I'll be your friend

Mark it on your calendar, folks: next Wednesday, September 24th marks the release of the second digital collected edition of my daily comics, The Dog Who Shot a Laser Out of His Face (and other tales)!

The book will contain over 100 pages of comic goodness, including some bonus comics that you won’t find anywhere else! What’s even better is that the book will be available for the minimum price of $1 (though you can choose to pay more if you so wish).

You can purchase your very own copy on my Gumroad page on the day of release.

Also, seeing as I’m feeling generous, those who reblog this post will have their names entered into a draw to win a free copy the book! I’ll choose three lucky winners at random on September 24th. Good luck!

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anonymous asked:

Idk if this is just me or a scorpio thing (maybe both) but I find it's extremely rare that someone can reciprocate what I give to them in a friendship. I'm my friends' listening ear, supporter, vault of secrets, etc. Often I'm not given as much as I give. I don't ask for it nor do I really open up. When it becomes too much I have no problem cutting people off. So, if this is the case for most scorpios, I think that's why we have trouble keeping friends.


I'll be your Friend
  • I'll be your Friend
  • Bright Eyes
  • One Jug of Wine Two Vessels

Bright Eyes-I’ll Be Your Friend

You said they laid out lots of coke, 
you you don’t know how much you did. 
Now you don’t want me to go home, 
because you’re afraid you might get sick, 
just like the bad news you accept, 
just like that boy your gonna get, 
It’s all the drunken promises,
I’ll be your friend,
but you just haven’t made me yet. 
So you come chasing after me, 
but I’m just barely out the door, 
down in the belly of the beast, 
we waited with the passengers, 
just like the train I gotta catch, 
just like that song I can’t finish
It’s the mistake I won’t regret.
you’ll be my friend but I just haven’t made you yet. 
You talk like you’re drunk like you standing in front of a microphone. 
And each night it repeats and you fall into me, like a domino, 
and you talk when you’re drunk like you’re writing it up for a article, 
and you think that I lie when I tell you goodbye and I’ve got to go, 
cause I’ve got to go. 
But I guess it’s a success, we’re at our best when you’re upset.
I’ll be your friend but you just haven’t made me yet.


Bright Eyes - I’ll Be Your Friend 

A clash of creeds [SoF Open]

After spending most of her day so far getting accustomed to the labyrinth of a campus, settling down in her own dorm and spending some well-deserved time with that one quiet ginger kid, Shiki felt it was finally time to stretch her arms and get used to her new life at Tancho Academy.

Things were certainly.. different here, and she already knew that it was probably best for her to keep her wits about her. She hadn’t tried to see if her psyches worked yet, and she hoped she wouldn’t have to use them any time soon anyway.

She grabbed a blank pad of paper as well as her trusty companion (stuffed animal) Mr. Mew and began romping around the Academy as if she were already totally used to it there.