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Imagine Woozi taking care of you when you’re sick and making sure you’re getting better.

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hey, i just found the icons you did of keith and lance as botw zelda and link, and i was wondering if you were alright with them being used? they're really super cute and mix two of my favorite things, haha! i'll make sure to give you credit. if not its fine, i just wanted to ask to be sure! ^^;

*Pushes icons into your palms*

Treat them well

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Oh can we get a fic preview?

Sure! Here’s a small (rough, unedited, etc) bit from the beginning of Ye Olde Jotun!Loki Frostmaster Fic:

The Grandmaster kisses with an intensity and a strength that his frame belies, hands skittering up to cup Loki’s jaw, and the sizzling heat where their skin meets has Loki’s eyes rolling back, lids fluttering shut. At his lower lip the Grandmaster nibbles, and too soon, too soon he is breaking the kiss to once more drag his eyes across the planes of Loki’s true face, his uneven and deep breaths sending warm puffs of air dancing across Loki’s skin. 

“You’re so beautiful.” Loki reckons he can physically feel the Grandmaster’s eyes raking across his high cheekbones, down the sleek column of his throat; the Grandmaster’s mouth soon replaces his gaze, lips brushing along his jawline to whisper in his ear. “So beautiful and, uh, and cold,” the Grandmaster gives a shiver for emphasis, a little shimmy of his shoulders that Loki cannot help huffing an endeared laugh at. “I like it,” he nips at Loki’s earlobe.

Only one other lover had Loki revealed this form to, and while his appearance had intrigued them, ultimately, they could not bear to touch him for long, fingers and lips gone numb from the temperature of Loki’s skin. He could hardly fault them, as their touch scorched his skin in turn. Even more acutely do the Grandmaster’s teasing caresses sting, his body operating at a temperature several degrees higher than Loki’s even in his Aesir form; Loki has privately thought of him as something of a personal heater. In the wake of each brush of his lips, each tantalizing stroke of his fingertips, Loki’s skin burns, balanced deliciously on that precipitous point between pain and pleasure.

hi!! i havent got on here for a while cause i got sick; wrist injuries + flu and i went to a trip.. but i’m back now!! hopefully to catch up w/ work backlog and art trades nice and easy ToT it’s taking a while to get back to drawing but i’m getting here! i had a very good weekend nevertheless. i recently bought an aki mini fig! he’s currently at my friend’s place because i’m gonna move anytime soon.. it’ll probably take a couple more months but im so happy and excited to get him!!! i’ve wanted him for soooo long TTvTT 

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I love the way you drew the abs for Ash (Harvest Moon), Toya (Lost Dimension), and Pale Ghost (Shall we date?) Such hot boys! ^//q//^) The last one is especially cute and adorable with the way he shyly tugs on his hood.

Ahh sorry anon for late reply, once again tumblr forgets to notify me of messages /sweats/

I LIKE DRAWING ABS BUT I NEVER GET A CHANCE TO AHAHAHA i’m glad you enjoy my practice pics!! ^q^))) I love Pale Ghost so much. He’s so shy and yet just flashing his bod everywhere 

hehehe I’m glad you don’t mind ^q^))) Guess what game I just got into…(I am also watching the show on the side now and there’s so much references in the game that I now understand and appreciate)

For anyone who might care

Due to issues IRL I won’t have internet anymore. My family is in the process of impromptu moving. So I won’t be able to post anything, answer asks, or reply to any messages. And I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to get on Tumblr again. I apologise to anyone who was following me and actually enjoying what I post. I really hope I can come back soon, but in reality it could take a while

I go back home for a few months and I feel like literally everything changed around here. How does it take to lose the tourist feeling again?

Back from hiatus.

First of all, thank you so, so, so, SO much for all the sweet messages + replies you guys have left me during my break from tumblr, they honestly meant the world to me, I will get back to them as soon as I can, promised! (you are the sweetest people in the world, I mean it)

I’m doing relatively okay, you don’t have to worry about me, I promise I won’t do anything I’ll regret later, including deleting my blog or anything like that.

Explanation as to why exactly I went on a hiatus under the read more cut.

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one direction // preference // the voicemail he leaves you
  • harry: hey babe, just wanted to try and chat to you because i miss your face. i've had a huge day today, like the band had tonnes of rehearsals which isn't much different to usual because you know how hard we're pushed when it's time for tours, but anyway it was so full on and i'm exhausted and i wish you were here so i could wrap your little body up in my arms. anyway, i'm rambling... do voicemails have a time limit? they probably have a time limit. so you should call me back because i miss you lots. oh and i h-
  • zayn: hey babe, you must be out or something because i'm pretty sure it's afternoon for you over there at the moment. i mean you could very well have fallen asleep on the couch watching tv and left your phone in the kitchen so you didn't hear this call. anyway. i love you gorgeous and i'll see your lovely face soon. i think it's three weeks now until i'm back? hopefully they'll go as fast as the last few months have gone. for me anyway. oh well, call me when you can. love you.
  • louis: hi babe! sorry to call so late, i don't know why i thought you'd be up at four in the morning. i think it's four there right? i should've googled that. anyway, i wanted to ring and have a quick chat but you're definitely all wrapped up in your bed asleep so i'll let you do that. just give me a ring in the morning so i can hear your voice. i've been really missing it lately. so much so that sometimes i just sit there and imagine you saying a sentence because i can hear your voice in my head. wow, i sound crazy. anyway, call me back tomorrow when you've rested. love you babe, bye!
  • niall: hey there babe. sorry for the early call but i have a meeting that popped up for when we planned to chat so i don't know, let me know when you can call and i'll let you know when i can call, yeah? i miss you like crazy. i had a dream last night that you were just laying with me and i felt like shit all day because i woke up without you there. i dunno why this tour has been ten times more harder to cope without you. i think i'll book you some tickets up to the next show and you can come and spend the week with me. sound good? anyway, i'm talking a bit of shit because i guess it feels like talking to you. okay, okay i gotta go. bye, i love you!
  • liam: hi babe, just wanted to ring to chat but you seem to be a bit busy at the moment. gotta say i couldn't stop smiling after hearing your voice in your 'leave a message after the beep' thing. really missing my girl. i'll see you soon though, four days until i'm back yeah? that'll be incredible. plus it'll be a few weeks that we get together and i've been looking forwards to that all year really. anyway hope you're doing well, i haven't had a chance to reply to your text yet because the rehearsals and recordings were insane but yes, buy yourself a pizza babe. and eat a slice for me. love you gorgeous. bye!
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