I'll do it

Okay Tumblr...I'll do this too...

though I doubt anyone will want one…

If you re-blog this post by January 1st (2013) I will draw you a picture based on your url. 

I’ll also send you the hard copy if you message me your address.



 It looks like I’m going to be drawing for a while so I apologize if it takes me a while for this to make it to you all. 



Though he’d asked for them, Cas found Sam’s words near impossible to believe. He raised his hand in a half-hearted wave, watching the taillights of your cab pull away.

You waited until you were out of sight to let the tears fall. Your heart felt heavier, pulled tighter and tighter until it felt you couldn’t breathe, with every second taking you further from Cas.


Imagine Bellamy sitting alone, once a week, to talk to the stars, as if they were Clarke.

Imagine Bellamy ending his day at a place that reminds him of Clarke so that he can seek comfort in her memory. 

Imagine a parallel scene between Bellamy and Clarke. First, the camera shows us Bellamy, sitting in a secluded area, looking into the darkness and then, the camera cuts to Clarke, sitting far away, in a similar scenario. There is no dialogue, but the editing suggests they’re both thinking about each other. 

Imagine Bellamy seeing a shooting star and silently wishing for Clarke’s safe return, because now he knows what to wish for.

This hiatus is killing me. I now have a slew of Bellarke headcanons that I absolutely need and will never actually happen.