’s deeply unhealthy to be closeted, and it causes severe mental health problems in many women (myself included) to force yourself to be with men. And it’s absolutely wrong and oppressive for anyone to insist that lesbians date men just because it’s theoretically possible. You shouldn’t need to sacrifice your happiness. You should be allowed to form relationships with who YOU want to. You absolutely do not deserve punishment for that. Anyone contributing to making you feel that way is very dangerous to your wellbeing. 

That’s why I stress so often that you can decide to date exclusively women no matter what. You are allowed to only date women if that’s what you want. Even if a conventionally attractive, sweet, caring man who is crazy about you asks you out you can turn him down just for being a man. 

Your life is YOURS. We only get a handful of decades on this earth, if you want to spend those decades dating women, then fuck men. You don’t have to date them. 

My life since I have this blog

Three or four years ago, I can’t remember, I downloaded the Tumblr app on my crappy LG phone that I had back then. I had heard of this app/web for a long time and decided to try. The first blogs I followed were Glee blogs and Ian Somerhalder blogs. 

Then I became a Magcon/Ogoc fan and I wrote a few imagines that later I deleted (some of them were on wattpad). And then I started following 5sos blogs and decided to write about them. 

My first ever writing about 5sos was called Smoking Buddies. It was just for fun, I dind’t even think about the notes it would have. 

Months later, I had this idea and wrote Hatefuck, about Calum again, and the preview of it got like more than fifty notes. A week later I posted the whole thing and it got more than 120 notes on its first night up. It’s been almost four months and it has more than 500 notes which, to me, is totally insane. 

So I decided to write more and post it all here and a lot of you requested imagines and I wrote them and I was happy. 

But my creativity and my not so hard work made me be a lazy bitch and even when I had all the time in the world, I didn’t write nor post. 

Now I have school and things to do, so I don’t have much time and I feel very pressured with school and personal problems that when I have free time, I try to do things to chil out. Writing now isn’t very chilling to me. 

Also, this is going to sound so bad but I don’t care, I don’t have as many notes as before and not much feedback neither. 

I have to make a decission; should I keep this blog and post whenever I can, even if that means two weeks or more without new stories; or should I deactivate? 

Whether I end up deactivating or not, I want you to know that this has been an amazing time and that I only regret not have made more friends, scared thinking I wasn’t good enough. 


I am moving! Yippee-kay-yay, I know. But this means I probably won’t be updating very much in the next few weeks, so if your ask goes unanswered, I am vewwy sowwy my friend. If you guys would like, maybe just text answers for now?

I dunno. In any case, if you see I haven’t been active for a few days, I haven’t died yet, I promise.

hey guys! just wanted to remind/let you guys know I’m leaving for Budapest and I’m not gonna be back until the 5th! the queues are all filled so things should run fine so you shouldnt really notice anything but if something fucks up (it is tumblr after all haha) I probably wont be able to fix it until I get back! also I won’t be doing wednesday comics this week but I’ll probs do em when I get back and obviously I won’t be able to answer any ask until I get back aswell, also if you guys wanna see pics from Budapest feel free to add me on snapchat!! -> taskrnaster (with a RN instead of M)! viszontlátásra! 


Hey guys, so i decided to move blogs due to a few reasons like changing my tagging system, making everything a bit cleaner and just starting fresh. There are a few things on this one I’m not happy with and I hope you can understand. This blog will no longer be posting anything except this notice so you are welcome to unfollow, and possibly follow me on my new one :^) thanks ♥♥♥