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Where V really went after Jaehee’s good ending.

(Maybe Ice skating paid him better than photography???)

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I’m actually crying over Iwaizumi and Oikawa’s friendship. Like omg??? They’ve been best friends since they were tiny? Like ??? And like… image them being like we gotta go to the same junior high and high school. We gotta! And imagine Oikawa really wanting to go to Shiratorizawa and he gets accepted, but Iwaizumi doesn’t, so Oikawa pretends he didn’t get in to go to Aoba Johsai with his best friend because omg how could he go to a school where Iwaizumi wasn’t? Who would he talk to? Who would put up with him? Who would look out for him and make sure he didn’t over do it? Who would shake him and tell him to stop worrying. He’s talented and good and he needs to stop worrying about other people! Who would keep him grounded? What would he do without Iwaizumi?

He does get bothered by being reminded he should have gone to Shiratorizawa. But he just has to look at Iwaizumi and he knows he made the right choice. Because Iwaizumi makes him his best. And he loves him so much.


on time for day five, aw yis. B) today’s prompt is “favorite ship”  and I’m sorry, it’s the 2013 movie Arcadia. dat aesthetic. dat dark matter. sign me the fuck up. so have a crossover drabble. c:


Somehow, in the dead of a void-etched night, intruders had come upon the Arcadia.

you can also read it here on AO3!

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